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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff. 

My name is Werner Starbuck and I'm a local pest controller proudly serving Cardiff and all CF postcodes. 

I’ve seen and dealt with every type of pest you’re likely to encounter in and around Cardiff, and have a great track record of providing effective domestic and commerical pest control solutions.

Please take a moment to read our 200+ customer reviews to know you are in safe hands. 

I strive to provide the best customer service possible from the moment you pick up the phone to the after care we ensure you recieve after my last visit. 

Call today for friendly pest control advice and to book a survey visit for me come and look at your pest problem.

Key Points:

  • Local Pest Company 
  • Highly Qualified in Pest Management 
  • Safe and Ethical Treatment Methods
  • DBS Checked (carry ID at all times)
  • BPCA Member
  • CEPA Member
  • Fully Insured

JOB OPPORTUNITY - we are currently on the look out for a new pest control technician, if you think might be the right fit or know someone who may be interested, please get in touch with Werner via email. 

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

Pest Control Services in Cardiff

The following list isn’t exhaustive, but it gives you a good idea of the typical pest control work we undertake on a routine basis.

Here are some of the types of pests we most commonly deal with:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasp nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths

Agricultural Pest Control

Actively managing agricultural land and property can be a huge challenge without worrying about pests. Fortunately at Pestforce Cardiff we know and understand the additional challenges of pests in a farming environment. Insects, rodents, moles and the like, are all pests that can have seriously harmful effects to agricultural land and property. Rodent are common around farm buildings as they provide warmth, shelter and food. Rodents can breed at a significant rate and it is important to avoid an infestation. Complete riddance can be difficult but significant control and monitoring is important to avoid the health risks associated to rats and mice. Moles are another significant nuisance and can be a risk to live stock – both in terms of damage from tunnelling and spread of bacteria.

How We Work:

With Pestforce you will get a professional, polite and punctual service.

For all Pest Control work undertaken you have our guarantee. Our Integrated Pest Management approach removes the pest whilst protecting your home, children, pets, non targeted species, protected species and the local wildlife. (We will relocate bee swarms and colonies to local bee keepers rather than destroy them, wherever possible). We care for the environment and will only use the amount of pesticides required for the job, applying them professionally and responsibly.

Pesticides are a necessary tool, but whenever possible we will suggest the use of non toxic and non lethal measures - this can include the use of non toxic baits to monitor for pests, the use of natural insecticides, pest proofing a building in areas where pests are entering, and removing food sources that have inadvertently drawn any pests in. In addition to providing our rapid clearance service to support local contractors such as Thatcher’s, Landscape Gardeners and Tree Surgeons We able to assist with tenants with pets who are moving out and need to assure their landlord that the property is clear of fleas, and have many times fitted in between cleaning and removals companies in such situations. We can also provide a one off clearance or a dedicated service suited to landlords & Letting Agents.

We are Mole Catching Specialists and are proud of our 100% track record of clearing mole problems from gardens, lawns, sports grounds, fields, Crematoriums, farms and many other locations.

If you are suffering because a nuisance pest is bothering you at home or at work, and you need our 5* rated pest control services in Cardiff, then please call today for a friendly chat with Werner on 02921 900 217. We’ll help you to remove the pests that are troubling you, and to resolve any infestation you might be dealing with, swiftly.

Drone Survey Services in Cardiff

Pestforce Cardiff are taking things to the next level and to new heights (literally). We are really proud to officially announce our new drone surveying services.

Please watch the video below to see our drones in action:

Through the use of drones we are able to conduct comprehensive site surveys efficiently and safely while helping us identify areas of concern in relation to new or existing pest infestations.

Our fleet of drones provide a multi-level service from exploration and surveying to thermal imaging, mapping and confined space inspections. In Cardiff to date we have conducted aerial surveys, building condition inspections and confined space flights. These surveys provided our clients with the data to rectify a range of pest problems including pigeon infestations, squirrel access points and even the location of a beehive. We are authorised by the Civial Aviation Authority (CAA) and fully insured to conduct commercial drone operations. 

Call Werner @ Pestforce Cardiff today to learn more about our drone survey services and to get booked in for a site survey 

Cardiff Rat Control

Most people immediately recoil in disgust at the sight of a wild rat scurrying around, even out in the street. It may be something about the way that rats move, it could be their common association with filth and disease, and it could even be their size. One thing is sure — most people find rats significantly more revolting than mice, and probably everyone can agree that they wouldn’t want to see a rat in their home, or even near their home or property.

Our Cardiff rat control team has the experience and knowledge to not only get rid of your rat problem, but also to rat-proof your property in order to prevent them from returning. We have a variety of techniques we often deploy to deal with rat infestations, ranging from bait and traps to poisons. We’ve dealt with every size of rat infestation possible, indoors, outdoors, in between walls, in tiny crawl spaces, behind appliances, and in lofts.

If you’ve got a rat problem in Cardiff then pick up the phone and call us today on 02921 900 217.

