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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight. I’m Mark Gifford, your local, highly trained, and fully qualified pest controller on the Isle of Wight.

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, from the indoor crawling ones to the flying insects, and from the scurrying rodents to outdoor wildlife. As experienced pest control professionals, we’ve seen them all. Our pest control services have effectively tackled domestic pest issues as well as commercial pest problems. We are available to offer pest control solutions all the over the Isle of Wight.

The Pestforce Brand has over 8,000 reviews across all of our websites and social channels. With an average rating of 4.9/5, you know that you’re in safe and reliable hands when you call Pestforce Pest Control.

As a local pest controller, I would be delighted to come to your aid in addressing your nuisance pest problems. Being part of the Pestforce brand allows me to deliver the National Gold Standard in pest control, directly to you in the Isle of Wight.

Being a qualified pest controller:

  • I am DBS checked (formerly CRB - a police criminal check).
  • I am fully insured.
  • All my work is guaranteed as standard.
  • I am highly trained, qualified, and experienced.
  • I attend regular pest control training to maintain high standards and to enable the provision of excellent services.
  • I will provide a free survey and quote upon request.

I also offer garden and lawn care services. Are you looking for weed killing, moss removal or fertilization services please get in touch for more information. 

If you’re seeking help from a local Isle of Wight pest controller to combat a pest problem, don’t hesitate to call me, Mark, on 01983 509 020, any time.

Pest Control Services on the Isle of Wight

Although we can cater to individual issues, some of the most common services that we provide are as follows.

Residential pest control:

  • Home pest control.
  • Garden pest control.
  • Loft or attic pest control.
  • Roofing pest control.

Commercial / business pest control:

  • Restaurant, takeaway, and eateries pest control.
  • Office pest control.
  • Medical practice or clinic pest control.
  • Building or construction site pest control.
  • Shop and retail pest control.

The types of pests that we commonly tackle include:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Wasps and wasp nests
  • Bees and bee nests
  • Birds
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Spiders
  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • and more

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight are accredited members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and are accredited by CEPA (the highest accreditation in pest control). You can trust us to use only the safest, proven, and ethical methods of pest control when completing our services for you.

If you are suffering due to a nuisance pest at your home or workplace, you need our 5 Star rated pest control services on the Isle of Wight. Call today, for a friendly chat with me, Mark, on 01983 509 020.

Isle of Wight Rat Control

Isle of Wight rat control is one of the most common issues that we deal with. Most people shudder at the sight of a rat. Whether it’s the way they scurry around or their association with filth and disease, no one wants to see a rat anywhere near their home.

Our Isle of Wight rat control team has the experience and knowledge to, not only eradicate your rat problem, but also to proof your property and prevent them from returning. We use a variety of techniques, including baits, traps, and poisons. We’ve dealt with every size of rat infestation possible. Our team can handle indoor, outdoor, inner wall, crawl space, appliance, and loft outbreaks.

If you’re experiencing a rat problem on the Isle of Wight, then contact us today on 01983 509 020, where we can discuss a potential solution. We offer a free inspection as standard.

Isle of Wight Mice Control

People frequently seek Isle of Wight mice control to deal with household mice infiltrations. Although mice may be cute and are less intimidating than a large rat, they have the potential to carry and spread disease. Unless they are a domestic pet, mice are rarely welcome inside our homes. There are homemade solutions for eliminating mice problems, however, there is no replicating a professional service. Our Isle of Wight mice control team can help rid you of your mice issue and put preventative measures in place to reduce the risk of future infestations.

If you’ve spotted a mouse near or in your home on the Isle of Wight, don’t hesitate to call us today on 01983 509 020 to arrange a free inspection.

Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal on the Isle of Wight

If you’ve spotted a nasty looking wasp nest in your garden, you’re in need of some Isle of Wight pest control. Tackling a nest removal on your own can be very dangerous so it’s advised to contact a professional service. Similarly to bees, wasps are seen frequently over the summer months (July to October). Although they can be harmless, in larger numbers wasps can be a real nuisance and strike fear into many people. Disturbance to a nearby nest can anger wasps, increasing the likelihood of them stinging you.

Our Isle of Wight wasp experts are fully equipped to eliminate any wasps or wasp nests in or around your home. Isle of Wight wasp nest removal services are some of the most in-demand solutions that we offer in the summer.

