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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Llanelli.

Pests can not only be a nuisance- they can endanger your health and that of your family at home.

Likewise, pests in your workplace can endanger your staff and customers, as well as tarnishing the reputation of your brand.

Whatever unwanted visitors have made their way into your home or business premises, you can trust in Pestforce’s skill, knowledge, experience and expertise to remove them quickly, effectively and permanently. 

We take great steps to ensure a quality service and give you complete peace of mind:

  • Fully DBS checked 
  • Fully insured
  • Highly trained, qualified and experienced
When pests disrupt your life and work, talk to a local Llanelli pest control expert. Call Ben Mitchell, on 01554 545 054 any time.

Pest Control Services in Llanelli

At Pestforce we are passionate about delivering outstanding quality and value for money across our broad range of Llanelli pest control services. Our franchise members have the training, equipment and experience to handle all kinds of pest control needs.

There’s absolutely no job too big or too small, too simple or too complicated for our skilled team. Don’t let pets create a nuisance for your home or a liability for your workplace. Get fast, effective Llanelli pest control solutions when you need them.

When we arrive on-site we provide a comprehensive survey and provide you with a transparent and highly competitive quote. When you give us the go ahead, Ben Mitchell will get to work taking care of your pest control problem.

The following list gives you a good idea of the kind of pest control work Pestforce are happy to undertake. However this is by no means representative of every service we offer.

We have a full range of residential pest control services including:

  • Home pest control
  • Garden pest control
  • Loft and attic pest control
  • Roofing pest control

Pest control solutions commercial premises of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Office pest control
  • Restaurant and takeaway pest control
  • Medical practice or clinic pest control
  • Pest control for building or construction sites
  • Shop and retail pest control services

Llanelli pest control requires a broad range of skills to deal with the many and varied pests that blight UK homes and businesses.

From the creepy, crawly and scaly to the cute and furry, and even the endangered and protected, we can handle all kinds of pests including (but not limited to):

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Pigeons and other birds
  • Wasps and wasps nests
  • Bees and bees nests
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Foxes
  • Moles
  • And many more

We treat every case with the careful, considerate approach to give you the protection that you need. We are accredited members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and fully accredited by CEPA- the most prestigious accreditation there is in the field of pest control.

You can always trust Pestforce’s Llanelli pest control expert to use only the most humane and effective pest control methods for your home or business premises.

It’s time to rid your life of pests. Call Ben Mitchell on 01554 545 054 if you need help with any of the following...

Llanelli Rat Control

Many of us are scared (or at least creeped out) by rats. And with good reason! They’re voracious scavengers and spreaders of all kinds of nasty diseases. They’re also highly intelligent and able to chew their way through your home to get to the food they want. What’s more, they’re prolific breeders making rat infestations difficult to control.

The good news is that our Llanelli rat control team have the experience and expertise to rid your home of rats using a range of techniques such as bait, traps and poisons. They can also proof your residential or commercial property to prevent them from returning.

Call our local Llanelli rat control team today on 01554 545 054.

Llanelli Mice Control

Like rats, mice are also highly intelligent and always on the lookout for food in your home, gnawing their way through anything that stands between them and their next meal. What’s more, their droppings and urine can be poisonous, especially if you have babies or toddlers in the home.

Our Llanelli mouse control experts are standing by to remove mice from your home or business, proofing the property to keep them out for good by identifying the tiny points of entry through which mice can gain access to your home.

If you’ve spotted a mouse inside your home or business premises, call our Llanelli mice control team on 01554 545 054.

Wasp Nest Removal in Llanelli

When the sun comes out, you can expect to find wasps buzzing around, waiting for an opportunity to ruin your picnic. However, when wasps nest near your home or workplace, they can become aggressive and intimidating.

Our Llanelli wasp control experts are perfectly placed to remove these obnoxious pests from your house or business premises.

Our Llanelli wasp nest removal service is also very popular throughout summer, into autumn. The Pestforce network has removed countless wasp nests from all sorts of locations up and down the country in all kinds of sizes.

If you’re noticing more wasps around your home or business, or wasps acting more aggressively, call our Llanelli wasp nest removal team today on 01554 545 054. We will perform an inspection, to prevent wasps from ruining your summer any further.

