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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Derbyshire.

I am Darren Cowley and I own and operate this local pest control company.

We service the entire Derbyshire area which includes Alfreton, Ambergate, Ashbourne, Baslow, Belper, Brailsford, Derby, Ilkeston, Matlock, Worksworth and all surrounding areas.

I come from a farming background and have seen first-hand the devastation an uncontrolled pest can cause to buildings, land and crops. At the same time, I also have a respect for wildlife and nature as well as a passion for the outdoor life.

Living and working locally means that not only can I offer a quick response, but I also know the area very well.

I currently cover over 15,000 acres of farmland and believe I have a proven effectiveness in dealing with both country and urban pests.

We deal with a broad spectrum of pests – wasps, bees, rabbits, foxes, pigeons, silverfish, beetles, ants, moths, flies, fleas, bedbug, squirrels, birds and many, many more! No matter what the pest, call me for advice as well as effective solutions at reasonable prices.

We DO NOT treat Bees.

  • Specialist Mole Division For TRAPPING or GASING
  • Specialist Fox Division For PROOFING & Humane Removal
  • Specialist Rabbit Control Division For TRAPPING, SHOOTING, GASING, PROOFING & FENCING
  • Specialist Bird Control & Proofing Division For Pigeons, Crows, Magpies and more
  • £10 Million Public Liability Insurance & £10 Million Firearms Insurance

I hold the pest control industry standard qualification, a level 2 certification in ‘Pest Control & Management’. This qualification is awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) and is no lightweight course. The pass mark is set very high, and all three modules must be completed within 12 months of starting the course. It includes detailed work on vertebrates, invertebrates as well as the safe use, storage and transportation of chemicals.

We are a organisation that keeps pest control technicians up to date with current good practice, legislation and other essential information. We use a mix of modern and traditional methods including the use of aluminium sulphate gas.

Wildlife and its preservation for future generations is a passion of mine, hence I hold a ‘Wildlife Management Certificate’. This specialist qualification allows me to practice and excel in maintain the balance within woodlands and other countryside settings of the ecological balance. IN other words, I can maintain control on the population numbers of wood and feral pigeons, foxes, rabbits, moles, magpies and crows.

We hold a full ‘firearm and shotgun’ certificates.

We are also an accredited member of the British Traditional Molecatchers Register (BTMR), a body that promotes the traditional and humane methods of trapping and relocating moles.

We are also a member of the Derbyshire Trusted Traders meaning I have passed the stringent vetting procedures of Trading Standards and Derbyshire County Council, meaning you can buy my services with confidence.

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use
So if you are experiencing any trouble with any form of pest, big or small, call our Derbyshire pest control experts Pestforce today on 01332 561 659 and ask to speak to Darren.

Pest Control Services in Derbyshire

If you are in Derbyshire and pests are a problem in your home, garden or business, don't worry; we are here to offer you lasting Derbyshire pest control solutions.

Sometimes, you may not even know what type of pests you are dealing with, which is essential for a successful pest control treatment strategy.

Most people realise they have a pest infestation when they notice droppings, a foul or funny smell, bites on paper or fabric, and grime on walls. You may also find rotting food remains in areas where the pests hide.

When this happens, take necessary measures to avoid more damage and a spread to other areas of your property. What can we do for you?

  • We check if there is a current infestation
  • We exterminate or remove pests
  • We treat your house to avoid an infestation
  • We advise you on how to pest-proof your home and garden
  • We carry out regular pest checks
  • We provide Derbyshire pest control services for domestic and commercial customers

Note that pests can also cause diseases, especially when they contaminate your food or water.

The most practical thing to do if you suspect a pest infestation is to call our experienced Derbyshire pest controller on 01332 561 659. We will not only clear the infestation but will put measures in place to avoid a re-infestation.

How To Choose The Best Derbyshire Pest Controller?

For successful pest control results in Derbyshire, always work with experts. During the qualification process, ask how long the expert has been in practice and the types of pests they exterminate. How many successful pest control cases do they have, and who are their clients? It's also essential to find out the methods and products they use to control pests. How professional, reliable, capable, and trustworthy are the pest control service providers?

