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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Exeter.

My name is Andrew Swann and I am a trained, qualified, and experienced pest controller in Exeter. 

Whether you’re dealing with mice, rats, ants, wasps, or something else we have seen them all and have an effective solution.

From the most common indoor crawling pests to the outdoor wildlife that can invade your property and wreak havoc, we offer both domestic pest control services and commercial pest control services in Exeter to make sure you can be freed of your unwanted guests.

As a brand, Pestforce has over 10,000 reviews across their websites and social channels, with an average score of 4.9 out of 5. 


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Pest Control Services in Exeter

If you are looking for Exeter pest control that can help you quickly and effectively, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Below, let’s take a look at some (not all) of the types of pest control solutions we offer:

Residential Pest Control:

  • Home pest control
  • Loft pest control
  • Roofing pest control
  • Garden pest control

Commercial Pest Control:

  • Office pest control
  • Shop and retail pest control
  • Restaurant and takeaway pest control
  • Medical and clinical practice pest control

Some of the pests we work with commonly include:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasps and wasps’ nests
  • Bees and bees’ nests
  • Squirrels
  • Moles
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths

At Pestforce Pest Control Exeter, we are accredited members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and accredited by the CEPA (which is the highest accreditation in pest control).

This means we have been independently verified as working to the highest standards in the industry, providing the best pest control solutions.

Members of The Guild of British Molecatchers

Exeter Rat Control

Associated with filth and disease, and with a manner of quickly scurrying out of sight when spotted, most people do not like rats and definitely do not want them in their homes. Aside from being unhygienic, they can cause damage to parts of the home in making their nest, so getting in touch with our Exeter rat control team might be the right call.

Our team has experience taking care of rat infestations of all kinds and sizes, making sure not only to get them out of your home or commercial property but also to stop them from coming back. We can play traps, baits, and poisons to eliminating them, then look at the points of infiltration they used to get inside in the first place, making sure that they are closed off.

Exeter Mice Control

Mice are not quite as widely reviled as rats. A lot of people keep them as pets, in fact. That said, if you have uninvited rodents on your property, even the smaller kind, they can cause the same kinds of problems, so you should call our Exeter mice control team to come out and deal with them.

The sooner we come out, the sooner we can stop mice from affecting the air quality of your home and the better we can prevent the damage they cause to make their nesting. Aside from simply getting rid of the mice, our Exeter mice control team also looks at the entry points they use to get inside, making sure that we close them up.

Exeter Squirrel Control

There are two types of squirrels commonly found in the UK. Red squirrels are a protected species that is native to the UK so, while we can offer some advice on keeping them from your home and garden, our options for dealing with them are limited.

However, the more invasive grey squirrels are not protected and can affect both your home and local wildlife, so our Exeter squirrel control team can do a lot more to help you deal with them. Unlike red squirrels, grey squirrels are neither native to the UK nor protected. This species was brought to the UK from the Americas, and due to the fact that they both eat more and breed a lot more than red squirrels, they have been responsible for dwindling populations of red squirrels.

Exeter Wasp Nest Removal

A lot of people find wasps intimidating, and for good reason. They have painful stings, which many people are allergic to, and are more aggressive than bees in many cases. However, they are a common site from July to October. If you’re worried that a nest might be in or near your home, get in touch with our Exeter wasp control team. We will find them and eliminate them to offer you peace of mind.

Aside from keeping wasps away from your home, we also offer Exeter wasp nest removal services. Wasps can build their nests on and in your property, including in kitchens, attics, garages, sheds, and even on or underneath the rooftop of your property. Wasp nest removal in Exeter is one of the most common requests that Pestforce receives. No matter the size of the nest, we can remove it.

Exeter Bee Control

Though not as aggressive as wasps and much more crucial to the plant life found in Exeter and throughout the UK, having a bee’s nest in your home can still be a significant risk. As such, you should call our Exeter bee control services if you spot one.

