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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Ledbury!

We are a local husband and wife pest control team who live and serve Ledbury for all their pest control needs.

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Recent Jobs

Pestforce Ledbury Addresses Cluster Fly Infestation in Manor House - November 2023

A regular client with a prestigious manor house in HR8 Ledbury sought Pestforce Ledbury's expertise for an urgent cluster fly issue. With guests arriving the following week, a swift resolution was paramount. Despite the attic space being off-limits due to bats, our skilled team effectively treated the affected rooms. We advised a follow-up treatment for thorough eradication. The initial service included fogging upper-floor rooms and applying residual treatments to windows. We meticulously planned a second visit at the client's convenience, ensuring complete satisfaction despite the extensive cleanup required for the deceased flies.

Moths in the house in Ledbury, HR8 - 2nd July 2023

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted by a lovely lady that was having trouble with moths in her house. We arranged a time and day to survey the property that was convenient for the client. We identified carpet moth. We advised the client that we could treat the carpets, but we would have to move her furniture so that we could treat the area under and behind the furniture. The client was happy with the quote, and we arranged a time and day that was convenient for her as she would need to vacate the property while treatment was underway and not return for at least 4 hours.

Wasp nest above hot tub in Ledbury, HR8 – 25th June 2023

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted by a client we have help before as they had a wasp nest around a hot tub in one of there holiday lets and needed it dealing with as soon as possible as they had a client booked in. We were able to attend the same day and deal with the nest with foam and take the nest away.

Stopping rats in garden in Ledbury, HR8 - 17th May 2023

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted by a client who had started seeing rats in his garden on a regular basis. We were able to attend site at a time and date convenient to the client. We could see rat activity under the clients shed and also coming from the neighbouring property. We were able to burrow bait under the clients shed and set up bait stations around the garden along boundary fencing. The client Is to speak to his neighbours. We have set up follow up visits convenient to the client.

Rat free garden in Ledbury, HR8 - 10th May 2023

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted by a client who had a recurring problem of rats under his shed in his garden. We were able to schedule our visit to a time and day that suited the client. We assessed the situation and talked to the client about the best way to move forward. Client very happy with the plans and is looking forward to being rodent free at last.

Mice in the ceiling in Ledbury, HR8 - 1st May 2023

Pestforce Ledbury were contacted by a building company as the new owners of the house they had build had mice in the ceiling of there front room. We think they may have come in on the insulation used in the building of the house. We have used bait trays in the attic and in some of the light fittings up into the ceiling void. We will attend site again in 7 days time and access the situation and adapt if necessary.

Rats and moles at property in Ledbury, HR8 - 20th March 2023

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted by a client who had rats in his out building which were disused farm building that still had straw and hay in them he also had an issue with moles on his front lawn. We attended site and placed bait boxes outside for the rat issue and arranged a second visit to suit the client. We also set traps for the moles in his lawn. On the second visit we had caught the moles in the lawn and no more activity was present. The bait boxes had had a very good take, so we replenished the bait and arrange the third visit at a time to suit the client.

Squirrel traps in loft in Ledbury - 25th November 2022

Pestforce ledbury was contacted by a client who was having trouble with squirrels getting into their roof space. When we attended the property that was a beautiful old timber framed building. There was no access to the roof space. We have set up good nature squirrel traps in the trees around the house where they are gaining access to the roof. We will attend site to check the traps and re gas when needed.

Rat phobia triggered in Ledbury, HR8 - 24th October 2022

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted by a lady who had seen a rat in her garden and she had a fear of them. We were able to attend the next day on the Saturday morning. The lady had 2 dogs so we used a treatment that has no secondary poisoning risks. We will return in 7 days to monitor the activity and replenish the poison.