Are they insured, trained, and DBS checked? 

You can ask us at Pestforce Pest Control Derbyshire any questions you have and even check our qualifications, certifications, and reviews. During the initial survey at your property, we let you know the type of pests you are dealing with, the extent of spread, and the most appropriate pest control methods.

If you have pests and don’t know who to turn to for help, Pestforce Pest Control Derbyshire is always just a phone call away on 01332 561 659.

Types of Pest Control Services in Derbyshire

Broadly speaking there are three types of pest control services, and the type chosen depends on the pest type, your needs, and preferences. After a successful survey, our experts will let you know the most appropriate pest control approach. What are the pest control methods?

  • Pest Extermination
  • Pest Removal
  • Pest Prevention

Derbyshire Pest Extermination

If you already have pests in your home, you need a quick solution. If you are dealing with infestations such as ants, cockroaches, rats, bedbugs, earwigs, spiders, mice, and wasps, extermination may be an appropriate method. Pest extermination usually works best when faced with a large number of small pests or insects. Usually, a suitable chemical is sprayed or traps are set. In extreme cases, which happens when dealing with a large infestation, we may have to fumigate the whole property. Pest extermination instantly kills the pests making it a fast solution for most pest infestations. If you are worried about chemical exposure, talk about it with our Derbyshirepest control experts. There are greener options available for all types of pest control. We ensure all chemicals used are home friendly. We don't introduce harmful chemicals to your home, which may be dangerous to your family and pets and are very conscious of our impact on the environment and will use the most environmentally friendly solutions.

Derbyshire Pest Removal

When dealing with larger pests, such as squirrels, birds, and snake infestations, removing them from your home may be an ideal option. Usually, our pest controller searches for areas where the pests hide and sets traps. In some instances we may manually trap them. After catching, we relocate them to a safer habitat away from human activity. Trapping the pests requires patience and experience. Our Derbyshire pest controllers may have to make several trips to your house to check the traps and add more baits.

Derbyshire Pest Prevention and Pest Proofing

After a successful pest removal or extermination, make sure your home remains pest-free. To keep insects and small pests away, you may want to regularly treat the house and shut all entry points. You may also have to use pest repellents to keep the insects away but for larger pests, find their entry points then seal them off. These can be cracks on the walls, spaces on the roof, or vents left when installing heat and air conditioning units. For a successful pest prevention plan, talk to our pest control expert in Derbyshire, Darren Cowley. He will let you know how best to prevent pests from invading your home and help proof against further pest problems.

When you spot a cockroach in your house, don't wait to find out if it's the only one. Call our Derbyshire cockroach control experts for quick extermination services on 01332 561 659.

Derbyshire Bedbug Control

Probably a very frightening experience, bedbugs not only make your nights uncomfortable, but they are notorious small beings very hard to catch. If you wake up with bite marks on your body or bloodstains on the bed sheets, you probably have a bedbug infestation.

Bedbugs can easily gain entry to your home through newly bought furniture, clothes on visitors, or hiding in your luggage after leaving a hotel room.

If you suspect bedbugs in your home, call our experienced Derbyshire Bedbug Control team for our local bed bug treatment services on 01332 561 659. We will make sure all the bedbugs are successfully exterminated and give you some tips on preventing a re-infestation.

Derbyshire Rat Control

Understandably, when you have a rat issue in your home, you want it removing as a matter of urgency. That is where our Derbyshire rat control service comes in – our local Derbyshire pest controllers can come and survey your property, find out how they’re getting in, where they’re nesting, and implement a comprehensive rat control treatment that will keep you rodent free.

Our Derbyshire rat control service may require multiple visits, especially to ensure bait and poisons have been removed properly.

If you have a rat control issue and need our Derbyshire rat control services, call us on 01332 561 659 immediately.

Derbyshire Mice Control

Mice usually gain entry through vents, holes, open windows, and doors. Mice can destroy anything they find in your house, including clothes, seats, wood, paper, and foodstuffs. Mice kept as pets are beautiful, but the wild ones that roam freely in your house can destroy your valuables, contaminate foodstuffs, spread infections and leave a foul smell.

