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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Worksop!

I’m Darren, your local highly trained pest control specialist in Worksop.

After you’ve worked so hard to structure your perfect home or business, the last thing you want is to see that space run over by pests.

Not only can they cause damage to the structural materials of your property, but also tend to spread and multiply once they’ve found a space to occupy.

This is a problem that tends to grow in scope quite quickly, and since these pests rarely have the decency to offer rental payments for their residency, pest control Worksop is your best course of action.

Pests come in many forms and in many sizes, and we’ve seen them all. From flying insects to scratching rodents and even wildlife that nests around your exterior property fixtures, a solution can always be found for control or removal.

Our effective, comprehensive and guaranteed services in Worksop are certain to provide you with the best outcome possible.

A few details about me:

  • My services are fully insured.
  • All services are guaranteed as standard.
  • I am fully DBS checked (formerly knwon as CRB).

Not only this, but I also serve as an accredited member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) as well as CEPA, known as the best accreditation for a pest controller to be awarded.

For this reason, Pestforce Pest Control Worksop is a prestigious, trustworthy, reliable and proven service able to attend to any pest control task, big or small. We care for our clients.

Pestforce has proven itself up and down the country, and I’m proud to be part of its brand family. Together we’ve achieved over 15,000+ overwhelmingly positive reviews with an average score rating of 4.9/5.

We know how pressing and frustrating pest problems can be. You deserve to be attended to without delay. If you’d like to speak to a local Worksop pest controller; please call me Darren on 01909 278 030 at any time, and I’ll be sure to slot you in for an inspection 

Pest Control Services in Worksop

If you need the best pest control services in Worksop, then be sure to contact our friendly team on 01909 278 030.

As some clients may or may not have experience with pest control services in the past, you may not know exactly which pests we can remove from your home. While the following list is not exhaustive, it can give you a worthwhile idea of what our most common operations deal with:

These pests include, but are not limited to:

  • Rodents, such as rats and mice.
  • Wasps and wasps nests, as well as bees and bees nests.
  • Squirrels.
  • Birds and pigeons.
  • Moles.
  • Bed bugs.
  • Foxes.
  • Spiders.
  • Cockroaches.
  • Ants.
  • Silverfish.
  • Moths.

..and more. We welcome questions, so please, don’t be afraid to contact us if you need further information going forward.

We also make sure to offer two mainline services; residential pest control and pest control for commercial applications and businesses.

Residential pest control can deal with home and garden care, as well as loft and attic pest control. Furthermore, we make sure to attend to roofing pest control with caution; as this often requires the most preparation and planning to get right.

Our pest control for businesses is applicable to multiple industries and commercial premises, from restaurants and takeaways to office blocks. We’re also able to attend to clinical environments, such as medical practices. Our servicing possibilities also include building and construction sites; as well as shops and retail environments.

No one invites pests into their building. In order to stop them from bothering you, please call our five-star pest control services in Worksop, our friendly team is waiting to talk to you on 01909 278 030.

Worksop Rat Control

It’s true to say that most people consider rats a nuisance. Not only can they nibble into our property, but they tend to multiply quickly and a small problem can become a significant issue in a short space of time. Worksop Rat control services are primed to identify, exterminate and remove your rat problem so that they are both dealt with and prevented from returning.

We use a range of techniques to achieve this, the most common being bait, traps and poisons. This way, we can address Worksop pest control even within the small cubby-holes and spaces of your property.

If you have a rat problem in Worksop, then time is of the essence. For immediate attention, please call us today at 01909 278 030.

Worksop Mouse Control

We tend to think of mice as cute and innocent, but they can be a major problem in many properties; residential and commercial alike. This is why our Worksop mouse control team are highly trained in removing even large populations of mice within a building at one time.

Through our plethora of industry-leading methods, we’re able to address mice populations cautiously, ensuring they are both removed and cannot return. This begins by addressing all entrance points they’ve used to access your space.

If you’ve spotted a mouse near your property, it’s unlikely it was alone. If you need our help to identify and resolve the issue, please call our Worksop mouse control services on 01909 278 030. Our friendly team looks forward to speaking with you.