Bees are charming creatures and we know that many of our clients don’t want to harm them if at all possible. For that reason, Pestforce Pest Control Exeter aims to protect the bees and offers safe bee’s nest removal / rehoming in Exeter specifically for that reason. In some rare cases, destroying the bees may be the only safe option available. However, in the vast majority of cases, we can rehome them safely away from your property instead. Experienced in handling bees and with the best protective equipment, our team will be safe will they deal with any bee’s nest removal / rehoming in Exeter.

Exeter Bed Bug Control

Nearly invisible to the naked eye, very hard to eliminate alone, and an annoying pest that can cause a lot of discomfort, no one wants bed bugs in their home. However, without the experience and equipment necessary, it can be hard to get rid of them. But that’s where our Exeter bed bug control team can help.

Bed bugs are small blood-sucking creatures that feed on humans and can live in many different parts of the home, not just in the bed. If you find any red bite marks or bumps on your body, especially after a night’s sleep, or you find unexplained small specks of blood on your body or sheets, bed bugs are usually the culprits.

Exeter Cockroach Control

From the way that they move to the fact that they feed on filth and trash, cockroaches are despised by the vast majority of people. We know they can cause a lot of fear and panic, so if you see them, call us and our Exeter cockroach control team will come out to deal with them as soon as we can.

Our team can find cockroaches wherever they are hiding and deal with infestations of all sizes. Whatever the species, be they German cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, American cockroaches or otherwise, Pestforce Pest Control Exeter will get them out of your home.

Exeter Flea Control

While fleas are most widely known for the problems that they pose to pets such as cats and dogs, they can be found in homes and gardens across Exeter and the UK, even those without pets.

As such, our Exeter flea control team is called out regularly to remove them.

Other Exeter Pests Services

Above we have listed some of the most common Exeter pests that we can help with.

However, we also offer pest control services for the following creatures:

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies

Sample of Recent Jobs

Wasps construct nest at the base of a conifer tree in Exeter, EX4, 17th September 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter completed a wasp nest eradication today in Exeter. Our client called as she was concerned about the increasing number of wasps in her garden, she believed there was a wasp nest at the base of her conifer tree. Our team arrived and could instantly see the wasps around the base of the tree.  Although access was proven to be difficult, our highly experienced team were still able to successfully treat this wasp nest with an insecticide treatment.

Hornets’ nest and wasps nest successfully treated in Exeter, EX1, 8th August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter received a call from a local resident concerned about the vast number of hornets seen entering his property in Exeter. Our team were able to arrive to investigate the same day. On arrival our team completed an inspection, which identified hornets entering under the soffit boards below the guttering, this would indicate a hornet’s nest under construction, either within the roof void or under the tiles. We were able to successfully treat this hornet’s nest immediately. We continued to inspect the exterior of the property to ensure there was nothing further, which on the occasion proved it’s the right thing to do, a wasp’s nest was then also detected on the side of the property, attached to a stone wall. We made our client aware of this and we were also able to successfully treat this wasp’s nest too. We left our incredibly satisfied client with some additional health and safety advice following both treatments and ensured they had our number to call if they had and concerns going forward.

Wasps nest above bedroom window requires urgent treatment in Exeter, EX4, 1st August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter received a call from a very anxious mother, she was incredibly worried about the sudden influx of wasps and the possibility of a wasp’s nest under construction above her young son’s bedroom window, she further explained that he had been stung before and suffered an allergic reaction. Our team listened and advised the anxious mother to keep all windows and doors closed and advised we would attend as quickly as we could. To this mum’s delight, we arrived within an hour, and could immediately see the influx of wasps. There was an abundance of wasps entering a small hole in the soffit boards, directly above the bedroom window, the number of wasps were suggestive of the presence of a wasp’s nest. Using our great deal of experience and knowledge of safe use of insecticides, we were able to treat this wasp’s nest efficiently. Our client was overjoyed with our quick response and safe treatment of this wasp’s nest.  

Click to see more recent jobs.

