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Pestforce Cardiff is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 33 customer reviews.

PestForce Pest Control in Cardiff

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About PestForce in Cardiff, Pontypridd, Barry, Merthyr and Newport

I am Werner Starbuck and I am the owner of Pestforce Cardiff - a pest control company based in Pontypridd, providing great service to customers looking for Pest control in the local area of Pontypridd, Merthyr, Aberdare, Cardiff, Barry and Newport.

I am a trained and qualified pest controller originating from South Africa. I feel priveleged to have set up the business in the area which allows me to support my family and deliver my services to the local community. I enjoy working with my customers - customer care and attention is very close to my heart (see my testimonials) but my children are my true inspiration.

My company provides a 24 hour emergency (we do get some sleep) and non-emergency service to the people of Cardiff and the surrounding areas. We work under the national brand of Pestforce so you can be assured of quality and high standards.

We are the best of both worlds - we are a local business with national standards. So if you call Pestforce Pest Control in Cardiff for any pest probelm including wasps, fleas, rats or mice, you will only ever speak to a local person, usually me, Werner, the local owner of Pest force Cardiff. We feel that this local aspect to our business means you will get a better service than using one of the large, national, companies because not only do we know the area but they are familiar with the Pest problems that you may experience locally.

I also like helping others and at Pestforce Cardiff we build relationships with our local community and we are delighted to be supporting the Safe Foundation, locally based Cardiff charity supporting people Not in Employment, Education or Training. See more below.

For further information don’t hesitate in calling me on 02921 900217.

Pest Control Services in Cardiff, Pontypridd, Barry, Merthyr and Newport

We are a rapid response 24 hour emergency Pest Control Service as we live and work in Cardiff --> we are never far away from your pest control problem in Cardiff. If you have a Pest Control problem we are keen to apply our expert and local knowledge. Here is a list of some services we provide...

  • Rat Removal and Control
  • Mice Pest Control.
  • Insect Control; Ants, Silverfish, Cockroaches, Beetles, Flies, moths, spiders, earwigs, maggots and more
  • Domestic Pest Control Services
  • Bee and Bee nest Removal
  • Wasp removal and control.
  • Woodworm treatment,
  • Birds, pigeons, seagulls control and removal.
  • Squirrels, rabbits, foxes, moles
  • Fleas & bedbug Treatments.
  • Foxes
  • Pest Prevention
  • Commercial Pest Control 
  • 24 hour service

As standard all work is guaranteed and we are insured for your piece of mind. We carry a Police DBS, ID and our insurance documents at all times.

Pestforce Pest Control in Cardiff are an environmental friendly pest control service for more information call us 24 hours a day on 02921 900217

Bird Control Services in Cardiff, Pontypridd, Barry, Merthyr and Newport

If you have a concern or problem with birds that I am sure we can help. We can deal with birds in both domestic and commercial environments. We have experience in dealing with large commercial jobs but we are equally at home when dealing with domestic bird control such as solar panels on your roof.

With Cardiff being a coastal town, we see problems with seagulls in addition to the day to day nuisance of pigeons and other birds.

Not only can birds be a nuisance and cause obvious mess from fouling there are more serious implications from health risks and property damage. There are also be additional pest issues associated to birds such as bird mites, fleas, maggots and flies.

For more information on Bird Control please click here or call me on 02921 900217

Agricultural Pest Control

Actively managing agricultural land and property can be a huge challenge without worrying about pests. Fortunately at Pestforce Cardiff we know and understand the additional challenges of pests in a farming environment. Insects, rodents, moles and the like, are all pests that can have seriously harmful effects to agricultural land and property.

Our fully trained technicians and effective control measures you can be certain that your pest concerns are dealt with.

Rodent are common around farm buildings as they provide warmth, shelter and food. Rodents can breed at a significant rate and it is important to avoid an infestation. Complete riddance can be difficult but significant control and monitoring is important to avoid the health risks associated to rats and mice.

Moles are another significant nuisance and can be a risk to live stock – both in terms of damage from tunnelling and spread of bacteria.

Insect control is important when it comes to crops and storage. Again we can help call on 02921 900217

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Trusted Pest Controller in Cardiff, Pontypridd, Barry, Merthyr and Newport

At Pestforce Pest Control in Cardiff we believe our reputation is everything so all our work is carried out to the highest standards at all times.