If you suspect mice in your house or see one, call our Derbyshire mice control experts on 01332 561 659 immediately. We will not only find and exterminate the mice but will proof your house to prevent future infestations.

Derbyshire Bee Control

Bees in Derbyshire can be a beautiful sight, but when they have made a nest near your home or inside the house, they can be dangerous.

If you spot a bees' nest near your home, don't try to disperse them but call our Derbyshire bee control team on 01332 561 659. We will make sure the bees are relocated safely, and your safety is reassured.

Derbyshire Snake Control

A snake can be scary when you see one unexpectedly – which happens quite often in rural Derbyshire. When you spot one inside your house or garden, call our Derbyshire snake control. We have the required experience to identify snake types and trap them even when they hide inside your home or garden. Other than trapping the snakes, we snake-proof your house to avoid future snake infestations.

Although snakes can be dangerous around your home, we don't kill them but safely trap then relocate them to a safe environment where they are not a nuisance to humans. Call us on 01332 561 659 to see how we can help.

Derbyshire Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Most birds are harmless, but they can leave a massive mess in your attic, roof, or shed. If birds have found a new place to nest in your home, the most critical action is sealing all their entry points. These can be holes on the roof or open windows and doors.

Our Derbyshire bird control team will safely remove the nests where possible – paying particularly attention to legal regulations - and seal any entry points.

If you have a bird problem in your home, call our Derbyshire bird control team on 01332 561 659 to reach our experts 

Derbyshire Flea Control

If you have pets, it's easy to have a flea infestation in Derbyshire, but you can also unknowingly bring flea-infested plants inside your home. Fleas can be a nuisance to your pets. They hide on the pets' fur, carpets, seats, and dark corners. It's not easy to catch a flea or even know your home is infested but calling an expert can confirm your suspicions.

Our Derbyshire flea control team can advise you on a flea control plan, which includes spraying or fumigating your home and cleaning the pests with a pet friendly flea shampoo. Call us on 01332 561 659 today if you think you have a flea infestation in your home.

Derbyshire Squirrel Control

When squirrels are unwanted guests in your home or garden, call our Derbyshire experts for advice on how to control them. We don't exterminate squirrels but can advise on how to proof your home and garden.

Some animals may be protected species meaning that it's illegal to disturb, kill, or harm them. For instance, the red squirrel is a protected species because its population is dwindling. You have to be careful when handling it, even when it's a pest in your home or garden.

When you call us through 01332 561 659, we give you a consultation and advice on safely getting rid of the squirrels without contravening any wildlife regulations.

Other Derbyshire Pest Services

We cover every imaginable pest impacting homes and businesses across Derbyshire, including:

  • Ants
  • Moles
  • Hornets
  • Spiders
  • Moths
  • Silverfish
  • Cluster Flies
  • Rabbits
  • Woodworm
  • + more.
Whatever your pest problem might be, please don’t hesitate to give your local Pestforce pest control team in Derbyshire a call today on 01332 561 659. We are always delighted to talk to you about possible solutions for your pest control issues, and you will find our team extremely friendly and professional to deal with and talk to. We will have your pest control problem dealt with in no time.

How to Prepare Your Home for a Pest Control Treatment in Derbyshire?

For a successful pest control treatment in Derbyshire, you should adequately prepare your home. After the initial survey, we let you know how best to prepare your home, and where possible, we help you do it. For instance, you may have to move some furniture, clean the floors, carpets and seal all food containers.

In some cases, especially when fumigating the entire house, we may ask you to stay away from home for some hours or days. If you or anyone else is pregnant or has allergies, you may have to stay out of the house for some days or avoid the treated areas.

We are not only interested in exterminating a current infestation but keeping your home pest free. Once we successfully eliminate the problem, we advise and help you take the necessary measures to maintain your home’s pest-free status. We also help you locate all the entry points and make sure they are sealed.

Call us today on 01332 561 659 if pests are a bother or want to pest-proof your home. We won't disappoint you.

Who can benefit from my pest control services?