Throughout the Isle of Wight, the Pestforce network has removed wasp nests from every imaginable place, such as lofts, rooftops, kitchens, garages, sheds, and even football stadiums! More importantly, our wasp removal services on the Isle of Wight have dealt with every size of wasp nest too, giving you peace of mind that we are more than capable of dealing with your issue.

If you’ve discovered a wasp nest near or in your home, or you’ve noticed an unusual amount of wasps around, act fast. Call Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight today, on 01983 509 020. We will provide an inspection of your property free-of-charge.

Bee Control and Bee’s Nest Removal on the Isle of Wight

Something that many people seek our services for is Isle of Wight bee control, rehoming, and beehive removal. Bees are wonderful insects that play an important role in our ecosystem. Many people in the UK enjoy seeing them during spring and summer, but they can be intimidating if nesting nearby. An enthusiasm for bees can quickly turn into despair if you discover a nest inside or near your home.

Contrary to popular opinion, bees are not a protected species. However, at Pestforce, we understand their importance to the environment and do everything in our power to protect them. Our Isle of Wight bee control experts are on hand to properly remove a bee infestation. Special care must be taken when tackling a bee problem. Although we occasionally have to apply some “treatment” to the bees, we won’t destroy a nest and we’ll take every precaution to carefully rehome the bee nest safely.

The process might sound scary, particularly if you’re afraid of flying insects. However, rest assured that our expert Isle of Wight bee control team know exactly what we’re doing and are protected by safety equipment. We can confidently remove and rehome any bee nest on the Isle of Wight.

If you need our Isle of Wight bee control help or Isle of Wight bee nest removal services, call us immediately on 01983 509 020. A member of our team will provide an inspection free-of-charge.

Isle of Wight Squirrel Control

Grey squirrels commonly run rampant in Isle of Wight gardens, making our Isle of Wight squirrel control team a very popular one. Grey squirrels are the most common type found in the UK, although they are not a native species. They were introduced to the UK from North America in the Victorian era. Since their arrival, the red squirrel population has dwindled. Red squirrels are native to the UK. They are an endangered and protected species. We can offer advice on how to keep red squirrels away from your home and garden, but because they’re protected, we are limited as to what we can do. As the grey squirrel is not a protected species, we can offer a variety of squirrel control options on the Isle of Wight.

If you have unwanted squirrel guests visiting your home or garden and are in need of our Isle of Wight squirrel control services, please call us on 01983 509 020. We can discuss your issues and arrange a date for a free inspection.

Isle of Wight Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Isle of Wight bird control issues are very common. Just like in almost every other city or town in the UK, a bird nest in your Isle of Wight home or roof can manifest annoying household issues. Pigeons, in particular, can become real pests.

As adaptive creatures, birds can nest in some very hard to reach places, including lofts, guttering, and under solar panels. If they make their way inside of a property, they can create a large mess for you to clean.

Isle of Wight Bird Control

It’s important to approach a professional pest control service on the Isle of Wight when dealing with birds. Some birds are protected so you shouldn’t take any chances. As a responsible pest control company, Pestforce will assess the species of birds to ensure that proper action is taken and good advice is given.

Call our Isle of Wight bird control team on 01983 509 020. Take action today, before the problem grows into something more challenging. We are always on hand to provide expert help. As always, we offer a free inspection and a pressure-free approach.

Isle of Wight Bed Bug Control

Professional services, like our Isle of Wight bed bug control team, are an absolute must if you are experiencing a bed bug problem in your home or accommodation. There is very little you can do to eradicate the problem without professional assistance.

Bed bugs are tiny insects that many people will never notice. Although the bug might be easy to miss, the evidence they leave behind certainly isn’t. Bed bugs leave an irritating bite. Failing to recognise them can lead to you suffering from multiple bumps and bites all over your body. If you feel a bite during the night, continually wake up to find bites on your body, or notice little specs of blood on your bedsheets, it’s likely that you have a bed bug problem.

If bed bugs have found their way into your home, it’s imperative that you call our Isle of Wight pest control services today. Reach out to us on 01983 509 020, and avail of a free inspection.

Isle of Wight Cockroach Control

Unfortunately, Isle of Wight cockroach control problems are rampant. Cockroaches are arguably the most hated bugs in the world. The way they move and sound is enough to send shivers down your spine. The mere sight of a cockroach can turn someone’s stomach. Many people’s nightmares come to life when they realise that they have a cockroach problem in or around their house. Nothing spells panic like stepping on a cockroach with your bare feet.