We get all our customers to leave reviews should they wish to and we post these reviews on the internet including at the bottom of this site. To see these reviews scroll to the bottom of this page where you can see where the customer left the original review and the score that they have left. 

We are a vetted company, Carry a Police DBS check, have Public Liability Cover and always carry ID. We will always be wearing a uniform and drive a sign written vehicles.  

Also all our qualification and accreditation are available upon request. We are expert and Law Abiding Pest Controllers. 

So if you’re looking for a Trusted Expert Pest Controller in Cardiff Contact us today on 02921 900217

So if you’re looking for a Trusted Expert Pest Controller in Cardiff Contact us today on 02921 900217 for a Free quote.

24 Hour Pest Control Service in Cardiff, Pontypridd, Barry, Merthyr and Newport

Pestforce Pest Control in Cardiff offers a 24 hour emergency call out service so if you have pest issues at home or at your business we can help you at any time of the day. 

When you need a problem resolving any time of the day we are here for you. When we say 24 hour we mean 24 hour we will answer our phone and access your problem our self’s we don’t use call centres.

Us being a 24 hour emergency Pest control service allows us to deal with problems out of business hour so your company will not be effected. So if you we to come deal with a problem in your work day or night we can help you when you are closed to you don’t need to advertise your issues to the public.

If you’re looking for a 24 hour Pest Conroller call us now on 02921 900217.

Expert, Friendly and Qualified

We are an experienced and qualified Pest Controller in Cardiff so if you need your Pest Problems dealing with by and exert who has all the correct chemicals and knowledge and skill to use the correct methods then give Pestforce Pest Control in Cardiff a call we are keen to help you sort out your Pest issues.

Qualified & Certified in ‘Pest Control and Management’– a certificate awarded by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). We are also members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA)

ALL the methods and pesticides we use are safe for use in and around Domestic & Commercial premises and will not harm children or pets.

If you’re looking for and expert and well equipped Pest Controller in Cardiff look no further and call us today on 02921 900217.

How we work

  • With Pestforce you will get a professional, polite and punctual service.

  • For all Pest Control work undertaken you have our guarantee.

  • Our Integrated Pest Management approach removes the pest whilst protecting your home, children, pets, non targeted species, protected species and the local wildlife. (We will relocate bee swarms and colonies to local bee keepers rather than destroy them, wherever possible).


  • We care for the environment and will only use the amount of pesticides required for the job, applying them professionally and responsibly.

  • Pesticides are a necessary tool, but whenever possible we will suggest the use of non toxic and non lethal measures - this can include the use of non toxic baits to monitor for pests, the use of natural insecticides, pest proofing a building in areas where pests are entering, and removing food sources that have inadvertently drawn any pests in.

  • In addition to providing our rapid clearance service to support local contractors such as Thatcher’s, Landscape Gardeners and Tree Surgeons

  • We able to assist with tenants with pets who are moving out and need to assure their landlord that the property is clear of fleas, and have many times fitted in between cleaning and removals companies in such situations. We can also provide a one off clearance or a dedicated service suited to landlords & Letting Agents.

  • We are Mole Catching Specialists and are proud of our 100% track record of clearing mole problems from gardens, lawns, sports grounds, fields, Crematoriums, farms and many other locations.

So let's get moving! Whether you have a wasp nest, bedbugs, fleas, silverfish, rats, moles, mice, bees, moths, ants, flies, pigeons, birds, pigeons, rabbits, cockroaches, squirrels, ants - whatever - the sooner you pick the phone and call us, the sooner you can take control of your pest problems, and the sooner they will be just an unpleasant memory.

So if you’re worried about her bugs contact Pestforce Pest Control in Cardiff today on 02921 900217.

Local Community

We believe in building a business with a wider purpose - helping our customers with pest control issues is key - but we enjoy helping build a great sense of purpose in the local community of South Wales.

We are proud to work with and support the Safe Foundation as I believe in what they do for young and vulnerable people. Click the link above to find out more or read on for a short summary.  Safe Foundation in Cardiff

The SAFE Foundation are a Cardiff based charity working with small communities who are living on the fringes of society. We run projects primarily around education, health, skills and sustainability to increase opportunity and reduce poverty within these communities.

Our work takes place in Wales and South West England with young people aged between 16-24 who are not active in their communities and who are either Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) or who are at risk of becoming NEET. We also work internationally.

