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Franchise Owner: Matt Baldwin & Sarah Baldwin

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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Brighton.

We are a local family-run pest control company covering Brighton and surrounding areas.

Husband and wife team, Matt & Sarah Baldwin have proudly been helping the local community with every manner of pest problems across Brighton. 

We are proud of the feedback we receive so please don't take our word fo it, read some of our reviews. 

Key Points:

  • Experienced and fully qualifed 
  • BPCA Member (British Pest Control Association)
  • DBS Checked 
  • Works fully insured
  • Digital treatment reports 

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Matt's Bio - when not helping his customers ressolve their pest problems, he can be found out shooting or restoring his WWII vehicle.

We love what we do, so call Pestforce Pest Control Brighton now on 01273 282036 

Pest Control Services in Brighton

Every pest problem is different. Each situation has its own unique set of circumstances. We always cater for this and offer a bespoke and effective solution everytime.

 If a pest problem is not ressolved properly and at source, the issue can very quickly get worse and led to serious repercussions. 

We have years of experience which help us know exactly how to get on top of the problem quickly and effectively.

Pests we treat:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Pigeons and Bird Control (bird spiking, solar pannel proofing and cleaning)
  • Squirrel
  • Moles
  • Wasps
  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Fleas
  • and more...
  • NO woodworm
  • NO fox control

At Pestforce Brighton our customers include both commercial and domestic customer which includes:

  • Schools 
  • Sports Clubs
  • Lettings Agents and Property Managers
  • Care Homes
  • Hotels and Accomodation
  • Retail Outlets
  • Food establishments
  • Leisure Parks and Caravan sites
  • Industrial and Warehousing units
  • and more...

Our Process 

At Pestforce Brighton we have experienced and trained technicians who really understand Pest Control. There is rarely one solution that fits all situation so we will always survey all jobs to assess the problem before choosing the right method to alleviate your pest problem. We use non toxic and toxic solutions as required and like to ensure that we do a thorough job and avoid disappointment or call backs.

Our typical approach will be –

  1. Discuss the situation over the phone - we need to really understand the situation before giving any verbal quote
  2. Visit site and survey the problem
  3. Decide on best method(s) for treating - ensuring that the methods used as safe for use around children, pets and non-target species
  4. Let you know what we will be doing and what to expect
  5. In many situation we will need to return on a number ocassions to complete the treatment
  6. We will confirm when the treatment is complete and if there are any precautions or actions to do (or not do)
For a Guarenteed Pest and Environmental Service in and around Brighton call 01273 282036. So I can give you more information and help you make the right choice.

Brighton Rodent Control

If you think that rats or mice may be visiting your property, waste no time in calling me, Matt Baldwin, of Pestforce Brighton today. Indeed, while many attempt to catch rats and remove an infestation themselves, shelf-bought treatments all too often fail to coax the rodents, who are naturally averse to new food sources set down as bait.

However, when taking the step of contacting a trained Pestforce technician such as myself, I will make sure that I target your rat problem at its source, deploying an appropriate treatment that’s individual to your specific problem. This could entail lodging poison within the rats’ burrow, to trapping or gassing where applicable. I will likewise undertake a comprehensive proofing review to prevent future unwanted visitors entering your property. So if you’re suffering from a rat problem in Brighton, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call me, Matt Baldwin, today

Pick up the phone and Call us today on 01273 282036  - I am here to help customers in Brighton

Brighton Mole Control 

These are a very common nuisance pest for both domestic customers and agricultural farmers. A single mole can cause havoc in your garden by ruining your lawn and commercially in farming they disrupt listeria in the ground which can cause serious health issues with livestock. They also cause trip hazards for livestock and other animals. We would usually use a trapping method to deal with moles placing them strategically after assessing the lay out of the ground and looking for traces of tunnels etc..

If you need a Pest Control professional to give Expert, Friendly and Professional service and advice, call me on 01273 282036. 

Bird Control Brighton 

Typical bird control includes pidgeons and seagulls however there are some licencing rules around many species in terms of what we can and cannot do.