Wasps entering home in Ledbury, HR8 - 15th October 2022

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted by an elderly lady that had wasps entering her house. When we attended the property, we could see that the wasps were entering the roof void via a hole in the lead work of a gabled window. We treated the hole with insecticide dust. The wasps became very agitated which showed that the dust had reached the nest. We advised the client to keep her window shut and keep her pets in until the following morning when it would be safe.

Rat control for local shop in Ledbury, HR8 - 24th September 2022

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted by a shop in Ledbury as she had seen rats eating the apples that were growing on the wall of the court yard at the rear of her premises. We were able to attend site that day on our way home and surveyed the situation. The rats were entering the courtyard trough drainage pipes in the retaining wall at the back of the court yard. We set up bait boxes and burrow baited on wires and secured wires. All burrows were backed filled. On the second visit all bait had been consumed so all bait was replenished, and 3rd visit booked for the following week. Client very happy that we were able to deal with her issue so quickly as the courtyard is on full view to her customers.

Saving a bee swarm in Ledbury, HR8 – 25th August 2022

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted by a client who had a problem with bees swarming around the diesel tank on his garage forecourt. We were able to attend within the hour. After accessing the situation, we were able to hoover the bee’s up. We then contacted a beekeeper who was happy to take them. The client was so happy that we were able to attend so quickly, and his customers could now safely use the diesel tank.

Wasp nest treated by bedroom window in Ledbury, HR8 - 15th August 2022

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted by a client that had a wasp nest over her bedroom window and was unable to open her bedroom window. Client was working all day but was happy for us to attend and treat while she was at work. We were able to treat the nest within 2 hours of her call. Client very happy that she would be able to have her bedroom window open during this heat wave.

3 wasp nests in one garden in Ledbury, HR8 - 6th August 2022

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted by a client who had seen us driving in the van. He had 3 wasp nest at his property We we able to attend the same day and treat the nests with insecticide dust. Client very happy that we were able to help so quickly.

Wasp nest preventing a bedroom window to be opened in Ledbury, HR8 - 29th July 2022

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted by a client who had a nest in the roof of a large old house right over his sons bedroom window. He had tried to treat it himself but had made the situation worse. We attended that evening to deal with the problem and assured him that by morning the wasps would be dead and his son would be able to have his window open again.

Ledbury cottage flea infestation, HR8 - 22nd July 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ledbury were contacted by a couple of young ladies who were worried that they had a flea infestation in their cottage. We attended site at a time and date that was convenient to the client and after a pest control inspection, we advised that the whole cottage was infested with fleas. We advised treatment and arranged a time to come and carry out the treatment giving the client time to clear the cottage of bedding and clothes so that all furniture could be treated. The client was advised to hotwash all bedding and clothes before they were put back in cottage after treatment. We also advised the client to get the 2 cats treated at the vets for fleas and advised that a second treatment may be necessary.

Wasp nest treatment in Ledbury, HR8 – 18th July 2022

Pestforce Ledbury was contacted late Saturday night by a client who had a wasp issue. The wasps were digging into his house and taking out the insulation beading from within the wall and getting into his house through his windows was unable to open his windows. We attended on the Sunday morning and dealt with the nest by dusting with insecticide dust. The client was very happy that he will be able to open his windows again in this heat.

Squirrel control for garden in Ledbury, HR8 – 12th July 2022

Pestforce Ledbury were contacted by a couple who's garden was being ruined by squirrels. The garden was very big with a lot of trees and garden was surrounded by woodland. We discussed a number of options with the client and decided to place 3 good nature squirrel traps in trees in the garden. We went back the following week and 6 squirrels had been eliminated. We re baited the traps and left for 2 weeks another 4 squirrels had been eliminated and the client had said they were no longer seeing the squirrels so we removed the traps.

Wasp nest removal in Bromesberrow, HR8 - 20th June 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ledbury had a call from a client Saturday evening they had found a wasp nest in their garden storage unit. The client wife was allergic to wasp sting. We went and treated the nest on the Sunday morning with insecticide dust. Client happy that the danger from the wasps were delt with so quickly.