Bee’s Nest Removal in Llanelli

Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and a friend to all. However, when there is a nest close to your home or workplace you may find that they can behave aggressively towards anyone who gets too close. Including children and pets.

You may be wary of calling a Llanelli pest control expert out when bees are concerned. After all, while they are not protected, they are extremely important to all life on the planet.

Fortunately, Pestforce have the knowledge and resources to extract bees’ nests safely and relocate them without harming them or causing distress to your family. Only on a few rare occasions is “treatment” required.

Call our Llanelli bee control team today on 01554 545 054 if you’re worried about bees on your property.

Llanelli Squirrel Control

Don’t be fooled by their cute appearance. Squirrels can be mischievous and even aggressive pests when they become emboldened on your property. Yet the temptation to feed squirrels may be overwhelming, especially for small children. But this can cause all kinds of problems.

When it comes to red squirrels, this indigenous species is protected and we are limited in what we can do about them. Although we can offer advice that will help to safely keep them at bay.

However, when it comes to the larger and more aggressive American grey squirrel, our Llanelli squirrel control services have more options available to keep them away from your home. Call us on 01554 545 054 to arrange a zero-obligation inspection.

Llanelli Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Most of the time, birds of all kinds are welcome in our gardens and near our workplaces. They can lend charm and beauty to our surroundings. That said, there are many occasions when birds can become a nuisance that needs to be encouraged to move on and stay away in future.

Pigeons and other birds can nest in your property and cause problems with roofing, guttering, and the like. To say nothing of the mess they can make of your garden, driveway and car with their droppings.

Keeping birds at bay yourself can be hazardous, especially if you don’t know which species are protected and which are not. Our Llanelli bird control team can be trusted to safely remove unwanted birds and prevent them from nesting on your grounds.

Call our Llanelli bird control team today on 01554 545 054 for an inspection and zero-obligation quote.

Llanelli Bed Bug Control

Do you or your family members wake up to itchy bumps on the skin or find little spots of blood on your bedding? These are common signs of bed bug infestation. And when bed bugs have infested your home, it may be harder not to let the bedbugs bite than you’d think!

These bloodthirsty and voracious parasites aren’t just limited to your bed. They can make their homes in your furniture, your upholstery, and even your clothes. And because they’re so tiny and hard to spot, they can be extremely hard to remove from your home completely.

That’s why our Llanelli bed bug control team are here to can give your home the professional touch it needs, eliminating every last trace of these parasites.

Call our Llanelli bed bug control today on 01554 545 054 to bring safe, sound sleep back to your home once more.

Llanelli Cockroach Control

When you see cockroaches creeping around in your home or workplace, it can be a distressing sight. They may be an extremely tough and a triumph of evolution… but they’re also creepy, and ugly. And when they establish themselves in your home or business premises, they can be extremely difficult to remove.

Cockroaches are notoriously persistent. And because they resistant to many poisons, they can be very hard to get rid of.

Pestforce’s Llanelli cockroach control team, however, have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to deal with German, Oriental and American cockroaches. Call us today for fast and effective Llanelli cockroach control on 01554 545 054.

Llanelli Flea Control

Whether you have pets or not, your home can become vulnerable to fleas. And even without latching into a host, they can survive in your home or workplace for up to two weeks.

Flea infestations can spiral out of control. And although they are visible, they are too tiny to be able to spot easily. They can usually be detected by frequent itches in humans and their pets as well as the tiny droppings they can leave around the home.

If you suspect that fleas have made your home their own, you need to call in the professionals. Our Llanelli flea control experts can inspect your home or workplace, and advise on the best way to keep these persistent pests at bay for good. Call Ben Mitchell for Llanelli flea control on 01554 545 054 today.

Other Llanelli Pest Services

The pests mentioned above are some of the most common pests we treat in Llanelli. But we can help with all kinds of other pests too.

We can also help with:

  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Clusterflies
  • Hornets
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • And many, many more
Whether your pest is listed here or not, trust the skilled and highly qualified team at Pestforce Pest Control Llanelli. Call us today on 01554 545 054. You can be assured of the very best quality service when you choose Pestforce for all your Llanelli Pest Control needs.

