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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland.

We are a local family-run pest control company serving all of Northumberland.

We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke and effective pest control treatments that get to the source of the problem.

Please take a moment to read our customer reviews, across all our review platforms we have collected over 450 reviews! 

Key Points:

  • Friendly & Professional Service
  • Based in Northumberland
  • 'One stop shop' - whole job covered
  • Humane Attitude / Non-toxic options
  • Pet Safe Treatments

Fully accredited and qualified pest controller…
British Pest Control Association Member CEPA Certified Professional Pest Management CHAS Accredited Contractor Royal Society for Public Health Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

Qualifications / Accreditations:

  • RSPH Level 2 in Pest Management 
  • BPCA Member
  • CEPA Certified
  • Shotgun / Fire arm Certificates
  • CHAS Certificate

Rest Assured:

  • Fully Insured (sum of £10 million)
  • DBS Checked
  • Digital Treatment Reports / Invoices
  • H & S Compliant (RAMS and COSHH)
  • VAT Registered (no. 427153605)

Opening Hours:

Please feel to call during our working hours.

  • Mon-Fri  = 07:00 am - 20:00 pm
  • Sat          = 07:00 am - 17:00 pm
  • Sun         = Closed

For new enquiries outside of these hours; please text, email or leave a voicemail. 

Suppose you have pesky pests in your home or business and looking for a trusted pest operative, contact a local Northumberland pest controller. Please call me today, Malcolm, on 01670 201 018

Pest Control Services in Northumberland

We have a range of treatments to deal with a range of pests which include:

We DO NOT provide mole control services.


  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Grey Squirrels
  • Annual contracts


  • Pigeons 
  • Seagulls

Flying Insects:

  • Wasps 
  • Bee Relocation
  • Flies
  • Moths
  • Hornets

Crawling Insects:

  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • And more...

If your home or workplace is invested with annoying pest and needs our top-rated pest control services in Northumberland, call and speak to Malcolm on 01670 201 018 for a free consultation and possible treatment options

Northumberland Rat Control

Rats are common and can spread diseases such as Leptospirosis and Salmonella. They can gnaw and destroy everything ranging from data cables to wooden furniture.

Who is comfortable in seeing rats around their home? I think no one. Our Northumberland rat control experts can effectively control and eliminate rats from your residential and commercial premises.

We can determine the rats’ source and use efficient poisons, traps and baits to eliminate the infestation.

Rats infestation can occur quickly, becoming a nuisance in your environment. However, please don’t allow yourself to suffer because we can help control and prevent further infestation.

If rats are trouble in Northumberland, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01670 201 018

Northumberland Mice Control

If you think dirty properties and food are the only things that attract mice, you’re wrong.

Mice breeding can occur in almost any condition. It doesn’t matter how clean your home is; mice can infest. But you need not worry because our Northumberland mouse control technicians got you covered.

Our Northumberland mice control experts are highly skilled and can identify if your home is infested with mice. We’re not an average pest control company. That’s why we ensure complete mice elimination and prevention of their possible return.

If you see signs of mice in your commercial or residential property and looking for reliable help, our Northumberland mice control team can assist. Please speak to us today on 01670 201 018

Northumberland Wasp Nest Removal

In most cases, wasps may occur during summer. They are more active in this season because the weather is warmer.

Wasps can become aggressive and sometimes sting and can do it many times, unlike bees. Don’t let wasps intimidate you. Our Northumberland wasp control experts are highly experienced and understand how to get rid of wasps.

Our Northumberland wasp nest removal services ensure you don’t suffer the consequences of letting these annoying insects infest you in Northumberland.

The Pestforce team understands how leaving these nests for long in your home can cause severe effects. Whether they’re in sheds, garages, kitchen, rooftops and lofts, you need to eliminate them with haste. That’s to avoid possible stings and structural damage. With our knowledgeable and committed technicians, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with our wasp nest removal services in Northumberland.

If you notice a wasp nest near your home environment and need assistance, our Northumberland wasp nest removal service can help. Talk to Pestforce Control Northumberland at your convenience on 01670 201 018. We’ll conduct a free inspection and recommend a treatment plan.

Northumberland Bee Relocation

Many can enjoy watching these remarkable insects, especially in summer and spring season round gardens in Northumberland and across the country.

The problem comes when you notice a bee nest in or around your home environment. Pestforce aims to protect bees, and sometimes bee infestation may require treatment. Fortunately, our Northumberland bee control trained technicians at Pestforce Northumberland can help. Our team understands the environmental importance of bees and looks to relocate them where possible.