Cardiff Mice Control

Mice are the smaller and less obnoxious cousins of the rat, and depending on your own temperament you may even find them cute. Whether you find mice disgusting or cute, however, it’s likely that you won’t welcome them into your home — unless as pets.Mouse infestations can be troublesome and tricky to deal with as these little rodents have a way of being quite elusive. That’s why our Cardiff mouse control experts are on standby, ready for your call, to help get the mice out of your home and to keep them out.

Our Cardiff mice control team are trained to spot the signs of a mouse presence or mouse infestation. We’re trained to identify all the possible entry points that mice may be using to get into your house, and we know how to mouse-proof your property so that the mice cannot return once they’ve been evicted.

If you’ve spotted a mouse inside your home, or if you’ve seen mice nearby such as in your garden, and need our Cardiff mice control services, then call us on 02921 900 217 today.

Cardiff Squirrel Control

If you’re having problems with grey squirrels in Cardiff and need our Cardiff squirrel control services, then call us today. Across the UK you’ll find both red and grey squirrels, with grey squirrels being far more common — and in fact being the only squirrels you’ll find across much of the country.

Grey squirrels are by far the most common type of squirrel found in the UK, but they are not actually native to the UK. In fact, grey squirrels were introduced to the UK in the Victorian era from North America – and since their arrival, grey squirrels have pushed red squirrels aside and driven them out of much of the country, due partly to the larger size and more aggressive nature of the grey squirrels. The grey squirrel is not a protected species, and therefore we have significantly more squirrel control options available when dealing with grey squirrels.

If you have unwanted squirrel guests visiting your home or garden and want to make use of our Cardiff squirrel control services, please call us on 02921 900 217 and we can discuss further and arrange a date for an inspection.

Cardiff Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Birds, and especially pigeons, are a common sighting across Cardiff and are usually harmless. However, if they’re causing problems, or have made a nest in your home or on your roof, then our Cardiff bird control service may be of interest to you. Pigeons and other birds are adaptive creatures and can nest in some very hard-to-reach places, including loft spaces, guttering and the space underneath solar panels. And if birds happen to make their way into your home or property, you may have a large mess to clean up as a result. Some birds are protected by law, so as a responsible pest control company we will assess the species of birds present at your property, to ensure proper treatment and / or advice. If you have a concern or problem with birds that I am sure we can help. We can deal with birds in both domestic and commercial environments. We have experience in dealing with large commercial jobs but we are equally at home when dealing with domestic bird control such as solar panels on your roof.

With Cardiff being a coastal town, we see problems with seagulls in addition to the day to day nuisance of pigeons and other birds. Not only can birds be a nuisance and cause obvious mess from fouling there are more serious implications from health risks and property damage. There are also be additional pest issues associated to birds such as bird mites, fleas, maggots and flies.

Call our Cardiff bird control team on 02921 900 217 before the problem grows into something more challenging. We are happy to help and provide an inspection and a pressure-free approach.

Cardiff Wasp Nest Removal

Similar to bees, wasps are a very common sighting in the summer months (roughly from July – October) around the garden. Of course, the fact that wasps are common doesn’t stop them being intimidating, particularly when they are angry or are present in great numbers. Our Cardiff wasp control experts are fully equipped to help you get rid of nuisance wasps in or around your home. Our Cardiff wasp nest removal services are one of the most popular pest control services we offer in Cardiff in and around the summer months.

The Pestforce network has removed wasp nests from every imaginable place, ranging from lofts and rooftops, kitchens, garages and sheds, and even football stadiums! We’ve dealt with every size of wasp nest possible, too, which is why you can be confident in our wasp nest removal services in Cardiff.

If you’ve found a wasp nest near your house and need our Cardiff wasp nest removal service, or if you keep noticing wasps inside but don’t know where they’re coming from, call Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff today on 02921 900 217. We will come and do an inspection.

Cardiff Bee Relocation

Bees are wonderful creatures that play a vitally important role in the balance of the natural world, and can be seen throughout the spring and summer months in particular flying from flower to flower and pollinating. Many of us love seeing bees in the warmer months of the year, in particular, around the garden in Cardiff and across the UK at large. Unfortunately, your appreciation for bees can turn into worry, fear and frustration, if you discover a bee nest or hive too close to your home — or even inside of your home.

At Pestforce we look to protect bees, though there are few occasions where a more aggressive approach is required to remove them. Thankfully, our Cardiff bee control experts at Pestforce Cardiff are here to help. Contrary to popular opinion bees are not a protected species in the United Kingdom, but we do nonetheless understand and value their importance to the environment. We will therefore look to relocate bees if necessary.Special care must be taken when tackling a bee problem. We will not destroy a bee nest, and will take every precaution to re-home the bee nest away from you. This may sound like a scary process, particularly if you’re afraid of flying insects — but don’t worry. We know what we’re doing and are protected by our safety equipment. Our team can confidently remove a bees nest in Cardiff.

If you need our Cardiff bee control help or Cardiff bee’s nest removal services, then please call us today on 02921 900 217.

Cardiff Bed Bug Control

If you have a bed bug problem at home or accommodation, there is very little that you can do on your own, as bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of. For this reason, you will most likely need professional help, such as our Cardiff bed bug control service. Bed bugs are very small, so they can be easy to miss. They also have a tendency to hide in bed-frames, meaning that even washing all your bedding at a very high temperature will likely not get rid of an infestation.