Wasp Nest Removal In Worksop

Wasps are considered some of the most recognisable pests, because not only do they cause us the possibility of direct harm (especially if the nest is disturbed), but they are known to nest in a variety of locations (such as under flooring, in construction areas, and in ceilings or attics). This is why our Worksop wasp nest removal services take each report seriously and endeavour to arrive on site soon after a nest is reported.

If you’ve noticed a wasps nest in your building then it’s important to take immediate action to stop the problem from growing. Call our friendly wasp removal service in Worksop on 01909 278 030 and we’ll be happy to safely break up the nest and prevent them from residing in your home again. 

Worksop Bee Nest Removal

While bees may not be considered ‘pests’ due to how wonderful and important they are to our wildlife and local plant economy, even they can nest where they may not be welcome. Of course, due to the sensitive nature of the reducing bee population, our excellent bee nest removal services Worksop focus on the cautious, responsible handling of such a case.

We will not destroy the nest and take every precaution to rehome it in a more appropriate place. Our protective equipment and prior expertise mean that while this sounds like a worrying process, our team is more than equipped to handle it and put you at ease throughout. Removing bees nests in Worksop with diligence is among one of our many skillsets.

If you need our Worksop bee control or Worksop bee’s nest removal services, please get in touch and call us today on 01909 278 030.

Worksop Squirrel Control

If you’ve noticed grey squirrels in Worksop occupying your property, then please call us on 01909 278 030 for our Worksop squirrel control services.

Red squirrels are known as a UK native species and have been protected in order for their population to flourish. However, we are able to offer advice as to their management and how to deter them from your home and garden. That said, as they are protected, we cannot interfere with them directly unless to preserve their safety.

Grey squirrels, however, are different. These are not native to the nation despite being found quite commonly. They were first introduced from North America to the United Kingdom during the Victorian era, and as such, the red squirrel population has reduced. Unlike red squirrels, grey squirrels are not protected and afford us a better range of squirrel control solutions in Worksop to work with.

If you’ve noticed unwanted grey squirrels occupying your home, garden or business premises, then please call our Worksop squirrel control services on 01909 278 030

Worksop Pigeon Proofing and Bird Control

Many people consider pigeons to be ‘the rats of the skies,’ but they’re actually quite endearing and even coachable birds up close. Unfortunately, they do have a tendency to nest where they’re not wanted, and for this reason, contacting pigeon proofing services in Worksop is a worthwhile use of your time.

In addition to this, it’s a great idea to consider your wider bird control strategy. Birds are highly agile and adaptable and have evolved to nest in a range of environments; including in buildings. This can pose a problem to property owners who may not wish to encounter the mess that comes with such a population’s residency. In some cases, they can directly interfere with work you’ve invested in, such as staining solar panels and nesting under them.

It’s important to note that some species of birds are protected. This means we may be limited in the aid we can offer in some courses, but we can always provide pertinent advice.

Call our Worksop bird control team on 01909 278 030 

Worksop Bed Bug Control

When the bed bugs bite, they can be a permanent problem. Not only this, but bed bugs are known to spread from one room to another, and from one home to another. When they’re present, you will need professional bed bug control services in Worksop to help out.

Bed bugs are tiny and so can be missed easily. However, bites are noticeable on the skin. If you find that you’re covered in little bumps, bites or red marks, or if you notice blood specks on your sheets, this can be a good sign of bed bugs. Bed bugs can also disturb restful sleep and contribute to a range of health issues in the long term. As such, you deserve to have this properly and professionally mediated.

If you believe bed bugs have found their way into your home, please call us today on 01909 278 030 for our Worksop bed bug control.

Worksop Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are among some of the most durable insects on Earth, but they’re no match for a trained and highly experienced cockroach control team in Worksop. Cockroaches are perhaps the most iconic ‘pests’ we can think of visually, as their creepy-crawly nature and common residence in commercial premises, especially in some professional kitchens in need of attendance, can be a problem.

