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Recent Jobs

Pestforce Ross on Wye Resolves Rat Problem with Secure Treatment Methods - November 2023

In HR9 Ross on Wye, a client attempted self-treatment for a rat issue, posing risks to pets due to improper use of over-the-counter poisons. Pestforce Ross on Wye intervened, highlighting the importance of safe practices. We identified active rodent areas and implemented secure bait boxes and burrow baiting on wires, backfilling runs for comprehensive treatment. The client expressed satisfaction with our approach, and a follow-up visit was arranged at their convenience, ensuring the problem is thoroughly addressed.

Lettings agent with wasp nest in Ross on Wye, HR9 - 2nd July 2023

Pestforce Ross on Wye had a call from a letting agent who had a wasp nest around the meter box at the entrance to the property and they were having viewings next week. We were able to attend site the next day which was a Saturday morning and deal with the issue, so it was safe for the viewings to go ahead next week.

Wasps in property eaves in Ross on Wye, HR9 – 25th June 2023

Pestforce Ross on Wye was contacted by a client we have helped on a few other occasions. They had a wasp nest in the eves of there community centre and needed it dealing with as soon as possible. We were able to deal with the issue the following morning. We dusted the nests with insecticide dust and advised that the public should be kept away from that side of the building and the windows kept shut for the rest of the day.

Woodworm treatment for beams in Ross on Wye, HR9 - May 2023

Pestforce Ross on wye was contacted by a client who had noticed what she thought was woodworm in the beams of her garage. We were able to visit sight the next day and confirm that it was woodworm. We were able to give a quote straight away which was accepted by the client. We have arranged a day and time that is convenient to the client to carry out the treatment giving them time to clear the garage ready for treatment.

Effective rodent treatment in Ross on Wye, HR9 - May 2023

Pestforce Ross on wye were contacted by an elderly client who was seeing rats on a regular basis in her back garden. We were able to attend site the very same day as we were working in the area. The rats were living in a compost area at the end of the garden. We were able to burrow bait around the compost area and set bait boxes in the garden. On the second visit the burrow baits had all been taken and a good take on the bait boxes. We were able to be bait areas and arrange a time suitable for the client to come for our next visit. Client very happy as she can enjoy the view of her garden without seeing the rats paying in it.

Mice in the roof and moles in the lawn in Ross on Wye, HR9 - May 2023

Pestforce Ross on Wye were contacted by a lady that had mice in the roof of her house and moles on the lawn. We were able to attend at a day and time that was convenient to her. On surveying the property we could see where the mice were getting into the property. We have set traps in the roof space and once the mice are caught we will be able to proof the holes. We were also able to set traps on the extensive lawn to rid her of the mole problem so her automotive lawn mower can get back to work. Have arranged another visit at a time convenient to the client.

Effective moth treatment on home in Ross on Wye, HR9 - March 2023

Pestforce ross on wye were contacted by a couple who were having an ongoing issue with moth in their property. We attended site and quoted to treat the properties carpets with insecticide spray and fogging all rooms with insecticide. Informed the client what they needed to do to prepare for our visit and things not to do after our treatment was complete. Client happy that we could attend site so quickly and was also able to fit treatment round them.

Bee relocation in Ross-on-Wye, HR9 – October 2022

Pestforce Ross on Wye were contacted by a client that thought he had wasps in his chimney. When we attended, we could see that they were bees. We contacted a company that specialises in removing bees from buildings and re homing them.

Quote for rodent control at hotel in Ross - July 2022

Pestforce Ross on Wye was contacted by a hotel to quote for a rodent contract. We attended site at a time and day that was convenient to the client and surveyed the hotel and ground. The client wanted the quote as soon as possible so we were able to get it to him the same day. The next morning the client called and said that they were happy with the quote and we will set it all up next week at time suitable to the client.

Mole traps set in Whitchurch, HR9 - 18th March 2022

A client called us as he had been invaded with moles. We attended and set traps and cleared all the soil created by the moles to an area chosen by the client. By doing this we are able to see any new activity. We are to return next week week to check traps.

Mice control in kitchen in Ross on Wye, HR9 - 20th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Ross on Wye had a call from a young couple who had seen a mouse in their kitchen. We were able to attend the very next day to treat with bait trays under there kitchen units we also put some rat boxes in the garden as they had seen a rat our there. Client was very pleased that we were able to attend so quickly as they have two young children.

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