One tell-tale sign of bed bugs is their bite. If you keep getting bitten during the night and keep finding bites or bumps on your body — especially ones that match the bed bug bite pattern — then you’ve likely got a bed bug problem. If you notice little specks of blood on your bed sheets, this may be another sign you have bed bugs.

If bed bugs have found their way into your home, then call us today on 02921 900 217 for our Cardiff bed bug control.

Cardiff Cockroach Control

There’s something about the way a cockroach moves that gives most people the chills. Just the mere sight of a cockroach is enough to turn many people’s stomachs, and that’s before getting into the hygiene issues of cockroaches crawling over your kitchen surfaces. So when you spot cockroaches inside your house, or close to your home, we can understand the panic and worry that comes with that. You don’t need to worry though, Cardiff cockroach control help is available with Pestforce Cardiff.

We’re uniquely qualified to deal with all types of common cockroaches, from the German cockroach to the Oriental cockroach or American cockroach.

If you’ve spotted a cockroach scurrying around your house, don’t waste time, call us for Cardiff cockroach control now on 02921 900 217.

Cardiff Flea Control

Fleas can be a very common problem for homes across Cardiff especially if there are pets living at the property. Fleas can also be found in households which don’t have any pets.

In any event, help is available with our Cardiff flea control.If you fear or suspect you have fleas in your home, the simplest way to know for sure is to either catch one for yourself (which can be challenging) or to get in touch with our Cardiff flea control experts who will do an inspection at your home, and can subsequently advise on the best action to get rid of your flea problem.

Call Werner for our Cardiff flea control on 02921 900 217 today and we can arrange an inspection at your house or business.

Other Cardiff Pest Services

The above infestations are some of the most common Cardiff pests that we deal with.

Other common pests we receive lots of calls about include:

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies
Whatever the pest, listed on this page or not, please give Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff a call on 02921 900 217. We are very passionate about pest control and treat every call with great enthusiasm. Our professional Cardiff pest control services are widely regarded as the best available and we look forward to discussing your pest problems and helping you to become pest free!

Local Community

We believe in building a business with a wider purpose - helping our customers with pest control issues is key - but we enjoy helping build a great sense of purpose in the local community of South Wales.

We are proud to work with and support the Safe Foundation as I believe in what they do for young and vulnerable people. Click the link above to find out more or read on for a short summary.  The SAFE Foundation are a Cardiff based charity working with small communities who are living on the fringes of society. We run projects primarily around education, health, skills and sustainability to increase opportunity and reduce poverty within these communities.

Our work takes place in Wales and South West England with young people aged between 16-24 who are not active in their communities and who are either Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) or who are at risk of becoming NEET. We also work internationally. Our NEET volunteers begin their journey by engaging in a comprehensive Global Education course which looks at things like Responsible Consumerism, Judgements and Stigmas, Cultural Sensitivity and using the media responsibly.

While they are doing this we also look at literacy and numeracy, building confidence and identifying skills so that they can find educational and work opportunities. Our aim is to create young people who think critically but positively about themselves and their world.  The results and outcomes we are see are remarkable. We have a proven track record in our volunteer engagement and our current retention rate is 78% and our NEET volunteers have gone on to set up their own business’, find education opportunities, work in the voluntary sector, and even become trustees of charities - something that would have been unimaginable before.

TO SUPPORT this cause further I am pledging a minimum 1% of my net earning to the SAFE FOUNDATION. Therefore if you use my services you will be helping young and vulnerable people in South Wales and areas of poverty internationally.

If you’re looking for a 24 hour Pest Controller call us now on 02921 900 217.

Recent Jobs

Noises in an attic! Investigations begin in Cardiff, CF24, 11th November 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff received a call to investigate suspected rodent activity in the attic of a property in Cardiff.  Our team arrived at an agreed time and began with an initial survey. Our team were able to identify rats, as there was a strong smell associated with rats present in the attic. We decided to further investigate, monitor and manage the activity over a period of time to gain a better understanding of the size of the rat infestation and to try to establish an access location. This investigation is currently on-going, and we look forward to being able to update with successful results in the near future.

Rodents prompt a drain survey in Cardiff, CF14, 17th October 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff received a call from a client who was concerned about hearing rodents scratching around in the extension of two properties in Cardiff. Our team was able to attend swiftly and conduct an initial survey. Both properties were inspected throughout. Evidence of recent rodent activity was discovered around the drains; numerous droppings were identified and on inspection appeared to be fresh. Our team strongly believe that the recent rodent activity stems from the drains, which could allow the rats to gain access into the cavity walls and attic spaces of both properties. A drainage specialist has been contacted to discuss our findings and the current drainage in place. Once a drain survey has been completed, the results will allow us to further investigate and recommend the correct rodent treatment programme.

Click to see more recent jobs.