Luckily, there is no longer a need to worry. Isle of Wight cockroach control help is available with Pestforce Isle of Wight. We are uniquely qualified to deal with any and all types of common cockroaches, including the German cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, and the American cockroach.

Whether you’ve spotted a cockroach scurrying around your home, or you’ve discovered an infestation, don’t waste any more time. Call us for Isle of Wight cockroach control now, on 01983 509 020.

Isle of Wight Flea Control

Although fleas can be very common in homes across the UK, to stem a serious spread you should consider professional services for pest control on the Isle of Wight. Although pets are the main contributor to household flea problems, fleas can also be found in homes that don’t have pets. In any case, our Isle of Wight flea control team is here to help. If you fear or suspect that you have fleas in your home, the simplest way to know for sure is to either catch one for yourself (which can be challenging) or by calling our Isle of Wight flea control experts for a free inspection.

Call Mark, from our Isle of Wight flea control team today, on 01983 509 020. From there, we can discuss a suitable date for your free inspection and subsequently advise you on the best action to eradicate your flea problem.

Other Isle of Wight Pests We Provide Pest Control For

The issues outlined above are just the most popular Isle of Wight based pests that we treat. We can cater for almost any pest control problems that you can think of. Some other common pests that we receive a lot of queries about include:

  • Ants
  • Moles
  • Hornets
  • Spiders
  • Moths
  • Silverfish
  • Cluster Flies
  • And many more
No matter your pest problem, and whether or not it is listed on this page, give Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight a call today, on 01983 509 020. We are more than happy to lend our advice. As passionate pest control experts, we treat every call with great enthusiasm. Our professional Isle of Wight pest control services are widely regarded as the best available. We can’t wait to discuss your pest problems and help you and your property become pest-free!

Lawn Care on the Isle of Wight

Our services include:

  • Weed spraying
  • Moss killing
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • and more
For more information on our garden and lawn care services please call Mark on  01983 509 020. We are more than happy to lend our advice. 

Recent Jobs

Wasps on property on the IOW - 24/07/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a new customer who had a wasp nest in their property in Lake on the IOW. We got there in a few hourrs of the call and soon sorted her problem out. Customer left happy.

Ant control on the Isle of Wight - 23/07/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a customer who had fleas in the property in Wooton on the iow. We  turned up within an hour of call of the call and the ant problem solved after 1 visit.  

Wasp nest in garden in Binstead, Isle of Wight - 19/07/21

Pestforce Pest Control IOW had a call from a new customer  in  binstead on the iow. They had a wasp nest under there garden shed. We arranged to attend the following day,  turned up at the property and the wasp nest was soon dealt  with. 

Flies in the house on the Isle of Wight - 15/07/21

Pestforce Pest Control IOW had call from  a customer  in ventnor  iow  had a problem with 100s of flies in his glass lean too on his property.  After looking at the job within 50 mins his problem was sorted out. Custmer left happy.

Wasp nest removal on the Isle of Wight - 12/07/21

Pestforce Pest Control IOW had a call from a customer  in newport iow  had wasps in there  property. I popped  in on the way back from a job, saw the problem and all sorted within 30 mins. Happy customer.

Wasp control on the Isle of Wight - 09/07/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a new customer in Bembridge  iow. They  had a wasps nest in their property  that wanted dealing  with. We  spoke to the customer and I was in the area. The wasp problem was solved within the hour, another happy customer who is now wasp free.

Wasp nest on the Isle of Wight - 06/07/21

Pestforce Pest Control IOW had a call from a customer in cows on the iow. They had  wasps in their shed and after speaking  to her  in the afternoon we attended first thing the following to treat the wasp nest. Problem solved. 

Cluster flies in Ryde, IOW - 01/07/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a customer in Ryde on the IOW who had a cluster fly problem in their loft. We arranged to go there the next morning to solve the fly problem. One spray treatment proved to be effective at ridding the problem. 

Rat control in Shalfleet, IOW - 28/06/21     

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a new customer in Shalfleet on the IOW. They rang me about a rat problem in their property. After speaking to the customer we arranged to go over the next day, after 3 visits, the job was completed. Another happy customer.

