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My name is Paul Hutton, and I’m on hand as part of the Pestforce Pest Control Fife team to help you clear your property of pesky pests and unwanted visitors.

Whether you’re trying to clear creepy crawlies from your residence or move mice from your business, I’ll be able to help.

As a fully qualified, insured, and DBS-checked pest controller, I’ve helped hundreds of customers to clear rodents, insects, birds, and even larger four-legged creatures from their properties.

My priority is your pest-free property, which is why we offer consultations and quotes to all customers so you can decide whether you want to work with us.

Rest Assured:

  • Full insurance and a guarantee for all work carried out
  • Member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA)
  • CHAS Accredited Contractor and CEPA Certified
Consider me your pest control partner in Fife and give me a call today on 0159 221 1231. I’ll visit you for a consultation and quote to help you with your Fife pest control.

Pest Control Services in Fife

Pestforce Pest Control Fife provides safe and swift pest control services that last. We’ve provided properties with pest control services in Fife for hundreds of commercial and residential premises in your local area.

Just a few of the persistent pests we can help with include:

  • Rodents - rats, mice, squirrels
  • Flying insects - bees, wasps, bee and wasp’s nests, moths
  • Crawlers - ants, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, bedbugs, fleas
  • Outdoor wildlife - including pigeons, birds, foxes, and moles

Through providing outstanding quality pest control to Fife, we’ve got first-hand knowledge of clearing pests for local businesses and homes alike.

We’re on hand to help you whether you’ve got pigeons in your loft, attic or roof, or ants in your kitchen or garden. We’ve received 5-star feedback from local businesses of all types, including:

  • Retail and Leisure - shops, restaurants, and takeaway establishments
  • Business and Healthcare - clinics, medical practices, and office facilities
  • Industrial - factories, warehouses and construction sites
No pest is too big or too little for Pestforce Pest Control Fife. No matter the pest, or the location, we want to help you with your pest control needs in Fife. Give us a call today on 0159 221 1231 for a consultation of how we can help you clear your property.

Fife Rat Control

Even the smallest of rats can cause the biggest of hazards, from electrical fires to long term structural damage. That’s why we have an effective and efficient Fife rat control method not just to remove the rats but to try to prevent them from returning.

We can adapt the pest control to the infestation location, from the tiniest of indoor crawl spaces to an issue outdoors. Our initial consultation will provide you with the best option to help you remove rats from your home. We can also help you with a range of rat removal solutions, including baits, traps, and poisons if required.

Are you worried about rats wreaking havoc in your home? If you’ve got rat trouble in Fife, give us a call today on 0159 221 1231 for top quality Fife rat control.

Fife Mice Control

We’ve all been there, sitting in our living room or office, when suddenly a mouse zips in front of you. You immediately worry whether it’s just the one, or there’s more scurrying about unseen. With Pestforce Pest Control Fife mice control, we can take away the uncertainty of your mice problem by carrying out a consultation.

Our expert mice pest controllers will assess the level of your mice infestation and establish how they are entering your home. Mice can have multiple entry points into the property, meaning that merely patching up one point yourself may not fix the issue. We’re happy to go the extra mile in mice pest control prevention by blocking entry and exit points for the mice to try to prevent future pests from entering your home.

You don’t have to worry about that potential mouse problem any longer. Give us a call today on 0159 221 1231 for a quick and effective consultation for Fife mice control.

Wasp Nest Removal in Fife

If you’ve spotted or heard a wasp nest during the summer months, removing it yourself could prove a perilous process. Our Pestforce technicians are experts in Fife wasp control and have years of experience in wasp nest removal in Fife. 

Our wasp control and nest removal services are the number one service in Fife. Our experts have the first-hand experience of a wide range of wasp issues, including:

  • Very small home infestations through to huge nests
  • Removal from residential lofts, attics or roof spaces
  • Indoor infestations including garages and kitchens
  • Outdoor roofing and shed nests
  • Commercial property infestations
  • Sports facilities including football stadiums
We understand that wasps can be angry and intimidating, especially in large numbers. Give our team a call on 0159 221 1231 for hassle-free and minimal impact wasp control and wasp nest removal in Fife. Our Fife wasp control technicians can safely remove these pests and their nests from your property.

Fife Bee’s Nest Removal 

The joy of a gentle buzz can quickly become worrying if you spot a bee nest in or around your property. It might seem daunting to think about removing bees from your property when they are so essential for our environment. Pestforce aims to protect bees, which is why our Fife bee control is more of a bee rehoming and nest removal in Fife.