Wasps spotted entering a loft space of a home in Exeter, EX2, 18th July 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter received a call to attend a home in Exeter where the occupants had seen numerous wasps sneaking though a small hole in between the roof tiles and soffit board, the occupants were concerned this would be indicative of a wasp nest under construction in their loft space. We arrived at their home a short while later, the wasps were active, and we could easily identify the area they were using to gain entry to the loft. Due to one of the occupants having a severe allergy to wasp stings, it was important this wasp nest was treated quickly to avoid any injury or complications. We accessed the loft space from inside the property, we quickly found the wasp nest under construction. Our highly trained and experienced technicians were able to easily treat this wasp nest and surrounding wasps with an insecticide inserted in and around the entrance hole to the nest. We further recommended that the occupants fill in the hole, once the wasps have disappeared, to prevent future ingress by wasps and any further wasps nest appearing.

Wasps use gaps in soffits to gain entry to loft in Exeter, EX6, 5th July 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter were called by a parent in Exeter who was concerned about wasps in the home. On our arrival the father was able to guide us to the gap just below the roof tiles, where they had noticed the wasps emerging from, and returning. Wasps’ stings can be painful and home remedies can make them angry. The children in this home were frightened of wasps, therefore it was important for this to be resolved quickly and successfully. Our team were able to successfully treat this large wasp nest in the loft and gave recommendations for the entrance holes to be sealed, this will prevent wasps from returning in the future.

Wasps nest on thatched roof porch in Exeter, EX2, 30th June 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter received a call from a concerned mother in Exeter who had noticed a very active wasp nest on her thatched roof porch, this was the only entrance to her home, and she was worried about herself of her children disturbing the wasps when entering or leaving her home, we agreed to attend the same day. Just a few hours later we arrived, the wasp nest was clearly visible on approach to the home and as she had correctly advised on the phone this was indeed a highly active wasp nest, directly over the front door. We began treatment immediately with an insecticide. We are confident that this will completely eradicate the wasps within the next 24 hours. We advised to keep all pets away from the porch area for 12 hours to protect her pets. Wasp season is in full swing, don’t let wasps make you a prisoner in your own home, call us.

Rodent activity behind garden shed in Exeter, EX13, June 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter received a call and promptly attended a home in Exeter to investigate rodent activity in the garden. We conducted an inspection and although no rat or mice droppings were found, we discovered evidence of rat activity behind the shed at the rear of the garden. We commenced our rodent treatment program straight away. One week later we returned to monitor the progress of the rodent treatment program, there was good evidence to indicate the treatment was working. We replenished the bait boxes and scheduled a visit in 7 days’ time. On return, we once again checked the progress of the rodent treatment program, this time we were confident that there are no longer rats present in this area. Our rodent treatment program is highly successful and specifically targets rodents only, therefore unlike typical poisons, it is safe to use around pets and children.

New contract set up for rodent control in, Exeter, EX2, June 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter were called in to set up an ongoing rodent control treatment for a food outlet in Exeter. A rat had been spotted under the front counter near to the kitchen. On our arrival we conducted a full inspection and initiated a rodent treatment plan immediately. We returned one week later to check the progress of the treatment plan, there was no evidence of rat activity. As renovations are currently ongoing at the premises, we have placed gel bait boxes, these prevent spillage if accidently knocked. During our visits we also noted that bins were being left full over night and advised these should be empty and free of food and kitchen waste materials. This would also help with rodent control, as this competes with the rodenticide, reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Moles cause destruction of grassed area in Exeter, June 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter were called and attended a property in Exeter. The occupants had reported numerous, unsightly mole hills appearing on their lawn. We arrived swiftly and inspected the grounds of the property. On inspection we identified the mole hills and noted evidence of recent mole activity within the lawn. Our recommended mole trapping program was started immediately. We returned one week later to monitor the progress of the trapping program, replace traps and smooth over the disturbed soil and grass, this is helpful when returning to check progress, as we can easily identify new activity. Our third and final visit proved the mole treatment plan was a success, with no indication of any further activity. We removed all equipment and left confident that the grounds are now mole free.