Moles cause unsightly hills in Cardiff, CF14, 16th September 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff received a call from frustrated homeowners regarding mole hills popping up on their lawn at their home in Cardiff. Our team attended the site at an agreed time and immediately commenced a survey, which confirmed the presence of moles. We discussed the findings with our client and recommended we start on a mole treatment plan straight away. The traps were placed underground, and the mole hills were levelled once again, safety information was given to our client and a second visit was then scheduled for us to inspect the traps and monitor the progress. We returned 10 days later to monitor the progress and inspect the previously laid mole traps. On investigation one mole had been caught, and as there was no further indication of disturbed ground and no new mole hills present, we are confident that this was the work of one mole, therefore this mole treatment plan is another success. Our client is delighted to finally be able to get their lawn looking beautiful once again.

Drone survey for wasp nest treatment in Cardiff - 10th July 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff were called out for an emergency wasp nest treatment in Cardiff. The wasps were very active and we could identify that the nest was somewhere in a hedge in the client's front garden. We operated our sub 250g drone to conduct a safe visual inspection and identified the access point in the ground where the nest was situated. The reason we carried out a drone survey was for technician's safety and to pin point the exact location of the entry point. We then successfully treated the wasp nest and have a very satisfied client. 

Rodents cause contamination issues in a loft space in Cardiff, CF71 - 16th June 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff were called to confirm the presence of rats in the loft space of a property in Cardiff. On our arrival we conducted a full inspection of the attic. Rat droppings were identified in several locations and under the insulation. We then inspected the whole property to help us to determine the point of entry for the rats. We noted there was vegetation growing at the back of the property that could support the rats with access to the roof space. Drains were also inspected, although show no signs of rodent activity. We also closely examined the insulation which was contaminated with rat droppings and rat urine, we advised that a decontamination treatment would be required to eliminate any pathogens associated with rats.

Contamination risk from rat droppings causes problems in Cardiff, CF24 - June 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff were called in to decontaminate a property in Cardiff. We arrived to survey the property and could immediately identify a large amount of rat droppings throughout the property. Due to the risk of contamination this needed to be dealt with quickly, as there were numerous trades people waiting to gain access to the property. We began treatment immediately with the use of a biocide spray, this ensures there are no pathogens present and also protects against any rodent related diseases.

Case bearing moth larvae in a property in Cardiff, CF14 - May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff received a call from occupants of a property in Cardiff, the client had concerns regarding moths. Our team arrived swiftly and conducted a full investigation. There was evidence of case bearing textile moth within the property, although no moths were identified, large numbers of larvae were discovered. The carpet has suffered damage, this potentially could be because the carpet contains keratin, this is what attracts the moths. We discussed our recommended treatment plan with our client. When treating moths lots of advice is also given and we also ask that the carpets are vacuumed 24 hours before a treatment, this will help the treatment by bringing any eggs and larvae to the surface of the carpet.

Mice invade kitchen pantry in Cardiff, CF24 - May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff received a call and promptly attended a property in Cardiff. The occupants were concerned rodents had moved in. We conducted a full survey and discovered evidence of mice in a few areas around the ground floor of the property. We were able to identify high levels of mouse activity in the kitchen pantry as well as discovering the point of entry for the mice. Further evidence was revealed under the kitchen units and the cupboard in the hallway. There is also a suspended floor where mice can travel to reach all the areas in which we had discovered mouse activity. We discussed the options available with our client and made our suggestions. Our rodent treatment plan commenced right away. This is the first visit, and we are confident that our rodent treatment plan will have an impact and this home will be mouse free in the near future.

Rat control for home in Cardiff - January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff had an email yesterday in the afternoon from a local homeowner in central Cardiff who had found gnaw marks left by rats in their home. We offered some reassurance and booked the customer in for a rat survey visit of their property for that morning. We uncovered obvious evidence of rat activity with fresh droppings found in the loft area.  To eliminate the rat problem we put in place a bespoke treatment plan integrating rodent non-toxic baits and rat traps. We have since completed our treatment and the infestation has been effectively eradicated. The customer was over the moon to be rat-free.

New pest control contract in Cardiff - October 2021

This week we have seen the acquisition of a brand new contract client. They are located on 30 acres of land and there are a number of nest issues. Squirrels, rats, mice, moles and wasps are only a few that we have thus far identified. However, there is a large number of non-target species on the land. On a walk through the wood, we saw a Goshawk, dung beetles and so many other insect species. Our aim is to always be environmentally friendly and once again have achieved just that. We have started a completely non-toxic treatment with our client therefore, we will not have a negative affect on this beautiful woodland.  We look forward to continue the positive impact our treatments will have on the environment. 

Squirrel Control in Cardiff - May 2021

This week we dealt with a range of interesting cases from squirrels in a bedroom to moles in a very small garden. As always our approach is to provide a friendly and professional service to all our clients.  Mr and Mrs Lewis had an ongoing problem with squirrels in their attic.  After weeks of trying to get it resolved they contacted us and we applied our knowledge and professional approach to quickly and effectively resolve the case. The joy on their faces told the whole story and that they will be able to sleep ion peace again.  We were very happy to resolve this case. 