Our NEET volunteers begin their journey by engaging in a comprehensive Global Education course which looks at things like Responsible Consumerism, Judgements and Stigmas, Cultural Sensitivity and using the media responsibly.

While they are doing this we also look at literacy and numeracy, building confidence and identifying skills so that they can find educational and work opportunities. Our aim is to create young people who think critically but positively about themselves and their world. 

The results and outcomes we are see are remarkable. We have a proven track record in our volunteer engagement and our current retention rate is 78% and our NEET volunteers have gone on to set up their own business’, find education opportunities, work in the voluntary sector, and even become trustees of charities - something that would have been unimaginable before.

TO SUPPORT this cause further I am pledging a minimum 1% of my net earning to the SAFE FOUNDATION. Therefore if you use my services you will be helping young and vulnerable people in South Wales and areas of poverty internationally.

Recent Jobs

Mouse Control in Cardiff saves a childrens party

Pending children’s party was potentially spoilt by a mouse. Mrs W. called me with a problem. Her son had his second birthday party coming up and she discovered that there was a mouse infestation. Worried that she may have to cancel, she called Pestforce Cardiff. We responded very quickly and on the same afternoon we were there to help. With only a few days to go before the big event, we managed to resolve the problem for the young two year old and his party went ahead as planned. We were extremely pleased with the result.”

Rodents in Cardiff Dining out on food in cupboard

Matthew called Pestforce Cardiff with a rodent problem. When we arrived it was clear that the little critters have been enjoying themselves in the food cupboards. We used a tried and tested method to track where the activity originated from and managed the stop them in their tracks. After three visits we were able to sign the work off and Matthew and his dog are no rodent free again.”

Bird control for Solar Panels

Paul phoned Pestforce Cardiff with a problem with birds. Pigeons had taken roost under his solar panels and caused him a lot of distress. When we inspected the roof we were able to provide Paul with a competitive quote for the work. Two weeks later we managed to battle the elements and complete the work to a high and professional standard. No more pigeons and Paul and his wife are taking a long holiday, knowing that there property is free from birds.”

Poor Caerphilly Bird control was causing a loss of revenue - resolved by Pestforce Cardiff

A local company community centre in Caerphilly had a major problem with Pigeons. Pestforce Cardiff were called and asked to survey and provide recommendations on how to resolve the problem. The birds caused that much of a problem that the Centre could not use two of the rooms to present evening classes, resulting in a loss of revenue for the local community. It took Pestforce Cardiff nearly a whole day to treat, remove and proof the affected areas and now the rooms are ready to be used again. Susan was so pleased with result and said she could not remember the last time she saw the rooms in such a good condition. We were very pleased to be able to help a local community centre in our local area.”

Granddaughter can play outside again

Mrs E had a severe rat infestation.  After the initial treatment, it was discovered that the problem needed more attention.  Persistence and perseverance finally paid off and Mrs E can now rest easy.  Her granddaughter can now also play outside in the garden again.

Wasp nest in Cardiff the size of 3 footballs

Danny called me with a wasp problem.  When I turned up, I was in awe to see the size of the nest.  It was easily as big as 3 footballs.  Following some nifty investigation, it was discovered that the wasps had several entrances.  After treating every entrance, the wasp activity stopped and is now resolved.

Pigeons under solar panels - bird control solution required

Mr R called me to come and investigate a pigeon problem he has on the roof.  The birds are nesting under his solar panels and on top of the chimney.  I quickly managed to get a quote out to Mr R to resolve his pest and the work is due to commence when he returns from his holiday.

Flea control in Cardiff retail outlet

A well-respected jewelry shop in Cardiff had a flea problem.  They needed it to be resolved quickly as it could have caused more problems for their customers.  Within 24 hours the shop was treated and the staff were impressed with the effectiveness and lack of smell after the treatment.  They now have their shop back to normal without any damage to the brand name.

Long term rodent control in Cardiff

Mrs L has been struggling with rats for more than two years.  It was treated before, but they came back.  Upon inspection, it became clear that the issue was only resolved temporarily.  The treatment is ongoing.