We work with all domestic customers, in the home and dealing with pest control issues outside too.

  • Educational settings including schools, colleges, primary schools and nurseries
  • Various parish council properties and local buildings such as churches, graveyards, cemeteries, vicarages etc.
  • All sporting facilities including local football clubs, rugby pitches, recreation grounds, golf courses etc.
  • Accommodation and property management companies including local letting agencies, private landlords, estate agents, B&Bs care homes, nursing homes and many others
  • Food businesses including restaurants, pubs, take away outlets, shops and others
  • Agricultural settings including stables, riding centres, livery yards, farms (such as crop protection and food storage areas), allotments and woodlands
  • Industrial units from factories to storage facilities, as well as office blocks
  • ... and many other customers such as caravan parks, mobile home parks, playgrounds, stately homes, garden centres, country parks, building site and more!

No pest control problem is beyond me. Don't sit and worry; contact me for a quick and efficient response. You won't be disappointed.

Recent Pest Control Work in Derbyshire

Wasp nest treatment in Bakewell, Derbyshire - 03/07/23

Pestforce Derbyshire we were called to treat a wasp's nest in Bakewell near to the town centre. Our client has been away and on his return, he came face to face with a large wasp nest located on the door of the garage we arrived the same day treated the wasps our client was overjoyed with our swift response and informed us the wasp were all gone the next morning 

Mice control for garage in Derby, DE22 - 28/06/23

Pestforce Derbyshire received a call from the owner of a property Derby who was suffering from a mouse infestation in their garage. The mice had got into the roof space via a gap in the stonework at the rear of the garage. The mice were causing electrical damage. The mice were eradicated in 3 visits and the garage is now rodent free.

Fleas not bedbugs in Derby, DE74 - 27/06/23

Pestforce Derbyshire received a call from a tenant in Derby who was told they had bedbugs by a company over the telephone who didn't do a site visit to investigate. The client then gave us a call we when to see him the same day and our inspection found it was a flea problem. We explained pre-treatment requirements. Our treatment was carried out 2 days later.We treated the property using one of our specialists’ machines to fumigate the entire property. After a couple of day we went back to check and no fleas were reported and we found none throughout the property.

Bedbug infestation effectively treated in Derby - 16th May 2023

We were call out to treat a 2-room property in the centre of Derby. We successfully eradicated the issue with 2 site visits. The client was very happy with the outcome.

After Another Pest Controller Misdiagnoses Pest, The Ceiling Collapses and Pestforce Derbyshire To The Rescue - DE8, Derbyshire, 8th February 2021

After another local pest controller misdiagnosed the pest, they said it was squirrels, the client asked Pestforce Derbyshire to have a look around. We couldn't see evidence of squirrels. We did find droppings of mice and rats. Before we baited, we put the fentraps up for squirrels. The mice are not heavy enough to set it off, and eat the peanut butter. So now we've baited with bromadialone and wax blocks. Within 2 days they've taken 23 blocks of it. All of our pest treatments is evidence based. Squirrels can do that kind of damage, but it was misidentified by someone else and it was mice that brought the ceiling down. The elderly lady customer, staying with her son but got video cameras in the property. Mice have eaten through plastic waterpipe, flooded the ceiling area in loft, and the weight brought the ceiling down! Plastic pipes are no good as rodents love to gnaw on them, once they've gnawed through, this is usually the end result, a burst pipe with far reaching consequences.

Derbyshire Rat Control For Grain Store - DE6, Brailsford, Derbyshire, 4th February 2021

Our Derbyshire rat control team recently attended a local grain store which holds thousands of tonnes of grain in silos. It had a massive rat problem. It was a red tractor company so had to go through paperwork. Our experts had to be extra careful with what how we treated it, as we cannot put poisonous grain in a grain store for obvious reasons. We used bromabait which is a liquid bait. We don't put it within the silos, we put it in the switchgear rooms and little offices, pump rooms, where the rats want to go and travel through. They have enough food, but they also need to drink, and that is where we can get them. The bait comes in a dispenser - the rat comes and touches the feeding tube on the dispenser which gives an amount out. It's very effective when you can't put grain bait down. With this contract job, we reduced the rodent population from hundreds to a small pocket of 6, which are next on the hit list. This time of year we do monthly visits during winter to keep on top of the population.