There’s no need to worry, however, cockroach control in Worksop is something our team is specially qualified to carry out and can attend to within a moment’s notice.

If that sounds like a service you’d be interested in, please contact our Worksop cockroach control team on 01909 278 030 for a no-obligation inspection and quote. We look forward to speaking with you.

Worksop Flea Control

Fleas are among some of the most common pests across households in the United Kingdom and even worldwide, especially for those who own pets. Fleas can also interfere with humans, and bite them just as capably. For this reason, Flea control services in Worksop are worth investing in.

When you notice fleas are present, it’s good to enact a range of procedures. Anti-flea medication for your pets can be ideal, but first contacting Worksop flea control services is your best bet. This way, a full inspection can take place and the entire scope of the problem will be addressed.

If you believe you’re encountering flees in your household or commercial premises, please call our flea control services Worksop on 01909 278 030.

Additional Worksop Pest Control Services

The pests listed on this page provide the reason for our most frequent call-outs, but we are also highly trained and qualified to deal with a range of others.

These can include:

  • Moles
  • Ants
  • Hornets
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Spiders
  • Cluster Flies
  • … and more.

No matter the shape, size or behaviours of the pest in question, you have a right to consultation to learn which solutions exist. Even if your problem or pest may not be listed on this page, please feel free to call Pestforce Pest Control Worksop on 01909 278 030.

We’re proud to have curated a growing list of cherished clients and would love to provide our services to you in kind. We’re widely considered the best available and are willing to help you out with any pest control issue.

So, if looking for professional pest control in Worksop today, why not get in touch? Call Pestforce Pest Control Worksop on 01909 278 030.

Recent Jobs

Rodents under the bath in Harworth, Worksop - 07/07/23

Pestforce Worksop carried rodent control on area this property as a major rodent infestation. Our inspection found mice were gaining access from underneath the bath and are in the walls although the property, so we carried out more investigation using cameras to access the voids this is when we found the mice are coming in from the empty property next door that's in a very poor state of hygiene. We have started to eradicate the mice from both properties. 

Mice eating bird seed in Worksop, S80 - 02/07/23

Pestforce Worksop were call on to investigate a mouse infestation ai a property in Workshop town centre. The mice were in the kitchen and sitting room our inspection found the mice we're feeding on bird food from the client was using to feed id pet birds and we found 2 nesting sites underneath the kitchen units we eradicated the infestation and advised the client to keep the food in sealed containers And remove bird seed from the floors. The rodent entry point was a broken air brick we installed rodent proof air brick covers. 

Mice invade home in Worksop, S80 - 29/6/23

Pestforce Worksop were contacted by a tenant in near to the city centre who had an issue with mice in the kitchen cupboards. We attended within 24 hours of receiving the call. The mice were coming from the loft we found multiple nesting site which we remove and carried out a baiting program in the loft. We removed the infestation of mice in 3 visits. The tenants as not seen any mice since in the kitchen he's very happy with the service we provided and as recommended us to friends and family.  

Rats in home in Worksop, S80 - 23/06/23

Pestforce Worksop received a call from a property in with an issue with rats. We attended the same day our inspection found the rats were in the kitchen underneath the kitchen units but on further inspection. We found they were also using the boxed in pipes to gain access into the loft and in the wall cavities and into the adjoining property who were also suffering from this infestation. We put into action a program to treat both properties after 6 site visit we eradicated all rodents and found the entry point the rats were using this was from the outside gas meter. This as now been fixed box both tenants are rodent free and very grateful for the swift service we provide.

Major mouse infestation in Worksop, S80 - 20/06/23

Pestforce Worksop treated a property that had a major infestation of mice. The problem was so bad that the central heating boiler had 6 dead mice within the unit. All rooms of the property had hundreds of rodent droppings in all rooms. The tenant had been trying to control the mice for several months with little success. We were called and attended the next day. We started the treatment and over 4 visits we had eradicated all mice from the property and located 4 different entities these are now seal up and the tenant as reported no mouse activity since.

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