Rats cause damage to thatched roof in Ledbury, HR8 - 23rd May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ledbury received a call from a frustrated client in Ledbury, rats were pulling the thatch out of his roof. Our team arrived quickly and conducted a full survey. We were able to identify many rat runs all around the house and could see the route in which the rats were taking to get up onto the roof. We discussed our recommended treatment plan and initiated this immediately. We have also included treatment to be in place in the loft space. A follow up visit has been scheduled for one weeks’ time to monitor the progress of the treatment.

Rat catcher in Ledbury, HR8 – 5th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ledbury took a call from a local lady who needed pest control urgently as her contracted builder had halted work after moving her shed and seeing a rat. We were able to attend with in the hour as we were in the area. The rat was dispatched and removed along with nesting material for safe disposal. We placed bait boxes to make sure no more rats in the garden and will check in 6 days. The client and builder very happy.

Insecticide treatment in Ledbury, HR8 - 25/03/2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ledbury took a call froma new client who had an insect problem in two of her holiday cottages. We were able to attend the same day and spray the properties with insecticidal spray inside and around the perimeter of the buildings.The client was very happy that we were able to attend so quickly and she was able to continue using the cottages after a 24hr break.

Woodlice treatment in Munsley, Ledbury, HR8 - 01/03/2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ledbury dealt with this clients moles very successfully so she asked if we could help with a woodlice issue she had. We were able to help also did some proofing to stop rodent entry into house.

Experienced Mole Catcher in Ledbury, HR8 - 16/02/2022

Pestforce Pest Control Ledbury have been successful on their current moles jobs. We have caught the pesky mole that had been creating the hills in the church graveyard. When the weather is overly wet under foot we tend to put the mole jobs on hold and return at a later date. We are open and honest with all our customers and do not make unecessary visits. 

Ledbury Mole Control Needed for Church Graveyard, HR8 - 01/02/2022

A church in Ledbury was having trouble with the moles digging up the grave yard. It has taken quite a few visits to get on top of the issue. So far we have caught three moles and hopefully that should be the problem solved. We are doing one more visit to make sure the site is completely mole free!

Mice infestation erradicated in Ledbury - 08/01/2022

We had a call from local sports club in Ledbury.  They had mice in the kit room eating the rubber from the cricket bats. We set traps in the kit room and in the club house bar area. We caught 3 mice. We proofed area round newly installed pipe work where mice were getting in.

Ledbury Bird Mite Control, Herefordshire HR8 - 24/12/2021

Client called as the fire alarms were being triggered regularly at his lettings at HR8 We attended and found evidence of bird mite in the attic space above the flats. We attended at the weekend which was the most convenient time for the tenants. We covered the smoke sensers at the request of the alarm company. We then fogged the attic spaces. We returned later that day to remove the covers from the sensers. Client happy that his tenants are no longer being woken by the alarm being triggered by the bird mites.

Mole control in Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 - 05/12/2021

Pestforce Pest Control Ledbury were called as a couple were having problems with moles ploughing up their garden lawn. We attended and set traps to catch. 1 small and 2 large moles were caught after 3 visits and now the lawn is looking a lot better.

Rat control for home in Ledbury, HR8 - 05/11/2021

Pestforce Pest Control Ledbury were called out by an elderly client in Ledbury as she was having a rat issue in her property. We attended and found rat droppings in her kitchen area we were able to but trays under her kitchen cupboards behind the kick board. We also put bait boxes in the garden area. Client was very happy that we could attend the very next day at a time that was convenient for her

Expert mole control in Ledbury, HR8 - 01/10/2021

Pestforce Pest Control Ledbury was contacted by an elderly couple in HR8 as they had moles destroying their lawn. This mole as turned out to be very elusive, but we didn’t give up and after quite a few visits and repositioning the traps we were successful in catching 2 moles. The clients are very happy.

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