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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Eastbourne.

My name is Matt and I love helping my customers who are usually distressed and concerned about a pest problem.

I wanted to make a difference to customers and to get away from the day to day of my previous job so joined Pestforce and established the Eastbourne office. 

Every day is different and I look forward to the next challenge presented by my customers. When I'm not saving my customers from their pest and environmental needs, I can usually be found out shooting or working on restoring my WWII vehicle. 

I love what I do and I hope that I can help you too.

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Recent jobs

Ongoing Rat Problem in Polegate, BN26 - 01/11/21

Pestforce pest control Eastbourne attended a property in Polegate, who every Autumn have rats in there Loft space. Over a number of years previously, they’ve had companies round to treat the rats but nobody had investigated where the entry point was. The property has an extension on the rear, built over the drains. A treatment was set up and over the next few weeks we identified activity in the drains. A rat flap was fitted in the drain which will stop the rats access. There has been no further activity in the loft space. The customer was very happy with the service received from Pestforce pest control Eastbourne.

Wasp control in Eastbourne, BN23 - 01/10/21

Pestforce pest control Eastbourne attended a property in BN23 who were being troubled by a lot of wasps in their loft space. The client had recently been in the loft and had to quickly escape as the wasps were attracted to the lights in the house.We carried out an inspection and found the entry point in the soffit board underneath the guttering. The wasp nest was treated after a short time there was no more activity and the customer was very happy to be wasp free again.

Mouse Control After Finding Droppings In The Kitchen Cupboards In Punnetts Town, TN21 - June 2021

I was recently called to a bungalow in Punnetts Town where mouse activity has been heard and evidence found. After carrying out a full survey and finding droppings in the kitchen cupboards, behind the kickboards and in the loft space, we decided to immediately set up a 3 visit control treatment. Once the treatment was complete and there was no more activity, all the possible entry points were blocked. This made a happy customer and a rodent free home. For a rodent free home call Pestforce Pest control Eastbourne.

Wasps in a loft space at a house in Heathfield Tn21 - November 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Eastbourne recently attend a new house in Heathfield, where the tenant has reported wasps coming through the loft hatch into the house. On inspection I found a large active wasp nest in the loft, they were entering through the external brickwork where some mortar was missing. I treated the wasp nest and after a short time there was no more activity. The building company are coming to replace the missing mortar. Another satisfied customer. Call Pestforce Eastbourne for all your pest control needs.

Rats in a Loft space at a House in Friston BN20 - November 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Eastbourne responded to a call from a gentleman about noises in his loft space. On inspection we found evidence of rat activity. Over the next three weeks we carried out a treatment which also identified activity in the drains. A Rat Flap was fitted in the drain, which will stop the rats access to the house but will let your waste out. We are pleased to say there has been no further rat activity at the property. The customer was very pleased with Pestforce Eastbourne Rat control service.

Mole problem at a caravan camp site near Eastbourne, Bn26 - September 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Eastbourne was called a camp site on the outskirts of Eastbourne, where over a couple of days they received a large amount of mole activity. In fact a line of three mole hills had appeared under the carpet in the awning of a caravan, the owners were due for there summer holiday in 5 days. Fortunately with 2 visits over 3 days I managed to solve the problem before the owners arrived for there holiday. The owner of the campsite was a very happy person. Call Pestforce Pest Control Eastbourne and we’ll deal with the problem fast and efficiently.

Flea treatment in a ground floor flat in Eastbourne, BN21 - April 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Eastbourne was called to a flat in Eastbourne town centre. After trying to treat the problem themselves with products purchased from ebay. The client decided to call in the experts, as the problem was getting out of hand. So I carried out the treatment at the property and they have no further flea problems. Don’t waste money on inferior products, call Pestforce Pest Control Eastbourne and we’ll deal with the problem fast and efficiently.

Pigeon issues in Hailsham, BN27 - November 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Brighton received a call from a house in Hailsham Bn27, they needed some help. The local pigeon population were using the solar panels as their home. They started nesting underneath the panels which resulted in a lot of mess in the gutters and on the patio. So the panels were proofed which involved fixing mesh around the outside,  to prevent the pigeons gaining access. This resulted in very happy customers, but not a happy pigeon checking my work!

Squirrel infestation in a loft space in Eastbourne, BN22

I received a call from a customer who was having problems with their church hall in Eastbourne. The electrics had been playing up so an electrician was called. When he turned up to investigate he was met with a strong smell of urine, chewed boards and chewed wiring. Pestforce Pest Controlw were then called, carried out a full inspection of the loft spaces and saw a squirrel in the loft insulation. I set up a riddance programme and over the following 3 weeks and caught 10 squirrels. I found the entry point in the facia board and proofed it with wire mesh. I cleared, cleaned and disinfected the loft spaces ready for the electrician to fully rewire. There has been no further squirrel activity.

Mice in the kitchen

I was called to a flat to investigate after the cleaner had noticed a few mouse droppings and a strange smell in the kitchen.  Upon arrival I confirmed there was a strange smell in the kitchen.  I completed a full inspection and once I had removed the kickboard from the main cupboard, I discovered a very large quantity of wild bird seed mixed with mouse droppings and mouse urine.  When I had removed all kickboards from the cupboards there was a collection of bird seed under all of them.  After I had bagged all the bird seed, I weighed it.  The total weight of the birdseed was 14.5kg.  I then started a process of a 3 visit riddance programme, along with some proofing around the pipework and any other access point.  I am confident that this will deter any more unwanted visitors.

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