Handling bee infestation requires extra care. We take all the necessary precautions when relocating bees from your home surrounding to keep you safe. Does this sound scary? Or do you get scared by flying insects? There is no need to worry; our qualified pest controllers understand their work and have the required equipment to ensure the safe relocation of bees.

If you need help with our Northumberland bee control service or Northumberland our bee’s removal services, don’t wait any longer. Please speak to us on 01670 201 018

Northumberland Squirrel Control

If grey squirrels have invaded your home in Northumberland and need our Northumberland squirrel control services, give us a call on 01670 201 018 anytime.

Squirrels can become a nuisance after invading your home. For example, they can gnaw different structures, including electrical wires, wood panelling and furniture. This can lead to massive damage and losses.

Apart from destroying property, squirrels can increase the risk of diseases like rabies. They’re also carriers of ticks which can further spread dangerous diseases. Don’t let your family suffer due to disturbance from squirrels. We can help with red squirrels, but if you have issues with red squirrels, our assistance is limited because they are protected.

If you have annoying and destructive squirrels invading your garden or home and need Northumberland squirrel control services, Pestforce is here to help. Contact us on 01670 201 018 today, and we’ll offer a free consultation and guide you on approaching the problem.

Northumberland Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Birds and pigeons are common across Northumberland. If you need expert help due to issues with birds, they’ve probably built a nest in or around your home’s environment. If this occurs, you may need our Northumberland birds control services.

Regardless of the nest’s location, our professional service can get rid of the nest. We can also release or trap the nest. Pigeons and birds can build nests in challenging areas to reach. These may include beneath solar panels, guttering and loft spaces. That’s why it can be hard to tackle the consequences after birds find their way into your home.

We can free you from birds’ infestation troubles by removing their rests, cleaning after the removal and more. We also establish the bird’s entry and create barriers or block them to deter their entrance into your home. With decades’ experience, we understand what to do regarding bird and pigeon control in your home. For example, our committed experts can detect the source of your pest problems and will provide a solution that settles your issues once and for all.

Talk to our Northumberland bird control professionals on 01670 201 017 before bird infestation in your home become more challenging to tackle. We’ll do our best to ensure we live in your home free of birds and pigeons.

Northumberland Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are common and can invest almost any environment. They can invade houses, flats, hostels and hotels. Unfortunately, if this happens, there’s little you can do without professional help. That’s why you need qualified experts like our Northumberland bed bug control service.

Bed bugs have exceptional reproductive strategies, and their control and elimination can be more challenging. They’re small, and it can be hard to spot them. Apart from increasing the risk of causing diseases, bed bugs can cause distress because they bite. That said, their bite can lead to sleep disturbance, skin irritation and health issues.

Bed bug’s bite can cause an allergic reaction to some people leading to more problems. If you wake up after a night’s sleep with bumps or bites on your skin, you could be having bed bugs infestation. Another warning sign is tiny blood spots on your sheets.

If you cannot sleep with comfort because bed bugs have invaded your home, talk to us on 01670 201 018 and rest assured of our practical Northumberland bed bug control service.

Northumberland Cockroach Control

Cockroaches’ breeding rate is phenomenal, and it may not take long after they infest before you can find them in every part of your property.

The worst part is it can be challenging to control and eliminate them without professional assistance. For example, you need to get rid of their larvae and eggs for complete elimination, which are tiny and possibly overlooked. That’s why they may keep coming if you do not ensure proper elimination.

However, you don’t need to worry because our Northumberland cockroach control help with Pestforce Northumberland got you covered. We have got the experience to effectively control and eliminate various types of cockroaches, including American cockroach, oriental cockroach and German cockroach.

Did you spot a cockroach around your home? Don’t wait for the breeding of cockroaches to continue. Please speak to us for Northumberland cockroach control on 01670 201 018

Northumberland Flea Control

If you believe fleas may only affect animals, think again. Fleas can exist in almost any wild, including becoming problematic to humans. They are a common issue for many residents across Northumberland.

You can carry fleas from different places. For example, when you go for outdoor activities, it’s possible to attract fleas to your clothes. But our Northumberland flea control service is here to help you.

One sign of flea infestation is your skin’s consistent itching. Getting rid of fleas can be challenging if you don’t know the right steps. Apart from bites that cause your skin to itch, fleas can also spread worms. For example, they can transmit tapeworms to your pets and finally spread them to you. It can be challenging to see fleas with naked eyes. Another sign of flea infestation is flea faeces.