Ant control on the IOW -  25/06/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a new customer call us about some ants in their garden. We spoke to the customer that afternoon and went round later that morning and solved the ant problem.

Ant treatment on the Isle of Wight - 19/06/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a new customer from Cows on the iow who had a ant problem in his home. We  turned up on the next day and ressolved his ant problem with our effective professional solutions. 

Pest control contract IOW- 18/06/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a new customer today from Newport on the iow. He wanted a pest control contract setup for 2021. We went and saw the client and agreed suitable terms and conditions and quickly came to an arrangement. The contract set up is now complete and we are looking foward to our next routine pest control visit. 

Wasp Control on the Isle of Wight - 14/06/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a lady in cows on the island who had wasps going in and out of her air bricks in her property. I turned up the next morning to sort the wasp nest out adn we soon had the job done for her.

Fox control on the Isle of Wight - 14/06/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call a customer in Ryde on the IOW who had a fox problem on their property. We turned up there the next day to sort the problem out. The next day we had a call and reattended to find the problem was sorted out. Customer and family was left happy.

Ant control in Sandown, Isle of Wight - 12/06/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a new customer who had a problem with ants in a local school. We attended first thing that morning and sorted the problem out for them. 

Silverfish treatment in Sandown, Isle of Wight - 07/06/21

Pestforce Pest Control IOW had a call from a customer last week in Sandown, IOW who had silverfish in their property.  After 2 treatment visits the job was completed with minimum disruption to the customer. They told us they were very happy with the service from start to finish. 

Rat control in Brading, Isle of Wight - 04/06/21

Pestforce Pest Control took a call from a regular customer who had a rat infestation on his ground in Brading, IOW. After talking to him about it  we set the job up and we are due back next week for our 2nd visit. Hopefully no more rats. 

Moles in Cows, IOW - 01/06/21

Pestforce Pest Control IOW had a call from a customer  in Cows, iow who had a mojor mole problem in his garden  turned up on sight soon got  set up for moles and put the customer at ease .  

Moles on the IOW - 26/05/21   

Pestforce Pest Control IOW returned to an ongoing mole job this week in Ryde on the IOW. The large garden area where the moles had been digging now was completely mole free and the customer was over the moon how effective our programme had been. 

Mice in the kitchen in home in Binstead, IOW - 25/05/2021

Pestforce Pest Control IOW had a call from our website after a home owner on the isle of wight reported having an issue with mice in her kitchen. After a 3 visit treatment from myself the job was completed, the mice had been erradicated and I left one very happy customer. 

Moles in garden on the Isle of Wight - 18/05/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a family in Arreton, IOW. They had  moles in their back garden. We attended to survey the garden and found obvious mole activity across the back of the garden. A mole trapping plan is now in place and we will be monitoring regularly to get to the bottom of this pest problem.

Bedbugs in bedrooms in Isle of Wight - 17/05/21 

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight were called to a property in Ryde, IOW. The owners had a bed bug problem that he wanted dealing with as soon as possible. This morning we sorted this with an insecticide spray treatment. The customer was  left reassured that his pest problem was solved.

Mice control on the IOW -  17/05/21

Local call from a customer in the Ryde, IOW who had mice in his loft and bathroom. I spoke  to him about the situation and told him I will attend the same day and begin a 3 visit mice treatment. 2 visits down and the mice treatment has been effective. 

Rat control on the Isle of Wight - 14/05/21

Call from Google  customer on the iow in newport  had a pest issue  in there  back garden after talking to the customer  about  there  problem  they had. After  3 visits the job was completed.

Mice problem at home on the Isle of Wight - 10/05/21 

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a client who believed they had a pest living in the roof of their home in Freshwate, Isle of Wight. We attended the same day and after our pest inspection found the property had a minor mice infestation. We carried out 3 mice erradication treatment visits and now the home is pest free leaving one very happy customer.

Weed killing on the Isle of Wight - 02/05/21

We had a call from one of our repeat customers on the isle of wight. They enquired about our weed killing service and about setting up a monthly pest control contract. After a lengthy conversation, we made an appointment  to go round and surey the site.From this survey we quoted a price and agreed terms and conditions. Two very happy parties. 

Bedbug Control on the Isle of Wight - 30/04/21 

Pestforce Pest Control had a call from a man on the Island who had a bed bug issue. We relayed the pre bedbug treatment advice over the phone and within 24hrs of our treatmen visit, the infestation had been eradciated. 