Environmentally friednly approach to rodent control - Jan 2021

This week we once again followed an environmentally friendly approach to dealing with rodents. Mr A contacted us with a mouse problem in the cupboard under the staircase. Upon investigating the area we found an access point into the area. We continued our investigation and soon found another hole in the adjacent garage. It became clear that the mice are using the hole in the garage to gain access into the property. We the usual signs of activity was present, smear marks, gnawing and droppings. We used efficacy to block the holes and since then we resolved the case. We followed it up with a call to Mr A later in the week and he reported that there has been no more activity.

Squirrel control in Cardiff - April 2020

We were called by Mrs M this morning.  She told us she had a problem with Squirrels.  Mrs M is currently self-isolating and she sadly had a recent loss too.  We very quickly responded to visit her property.  Due to social distancing, we discussed the case at the door first. As she described what she was hearing, we already started to establish a profile of the species.  Even without seeing evidence, at that stage, we told Mrs M that we suspect it may be squirrels.  She indicated that there are a lot of squirrels in the area.  We continued to survey the roof and as predicted, we found the squirrel access point.  The access point will now be closed to prevent the squirrels from coming back in.

COVID-19 Update - April 2020

This week have been taking calls from clients as usual. Although we are going through these difficult times, we still manage to reach clients with pest issues.  Today we have managed to successfully clear an attic from squirrels.  We followed our hierarchy to use the leats toxic method first and as always it moved to be the correct way of dealing with any pest problem.  Prior to entering the property, we took every precaution to ensure the is aware that we have not been in contact with anyone who is affected by the virus.  We also ensured that we were open and honest about our contact with other clients.  Once this was confirmed for both, we surveyed the attic and found evidence of squirrels here.  Within two days, we resolved the issue and the client is now squirrel free and the property is safe again.  

Field mouse in Cardiff - March 2020

We visited a client some weeks ago and found evidence of Field Mice in the property. We quickly identified the access point and managed to block it.  This kept the mice out and out client very happy.  Then came the rain and a few weeks later, she was back in touch with us.  The survey this time revealed a completely different issue though.  The storm water forced rats into the property this time and once again we quickly identified the access point.  They managed to find their way in through the drains.  We contacted our partners who deal with drain surveys and they managed to schedule a visit in very quickly.  The case is still ongoing and we will now be able to stop the rats coming into the property completely. Once again, a very happy result and a very happy client.    

Squirrels in Cardiff - February 2020

We are seeing an increase in calls relating to squirrels. Last week we had a very interesting case. We very quickly established where the access point was and found exactly where the squirrel is building the drey. It was going to be difficult to attract the squirrel to our traps due to the location. We devised a plan that made a lot of sense and in theory it was going to work. The traps we placed, as always, in tunnels. This way the squirrel will have no choice other than to use the tunnel to access the attic space. Less than 24 later and our theory proved to be correct. The squirrel was dispatched cleanly and we were able to conduct the blocking work. Our client is very happy with the way things went, but more importantly, we are happy that our experience and knowledge once again proved valuable. 

Mice Nesting in Washing Machine - 7th August 2019

This week we saw a very interesting case. Mr Davies contacted us and explained that his two cats are continuously bringing mice into the house. Knowledge and experience immediately made us think that the species will be Field Mice. When we arrived we surveyed the affected area in the utility room. There was a very distinct smell that related to rodents and we found a number of droppings confirming the presence of mice. As the search continued we found more evidence and finally decided to take the washing machine out. Carefully we opened the back of it and found the source of the smell as well as the what the mice have been using for nesting. The inside of the machine was littered with droppings. We did not stop there though. A sixth sense encouraged us to open the top of it too, but before we did we took the machine outside into the garden. As suspected, when we opened the top of the machine, a Field Mouse ran for cover inside the machine. We recommended to the client to leave it outside and the mouse will make its way out eventually. The machine was that badly affected by the activity inside it, the client decided to buy a new one. It was a costly exercise, but the result was positive.

Wasps in Cardiff - 19th July 2019

Today Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff were called by a lady called Hannah for a potential mouse problem in her attic. She heard noises regularly throughout the day and was concerned about it. When we arrived we surveyed the attic and although it was very cramped, we managed with the agility of a gymnast to locate the area where the noises were reported. We did not observe any evidence relating to mice, but through the insulation we spotted something that looked like the top of a wasp nest.  As we carefully pulled the insulation back, we uncovered a live nest and swiftly made an exit, as the wasps stared to be attracted to the light. Dressed for success in a bee suit, we re-entered the attic and quickly dealt with the nest. Once again shows our experience and expertise when it comes to dealing pests. Hannah will now have a noise free environment for a very long time.

Wasps and Squirrels - June 2019

Pestforce pest control Cardiff  - Although the weather this week has not been great in Wales, we have started to see an increase in wasp activity.  We went to survey a property this week for squirrels.  We arrived and found the evidence downstairs, and swiftly progressed to inspect the attic.  As we surveyed, we found a small yet very active wasp nest present.  Our client was so relieved that we managed to discover this and dealt with it swiftly.  We have not yet managed to resolve the squirrel problem though, but it is also fast progressing.  