Being a coastal town many people suffer from bird issues from pidgeon and seagulls. Like most pests birds seek shelter and food and will take advantage of any area, property, roof top, solar panels etc.. causing huge mess and potential damage. Customers should be aware that "guano" or bird dropping are regarded as a bio hazzard and needs to be cleaned up with proper methods and controls. Furthermore in infestation or gathering of birds can lead to secondary pest issues such as bird mites, maggots, flies etc..

Our bird control and prevention solutions include;

  • shooting
  • netting
  • spikes
  • proofing

We follow a simple process that we have adaptly called the Pestforce BIRD system. We put together a BRIEF on the problem and required result, we INVESTIGATE by surveying the site, we RESPOND with the solution and the cost and then on your approval we DELIVER the required result.

So if you suspect birds to be inhabiting your roof space or indeed nesting in or around your property, dial my direct line on 01273 282036.  for swift bird control solutions. From trapping and dispatching of problem birds, to the effective proofing of your property through spikes and nests, I’m keen to be of assistance! Suspect birds in or on your property…waste no time in calling me, Matt Baldwin of Pestforce Brighton today.

For more advice on Mole and Bird Control in and around Brighton call us today on 01273 282036. 

Wasp Nest Removal & Bee Relocation 

Bees will start appearing in the late spring as the sun begins to shine. On certain days bees are active accross the UK and one hot weekend can send the phones off the hook. Our policy at Pestforce is to preserve any bee swarm and treatment is an absolute last resort (basically where we cannot be in to remove the swarm and they are causing danger to the public). We will come in and assess the situation and if necessary we will remove the swarm and relocate away from the public or to a local bee keeper. Honey bees are one of the most common call outs but they are normally pretty harmless if not disturbed or approached.

Wasps start to appear as the summer takes hold and can continue into October or November depending on the weather. Wasps tend to be more of nuisance and are more aggressive as the season wears on. Due to the potential risks we advise that you do not distrub a nest or try and treat yourself. We are the right equipment to safely deal with a nest effectively.

For more advice on Bee and Wasp Control Call PestForce Pest Control in Brighton on 01273 282036  So Matt can give you more information and help you make the right choice.

Brighton Bed Bug Control 

Bed bugs are rife accross the UK and while there is a stigma about these parasitic insects it is possible for anybody to get an infestation at their property.  

Bed bugs are attracted by body heat and carbon dioxide which is why they are prevelant at night when we are sleeping. They feed on human blood to survive and live in cracks and crevices throughout an infested room.  The signs of bed bugs are small red irritating bites on the body or even smears of blood on the bed sheets. Some people are very sensitive to these bites and they can cause severe skin inflammation in some cases. Sometimes the adult bugs can be seen on the bed sheets or mattress, but because they only grow to around 6mm and live in tiny cracks they can be hard to spot.  Whilst it is widely accepted that they are not a transmitter of diseases, they can be a very distressing thing to live with especially for young children.

If you own a business such as a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast (B&B), an infestation of Bed Bugs can be disastrous and if not treated professionally. These insects are notoriously difficult to get rid of so it is important that customer follow any guidance following treatment. Here at Pestforce Brighton we are experts at bed bug control. We can arrange visits to suit and we will be assured th eupmost discretion. And more importantly in a way that keeps you and others safe.

For more advice and Information on Bed Bugs Call us today on 01273 282036  So I can give you more information and help you make the right choice.

Brighton Flea Control

Our vast knowledge and experience in Flea control and our extensive product range mean we can tailor a treatment for any situation and guarantee 100% results whilst always working with your safety in mind. 

Interesting we have recently seen a increase in call outs to treat fleas. And quite often customers mistake fleas with bed bugs and visa versa as they both cause bite to the skin. These are another pest with a bit of a stigma but again any property can be affected by fleas, particularly when there are animals or pets around. Fleas are parasitic, wingless insects that feed on the blood of mammals. There are many different types of Flea, the most common being the Cat Flea and the Bird Flea.   Fleas can breed extensively - particularly in the right conditions. And when you understand the life cycle of this insect you will understand why so many people call us after failing to deal with the issue using domestic products. Calling in a profesional will get on top of flea infestion quickly. 

