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Recent Jobs 

Mummified rats discovered in Anglesey, LL58, 9th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Anglesey had a surprise in store during a routine bait station inspection near Anglesey. As pest controllers we are no stranger to finding unusual creatures hiding out in our bait stations. Toads, snakes, lizards, giant spiders are just a few creatures that find our bait stations a haven. We arrived in Penmon on Anglesey, in the bait station we discovered the strangest and most disturbing sight to date. Three exceptionally large leopard slugs and a juvenile rat, completely preserved and enveloped in slime. I have heard slug and snail mucin is used in skin and anti-ageing products due to the moisture trapping gels -this rat had not aged a day so it must be true.

Hand like a balloon - 11th November 2020

A lady from Llangoed , Anglesey rang me just as I got in today (11/11 ) with a wasp problem where they had broken through a nest in the porch roof and were appearing in her front room ,she had been stung 3 times and the last one had caused a nasty reaction. I booked her in to treat the wasp nest and went out into the garden. After being incredibly careful all year to avoid being stung as I had a bad reaction myself last year ,I was outside giving the dog a treat and yes ,you've guessed it ,got stung by a wasp. Now I have a hand like a balloon ,that will go down ,it's the terrible itching I'm not looking forward to. If wasps start appearing in your rooms , don't leave it-give me a ring.

Rat increase on Anglesey - 27th February 2020

Due to the prolonged spell of severe weather causing flooding, more people are having problems with rats probably in part due to the displacement of the animals.If you hear noises in your walls or loft don't leave it thinking problem will go away,please ring for advice and a treatment if required from a friendly professional.

Moles, moles, moles and more moles - 8th February 2020

Pestforce Anglesey have honestly never seen the levels of mole activity as is being experienced on Anglesey at the moment,the fields and grass verges are a mass of mole-hills.The inevitable then happens-they get in your gardens and make a complete mess if left to their own devices.Also breeding season is not far off.If you are experiencing problems please ring for a fair price and quick solution.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The New Year has started with many people worried about rats in their lofts and gardens ruined by mole hills.If you're one of them please give me a ring, rather than let the problem get worse.

Wasps and Mice in Amlwch - 27 September 2019

I was called out to Amlwch by a couple with a mouse problem.While looking outside for possible ingress points I discovered a wasp nest in the eaves by the bathroom window.When I informed the chap he said that explained why they were getting so many wasps in the bathroom.The strange thing was,similar to last year,it was a fairly new nest,unusual for this late in the season. The nest was dealt with and also a treatment put in place for dealing with the mouse infestation.

6 wasps in Red Wharf Bay - August 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Anglesey was called out to Red Wharf Bay for a problem with wasps flying in and out of the garage and was stunned to find 6 wasp nests of varying sizes and levels of activity.OK it was a double garage but that's a lot of wasps in a small space. On looking round the rest of the property I found a massive defunct nest from the previous year in a disused shed.Chances are the 6 queens that built the nests in the garage originated from here. Take the good advice of Benjamin Franklin-''Don't put off until tomorrow a wasp nest you can get sorted today!''

Aggressive wasps in Anglesey - August 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Anglesey has had several call out for wasps in August. Many people attempt to treat wasp nests themselves which can have severe consequences. One job saw a gentleman stung on his ear and eyelid and even after treatment couldn't open his eye for several days. Don't take the risk, give the professional a ring and on the rare occasion a re-visit is required this is covered in the call-out fee.

Pests that travelled nearly 300 miles! – Anglesey –  29 April 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Anglesey were called out to a property with a severe clothes' moth infestation. The owners had lived in London where they had used the services of a pest control company to try to eradicate the problem. It is very likely that the eggs, larvae and pupae had hitched a ride in the owners’ bags and suitcases when they moved to Anglesey. A full treatment plan has been put in place which will play a major role in removing the infestation. Equipment is also being used for ongoing monitoring of moth activity to see whether any other further measures need to be taken.

Multiple phorid-humpbacked fly infestations – 31 March 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Anglesey had an unusual week dealing with four infestations of phorid-humpback flies. The first case was in a new build conservatory where there was a blockage in old pipework left under the floor. No guesses what the flies were feeding and breeding from. The second was an empty farm house with flies covering ceilings, walls and windows. The food source for the larvae was the fungus on the walls. The third and fourth infestations were even more unusual. Two neighbours with almost identical properties which had very large balconies accessed through the lounge were badly infested. The windows, balconies and gutters were full of flies which was strange considering the height of about 15 metres. The food source was rotting moss and lichen in the gutters.