Bumble Bee problem in Cardiff - May 2019

A customer called us on behalf of her mother who had a bee problem at her house. Within 48 hours of the call we arrived at the property and were met by the owner. She quickly explained where the nest was and that it is stopping her with a renovation project on an old railway cart. As we approached the cart we noticed a small bird box on the side and the Bumble Bees were entering through the hole. We really wanted to help her so explained that we have two options. Either leave them and they will eventually disappear on their own, or we could relocate them. We did not want to eradicate them at all though, because we believe they are good for the environment - Bumble Bee eradication is not something that Pestforce would resort to. By a stroke of pure luck we noticed a hedge that backs onto an open field. With swift reactions, we temporarily closed the entrance hole with a glove, removed the bird box and safely relocated it to a safe spot inside the hedge. The whole process took about 30 seconds and as we opened the hole again, we saw the Bees exiting after a while. Some Bees returned to where the nest was, but we waited for some time to ensure they find the new location only a few yards away. When we were satisfied that they entered the nest again, we left the customer to continue with her project, without the fear of harming the bees.  

Expertise and experience identified a protected species - Cardiff – April 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Cardiff were asked to work on a sensitive case which resulted in us having to conduct detailed research and liaise with the appropriate agencies to ensure that the appropriate action was taken.  We carried out a survey at a rural property that was plagued by rodents.  The client believed that rats were causing a number of leaks in the house. We reviewed the evidence of gnaw marks in the water pipes. Experience and knowledge quickly indicated that it was not in fact rats causing the damage, but mice; field mice to be precise.  We confirmed this by identifying a carcass that the client had found a few days prior to our arrival.  As we continued the survey, we moved to the attic, but very quickly were alerted to another species.  Droppings on the attic floor looked like that of mice, but a quick field test confirmed another species; bats.  Bats are protected and we immediately informed the client that we needed to exit the attic as we did not wish to disturb them.  It was later discovered that the mice were potentially accessing the property through the garage door, but we wanted to confirm this first.  We made a phone call to the Bat Conservation Society and discussed the case with them.  It is not common for bats to enter a property at ground level, but it is not unheard of.  Based on this information we decided to withdraw from the case as we did not want to disturb any access points that the bats may have been using. The client completely understood our position and confirmed that they would progress the issue further with the appropriate parties.  

Mice in Cardiff!

As ever, we always take the most environmentally friendly route when we treat any sort of infestation. We also follow ethical regulations when we speak to clients, but most importantly of all, we trust our own experience and knowledge. This is exactly what happened when we were called to the property for Mrs C.  It was through a referral from a business network meeting that she contacted us. The moment she described the infestation, we suspected she had mice.  It was our first priority to establish which species of mice they were.  As we conducted our survey, our experience and knowledge directed us to field mice.  As we continued the survey, we found lots of smear marks in the kitchen.  We advised Mrs C to take a bit of time to clean this as it would assist us int he treatment.  We set traps in the affected area where we thought they were most likely to reappear, but we had a little trick up our sleeves.  To prevent trap avoidance, we used the same non toxic attractant in a few trays first and also on some traps we have not set.  This made the mice more comfortable and by the time we returned, 48 hours later, we managed to be successful in catching four mice already.  Mrs C was elated that we have managed to quickly resolve the infestation, but we just knew there was more to come.  We booked in another visit and as before we were successful in catching more mice.  We closed the case and Mrs C can now carry on with her daily routine without any unwanted visitors.  

Mice in the kitchen!

We had a call from Mr M and he had a problem with mice.  The cleaning cupboard in the kitchen had a lot of activity from what seemed to be mice. When we arrived, we instantly identified the presence of mice as there were plenty of droppings found. The mice also gnawed through some of the cleaning products. We suspected that they were collecting nesting material.  As we are very familiar with the surrounding area, we were suspicious of the species of mice we are dealing with. We always conduct our treatments with the least toxic option first and after conducting a thorough investigation, we concluded that we are potentially dealing with filed mice. The evidence pointed strongly towards that as well as our knowledge of the local area. To further identify the correct species, we set a motion camera in the area where we suspected they enter the property. A large hole was found in the wall cavity and the camera was pointing towards that. Knowing how mice behave, we 'pre-baited’ a few traps and set others. The ‘pre-bait’ allows the mice to become familiar with the introduction of new items in their environment. We also knew it will take them a few days to become familiar with it. So after 48 hours, we returned to find two adult mice caught in the traps. It was a textbook case; the mice ate the pre-bait and then moved onto the set traps. It was confirmed on the camera as well that the mice accessed the kitchen as we suspected. We had a very happy client that the mice were caught. Our service extended further and we managed to block two access points in the kitchen.  

Mouse in the House!

This week we surveyed a domestic property for Mice. During our initial inspection, starting in the kitchen, we found evidence of droppings in the usual places. As we progressed with our survey, we entered a room that our client used for storing items such as toilet tissue and light bulbs. We found a few droppings at the door and started to look further.  As we moved the sofa, we found even more evidence and very quickly it mounted up. As we are always very thorough in our inspections, we discovered little shreds of toilet tissue and knowing this is ideal nest building material, we knew we weren't far from finding just that. The shreds of evidence stacked up, until we saw a small dark object dart across the room only to disappear into a hole in the corner. That is when we discovered smear marks and even more droppings in hidden places. We focused our attention back to the toilet tissue and it was not long before we uncovered the nest, neatly tucked away under the main pile. We cleared everything away for our client to leave a nice clean canvas to work from. We even disinfected the room to ensure no pathogens will affect the household. The case is still ongoing and we will return in a few days to assess the progress. Our client was extremely happy with our professional and friendly service.

