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If you are need a reliable local pest controller in Neath Port Talbot, give Pestforce Pest Control Neath Port Talbot a call today.

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Hi, and welcome to Pestforce Neath Port Talbot Pest Control page. I’m Ben Mitchell. I am your local, qualified and highly trained pest control specialist in Neath Port Talbot. I’m happy and proud to serve Neath Port Talbot to keep homes and business like yours safe and free of pests. Whatever furry, feathered unwanted visitors have made their way into your four walls, Pestforce have the knowledge, expertise and experience to remove them quickly and effectively. So you can get on with your life with minimal disruption.

As you know, pests come in all shapes and sizes. Some are easy to spot and leave telltale signs of their presence. Others can be harder to detect. From the indoor creepie crawlies to flying insects, to skittering rodents, and wild animals and birds that have found their way indoors. At Pestforce, we’ve dealt with every kind of pest there is, providing safe, effective and permanent commercial and domestic pest control solutions. Think of me, and Pestforce, as your one-stop shop for all your Neath Port Talbot pest control needs.

I would be delighted to support you in taking care of all your pest control needs. There’s no job too big or too small. Not only do I have great knowledge and experience in Neath Port Talbot pest control, as part of the Pestforce brand you know that you’re getting the golden national standard in pest control, in your Neath Port Talbot home or business.

Why you can trust Pestforce Pest Control Neath Port Tablot... and me!

The Pestforce brand is one of the most trusted in national pest control. We have over 4,000 reviews across all our websites and social channels, with an average of 4.9 / 5 stars. Enjoy complete peace of mind while we take care of all your Neath Port Talbot pest control needs. You know that you’re in the most reliable hands when you choose Pestforce Pest Control.

Furthermore, to provide further peace of mind:

  • I am fully DBS checked (formerly called a CRB / police check)
  • I am fully insured
  • As a Pestforce Pest Control specialist, I am highly trained, qualified and experienced
  • All my work is guaranteed as standard
  • I attend regular pest control training to stay up to date with the latest methods
  • I will always provide a free and zero-obligation survey & quote
If you have a pest problem of any kind, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Talk to a local Neath Port Talbot pest control expert. Call me, Ben Mitchell, on 01639 335 035 any time.

Pest Control Services in Neath Port Talbot

As a Pestforce franchise member I have the training, equipment and experience to handle an extremely comprehensive range of pest control needs. Pests can not only be a nuisance, they can endanger your family’s health or send your business operations grinding to a halt at work. You need fast, effective Neath Port Talbot pest control solutions. Call today on 01639 335 035. We’ll arrive on-site and ready to deliver a wide range of pest control services. Of course, we won’t do anything until you’ve had a free, comprehensive survey and quote.

The following list, while not exhaustive, gives you a good idea of the kind of pest control work Pestforce are happy to undertake. We offer...

A full range of residential pest control services including:

  • Home pest control
  • Garden pest control
  • Loft and attic pest control
  • Roofing pest control

Pest control solutions for all kinds of business including:

  • Office pest control
  • Restaurant and takeaway pest control
  • Medical practice or clinic pest control
  • Pest control for building or construction sites
  • Shop and retail pest control services

What kinds of pests do we handle?

Some pests are cute and furry. Others are creepy and crawly. But all pests have the potential to undermine your safety and create a nuisance. Fortunately, we can tackle all kinds of pests, including:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Pigeons and other birds
  • Wasps and wasps nests
  • Bees and bees nests
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Foxes
  • Moles
  • And many more

We take a careful, measured approach to every pest control case. We are accredited members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and fully accredited by CEPA. This is the highest accreditation in the field of pest control. So you can trust Pestforce’s Pest Control Neath Port Talbot expert to use only the safest, most humane and most effective pest control methods when treating your home or business.

Don’t let pests plague your home or business a moment longer. If you need our 5*-rated pest control services in Neath Port Talbot, call us today to talk with Ben Mitchell on 01639 335 035. Want to find out more about how we deal with specific pests in Neath Port Talbot? Please, read on...

Neath Port Talbot Rat Control

Rats often provoke fear and disgust when we see them. These highly intelligent, voraciously hungry disease carrying scavengers can be a persistent threat to the safety of your home or business. They are highly adept at finding food and will gnaw through virtually anything to get to it. And because they breed very quickly, they can become very difficult to control.

Our Neath Port Talbot rat control team have the knowledge and expertise to rid your home of rats. What’s more, they’ll also proof your residential or commercial property to prevent them from returning.

We deploy a range of techniques in line with your needs including traps, baits and poisons. We have years of experience dealing with all kinds of rat infestations, chasing them out of their hiding places between walls, behind appliances, in attics or on the tiniest crawl spaces.

There’s no rat problem in Neath Port Talbot too big or too small for our team. Call us today on 01639 335 035.

Neath Port Talbot Mice Control

Like rats, mice are often kept as pets. They are also very intelligent and always hungry. And they’ll show no respect for your property in their quest to feed themselves. What’s more, their droppings can be poisonous, especially to young children.

That’s why our Neath Port Talbot mouse control experts are standing by to remove mice from your home or business and keep them out for good. We’re highly trained to spot the signs of a mouse presence or infestation in your home. We can also identify the many entry points through which mice may be getting into your home. We can even help you to proof your property so that mice stay gone.

If you’ve spotted a mouse inside your home or business, don’t wait for it to do further damage. Call our Neath Port Talbot mice control team on 01639 335 035.

Neath Port Talbot Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal in Neath Port Talbot

Wasps are a very common (if unwelcome) part of the British summer. From July until October they can often be found hovering in our favourite picnic spots and getting dangerously close to our icecreams. Alone they can be intimidating. But when they are numerous and aggressive, you may well fear for yourself, your staff or your family.

