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Common Pests Treated in Cheshire: 

Bedbugs are an increasing all year problem, particularly in student accommodation, other to-let properties, hotels and B&Bs where the occupants change on a frequent basis. Bed bugs are carried into properties in a variety of ways and I offer long term contracts which mean that I make regular checks throughout the year. Similarly, I can also offer one-off treatments.

Fleas are also carried into homes in a variety of ways, usually by our pets which pick them up from outside. Fleas can quickly take hold in a domestic household where the conditions are perfect for them to breed and feed. Fleas do not mean poor hygiene, although many customers are embarrassed to admit to a flea infestation. Fleas thrive in the warm, moist atmosphere of the home and they need to be treated immediately. Many over-the-counter treatments will not rid your home fleas entirely.

Moles are an increasing nuisance across Cheshire and the Wirral and I have successfully trapped and disposed of many moles in the last few years. Moles live underground, create a maze of intricate tunnels beneath our feet but also cause unsightly mole hills in lawns and gardens. I service many annual mole contracts on agricultural premises so that grass for winter feed does not become contaminated by earth from mole hills.

Wasps and bees had a hard year during 2012, and I am braced for a sharp increase in calls relating to wasp and bees nests over the next couple of years. If you suspect you have the start of a wasp nest, don’t wait for the wasp population to develop into thousands; call me as soon as you notice any wasp or bee activity in the vicinity of your property so it can be dealt with immediately.

Rodents, particularly rats and mice, can cause damage to garden sheds, garages and attics very quickly, which homeowners can be unaware of - until they have a severe infestation! Flooding and wet weather mean that rats and mice, just like us humans, will go in search of a nesting site that will offer warmth, security and food.

Squirrels can also cause problems to which homeowners, who have heard scratching in their lofts, will testify! Squirrels are gnawing creatures which immediately present a fire danger to your home, especially when they gnaw through electric cables, as well as the damage they cause by eating through timbers.

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