Pigeons in the attic....

This week was quite interesting for us down here in Cardiff, Wales. Pestforce were called out to a property where the owner had blocked an access point where pigeons had managed to gain entry to the attic. The tenants called him and said there was some noises coming from the area and they were very concerned. That is when Pestforce Cardiff were called to investigate. Upon our arrival we immediately heard the noises and without actually seeing the species we suspected that we were dealing with sub-adult pigeons. The maintenance team were also there and the only way we were able to gain access at that time was through a down light in the ceiling. As lady luck would have it, one of the birds was right by the hole. We went back the next day as the maintenance team were going to open an access point for us. Once again we found luck on our side as they discovered a very small access hatch. Barely being able to squeeze through we managed to get into the attic, only to discover there was another ceiling to get through. With perseverance and fine motor skills we managed to spot the two birds. They were taken very quickly and cleanly, whist we were still in the attic we did an inspection to ensure there are no more access points where other birds can enter. Our client was very happy with the fast response and professional service we provided. 

We met Sue by chance when there was a big rodent infestation in the shop next door to hers....  

We originally started a treatment at another shop further along the row and in our investigation, we asked a number of businesses if they had any recent rodent activity.  Sue was so happy to see us and informed us that she indeed had a problem.  It was only a recent discovery and we quickly started finding evidence of mice.  As Sue was worried that having a pest controller in the shop might alert her customers, we ensured that we were always discrete when we entered the shop.  In fact we made such an effort that we did not park anywhere close to the shop and we always came in through the back door.  We treated the shop with great success and sue is now free from Mice and none of her customers even know we were there.  Another success tale for Pestforce Cardiff.

Mouse in the house....

Mrs R had a mouse infestation and her son called us to attend the property.  We found a lot of evidence everywhere in the house and Mrs R was so helpful, she could even give us the exact dates when she saw her little friends.  In only three visits we managed to resolve the problem.  Mrs R was delighted that we established a good result in the time frame and that she was now free from mice.  

From Pest Control to Snow Patrol....

The 'Beast form the East' finally hit us and no matter how much we prepared, there were always going to be some issues.  In the days preceding the anticipated storm, Pestforce Cardiff had some calls to deal with pests.  We had a range of cases  and all our clients were happy with our service and fast response time.  The MET Office encouraged people to stay of the roads unless absolutely necessary, but we are privileged to have our own 4 x 4 and were still able to see our clients on Thursday.  As the storm hit hard on Thursday night, the next morning brought a whole new range of challenges.  Due to the poor conditions, we had to contact all our clients to rearrange their appointments for that day and they were all extremely understanding.  We were also snowed in with a four foot drift blocking our way to get out on the road.  

With super fast thinking and a quick message on social media, a local farmer came to clear a path for us and we were able to get back on the roads.  Posting a message of our own on Facebook, we offered to help and support nurses, doctors and other emergency service staff to find a way to work during the storm.  It did not take long before the first call came in and we were asked to collect three nurses from a local hospital and help them to get back to their homes.  They have not seen their families in three days and were desperate to be reunited.  Soon after another call came in; this time it was to collect three more nurses from their homes and take them to the same hospital for their shift.  The day continued on in this trend and seven hours later we managed to transport 11 nurses in total between their homes and the hospital.  

By 9pm we made the last trip and were able to return home.  The drive from Cardiff was slow and we continued to be careful on the roads.  With less than a mile to go, we found ourselves facing an eight foot snow drift and had to turn around and take a different route.  Forty five minutes later we were in sight of the house, only to find a vehicle with three passengers who had been stuck in the snow for five hours.  In windy and freezing conditions, we were hands on deck once more to help the stranded people as best we can, but the snow and lack of grip left us facing a long night trying to get them out.  We drafted in extra helpers, but the car simply would not give in to moving.  By 11pm we had to make a decision.  Either be there the whole night or make another phone call to one of the local farmers.  We decided on the latter and as Lady Luck would have it, he was only minutes away from us.  20 minutes later the three passengers were on their way home and we could go and have a hot drink, some sleep and get ourselves ready for the next day ahead.  

As conditions improved the next day, we had fewer calls, but we still made some trips to the hospital.  Everyone we transported kindly made cash contributions for our efforts and it is our decision that we will donate every penny to our affiliated charity, Age Connects Morgannwg.  Most of the nurses we helped out work in the dementia ward at the hospital and Age Connects Morgannwg is a charity for the elderly, some of whom suffer with the condition.  

It is in times like this that I realise how invaluable a strong community support network is.  I also realised how much we rely on social media to get our messages out to the world.  Both are so powerful and I now know that in this day and age, one is almost impossible to exist without the other.  As a local business in and around Cardiff, we made use of one to support the other.  We were called upon and we delivered; that is the Pestforce Cardiff way!