If you see signs of flea infestation in your home, the best thing to do is give a call to our Northumberland flea control professionals. We’ll provide a free inspection and offer guidelines on the best strategies for eliminating fleas.

Call Malcolm for our Northumberland flea control on 01670 201 018 today for a free consultation and inspection.

Other Northumberland Pests 

These are common pests in Northumberland we treat at Pestforce. However, we also get calls to tackle other types of pests, including:

  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  •  Flies
For control and elimination of any of the listed pests, please speak to Pestforce control Northumberland on 01670 201 018. We understand how pest infestation can cause significant discomfort and affect your life in many ways. Our expert Northumberland pest control service is one of the most reputable in the industry. We’ll be happy to talk with you and help you stay in a pest-free environment!

Recent Jobs in Northumberland

Solar pannel pigeon proofing for new build home in Northumberand, NE24 - 30th July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland completed a bird proofing job to prevent pigeons from nesting under solar pannels. We attended for a same day free survey of the new build property in Northumberland and discussed with the client what he was looking for and then set about surveying the roof. A quote was emailed to the client that night and the costs agreed. We booked in a suitable time that week to complete the works which involved the installation of high quality solar pannel pigeon spikes which go around the edge of the pannels and prevent the pigeons from nesting underneath. The client was very happy with the end result and the efficiency in which we worked. Call Malcolm before your pigeon problem even starts. 

Click to see more recent jobs.

Pigeon netting for vets in Amble, Northumberland, NE65 - 20th July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland attended a local veterniary centre in Northumberland after a pigeon problem was escalating and impacting business. The vet manager called us to work out a way to prevent pigeons perching in the outdoor porch of the centre where visitors had to queue before entering the vets. The pigeons had caused serious foluing and left the waiting area in a dangerous state. We surveyed the same day of the call and passed the quote for the works to the centre which they passed to their head office to get authorised. Once authorised we booked in the proofings works and installed professional bird netting in the eaves of the porch preventing the pigeons from entering. We also carried out a large pigeon guano clean to the ares using disninfectant sprays to make the area clean and safe. The centre manager was very pleased with the works and were reliefed the visitors no longer had to queue with all the pigeon mess. 

Wasp nest removal in Northumberland, NE67 - 15th July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland have had several callouts for wasp control and wasp nest removal in Northumberland. We aim to have treatments carried out within 24hours depending on schedule. One wasp control job of note was a callout for a construction firm who had to pull their builders off site after someone find a large wasp nest. We attended within the hour, treated and removed the dead nest. A week later, we were called back by the same team who had found 2 new wasp nests on site. We treated efficiently allowing the builders to return to work the same afternoon and continue renovating a local Northumberland home. Stay wasp free, call Malcolm. 

Moth treatment for Manor House in Northumberland, NE66 - 1st July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland have started an extensive moth treatment across a 25 room property in Northumberland. Alongside spray treatments to rugs and carpets throughout the property, we have decided up using a revolutionary new moth treatment product called the Exo sex tablet. This product works to reduce the reproductive rate of the moths by making the male moths believe they are mating with female moths where in fact they are in fact mating with males. The use of an alternative treatment product is primarily to protect luxury items within the property and ensure the long standing moth problem can be effectively got on top of. So far we have been very effective and the number of moths in property have significantly reduced. More treatment to come however a property soon to be moth free. 

Largest residential rat problem to date in Northumberland, NE24 - 17th June 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland have been resolving a long standing rat problem at a home in Northumberland for the past month. We estimate this rat problem has been building up for almost half a decade and from our first visit we knew we would be tackling an incredible large population of rats which had almost completely taken over the property. Rats had been seen running throughout the house at all times, holes had been made in the floorboards, walls and doors resulting in the rat population having complete roam of the home. On inspection of the loft, we found a huge rat nest which had been built up of all the loft insulation. We spoke to all the parties involved in the property and set about a detailed and extenstive treatment plan alongside agreement to clear away any debris and rodent proof significant areas of the house. After a month of treatment and 2 day clear out we can proudly say the rodent problem has been entirely erradicated. We cleared the loft space of all contaminated items and cleaned down an 1inch deep lining of rodent droppings from under the kitchen units. This was a significant job and we would like to thank the additional parties we had involved.

