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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Carmarthen. 

If you have moles, squirrels, birds, woodworm, rabbits, ants, bees, fleas, wasps, mice, rats or many more pests causing you a problem.......we can help.

Your local Pestforce pest controller in and around Carmarthenshire, we provide what we believe is one of the best pest control services around – friendly, flexible and responsive.

Many people look for advice as well as solutions as they don’t want the pest problem to become an issue again.

Most of our work comes from personal recommendations from previous customers who have benefitted from our helpful, as well as competitively priced, pest control services.

Camarthen Pest Control Services 

  • Bird proofing 
  • Wasp nest removal & bee control
  • Fox control, squirrel control, rabbit control
  • Mole catchers - specialist department
  • Bedbug & flea control - treatments that work!
  • Mice & Rat removal and control
  • All other vermin & pests including ants, moths, insects, beetles, woodworm, fly control, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders and more.

Pest control problems can vary from place to place, and at various times during the year but we find that we deal with similar problems such as rat infestations, moles and fleas.

Rats can multiply at an alarming rate, with the female rat producing young on an average every 3 weeks. Rats can also self-regulate their colonies as if their numbers grow too much, food and shelter become scarce. However, if this modern age of recycling, composting etc. rats do not struggle to indentify food sources or nesting material and so if you spot rats around your property – whether domestic or business – then you need to contact Pestforce. We can put in place rat control methods that will stop you being infested.

Fleas are also a common problem although many customers can be embarrassed to call in pest control in such a situation. Fleas are carried on a variety of animals, including pets and can be brought into the home (or other premises) in a variety of ways from various sources. It does not mean poor hygiene. Fleas, like all insects, have a life cycle that needs breaking and only effective, pest control treatments will break this cycle, ridding you of the nuisance.

Moles can be a difficult pest to control, especially as they can very quickly cause unsightly, but widely recognised molehills across lawns, golf courses, pitches etc. Moles quickly create an intricate number of tunnels, and once the mole has vacated these tunnels, another mole will quickly move in. This is why you need a mole expert if you want to rid your grounds or garden of moles!

Recent Jobs

Wasps in Carmarthen, SA33 - 10th October 2022

Wasp nests are coming to the end now but we have had some very aggressive nests late in the season and this is where Pestforces Free call back for any active was nest has come in handy for many people especially this one. On arrival it looked very active but nun the less I treated as usual with Poppy (my dog) walking around the clients yard having a sniff but shortly after both of us had wasps dive bombing us, luckily my cheep quick fit suit held up and no wasps got through but I didn’t trust it and rushed back to the van with Poppy who was by this stage feeling the effects of one or two stings. We got in the van where I fitted an extra chem suit for protection and left poppy in while I gave it a second dose feeling much safer with my chem suit and wasp suit on. Kept a close eye on Poppy who was more annoyed she couldn’t come back into the clients yard for a sniff I think then irritated by the stings and was fine.

Mice control for homes in Carmarthen, SA33 - 30th November 2021

Mice and rats are coming back in force this winter and have had a couple of returning customers that have used our services in the past for mice recently. Although we always try to block any holes we find after a good look around the property mice always seem to find a way back in especially in old stone houses like this one in Carmarthen. We have started using a new product for mice and finding we can reduce the number of visits to clear up an issue which reduces the price for the client and our results have been fantastic. In this case mice where entering the bathroom through the boxed off pipe and entering a bedroom through where the radiator pipes where coming through the first floor. We sealed up all boxed in work stopping the mice from entering the living space and treated the house in various places with traps and bait. We returned two weeks later to find some bait take up but no mice had been seen or heard for over a week so completed our treatment in two visits.

Squirrels living the attic in Carmarthen, SA31 - 15th September 2021

A customer had been complaining of terribly loud noises in the attic waking them up in the mornings. The customer searched for Pest control in Carmarthen, and found Pestforce Carmarthen and arranged a visit for the following day with one of our Local Pest controllers. We were able to determine that the noises were coming from an adult grey squirrel looking to nest in the attic space. The squirrel problem was resolved promptly using squirrel traps and squirrel trapping methods to remove the squirrel from the attic. Once the property was clear, the entry point was squirrel proofed to prevent re-infestation. And the customer was once again able to sleep in.

