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We do not treat bees - please contact your local bee keeper.

Bugs and Insects

Many people are embarrassed when they realise that they have an insect invasion in their home, whether that’s fleas or bed bugs or anything else. Infestations of this nature are not a result of a lack of cleanliness; these critters are brought into our homes inadvertently by pets, guests and in some cases, they are unwelcome souvenirs from holiday. Not all shop-bought remedies are 100% effective, especially if they are not used correctly. I have helped many people eradicate their homes quickly of these nuisance insects, including: ants, flies, moths, carpet beetle, midges, spiders, cockroaches and many others. I also offer woodworm treatments and can control foxes, rabbits, squirrels and more. I specialise in wasp nest removals and bee control.

Invasive weeds and plants

Japanese Knotweed is a super-invasive plant that can grow an astonishing 10cm A DAY! They out-compete other plants meaning that our native plants are swamped. Japanese Knotweed spreads through its crown and an extensive underground root system, rather than seeds. These roots – or rhizomes – can grow a metre a month and can produce a new plant within 10 days. The bad news is, this plant’s rhizomes can remain dormant in the soil for 20 years and then suddenly produce a new plant! You should not deal with either Japanese Knotweed or Giant Hogweed yourself as there are certain conditions that need to be met in terms of treatment and disposal. If you have these invasive plants around your property, then the best time for me to deal with Japanese knotweed in particular, is during the summer months. Giant Hogweed can cause skin irritation and you should stay away from it as the effects can be unpleasant to both you and any animals that eat it.


Rats and mice prefer to nest in areas where they are free from human disturbance but close to a food source. They also like to build their homes where there is plenty of nesting material to shred and use, as well as places that a draught free and sheltered from the rain. The perfect places can be our cellars, garages, sheds and all manner of outbuildings. Whilst one or two rodents may not cause too much damage and simply be unpleasant, a huge family of rodents in a confined space causes a huge amount of damage, very quickly. I can successfully remove these pests!


Not all birds are pests but pigeons or seagulls etc. can quickly become an expensive nuisance if they decided to make their home on your building, whether that is your home or a business premises. Being trained and experienced in bird proofing techniques, means that I can use the various techniques – for example, bird proof netting or spikes – to prevent birds, including pigeons and seagulls, from landing and roosting on your building.

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