Northumberland bird proofing, NE23 - 9th June 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland had an urgent callout for a bird issue at a person's property which had been escalted with neighbours and the RSPCA. Another contractor had fitted bird netting over solar pannels however had damaged the property in the process and trapped birds under the netting. We attended as soon as we could took the netting down and saved all the birds we could. We then set about trying to resurrect the whole situation. We biocided the whole roof area to disinfect and then clean and cleared all bird guano. After this we appropriately netted the roof space. Job done. 

Northumberland mole catcher, NE68 - 28th May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland were required for our experienced mole catching services this week. A small countryside home in Northumberland have a yearly visitor to their garden in the shape of Mr Mole. He had caused a great deal of damage to their garden with 15 mole hills appearing within a few days. A previous contractor had failed to catch said mole and the client was keen to find someone who may have the expertise to catch the troublesome mole. We set traps the following day from the callout an within a week the mole was caught. We have left a few traps in the garden to ensure no other moles have been at work but will collect in due course if no more mole hills start to appear. A very happy mole free customer who was keen to keep hold of our business card for future pest control needs. 

Northumberland Rat Control, NE67 - 25th May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland were called to family home in Northumberland who had been suffering from a serious rat infestation. Last year they had council pest services involved who had failed to get to the source of the rat problem. We attended and carried out an extensive pest inspection of the entire property, inside and out. It became clear that the rats were climbing up the drains, crawling through damaged brickwork by the man holes then tunneling under the house and gnawing from under the house and entering and living under the family's floorboards. We explained the situation clearly to the family who were keen for us to act fast. We began our bespoke treatment plan with rodenticide safely placed under floorboards and in the loft space. After 3 visits, the rat infestation has been completely erradicated and we have repaired the damaged brick work by the manholes with cement to ensure the issue does not arise again. Another family happy and pest free. 

Flea control for home in Northumberland, NE22 - 21st May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland attended a semi detatched property in Northumberland after a couple rang about a flea problem they were struggling to rid their property of. The couple had tried home made rememdies to have their home treated for fleas however this had not worked so they called us - the professionals. Our survey found that their 2 dogs were the source of the flea problem and the infestation was heavy in their master bedroom. It was agreed to carry out a full property flea treatment with 5 rooms treated in total with a focus on the carpets and soft furnishings. We have now completed the spray and left a full report and our details in case the couple need our help again however we are confident this treatment will be effective and having their home back to being pest free, 

Mice infestation overnight at childcare nursery, NE63 - 20th May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland had an emergency callout to a highly concerned nursery in Northumberland as they gone to open the nursery to find a mice problem. We attended within the hour and began our pest inspection. The mice issue was contained to the staffroom kitchen however it appeared overnight that mice had invaded, began eating food sources and left a mass of mice droppings. We quickly identified the ground level pipe work where due to poor building work holes were being using as entry points for the mice. To start we carried out a biocide clean of the area to disinfect any affected areas by rodents and their droppings and from there went about placing tamper proof and safely secured baits to get on top of the infestation. The nursery is due to be closed for a short time and we will be back in the new days to see how effective how treatment plan has been. We have also provided the nursery with recommendations to ensure further issues do not arise. The entry points are due to be fully rodent proofed by ourselves.

Moth treatment in Northumberland, NE65 - 14th May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland were called by a retired couple who had started to see signifiant damage appear to the bedrooms carpets in their country manor house in Northumberland. On inspection, Malcolm quickly identified a large and serious cloth moth infestation within the property. Although initially thought to be contained to a few of the spare bedrooms, in fact this moth infestation had spread throughout the property and required significant and effective moth treatment asap. In total 9 rooms were treated with insecticide and hoovered, with some pieces of carpet/furniture disposed of due to the damage being beyond repair. Our treatment will hopefully be the start of saving this home from a nasty moth infestation with a follow up treatment booked in a weeks time and the plan to place monitoring traps to ensure the infestation is fully erradicated. Do not wait on serious pest problems, call Malcolm the professional and pest control expert today. 

Rats at Working Mens Club in Northumberland - 30th  April 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Northumberland was contacted today by a local Working Man's Club who unfortunately due to being closed for many months under the COVID 19 restrictions had suspicions of rat activity. Pestforce Northumberland attended the premises and carried out a full inspection and found there to be a large rat infestation under the building. Pestforce Northumberland was quick to act and get a full treatment plan in place to rid them of the rat problem in time for them to re-open to the public.

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