Mouse Control in Cardiff saves a childrens party

Pending children’s party was potentially spoilt by a mouse. Mrs W. called me with a problem. Her son had his second birthday party coming up and she discovered that there was a mouse infestation. Worried that she may have to cancel, she called Pestforce Cardiff. We responded very quickly and on the same afternoon we were there to help. With only a few days to go before the big event, we managed to resolve the problem for the young two year old and his party went ahead as planned. We were extremely pleased with the result.”

Rodents in Cardiff Dining out on food in cupboard

Matthew called Pestforce Cardiff with a rodent problem. When we arrived it was clear that the little critters have been enjoying themselves in the food cupboards. We used a tried and tested method to track where the activity originated from and managed the stop them in their tracks. After three visits we were able to sign the work off and Matthew and his dog are no rodent free again.”

Bird control for Solar Panels

Paul phoned Pestforce Cardiff with a problem with birds. Pigeons had taken roost under his solar panels and caused him a lot of distress. When we inspected the roof we were able to provide Paul with a competitive quote for the work. Two weeks later we managed to battle the elements and complete the work to a high and professional standard. No more pigeons and Paul and his wife are taking a long holiday, knowing that there property is free from birds.”

Poor Caerphilly Bird control was causing a loss of revenue - resolved by Pestforce Cardiff

A local company community centre in Caerphilly had a major problem with Pigeons. Pestforce Cardiff were called and asked to survey and provide recommendations on how to resolve the problem. The birds caused that much of a problem that the Centre could not use two of the rooms to present evening classes, resulting in a loss of revenue for the local community. It took Pestforce Cardiff nearly a whole day to treat, remove and proof the affected areas and now the rooms are ready to be used again. Susan was so pleased with result and said she could not remember the last time she saw the rooms in such a good condition. We were very pleased to be able to help a local community centre in our local area.”

Granddaughter can play outside again

Mrs E had a severe rat infestation.  After the initial treatment, it was discovered that the problem needed more attention.  Persistence and perseverance finally paid off and Mrs E can now rest easy.  Her granddaughter can now also play outside in the garden again.

Wasp nest in Cardiff the size of 3 footballs

Danny called me with a wasp problem.  When I turned up, I was in awe to see the size of the nest.  It was easily as big as 3 footballs.  Following some nifty investigation, it was discovered that the wasps had several entrances.  After treating every entrance, the wasp activity stopped and is now resolved.

Pigeons under solar panels - bird control solution required

Mr R called me to come and investigate a pigeon problem he has on the roof.  The birds are nesting under his solar panels and on top of the chimney.  I quickly managed to get a quote out to Mr R to resolve his pest and the work is due to commence when he returns from his holiday.

Flea control in Cardiff retail outlet

A well-respected jewelry shop in Cardiff had a flea problem.  They needed it to be resolved quickly as it could have caused more problems for their customers.  Within 24 hours the shop was treated and the staff were impressed with the effectiveness and lack of smell after the treatment.  They now have their shop back to normal without any damage to the brand name.

Long term rodent control in Cardiff

Mrs L has been struggling with rats for more than two years.  It was treated before, but they came back.  Upon inspection, it became clear that the issue was only resolved temporarily.  The treatment is ongoing.

Mole control to save the day

Simon and Michelle are struggling with moles in their back garden and they cannot start the building work for their new conservatory.  They called me and I visited them to inspect the problem.  There was a lot of activity and after some discussion, the treatment was started.  During the first visit, everything was set up and ready to catch moles.  The second visit had showed no success, but this soon changed during the third, when one mole was caught.  The treatment is on going and soon Simon and Michelle will be able to enjoy their new conservatory.  

Wasps in a Cardiff loft

Phillip called me with a wasp problem in the loft.  After inspection and careful planning the nest was treated.  A week later the nest was completely removed and Phillip and his family can now enjoy a wasp free home.

Mouse Problem in Cardiff – SOLVED

Received a call from John who was very concerned about a potential mouse infestation. We chatted through what was going and I managed to find a slot in my diary to visit the next day – I always like to get onto the problem straight away. I was there the next day and evidence of mice was clear. Managed to put the customer at ease and with 3 visits the problem was resolved .It is not unusual to get a mouse problem – they entered a property for warmth, shelter and food. And they can get into your house through a hole as small as a pencil. If you can put a pencil in a hole then it will allow a mouse to get through. Mice are able to flex their skeleton to squeeze through very small holes!!! If you see a small hole in your property simply fill it to stop a problem in the first place.

Welsh Woodworm - ADVICE

I really get a sense of pleasure from helping my local community in Cardiff. One lady contacted me recently with a concern regarding a wood worm problem in their new home. I was able to pass by the next day and give some honest professional advice. With my advice they are now considering the next course of action for the treatment to be done.

A never Ending problem with Rats – Work in Progress

Received an interesting call from a customer the other day who said they had a rat problem and it had been going on for the last 18 months. Now that is simply not acceptable and while some rat infestations can be difficult to resolve 100% you should be able to get a problem under control if you can find the source of the problem. I’ve now done by first survey and assessment and it is going to be an interesting project. I’ll keep you posted on progress…

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