Tell tale signs are bites to the body. These painful, itchy red bites most commonly appear on the legs and ankles sometimes causing inflammation and irritation that can in some cases persist for weeks. This is something that can be particularly distressing for younger children. Other signs you might have an infestation are pets constantly scratching or in more severe cases, being able to see adult Fleas crawling and jumping on you, the furniture or carpets.

Run a business? Need us out of hours or in a hurry? We offer an emergency call out service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just give us a call and talk to Matt, your local friendly technician on 01273 282036.

Other Brighton Pest Services

- Ants, Moths, Flies, Cockroaches, Carpet Beetle and More.

We can deal with the majority of pests including spiders, moths, ants etc.. Simply call and let us do the rest.

For more advice on Insects and Insect Control Call Matt today on 01273 282036.

Recent Jobs

Wasp season continues late into the year in Brighton, BN1 - 04/10/21

Pestforce pest control Brighton attended a property who were being attacked by wasps when they sat around the table on their patio. On 2 occasions members of the family had been stung. After an inspection of the area we found a very active and aggressive wasp nest in a stone wall by the patio. The entry point was treated which very efficiently deals with the problem. No more wasps, a very happy safe family.

Bird Mite Problem Caused by Pigeons in a Roof Void in Brighton, BN1 - June 2021

I was call by a distressed lady who has seen very small crawling insects coming from the bathroom ceiling into her children’s bedroom. The children had started to receive bites. When I inspected the property I found it was bird mites, pigeons had gained access from the outside and were on the bathroom ceiling. I removed a down light to reveal a large amount of pigeon waste (Guano) and nesting material. To control the bird mite infestation, the source must be removed. So we gained access to the ceiling void and removed all the pigeon Guano and nesting debris, this area was cleaned, disinfected and then a treatment for bird mites was carried out. The roof could then be proofed to stop the pigeons entering the void again and the problem reoccurring. The customer was very happy to have this problem resolved as it had been going on for several months. For any on going pest problems, give Pestforce pest control Brighton a call.

Rat seen in a kitchen cupboard, Brighton BN1 - November 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Brighton was asked to attend a ground floor flat, where the owner had seen a rat in a kitchen cupboard. After a full inspection, an entry point was found under the cupboards. It was by the waste pipe for the upstairs property, leading me to suspect a drain issue. So we inspected the manhole nearest the property in the garden, and found that the drain was damaged and there was evidence of rat activity. After carrying out a treatment and there was no further activity, a rat flap was fitted in the drain. Which lets the waste out but blocks anything from coming up the drain. A very happy custom, problem resolve and entry point found and proofed. Call Pestforce Pest control Brighton and we’ll deal with the problem fast and efficiently.

Noises in the loft in Brighton, BN2 - 04/05/2020

Pestforce Pest Control Brighton received a call from a lady in Rottingdean BN2, reporting she could hear noises in the loft space. I called the next morning to carry out an inspection. I was told it sounded like something running across the ceiling of her sons bedroom, in the new extended part of the bungalow. I found evidence of rats in the loft space. So we set up a treatment program and over three visits eradicated the rats from her property. I found the entry point, this was where the 4” waste pipe for the ensuite came through the external wall under the deck outside. There was a gap in the brickwork by the pipe, I mixed up some sand and cement and sealed the entry point up. A very happy customer no more noises in the loft and rat free.

Rehoming Honey Bees  

I received a call from a couple in the centre of Brighton who were concerned about bees in their chimney. The couple could see the bees coming in and out of the chimney pot and into the house through a disused fireplace in the bedroom.  After a brief chat on the phone they had a scaffold tower erected so we would be more successful in collecting and rehoming as many bees as possible. I tackled this job with my friendly local beekeeper.  On arrival and investigation we discovered that the honeycomb was only just inside the chimney pot and relatively easy to remove.  Once the honeycomb was transferred into the temporary hive the bees were keen to follow.  All that was left to do was to take the bees to their new home in the country, leaving very happy customers all round!

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