Recent Jobs

Rat control in Llanelli, SA15 - October 2022

After a housing company had a rat infestation in two 3 year old apartment blocks side by side and calling many pest controllers they finally called Pestforce to look over the Job. I could see that two separate companies had been out and put baits down which was in fairness working but was taking longer than people expect. Neither company had done any investigation work and found entrance points. On my first visit I found a grill missing from one of the blocks from an exhaust fan on a ground floor which was behind some shrubs, I blocked this and from that point no more bait was taken and no more noises where heard in one of the blocks. One solved. The Second was a bit more extreme with no obvious grills missing I had to start digging. There where so many holes around the side of the building it was hard to know where to start but ended up finding two missing bricks under the ground level which lead strait into the cavity walls. I temporarily blocked these after the population was delt with and no noises have been heard since. I referred the issues to the housing companies maintenance section which hopefully they will fix in due course with proper mortar and brick work, if not I’m sure I will be back again.

Squirrel control in Llanelli, SA15 - February 2022

After calling Pestforce through a recommendation a client who was hard of hearing realized for the last two years she had been feeding squirrels that where actually living in her roof and she didn't know until the smell of the urine was notable upstairs. Unfortunately for her she found it very upsetting hearing that I was not allowed to transfer or live trap the animals due to them been a declared pest. After not going ahead for two weeks because she couldn't bring her self to get rid of them she called me and agreed to go ahead with treatment. It took about 5 visits but we ended up catching 7 squirrels and she hasn't seen any for a good month now. 

Mole Control in Llanelli, SA14 - November 2021

The moles are back in force and have had quite a few already this season. A returning customer called to ask for me to return to where I had a two moles this time last year. After placing a few traps around his back garden I returned a few days later to have one. As with all my mole jobs it is a free call back if more activity is seen a few weeks after I pull up. In this case I didn’t have to return but it reassures the client if I miss one that starts making more mess a week later they don’t have to pay up again.

Llanelli, SA15 Flea Control for Heavy Flea Infestation - August 2021

A customer searched Flea control in Llanelli and come across Pestforce Pest Control Llanelli website where he requested a call back. The customer reported that his family was experiencing flea bites at his home when they were visiting. Using flea traps we were able to determine that the house was heavily infested with fleas. Once the customer had prepared his home for treatment and treated his dogs, the whole house was sprayed using two different active ingredients over two visits to eradicate the flea problem.

Llanelli, SA15 Removal of rat infested insulation and roof space clearance - June 2021

Nick and I (Ben) often recommend to clear out loft spaces that have had rat infestations in them for quite some time for health reasons more than anything especially if you are using this space for storage (Christmas decorations etc), but also if the house is going onto the market and they are having a property survey to get rid of any evidence of past rat infestations. This Is a very dirty and dusty job and requires full clothing PPE googles and a very good mask so we are not breathing in any dust that rats have urinated on. Nick and I have become quite efficient at giving roof spaces a good spring clean in a good time like we did in a property on Llanelli SA15 that was going on the market. In a mater of 6 hours we had removed all insulation old cloths kids toys and a life time of junk from a large roof space. We bagged every thing up and then hoovered the whole space removing all visible evidence or rats dust etc we even clean up the electrician and pluming waste from when the house was build leaving the roof space fit for use again. We do offer to re-insulation services aswell. We can also add loft boards to this space which we lift above your insulation so it does not affect the insulating properties of the building.

Mole control services in Pwll, Llanelli  - May 2021

Nick recieved a call from a customer in Pwll, Llanelli. He was in need of Mole control services. Nick was able to highlight the main mole runs between the mole hills and place his traps on the first visit. Upon Nicks return to Pwll to check the mole traps he was successful. to customer was please to see that this was the end to the constant appearence of mole hills in the garden.

Rats in the garden in Llanelli, SA14 - April 2021

Mrs Davies called Nick as she had a pest control issue with rats in the garden, eating the bird food and bathing in the bird bath. Nick offered his services to come and inspect later that day. He had determined that the rats were nesting under the shed after discovering burrows leading below. Nick treated the burrows and placed bait boxes in and around the shed. Mrs Davies seen a reduction in rat activity at first then has not seeing any for many weeks.