Wasps nest in a burrow close to a children’s playground in Exeter, EX13, 30th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter received a call and swiftly attended a primary school in Exeter where concerns had been raised of wasps burrowing in a grass bank, close to the children’s play area. Our team were directed to the wasp burrow and were able to carry out immediate treatment of the burrow and nest. The children and staff can now enjoy the play area without being bothered by wasps burrowing close by.

Squirrels in the loft help us to identify a second problem in Exeter, EX24, 16th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter received a call from a client who was concerned about squirrels in the loft of their home. The client has witnessed the squirrels entering the loft space. Our team arrived and commenced a full survey. During the survey lots of evidence was discovered, the squirrels had been busy chewing materials to make a nest and had covered a large area of the floor space. Furthermore we also identified a queen wasp building her nest in the loft space. We commenced treatment on the wasp nest immediately and agreed a treatment plan for the squirrels. We placed a good nature trap close to where the squirrels are gaining access to the loft space. Client will give us a call if they find a squirrel in the trap.

Rodents congregate in loft space in Exeter, EX11, 8th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter were called to a home in Exeter where rodents were causing a nuisance in the loft space. We arrived and conducted a full survey. During the survey we discovered rat droppings in the loft space. Furthermore, we identified a hole in the soffit board on the eaves of the house. It is possible that this would be the point of entrance for the rodents. Having discussed the treatment options with our client, it was agreed for us to begin out rodent treatment plan. This is the first visit, and the rodent treatment plan has been put into action. We will schedule a visit on one weeks’ time to monitor the progress.

Mole stopped in its tracks in Exeter, EX3 - 30th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter were called to attend a property in Axminster, where a troublesome mole was disconcerting the client, and spoiling their lawn. Our team conducted a full survey of the lawn and garden area. During the survey we observed hallow tunnels close to the edge of the lawn. We suggested a mole trapping program would be extremely effective. We commenced with our trapping program and 4 days later we able to remove the traps, confident that the mole was no more. This client can now be reassured that there will be no unsightly mole holes appearing in his lawn in the near future.

Exeter Squirrel Control Services - 20th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter are part way through a squirrel control programme. We recieved a call from a concerned residents as his garden had become overun with grey squirrels. The situation had worsened more recently with the sound of squirrels scratching from within internal walls of his property. We have set out a good nature squirrel traps and are confident to returning the property to some form of normality. In the meantime we will be making periodic visits to check the traps and continue the search for any squirrel entry points into the building which we would proof once the infestation has been controlled. 

Rat control for local kennels in Exeter - 24th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter were called to help a local kennels control their rat infestation. From our rodent survey we classed this problem as a medium infestation with the ingress of rats moving from outside the buildings to inside. We have noticed small number of droppings and gnaw marks in the out buildings. We have safely secured traps and bait stations taking into account the other animals on site. We are confident to have this infestation erradicated as soon as possible and will recommend a rodent control contract so that we can ensure the rats never return. 

Mice control for home in Exeter - 7th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter took a call from a concerned resident after they had found evidence of mice activity in their home. We booked in and attended to carry out a mouse survey. We found chewed material and droppings throughout the kitchen. To counter the problem we have installed 8 snap traps safely in designated areas in the property. We are due to carry out further follow up visit however are confident we will have the home back to being mouse-free efficiently. 

Cluster Fly Treatment in Exeter - 1st March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter recieved a call from lady suffering from an abudance of cluster flies in her loft space. We attended the same day to inspect the infestation. We have since applied 2 insectidical fogging treatments in the affected area and hope to have cleared the fly problem. We await a follow up from the client. 

Mole catcher in Exeter - 24th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter recieved a call from a concerned client on the outskirts of Exeter after they had started noticing mole hills in their back garden. We were able to attend the same afternoon and placed mole traps in the evident tunnels. On our return visit we had successfully caught the solitary mole and removed our traps. One very happy customer after our effective and professional mole control services in Exeter. 