Wherever possible, we entirely avoid treatments and actively protect bees by harmlessly removing them from your property, and rehoming them somewhere safe. Although bees are vital for the planet, we completely understand that bees pose a serious risk to those with allergies. That’s why we invest in the latest bee control techniques and safety standards to quietly, calmly, and efficiently remove the bees from your property.

Fife bee control doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Pestforce’s bee’s nest removal and rehoming in Fife are both harmless and hassle-free processes. Give us a call today on 0159 221 1231 and let us do our bit for the environment while you enjoy your home in peace.

Fife Squirrel Control

Are your bird feeders falling prey to a cheeky grey squirrel? If you find the food you put out to feed your feathered friends is getting gobbled by a grey squirrel, you might need Fife squirrel control. Whether it’s your bird feeders or the bark of your tree that is getting gnawed away, you can come to us for help in removing these four-legged pests.

Red squirrels are protected in the UK, so we can only offer advice on keeping them away from your garden. Grey squirrels are not protected or a native species and were introduced in Victorian times to the UK. The red squirrel population has diminished since then, which is why they are protected. Grey squirrels are a far more significant problem, and we have a more comprehensive range of solutions on hand to dispel them from your garden.

Are you fed up with those squirrels destroying your trees and bird feeders? Speak to us on 0159 221 1231 to book your consultation and protect your garden today using our Fife squirrel control services.

Fife Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Removing birds might seem like a complex pest problem in Fife, especially when you consider the clean-up. Our Fife bird control and pigeon proofing techniques are comprehensive, cost-effective, and include clean-up at the end of the service.

You might also be concerned about removing birds if they are protected species. Our 360 bird control solutions accurately assess the species so we can provide the safest and most environmentally friendly advice possible. We go the extra mile in removing birds in Fife by:

  • Working to your brief, budget and the bird type
  • Getting you involved in the planning and consultation to ensure you are happy
  • Carrying out quick and effective removal or resettlement in the agreed timeframes
Whether you’re looking to pigeon proof your property in Fife or need some advice on Fife bird control, give us a call today on 0159 221 1231 for your initial consultation.

Fife Bed Bug Control

If you’re waking up to multiple bug bites or smelling an unpleasant scent in your home, you may need Fife bed bug control. Bed bugs are small but extremely difficult to get rid of, which is why you need the help of a Pestforce professional in Fife.

Bed bugs are traditionally named as they are found in bedrooms, but often hide behind furniture, in cracks or behind headboards. That’s why they’re so hard to miss - a good indication is if you have little spots of blood on the bed alongside bites forming.

Our comprehensive treatment ensures that any lingering eggs or bugs will be removed by 14 days after the initial pest removal. Get the professional Fife bed bug control you need by giving us a call today on 0159 221 1231.

Fife Cockroach Control

Cockroaches make your skin crawl, which makes sense when you consider them as the original harbingers of contamination. Fife cockroach control with Pestforce can quickly remove this creepy-crawly from your home before they can taint your food or kitchen any further.

Our team will swiftly identify the type, whether Common, American, or German cockroach and ensure they are removed quickly from your property. We use an aerosol-based treatment to reach this hardy yet harmful insect directly. Many traditional methods of pest control don’t work as they won’t affect the cockroach, which is why calling a professional pest controller in Fife is so important.

If you’ve spotted a cockroach in your kitchen, give Paul Hutton a call today on 0159 221 1231 for thorough and effective Fife cockroach control.

Fife Flea Control

You don’t have to have a pet to have fleas in your home and need Fife flea control services. Fleas are a blight across Fife and can irritate pets, children, and adults alike once they’ve found a suitable host.

If you are being attacked by an infestation of tiny bites and suspect fleas, get in touch with our Pestforce professionals Fife for a consultation on what the issue is. We’ll be able to swiftly diagnose the problem and work with you on a treatment plan that is harmless to your pets and children while ultimately removing the pest problem from your property.

For swift Fife flea control, call Pestforce Pest Control Fife today on 0159 221 1231, for effective flea treatment and removal in your area.

Other Fife Pest Services

We hope we’ve designed this page to give you as much detail as possible about our most common services.

However, we welcome pest control projects of all types, and also provide pest control Fife for:

  • Insects in the home including cluster flies, woodworm and carpet beetles
  • Larger animals like foxes, moles or rabbits
  • Outside pests like hornets, earwigs or ants
We want to help you return your home to its pest-free state. Our passion is to provide you with the highest pest control services in Fife. We hope that Pestforce’s near-perfect customer rating shows you that we are the most qualified and customer-focused pest controllers in Fife. If you would like more details on how we can help you, give Paul Hutton a call on 0159 221 1231 for full advice on the pest control services in Fife we can offer.