Moles in Llanelli, SA17 - Februrary 2021

Moles are on the march through South Wales at the moment as I am getting plenty of calls on the ground shifting pests. As a team we must have had almost had a mole a day since the start of the year in various gardens around the area. On this Occasion We caught the mole on first night after setting the traps which was great. Unfortunately for the client two weeks after we had the first mole a fresh mole hill popped up as another mole had moved in. luckily we got him again on the first night so he was only able to create two mole hills unlike the first one which created near on 20 mole hills in a mater of week.

Llanelli bird proofing, SA14 - January 2021

Really proud of the team that we put together to complete this project and think it looks great and think the client got a fantastic value for money out of it. We did it over two days with myself and a work college completing the Apex while the company had scaffolding up then coming back in the new year to complete the front with the lifting equipment. We removed the old bird netting that had just been put up so poorly it had rubbed through on the stone work as had been touching the building. We managed to change the hanging position of the net to keep it off the walls and box in the front keeping the net off the columns and the ornamental stone work.

Rodent activity in garden at Llanelli, SA31 - December 2020

Visiting a client that called looking for Pest control in Llanelli after she had a fright after lifting up her compost lid to have a massive rat looking back up at her. The poor lady was petrified and after arriving I was able to relax her after a full building survey to asses if they had come into the house. I found no evidence of rats in the house after checking over house and roof space. I placed bait boxes outside near the compost but she was so scared she wanted all the compost gone. I wasn’t able to take the compost that day as I didn’t have space to put it in the van or the means to store it in the van without making mess but I assured her I would take it away after treating the rats for two weeks. Two weeks later I retuned removing all the compost and taking away any things that the rats could live under which included 5 pallets that where stacked up next to the compost which they where living under. The client was still scared so I checked over her house and roof space again to confirm no rats had been in the building and the exterior was in good shape with no exterior hole that I could find. I left the bait boxes there for another 3 weeks to bring her some comfort that I was treating them but with there home now the quickly moved on to greener pastures and the bait where hardly touched by the time I returned to collect them.

Rats in Garden, SA14 - October 2020

A client with rats in the garden which had become so brave they ignored him. I arrived and he showed me some of their holes, they were very active. In Wales it is very difficult to treat rats outside as the slugs tend to love the bait more then the rats and once the slugs get in the bait boxes the rats tend to stay away, would you eat food a slug has been on? Neither do rats I find. Looking at the surrounds I decided because the rats are so brave I would put one bait box outside in the elements next to the rat holes to see if they would go in. I also put one in the wood shed as that was dry and hopefully slug free and one in a small conservatory box the client had as that was dry and relatively slug free. I returned 3 days later as I was passing through and really just wanted to check if slugs had got into the outside box. They had not one rat had been in the box as it was full of slugs. To my biggest surprise though the bait in the wood shed was all but gone and the same with the bait in the conservatory. There was a rat in the bait box as I approached the conservatory that quickly scampered and there was two rats playing in the Ivy under the hedge with a massive male rat coming down from the hedge ignoring me, couldn’t believe how brave these rats where. It will be hard to eradicate all rats in the area as it is very rural with a large food supply with local farms but hopefully with regular top ups and using palatable baits the rats will stay interested in the bait and either perish or move on.

Moles in Llanelli, SA14 - September 2020

Was contacted about two weeks ago to look at getting a mole out of a clients garden. When I arrived the mole was in one little corner of the garden so hoped it wasn’t going to be to difficult. I was wrong. I set 4 traps only to have the mole skirt around them to move further up the lawn and make more mess. I reset the traps in a new location about 4-5 day latter only to have him do the same thing. I set them for a third time on a Friday and came back for the 4th time on Monday to find I had finally got him. In less then two weeks he had covered about 10m2 of grass and created at least 10 mole hills and had me beet twice. It was a great relief to pull the trap up with him in.

Wasp Nest Removal in Llanelli, SA14 - September 2020

Was called to a wasp nest in third week of September which was in a clients garden shed I treated it and as usual said if it is still active in three days call and will come and retreat. There was no need to come back but the client wanted the nest removed and mess cleaned away which I said I could do once all activity had stopped. The following week I returned to clean away nest where I found the queen within the nest with many more dead wasps as one would expect. Many people ask how much bigger is the queen well now you can see for yourself with the queen next to a standard wasp in the photo.

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