Mole control to save the day

Simon and Michelle are struggling with moles in their back garden and they cannot start the building work for their new conservatory.  They called me and I visited them to inspect the problem.  There was a lot of activity and after some discussion, the treatment was started.  During the first visit, everything was set up and ready to catch moles.  The second visit had showed no success, but this soon changed during the third, when one mole was caught.  The treatment is on going and soon Simon and Michelle will be able to enjoy their new conservatory.  

Wasps in a Cardiff loft

Phillip called me with a wasp problem in the loft.  After inspection and careful planning the nest was treated.  A week later the nest was completely removed and Phillip and his family can now enjoy a wasp free home.

Mouse Problem in Cardiff – SOLVED

Received a call from John who was very concerned about a potential mouse infestation. We chatted through what was going and I managed to find a slot in my diary to visit the next day – I always like to get onto the problem straight away. I was there the next day and evidence of mice was clear. Managed to put the customer at ease and with 3 visits the problem was resolved.

It is not unusual to get a mouse problem – they entered a property for warmth, shelter and food. And they can get into your house through a hole as small as a pencil. If you can put a pencil in a hole then it will allow a mouse to get through. Mice are able to flex their skeleton to squeeze through very small holes!!! If you see a small hole in your property simply fill it to stop a problem in the first place.

Welsh Woodworm - ADVICE

I really get a sense of pleasure from helping my local community in Cardiff. One lady contacted me recently with a concern regarding a wood worm problem in their new home. I was able to pass by the next day and give some honest professional advice. With my advice they are now considering the next course of action for the treatment to be done.

A never Ending problem with Rats – Work in Progress

Received an interesting call from a customer the other day who said they had a rat problem and it had been going on for the last 18 months. Now that is simply not acceptable and while some rat infestations can be difficult to resolve 100% you should be able to get a problem under control if you can find the source of the problem. I’ve now done by first survey and assessment and it is going to be an interesting project. I’ll keep you posted on progress…


We spoke with Werner at Pestforce about a rodent problem and he was at our house within an hour. The issue was swiftly identified and dealt with over the following fortnight. Werner was professional, polite and good value compared to rivals. We would not hesitate to recommend Pestforce.


Jonathan Williams

Werner provided absolutely first class service from start to finish.
An engaging and professional service and person who instilled total confidence that our problems would be resolved.
Cannot recommend highly enough!


Mike James

We were very pleased with the prompt and professional service provided by Pestforce.



Warner was very professional and informative.
He offered a friendly service and responded fast to our emergency !
We would definitely recommend his service.


Gemma Oxenham

I was grateful to find Werner when we recently had a pest problem. He is a very nice man and was very polite and considerate when working in my home. I will without a doubt be calling him next time we have any unwelcome visitors and have recommended him to my friends and family. Thankyou.


Chris Lawless

Werner did an excellent job, very professional and friendly, would absolutely recommend to anyone


Laura Waldron

Werner was highly professional and a great help. Not only that he was very polite.

Thank you


mathew pritchard

Nice guy


Mo Hassan

We had a persistent problem that was driving us mad with no end in site, until pestforce arrived. After the first visit things got a lot better and after we’ve just had a second visit so hopefully things will be cleared up once and for all. Werner is an all round nice person to speak to and deal with, and has put mine at wife’s minds at ease. As the old saying goes ‘Happy Wife easy life’ and I’m all for that. It’s just a shame there’s no number 6,7,8,9 & 10 on the rating as it would have got a 10 from us.


Paul Sims

Great service! Had to contact Werner after business hours, but was still at end of the phone to give advice and explain what treatment was required.

Made the appointment that night,and he came out as arranged and carried out the process - gave clear, easy to understand advice!


Gari Rowlands

Werner was an absolute star!!

He gave me all the information I wanted factually, without treating me as if I was an imbecile (past experience of other sales people!). He also went far and beyond what other pest companies said they would do - both in the area he treated and fumigated under sofas etc. His price was far more reasonable.
The house was left in impeccable order, and securely locked up.

He even went out of his way to park his vehicle far away from the main entrance to the flats - to prevent any nosy neighbours gossiping about what pests might have been lurking!!!

I cannot recommend Werner more highly - professional, helpful and honest. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Kathy Bailey

It is so refreshing to call a company for the first time and be absolutely delighted with the service provided. Werner is a true professional and he quickly sorted out our problem with no mess and no fuss. Highly recommended.