Recent Jobs

Wasps in caravan in Fife, KY16 - 09/11/2022

Pestforce Pest Control Fife attended a call out for wasps in a caravan in Clayton Caravan Park, St Andrews. Lots of dead wasps located under an airvent, thus leading to the inspection of an external vent on top of the caravan. Nest was located and treated and the caravan can now be used again for holidaymakers.

Pigeons in Kirkcaldy home, KY1 - 04/02/2022

Received a call from a customer in Kirkcaldy who had seen a number of pigeons roosting and living under their solar panels. We carried out a full survey of the site to ensure no live birds or active nests under the panels and proceeded to carry on with the work straight away. We put in place an effective bird deterrent solution program using environmental materials and completed a biocide treatment on the droppings in the area. The pigeons will hang around for a little while longer before moving onto another roof thus solving the customers problem. Always good to see a happy customer. 

Rat Infestation in Falkland home, KY15 - 05/01/2022

Received a call from a customer in Falkland who had seen a number of rats in the garden. We carried out a full pest control survey and discovered the customer had a big infestation of rats living under their shed/summer house. We put in place an eradication program using traps and will visit a further twice to make sure the problem has gone. Also advised the customer to remove any bird feeders and the work will include doing some remedial proofing work to avoid them entering the area again. Always good to see a happy customer. 

Active wasps nest in Cupar, KY15 - 02/11/2021

Wasps were spotted entering a small crack in the pointing at a roof joint in a property in Cupar. Access points were treated from outside and also treated inside via a spotlight in the bedroom. Unusual to still be treating wasps nest this late in year as we are now in the early part of november.

Rats in garden and loft space in Cowdenbeath, Ky4 - 04/02/2021

Lady called after having no joy with the council to come out and investigate a rat issue at the house. Loft inspection identified various potential entry points for rats to come in as the house is in a terraced row. Cameras have been deployed in loft space to help identify ingress points and confirm if definitely rats or maybe mice.

Under the floor boards in Kirkcaldy, Ky1 - 01/02/2021

Customer has complained of scratching and chewing noises in her ceiling, the property is a ground floor flat, and no obvious entry point located so far. Upstairs Neighbour hasn't reported any problems so far but this job looks like it may have  to be lifting carpets and floor boards to tackle the problem.

Rural mouse infestation in Newport on Tay, DD6 - 20/11/2020

Attended 2 houses in Newport on Tay that are having mice troubles. First house, i have managed to take out 6 mice that have been living there for past few weeks and the second house is undergoing some renovations and the mice have exploited the various holes that have been created to set up a new home. Whilst renovations are underway, I have carried out some remedial proofing to prevent further access to the house once I fully proof after the renovations are completed.

Mouse in cottage in Kirkcaldy, KY2 - 26/10/2020

Pestforce Pest Control Fife received a call from a customer, who had a mouse problem, i attended the property and noticed that the entry points had been fixed, thus preventing anymore entrance into the cottage.  So now the task was to eradicate any mice that were still in the cottage,  i have noticed further proofing required.

Honey bees in chimney in Strathkinness, KY16 - 22/10/2020

Received a call from a gentleman who was hoping to have a chimney cleaned and swept. The chimney sweep attended but said he couldn't clean the chimney as it had a wasp's nest in there and he didn't obviously want to disturb it and get stung. Customer called me to see if I could treat the wasps' nest. On my inspection i noticed a few waps and what looked like honey bees on the floor of the bedroom, the chimney had been blocked with paper to stop anymore coming into bedroom. I removed the paper and a few more bees fell out, i positively identified them as honey bees and advised the customer that I would rather not treat them and he should look more at the option of relocation of the honey bee colony.

Wasps nest in roof in Ladybank, KY15 - 21/10/2020

Received a call from a customer who called to say she had noticed wasps going in and out of a hole above her sons' bedroom and if i could deal with them. I was in the area and was able to attend within 30 mins of the phone call. The entry point fo rthe wasp nest was identified quickly and treated accordingly, customer was very happy with speed of attendance and also that the nest was taking care off.

Rural mouse infestation in Kilconquhar, KY9 - 21/10/2020

Attended a rural house with a mouse infestation, customer didn't want to use rodenticide due to possible secondary poisoning of local owls and hoped that nor mal methods of trapping would reduce the numbers. The traps are reducing the numbers however once activated the trap is no longer an efficient tool to use and the customer now wants to go to other methods. The house is undergoing renovation and the roof requires repairs and proofing to help combat the mice gaining entry to the loft space.