Flea infestation in Carmarthen, SA32 - 1st September 2021

After a customer missed a flea treatment on the cat, and infestation of fleas soon got out of control and in need professional flea treatment. The customer was experiencing flea bite all over their feet and legs. After calling PESTFORCE and recieving the treatment the customer left us a great review on how happy they were not to be bitten any more.

Abergwili SA31, Wasp Nest Removal - 12th August 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Carmarthen was called out to deal with a wasp issue in Abergwili. The inspection indicated that the wasp nest was within the eves of the property. Our Carmethen wasp nest team treated the wasp nest to the delight of the customer.

Carmarthen SA32, Rats in the attic - 18th April 2021

We received a call from a distressed customer from Carmarthen, as she had many nights without sleep due to noises coming from the attic. We put the customer at ease by offering a quick response to come and deal with her pest control issue. The customer was so relieved to see us and felt this was the beginning of the end to her noises in the attic. We found rat activity in the form rat droppings and rat nests in the loft. We were able to treat the rat problem, locate and block the access point and put an end to those sleepless noisy nights.

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Aber, Aberaeron, Aberarth, Aber-banc, Abergiar, Abergorlech, Abergwili, Abermeurig, Alltwalis, Alltyblaca, Banc-y-ffordd, Bangor Teifi, Bettws Bledrws, Brechfa, Broadlay, Broadoak, Broadway, Brynhoffnant, Brynog, Bwlch-clawdd, Bwlch-llan, Caledrhydiau, Capel Cynon, Capel Dewi, Capel Gwyn, Capel St Silin, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, Carway, Castell Howell, Cellan, Ceredigion, Cilcennin, Ciliau-Aeron, Cliff, Court Henry, Cribyn, Croes-Ian, Croesyceiliog, Cross Inn, Crwbin, Cwmann, Cwmffrwd, Cwmisfael, Cwmpengraig, Cwmsychbant, Cwrt-newydd, Dihewyd, Dol-gran, Drefach, Dre-fach, Dryslwyn, Felindre, Felingwmuchaf, Ferryside, Ffostrasol, Ffos-y-ffin, Ffynnon-ddrain, Four Roads, Gartheli, Gilfachrheda, Glynarthen, Glynteg, Golden Grove, Gorsgoch, Gwernogle, Gwyddgrug, Hawen, Henllan, Highmead, Horeb, Johnstown, Kidwelly, Lampeter, Llanarth, Llanarthney, Llanddarog, Llandefaelog, Llandyry, Llandysul, Llanegwad, Llanfair Clydogau, Llanfair-Orllwyn, Llanfihangel uwch-gwili, Llanfihangel-ar-Arth, Llanfynydd, Llangathen, Llangeler, Llangendeirne, Llangranog, Llangunnor, Llangybi, Llanllawddog, Llanllwch, Llanllwni, Llansaint, Llanwenog, Llanwnen, Llanybydder, Llidiadnenog, Llwyncelyn, Llwyndafydd, Llwyn-onn, Maesllyn, Maesycrugiau, Meinciau, Mydroilyn, Nanternis, Nantgaredig, Nantycaws, New Inn, New Quay, Oakford, Penboyr, Penbryn, Pencader, Pencarreg, Penrhiw-llan, Penrhiw-pal, Pensarn, Pentrecagal, Pentre-cwrt, Pentrefelin, Pentregat, Pen-y-garn, Plas, Plwmp, Pontantwn, Pontargothi, Pontarsais, Pontshaen, Pontwelly, Porthyrhyd, Pren-gwyn, Ram, Rhos, Rhydargaeau, Rhydlewis, Rhydowen, Sarnau, Saron, Silian, St Ishmael, Synod Inn, Talgarreg, Tal-sarn, Tanerdy, Temple Bar, Trefilan, Tre-groes, Tre-vaughan, Trimsaran, Waun y Clyn, Wervil Brook, Wstrws, Ystrad Aeron

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