I was extremely impressed by the service Werner provided. He was always easy to contact and very responsive plus he had contacts for other things I needed to attend to.


Maureen Duckworth

Great customer service friendly service will recomed highly thanks for all you done



Amazing service, the guy came out the same day, it was cheap and he was so reassuring with my client that has autism. Highly recommended!!!


J Harvey

Very prompt. Dealt with wasp nest quickly. No fuss. V effective. Took considerable care to be sure pets excluded and gave helpful advice. I give him the highest rating.



Fantastic service good customer service skills talk me through the whole job of what he was going to do and talk me through after get the best results



Great,no issues,easy to contact Werner,arrived on time at our home.Will recommend him to other people on around our site,knew his job and looks like the problem is sorted.Werner is a nice guy,very polite.



Called in the morning and Werner came early afternoon. He was very thorough in treating the wasp nest in our loft. He waited for a while to check wasp activity had ceased and when he left he told us to ring him if any more wasps seen after 48 hours. We hardly saw any after he had gone. We checked the nest the following day and all wasps are exterminated. A good and efficient service, thank you. We would recommend this company.


K Langley

Love working with Werner @ Pestforce, always a A+ service and a great assist to my company. Love the email system making admin in the office easy and efficient. Great service and very trustworthy. Thank you for all your help. I can't recommend you enough.

Yes I would recommend


Bayside Estates

From the first point of contact, Werner was incredibly helpful. He's confident in what he does, which is what a customer is looking for and is extremely friendly and down to earth. I would not hesitate to recommend him highly for anyone who thinks they may have a pest problem. Thank you Werner :)



The prompt and professional service we had from Werner Sarbuck was excellent. From the first contact with him by telephone, he was professional, reassuring and confidant in his ability to combat the problem we had with a wasp infestation. Apart from his being a very personable gentleman, he did his job efficiently , and although he advised us tbat we should contact him had the wasps continued to be a problem, there was no need....the wasps have gone, An excellent job at a very good and competitive price. Thank you


Charlotte Cartwright

Had a real problem with cluster flies an rang pestforce what a friendly service they provided an thank you Werner Starbuck for your fast service an friendly manner when u came to our home really reassured us u could help wth the problem


Lyn edwards

I would thoroughly recommend this service to anyone requireing help with pest control. I found Mr Werner Starbuck to be most helpful, he was very professional in every way and should I ever need this service again I would have no hesitation in calling him.


Maureen Davies

Excellent service! We had a dreadful problem with a trapped dead bird and maggots, you were extremely friendly and helpful and put my mind at ease after days of stress. Thank you for your services and for getting rid of the maggots - I would definitely recommend you to anyone who has a pest problem.



I am writing to say how pleased I was with the service you provided in dealing with the problem we had with mice. I found the service provided was thorough, effective, honest and value for money. I would recommend to others.
Yours sincerely
G Roberts

G Roberts

Thank you for yourprompt attention to this matter.


Parish of Machen

Thank you for the invoice and the excellent service provided at the property. If in the future we need any assistance with pest control problems you will be our first point of contact.


David Huckle Letwise Property Management

So grateful for your help today - you were swift to respond within an hour .. we are impressed with the  professional way you dealt with the Wasps nest up in the Loft..
 great value for the excellent service  given today It was very large and intimidating  
Thanks again   Julie Smith Cardiff  




Julie Smith

A rat had entered our house from the garden. Pestforce set traps in a methodical mannner and reassured us. Within an hour the rat was trapped. Thank you very much. At least I can sleep tonight.


Mrs J H - Cardiff

Thank you for attending so quickly and sorting a persistent flea problem. I will recommend you to friends. 


Mrs M. Merthyr Tydfil

I just want to say a huge thank you for calling over to see me tonight at such short notice and giving me the benefit of your experience.   I will keep an eye on the attic and not take anything for granted but you have put my mind at rest checking it out.
Once I get the drain work done I'll monitor the situation and if there's still activity I'll be in touch.
Thanks again for your helpful advice.  You have a wonderful friendly manner and are a credit to your profession.
Martin Thomas
Events Logistics Coordinator



Martin Thomas

Excellent service by experienced pestcontrol officer.


Mrs T, Bargoed

Cardiff, call me 24-7
02921 900217

Pontypridd, call 24-7
01443 305016

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Pestforce Cardiff is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 33 customer reviews.

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