Commercial bakery site visit Dysar KY1 - 20/10/2020

Received a call from a bakery in Dysart, who are moving into new premises and looking to change from present pest control company due to pricing issues. I carried out a site visit and recorded the amount of rat boxes in the perimeter and  identified any possible problem areas such as broken drains or new access points. I then walked around inside the bakery production unit and carried out a survey of the inside also. I estimate needing around 30 mice boxes and 7 rat boxes to fully protect the site, plus additional traps for flour moths and beetles. I am waiting for the decision on the quotation that should come back this week.
This is a well know bakery and i would love to be working with them as they make some great cakes.
Not good for the waist line

Cluster flies and wasps in Kelty home, KY4 - 13/10/2020

Received a call from a lovely couple in Kelty who had recently moved in to thier house, they called about a possible wasp problem and definite cluster fly problem. I attended the property and carried out a quick internal survey of the loft and discovered there was about 5 nests in the loft. Thankfully these were old nests and we could remove them safely. The cluster fly problem was also dealt with quickly by use of a fogging machine. A tidy up of the surrounding area sweeping up flies and removing the wasps nest resulted in a wasp and cluster fly free attic. 

Bluebottle infestation - 10/10/2020

Called out today for a blue bottle fly infestation in a house in Newport on Tay, the cycle of the fly starts from a maggot, it then moves into a pupae and from there then hatches into an adult fly. 

The main reasons for these infestations can come from the following source.
1. Poor bin hygiene, in that food products are not secured properly in bags and bin containers.
2. Dead mouse or rat at or in your property.
3. Dead bird on roof or in the grounds of the building.

The infestation was treated successfully by pestforce dundee, however maintaining good bin area hygiene and proofing your home against possible rodent invasion will limit the chances of your home being subjected to a fly infestation. After asking a few question, it was noted that a dead bird was found in the wood pile close to the kitchen area, where the infestation was. Although the bird had  been removed, its possible that the maggots had already made it into a small crack or crevice around the kitchen area and was then able to move into pupae stage. If you are worried about rodents making thier home in your home or finding more flies in your house than normal then give me a call.

Wasps had decided to make thier new home in a house in St Andrews, KY16 - 08/10/2020

Received a call from a customer in St andrews today who had seen a number of wasps in the loft. i carried out a full pest control survey and discovered the customer had a big nest of wasps in their attic. We put in place a plan to remove the nest,  it was only after further inspection that i noticed he had a double wasp nest in the same area, after a few hours we had resolved the problem. This included removing the nest from the area it was in. Always good to see a happy customer who can now go into the loft without any fears of  being stung

Called out for a spider infestation in St andrews, KY16 - 01/09/2020

Customer has a fear of spiders, he mentioned he had seen a large one the day before and had now seen another 4 the next day after and he was afraid that there may be an infestation. I couldnt make it to him that same day, so he called another company, unfortunately they let him down and did not turn up so he called me again and i was happy to attend and inspect areas for him and treat where necessary.

"Its like the M1 for squirrels" in Glenrothes garden, KY6 - 26/08/2020

Received a call from a customer in Glenrothes who is being over run with Grey squirrels as he has 3 dreys close by. The greys are running along the top of his fence in the back garden and in his own words its like the M1. Customer is afraid of the damage that the greys can do to cabling if they get inside the loft and also damage to the cables under thier solar panels that they have installed. Looking to use a humane alternative to reduce the population. Hazelnut and peanut butter deployed and looking forward to the results in a week times, so we can reduce the M1 to a more leisurely and scenice B road

Guano Clean [St Andrews] home in Fife, KY12 - 14/08/2020

Pestforce Pest Control Fife received a call from a customer in St Andrews who had purchased a new property with an old pigeon loft in the back garden. We carried out an initial survey and agreed with the customer that the best course of action was to wash down the inside of the loft and then treat with an anti bacterial chemical and disinfectant. We put in place a short works programto clean and remove the toxic guano and after 2 days of solid washing and scrapping we had cleaned the loft. Loft is now ready for its next usage as a summer house, games room, man cave. Always good to see a happy customer.

Pigeon guano clean in Fife - July 2020

Customer has recently purchased a flat in st Andrews and had this additional extra building as part of the package. It's an old pigeon building.  We have been asked to clean down the building and make it safe from guano disease so new life can be breathed back into the building. 

Bee Hive in Fife - June 2020

Pestforce Fife Pest Control were called out to a problem hive. The customer was worried about his young puppy being stung and also bees were coming in through kitchen window. We discovered they were white tail bumble bees and advised the customer accordingly.

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