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Franchise Owner: Andy Oscroft & Ryan Burton

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Pestforce Pest Control Nottingham is a local pest control company providing effective pest control services across Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

We work under the national brand of Pestforce so you can be assured of quality and high standards.

We are the best of both worlds - we are a local business with national standards.   

  • As standard all our work is guaranteed. 
  • We are insured for your piece of mind. 
  • We carry a Police DBS, ID and our insurance documents at all times.

For further information don’t hesitate in calling me on 0115 775 0575.

Pest Control Services in Nottingham

  • Rat Removal and Control
  • Mice Pest Control.
  • Insect Control; Ants, Silverfish, Cockroaches, Beetles, Flies, moths, spiders, earwigs, maggots and more
  • Domestic Pest Control Services
  • Birds, pigeons, seagulls control and removal.
  • Bee and Bee nest Removal
  • Woodworm treatment,
  • Squirrels, rabbits, foxes, moles
  • Fleas & bedbug Treatments.
  • Wasp removal and control.
  • Pest Prevention
  • Commercial Pest Control 

Pestforce Pest Control in Nottingham are an environmental friendly pest control service who never cause any unnecessary harm  0115 775 0575

Trusted Pest Control in Nottingham

We are a local and vetted company who offer a high standard of work at a competitive price. All our work is guaranteed with our trusted top of the range methods and equipment.

We are also environmentally friendly and all work carried out is done so humanly. Where possible we will always look to relocate your Pest to their suites environments.

All our reviews are available for you to see at the bottom of this page we use independent review company's so you can be satisfied all are reviews are 100% genuine reviews left by real customers in Nottingham

For more information on our Services and how we are Vetted call me on 0115 775 0575

Local Pest Control Services in Nottingham

We are a local pest control company in Nottingham we provide a 24-hour emergency service to both domestic and commercial customers. 

So, if you have a pest control issue on your home or work place give us a call to see how we can best help you. We are an established business who have years of experience working with all pest from bed bugs to moles.

All our products are safe and humane to insure everything we do it done in the best and safest manner.  We are an accredited company and we pride our self’s on causing little or no disruption to you or your business. 

If you are looking for a local Pest Controller in Nottingham call Pestforce today on 0115 775 0575

Bee Relocation in Nottingham

Do you have a bee problem in the Nottingham area here at Pestforce Pest Control in Nottingham we can help deal with this for you with our latest clothing and equipment we can quickly and effectively remove the nest and take the bees to a local bee keeper whom will happily look after the bees keeping them in a safer place for both them and everyone in the nearby area of the nest? 

There are many types of bees if you’re unsure of which bee problem you have and if they are a protected species give us a call we will happily help you. 

So if you’re looking for a Trusted Expert Pest Controller in Nottingham Contact us today on 0115 775 0575 for a Free quote.

Wasp Nest Removal Nottingham

If you have a problem with wasps in your home or business give Pestforce Pest Control in Nottingham a call 24 hour a day we will happily come and deal with your problem.

We have the latest equipment and products to contain and remove your wasp problems causing no harm to anyone in the nearby area. Wasps are a problem for many of our customers we have a 100% success rate on removal of your wasp problems allowing you to reassure the problem has been felt with effectively and safely. 

Pestforce Pest Control in Nottingham will deal with all your wasp problems 24 hours a day call us on 0115 775 0575 now, for an effective and safe removal of wasps.

Recent Jobs in Nottingham

Dead rodent led to fly problem in Nottingham - August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Nottingham were called to inspect a property with a large amount of flies. These turned out to be blue bottles the source was a dead mouse behind kickboards in kitchen. We removed the mouse and sprayed underneath kickboards with biocide. Problem solved.

Grain Weevil infestation in Nottingham - May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Nottingham received a call regarding insects in kitchen cupboards. Following an inspection of the cupboards it revealed an infestation on grain weevils. The source of infestation was a opened packet of wheat noodles. We removed the packet and safely disposed of it. From here we emptied all the cupboards and sprayed with an appropriate insecticide. The kitchen has now been effectively treated and the weevils are no more.

Pigeon control in Nottingham - March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Nottingham received a call regarding a problem with pigeons roosting underneath a fire escape causing problems with a build up of droppings outside a fire exit. We attended and quoted the works. This was agreed and we cleared all areas of droppings sprayed biocide specific to this problem. We also Fixed defender pigeon spikes to stop birds landing checked one week later no more droppings and no more pigeons roosting shop. The owner was very pleased with the job and our price structure. 

Wasps Nest Removal in Nottingham saves the Day for Seller

I received a call from a customer in Nottingham at 4.30pm on Sunday 5th November 2017 for a wasp next treatment. The situation transpired to be more urgent than normal.....the customer was in the process of selling his property but the buyer insisted that 2 wasp nests needed to be dealt wth before signing the paperwork. I shuffled a few things around and was on site the next day. Both wasp nests were safely distroyed and removed and one very happy customer. Pestforce Pest Control in nottingham always make sure you the customer comes first

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