Fortunately, our Neath Port Talbot wasp control experts are fully equipped to remove wasps from your home or business premises and ensure that they stay gone.

Our Neath Port Talbot wasp nest removal services are extremely popular in and around summer. The Pestforce network has removed countless wasp nests from all sorts of locations up and down the country in all kinds of sizes.

If you’ve started to notice an increased or more aggressive wasp presence close to your home or business, call our Neath Port Talbot wasp nest removal service today on 01639 335 035. We will perform an inspection free of charge, and put a plan in place to prevent wasps from ruining the best months of the year.

Neath Port Talbot Bee Control and Bee’s Nest Removal in Neath Port Talbot

We all know that bees are wonderful insects that are a pleasure to observe in and around our homes, gardens and workplaces. However, while bees are usually happy to coexist with us, they can get protective and territorial when we, our children or our pets stray too close to their nest. As such, your delight may turn to fear when you discover a bee’s nest in your Neath Port Talbot garden.

What’s more, you may feel hesitant about calling out a Neath Port Talbot Pest Control service because of our shared duty to protect our bees. After all, they are a vital part of our ecosystem.

Fortunately, at Pestforce we do all that we can to protect bees – although there are some few occasions where a “treatment” may be required. Rest assured that we will always relocate bees to a safer location when we can.

We understand the special care that is necessary when tackling a bee problem. We never destroy the nest and take every care to rehome the bee’s nest somewhere safe without harming them. Needless to say, we employ a combination of extensive knowledge and specialist protective equipment to handle bees in their nests safely and effectively.

Call our Neath Port Talbot bee control team today on 01639 335 035 if you’re worried about bees on your property.

Neath Port Talbot Squirrel Control

They may be cute and cuddly, but squirrels can be persistent and even aggressive when left unchecked. If you’re having problems with grey squirrels in Neath Port Talbot and need our Neath Port Talbot squirrel control services, call us on 01639 335 035 today.

Some are hesitant to contact us when it comes to squirrels as they believe them to be endangered. Just to clarify, red squirrels are the native UK species, and are a protected species. While we can offer some squirrel control advice to help keep the red squirrels away from your property we are limited in what we can do as they are protected.

However, the American grey squirrel has aggressively overtaken our nation’s squirrel population. We can do much more to keep these pests under control.

Our Neath Port Talbot squirrel control services can keep unwanted squirrels out of your home and garden. Call us on 01639 335 035 and we will arrange a free, zero-obligation inspection.

Neath Port Talbot Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Birds are usually a welcome sight near our homes and gardens. However, there are some, especially pigeons that can become a nuisance to Neath Port Talbot’s homes and businesses. Especially when they nest within your property and cause potential problems with roofing, guttering, solar panels, etc. Not to mention leaving a lot of mess for you to clean up.

Furthermore, when they get indoors, they can cause a great deal of distress and potentially cause damage to your belongings.

As responsible pest control specialists, our Neath Port Talbot bird control team know which birds are protected and how to render proper treatment for different kinds of bird ingress and infestation. We can safely remove unwanted birds and help to keep them away with effective pigeon-proofing.

Call us on 01639 335 035 for a free and zero-obligation inspection and quote.

Neath Port Talbot Bed Bug Control

They say “don’t let the bed bugs bite”. But this is easier said than done, especially since these tiny parasites are so difficult to detect. And their presence isn’t just limited to the bedroom. They can take up residence in any furniture or upholstery. These pests can prove a risk to your comfort and your well being, and their presence can be notoriously difficult to remove from your home by yourself.

Our Neath Port Talbot bed bug control service can give your home the professional touch it needs.

If you find that you wake up with itchy bumps and bites or find little spots of blood on your bedding, these may be signs of a bed bug infestation. Don’t let these parasites outstay their welcome.

Call us today on 01639 335 035 for our Neath Port Talbot bedbug control team. So you can sleep soundly once more.

Neath Port Talbot Cockroach Control

They’re creepy, they’re ugly and once they’re in your home, they can be extremely difficult to remove.

Cockroaches are notoriously persistent and hard to kill. And with many different species of cockroach, you may not know the best course of action to take.

Don’t live in fear of these insects any longer. Pestforce’s Neath Port Talbot cockroach control team are uniquely qualified to deal with all kinds of infestations of German cockroach, Oriental and American cockroaches.

Don’t waste time if you see a cockroach scurrying around your home or workplace. Call us for Neath Port Talbot cockroach control today on 01639 335 035.

Neath Port Talbot Flea Control

Homes, especially homes with pets can be very vulnerable to fleas. And contrary to popular belief they can last up to two weeks even without a host.

The good news is that there’s no flea infestation too big or too small for our Neath Port Talbot flea control team. If you or your pets seem to get persistent itches accompanied by speckles of what seem like grains of pepper (actually flea faeces) in your bed or carpet it’s time to call in the professionals.

Our Neath Port Talbot flea control experts can carry out a free inspection of your home and advise on the best way to rid your home of these agile and determined pests once and for all.

Call Ben Mitchell for Neath Port Talbot flea control on 01639 335 035 today to rid your home or business of fleas for good.

Other Neath Port Talbot Pests We Provide Pest Control For

While the pests mentioned above are some of our most common Neath Port Talbot pests we treat, our expertise doesn’t stop there. We can also help with:

  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Clusterflies
  • Hornets
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • And many, many more
Whether your pest is listed here or not, trust the skilled and highly qualified team at Pestforce Pest Control Neath Port Talbot. Call us today on 01639 335 035. You can be assured of the very best service, full transparency and zero-obligation as we strive to keep your home pest-free.

Neath Port Talbot Pest Control
01639 335 035

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