All of the properties were successfully treated which was much to the relief of the owners.

Rats and Slugs in Anglesey! 

I had just completed a rat riddance program for a customer and was asked did I deal with slugs.They are not normally on our agenda but this was slightly different, the owners had recently returned from a 2 week break in Florida to find slugs crawling around their front room. I shone a torch on the carpet and sure enough the silvery slime trails led me to a small gap in the skirting near the patio doors. It was then a simple matter of finding where they were getting in from and sealing the gap, in this case a hole beneath the sill of the patio doors. So happy customers, rat free - and as I was already on premises, slug free....for free!

Rat in the house in Anglesey

I have done two similar jobs recently where the owners have had dogs and some rats have been able to get in and stay in. Dog owners provide nice warm accommodation with a ready supply of food and water....meaning your pooches food and water. The rats were more obvious in the second house as behind the far kickboard in the kitchen was a quarter of a bag of dried dog food and bizarrely the dogs treat ball which they had managed to roll from the only access point behind the washing machine at the top of the kitchen all the way behind the kickboard to their private larder at the bottom end. Similarly in the first house they had chewed through the dogs treat ball to get at the goodies within. One household was lucky, the rats were dealt with before they got upstairs, unfortunately the other not so much as they had gotten up into the loft. This job is on-going and may take three treatments, which is generally the norm for a rodent infestation throughout the house.

Moles were causing havoc in Anglesey's Model Village

...tiny people fleeing for their lives. I joke of course but the moles had made a right mess. After starting a ridance programme I returned today to find all moles caught and normality had again returned to the tiny community. Nick the new co-owner was very pleased and I wish him all the best for the future.

Unusual job in Menaii Bridge

On Friday afternoon I received a call from a customer called Richard to treat a high level wasp nest, scaffolding already in place! The visit was booked in for Saturday morning but I arrived to chaos, not because of the wasps but because Richard had fallen and been rushed to Stoke hospital with a punctured lung. I felt awful intruding but since Richard's wife gets a severe reaction from wasp stings, it was a job that needed doing and hopfully give them one less thing to worry about. Fortunatly he is now stable in hospital and I would like to wish him a very speedy recovery. At least he has a wasp free home to return to!

Last call on a Friday with a free bottle of wine!

Pestforce Anglesey received a call from a lovely lady with a wasp issue. When I got there I saw a major wasp nest in a cavity under the lawn, which the gardener had tried to destroy by flooding the nest with a hose-pipe for 30 minutes, of course with no success. For a qualified pest controller this however is a fairly straightforward situation. Treated quickly, wearing a bee suit and using a lance. The customer was so delighted she insisted I take a bottle of wine as well as payment! Thankyou!

Call out at the top end of Anglesey

Pestforce were called out to a holiday let on the beach today. They had rats in the little bungalow which had been attracted in bizarrely by previous occupants throwing masses of bird seed everywhere. All sorted though and the lovely holiday let is now pest free!

There are no two days the same in the world of Pest control

It always amazes me how jobs can be so different, from crawling around under someone's floor or tentatively walking from beam to beam in someones dusty attic looking for rodent activity, to a nice scenic job setting up a new contract in a forest park. The day was glorious, the views were fantastic, the site staff were amazing, the steam train passed every hour or so, Hercules were low-flying up the valley and as well as the great forest smells, there was a bakery in the main hub making fresh bread and pizza. Doesn't get much better!

Wasp control and Goose Control in Menai Bridge Anglesey

While doing a wasp job a dodgy looking goose was wandering around back garden, the owner called him and he disappeared into a small room in an outhouse.  The mistake was looking into this room as I was leaving. The goose was looking at itself in a full length mirror and as I looked in it took exception and grabbed hold of my leg. I was working with Cliff....he thought it was hilarious (as you would).

Don't feel sorry for me though, feel sorry for the had recently lost it's partner in the recent storms when a tree fell on it......thus the reason for the thought his reflection was hers and she was doing fine!


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