Mouse problem in Sandown, IOW - 27/04/21 

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from  a customer who had a mouse proble in Sandown. We completed a full inspection of the property to uncover a new infestation of mice. After 2 visits, the job was completed and the customer was left happy  and reassured.

Rats in Yarmouth, IOW - 17/04/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a customer in Yarmouth. They had a pest problem in their garden and under their shed. After 2 visits, the job was completed and his garden was pest free.

Mice problem on the Isle of Wight - 10/04/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight recieved a call through Google from  a customer in newport, IOW.  They had a mouse infestation in there property after a property inspection found where the mice had entered the property. After 3 visits, we sealed the entry point  to the  property and the mouse  problem was all sorted. Customer  left happy and  reassured.

Rat problem in offices on the Isle of Wight - 23/04/21

Pestforce Pest Control had a phone call from a company on the isle of wight who had reported a rat problem. We turned up in the afternoon, carried out an extensive pest survey and then began setting up a standard treatment plan. We are due to attend back to follow up however so far the office staff have been really pleased with the work. 

Moles invade cricket club on the Isle of Wight - 22/04/21

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had the local cricket club on the phone ring me with a mole problem on there pitch. After 3 days,  job completed with good results and we have also booked for moss treatment on the cricket pitch for them.

Rats in Newport, Isle of Wight - 21/04/2021

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call from a lady in Newport, Isle of Wight who had reported issues with rats in her back garden. We attended the same day and surveyed the area. Obvious signs of rat activity present and a 3 visit riddance plan proposed. After our treatment plan, the lady has been so pleased she is rat free. 

Moles in garden on the Isle of Wight - 16/04/2021

Pestforce Pest Control IOW had a call from a lady on the Isle of Wight who was having problems with moles in her garden. We booked in sometime to see her the next day. After our survey of her grounds, we set up a plan of action to prevent moles from digging up her garden. After 3 days the moles were caught and no activity has been seen since. 

Mice in kitchen on the Isle of Wight - 09/04/2021

Pestforce Pest Control IOW had a call from a lady in who had found a mouse in her kitchen. We treated tihs as an emergency visit, attended within 2 hours and set about catching the pesky mice. After a two week set of treatment, all mice had the property had been erradicated and the home owner is delighted with the service provided. 

Rat Control on IOW - 02/04/2021

Pestforce Pest Control IOW recieved a call from a lady in Ryde. She had seen rats coming out of her drain pipe from next door into her back garden. After 3 visits, the rats were erradicated and the job was completed. Another rat-free happy customer. 

Flea Control on the Isle of Wight - 07/04/2021

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a local call from a customer just outside of Newport. She told us that she had fleas in her property after recently moving in. We were able to attend within 24hrs, discussed suitable flea solutions and decided upon a spray treatment. 2 days later we had a message back and were told by the customer she was so pleased to be flea free. Pestforce keeping you pest-free. 

Mice Control on the Isle of Wight - 26/03/2021

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a call about a mouse infestation problem  in gurnard in cows in a  holiday home.  After doing 3 visits had got the mouse  problem sorted out. Probably is now mouse free.

Cluster flies on the Isle of Wight - 22/03/2021

Pestforce Pest Control Isle of Wight had a local job  for cluster flies. We went and saw the customer and after our inspection of the loft area we  found where the problem was orginating from. We spoke to the customer about the situation and the most approrpirate course of insecticide treatment. Job completed, another happy customer.

Rats on the Isle of Wight - 08/03/2021

We had a local business call about a rat problem in their office. We attended that afternoon and placed traps down. We reattended the next day and found the catches. Problem solved. 

Piegon stuck in chimney on the Isle of Wight - 04/03/2021

We received a call from a customer at midday who had a pigeon stuck in his chimney. We turned up at the property, the same day and commenced with the job. We located the pigeon and then was able to release the bird unharmed.

Fleas in property on the Isle of Wight - 19/02/2021

We had a call about fleas in a property. After listening to the customer, we informed of the pre-treatment advice and helped pum there mind at rest. We turned up on the Monday and the customer had found somewhere to stay while we treated. I proceeded  with the job and notified the customer  once we were finished and returned the customer's keys to them. He was very happy with the treatment and is now pest free. 

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