School Rat Control for Derbyshire Primary School - DE20, Derbyshire, 25th January 2021

We recently completed some rat control treatments for a Derbyshire primary school. The rats were running into a classroom as the teacher had door open. The rats must have wanted to learn so ran into classroom and had actually set up a colony in the shrubs by the side of the classroom door! Our team of Derbyshire pest controllers burrow baited it, and dealt with the infestation directly into the burrow. We put poisonous grain in a bag and inserted into the burrow, the rats rip thru the bag and eat the poison which remedied the infestation at source.

Scaremongering Pest Controllers Corrected by Pestforce Derbyshire - DE21, Derbyshire, 13th January 2021

Our Derbyshire pest control experts recently attended to a customer who had already been in contact with another local pest controller who visited, put down a tray of poison and then proceeded to frighten the customer by saying her house is falling apart due to the massive rodent infestation. Pestforce Pest Control Derbyshire visited to complete a survey and inspection and diagnosed that yes, they've got rats. However, on a scale of 1 - 10, this customer was a half. This isn't an infestation, its an inconvenience. We applied tracking gel which proved it's not the airbricks or pipes letting rats into the property as other company said. The rats were coming in via the foundations, which indicates that there's a breach in the drainage system and they've gained access, or they've come in via next door. We inspected next door and couldn't find a breach. We've recommended a drain survey. The rats have fed on the bait blocks in the meantime which will cause problems for the infestation. We are working with the customer to ensure we help them become rat free and are very confident in achieving that with them!

Derbyshire Fieldmice Control Completed With Tracking Gel - DE22, Derbyshire, 4th January 2021

We started the new year by attending to a customer who had previously been serviced by another local pest controller (not Pestforce). They put bait down but told the customer it was virtually impossible to find out how the rodents were getting in. The customer was exasperated and called on Pestforce Pest Control Derbyshire. We visited and put down tracking gel so we could see where the rodents walked in, down pipes etc. It shows up under UV light. It helped us identify a break in the brick work and also to diagnose a fieldmice problem, identified by droppings and the footprints/trackmarks. We had a walkaround with the customer and went in an outbuilding where pipes are coming through. We applied tracking gel and inside cavities we put in bait block and baited under kitchen units. After three days, we went back, all the bait had gone, and we could now track where they have been. They had been walking through the kitchen, attracted by bird feeders, coming in to feed under cupboards. We're now in the process of blocking all the holes. The rural customer was delighted with our comprehensive approach and wished he had come to Pestforce Pest Control Derbyshire sooner!

Rodent control around Decking area in local Derby Pub

Rodents are very good at getting into areas where they can find shelter, food and water. They look for openings in and around our properties as they know that they will find a food and water source, particularly around our gardens. The shelter is provided by any construction and they can get inside through the smallest of openings. They can also climb so there are few places they wont find. These video set out the work we did recently at a local pub.

Rodent control work in Bakewell, Derby 30/11/17

Today 30-11-2017 we are in Bakewell Derbyshire to resolve a ongoing rodent problem. The pictures below show a unused cupboard which ontained bird seed and dried grains that the owner had forgotten about. The mice have been feeding in this area for many months and the problem has spread thought out the property. We recommend to all our customers to keep all bird feed or any animal feed in a strong sealed container and if possible keep it in a shed or outbuilding away from your home. We also recommend the use of bird feeders to keep the bird feed off the floor.

Non Lethal Bird Control in Derby 2/12/2017

Pigeons can be a real pest and a customer requested a non lethal solution to the air conditioning plant on the roof of the Quad in the heart of the Cathedral Quarter in the centre of Derby. You can see from the pictures that the area is big and is a great location for birds (such as pigeons) to roost and breed. We provided the customer with a non lethal solution through the use of netting. These jobs are never easy but I must say we are proud of the finished solution. The Quad is now a bird free area - well, around the air conditioning units on the roof.

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