Mouse droppings found in Exeter property calls for professional mouse control - 31st January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter received a contact form in the afternoon the other day from a local homeowner in Exeter who had found mouse droppings in their semi-detached home. We offered the customer some simple advice and booked them in for a mouse survey visit of their property for that morning. We discovered clear evidence of mouse activity with fresh mouse droppings found in the loft area. To eradicate the infestation we put in place a bespoke 3 visit riddance programme integrating non-toxic mouse baits and mouse traps. We have since ended our treatment and the infestation has been effectively eradicated. The customer was delighted to be back living without a pest infestation of our Exeter mouse control services.

Wasp nest in tree treated in Exeter - 12th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter treated an awkward and late in the season wasps nest within a very thick yew tree on the outskirts of Exeter. Luckily the yew tree was over a seated are so was able to gain access from inside. Following a few prods to open the nest up and insecticide dust applied the nest was quickly eradicated.

Live rat running around kitchen in Exeter - 6th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter recieved an emergency callout for a live juvenile rat causing problems inside a house. It was found to be stealing food and stashing it behind a side board. When the side board was moved it ran into the kitchen where it remained hidden until traps were placed under the kick boards which ensured a quick dispatch.

Rat nest in loft in Exeter, 30th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter received a report that scratching noises could be heard in the ceiling above small office space in home. There was no access to the ceiling above and no obvious signs of entry into the space. Following a thorough inspection outside , the outside wood store alongside the room in question was full of wood and garden matter providing ideal conditions for a rat to live in. Our advice was to remove  all material from the store.  Once removed rat burrow could be seen and an access hole found into the roof space. Traps were laid and the offending rat was caught.

Rat trapped in bathroom in  Exeter, 25th October 2021

We received a report of a rat moving about under the bath in a fairly new house. Prior to opening the front cover of the bath a banging noise heard behind the cover. On inspection it was noted that gaps had been left around the soil pipes and other pipes feeding water to bath. Trap was placed behind bath cover. The following day it was reported that the noise had disappeared. On inspection one uninvited guest eradicated.

Another wasp nest treated late into the year in Exeter, 19th October 2021

A recent wasp nest reported in Exeter under the soffit boards of a flat roof to rear of property. Wasps were also entering the house through a hole in the ceiling. Once treated with a insecticidal dust all wasps eradicated within the day and the hole blocked to prevent future wasps/insects entering property.

Wasp nest treated in Exeter, 8th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter have recently been carrying out pest control services at a Grade 1 list building in Exeter. More recently they called us out to help treated a wasp nest which had formed in a tree stump near a protected badger den on the estate. We isolated the area and treated the wasp nest. We hope now that the badgers can go on living undisturbed by neighbouring wasps. 

Rat treatment with Selontra in Exeter, 1st October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter have recently concluded a rodent treatment for a property in Exeter. The residents were having issues with rats which had been seen in their bathroom and loft space. We have succesfully cleared the property of the infestation through the use of Selontra. The property was very clean and well kept and it appears the infestation arose from outside where the surrounding areas have not been cleared of debris and rubbish.  

Treatment of hornets nest in Exeter, 9th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter were called to a large hornets nest which had been found in thr high gable end of old thatched farm building that is currently used as a holiday let. Challenging treatment due to the height of the nest so a extendable 8m lance had to be used to reach the nest. In addition the nest entrance was concealed by wooden gable end but after a number of applications the nest was destroyed.

Hornets Nest

Interesting picture of a hornets nest. You can clearly see the grubs and 2 hornets.

Mole Control in Exeter, EX12, 3rd September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Exeter had a call from a customer who was hoping we could help with his yearly reoccuring mole problem. We attended the next day to asses the extent of the mole issue in his back garden. Several mole hills were found across the peripheries of the garden area. We have agreed to start a mole trapping programme and set a number of traps safely which we will be checking back on shortly. Fingers crossed no more moles. 

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