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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln.

My name is Ray Smith and I am your trusted and highly qualified pest controller in Lincoln.

Pests come in all different forms and sizes, from pests that crawl indoors, to flying insects and scurrying rodents that usually live in the wild.

Our team has seen them all and knows how to handle any type of pest. We can provide effective and affordable domestic pest control solutions and commercial pest control services that will help you take care of problem pests across Lincoln.I would be delighted to help you tackle these annoying pests and remove them once and for all.

A few more details about me that you should know:

  • I am DBS checked (formerly CRB i.e. police criminal check)
  • I am fully insured
  • All my work is guaranteed as standard
  • I am highly trained, qualified and experienced
  • I attend regular pest control training to keep up to date
  • I will provide a free survey and quote

As part of the Pestforce brand, I can deliver the golden national standard in pest control, locally to you in Lincoln. The Pestforce brand has over 8,000 reviews across all our websites and social channels, averaging 4.9 / 5, so you know you’re in good hands when you contact Pestforce Pest Control.

Pest Control in Lincoln

If you are experiencing a pest problem and want to speak with a local Lincoln pest controller, then please call me, Ray, on 01522 387 380 anytime.

Pest Control Services in Lincoln

If you need effective and fast Lincoln pest control experts, then give us a call.

The following list gives you a good idea of the typical pests we handle and the services we offer:

Residential pest control including:

  • Home pest control
  • Loft pest control
  • Roofing pest control
  • Garden pest control

Pest control for businesses including:

  • Office pest control
  • Shop and retail pest control
  • Restaurant and takeaway pest control
  • Medical and clinical practice pest control

The types of pests we regularly tackle include:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasps and wasps’ nests
  • Bees and bees’ nests
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths

As accredited members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and accredited by CEPA (the highest accreditation in pest control), you can trust Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln to use only the safest, proven, and most ethical methods of pest control when completing a pest control treatment for you.

If you are dealing with pests in your home or business, and require our 5 star rated pest control services in Lincoln then please call today for a helpful chat with Ray on 01522 387 380.

Lincoln Rat Control

I think we can all agree that seeing a rat is an unpleasant experience. They’re unattractive and scurry around quickly. They also tend to be associated with filth and disease. If you see a rat in your home or business then you should get us on the phone immediately.

Our Lincoln pest control team for rats has the experience and knowledge to get rid of your rat problem and pest-proof your property to prevent them from returning in the future. Our techniques vary from baits and traps to poisons.

We’ve dealt with every size of rat infestation possible, both indoor, outdoor, in between walls, in tiny crawl spaces, behind appliances, and even in lofts.

If you’re dealing with a rat problem in Lincoln then pick up the phone and call us today on 01522 387 380.

Lincoln Mice Control

If you don’t have mice as pets then it’s likely you want them out of your home. It’s one reason our Lincoln mouse control experts are on standby waiting for your call, so they can help clear out the mice from your home and keep them out for good.

Our Lincoln pest control mice experts are trained to spot the signs of a mouse presence or mice infestation. The team is trained to identify all possible entry points of how the mice are getting into your house and how to pest-proof your property so the mice don’t and can’t return.

If you’ve spotted a mouse inside your home or mice nearby your house or building and need our Lincoln mice control services, then call us on 01522 387 380 today.

Lincoln Wasp Control and Nest Removal 

Just like bees, you may spot wasps around your home or business in the summer months (July – October) and around the garden. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not intimidating, particularly when angry or in large numbers.

Our Lincoln wasp control experts are fully equipped to help you get rid of annoying and bothersome wasps around or in your home.

Our Lincoln wasp nest removal services are one of our most popular pest control services we offer in Lincoln in and around summertime. The Pestforce team has removed wasp nests from all sorts of places including lofts and rooftops, kitchens, garages and sheds, and even football stadiums!

You can be confident in our wasp nest removal services in Lincoln, as we’ve dealt with many sizes of nests both big and small.

We can help. If you’ve found a wasp nest near or inside your house and need our Lincoln pest control services for wasps, please call Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln today on 01522 387 380. We will come and do an inspection free of charge.

Lincoln Bee Rehoming 

Bees are interesting insects that many don’t mind seeing in the spring and summer months around the garden in Lincoln and across the UK. However, your admiration can quickly turn into misery and worry if you discover a bee’s nest too close to your home or even inside your home.

At Pestforce we always work to protect bees and there are few occasions where a “treatment” is necessary. Thankfully, our Lincoln bee control experts at Pestforce Lincoln are here and available to assist.

Contrary to opinion, bees are not protected. However, we understand their importance to the environment and will look to relocate the bees if possible.

We know that special care must be taken when tackling a bee problem. We will not destroy the nest and will take every precaution to get the bee’s nest away from your property.

While it may sound like a challenging process, particularly if you’re scared of bees, not to worry, we know what we’re doing and are protected by our safety equipment, and can confidently remove a bee’s nest in Lincoln.

If you need our Lincoln bee control help or Lincoln pest control services for bee’s nest removal, then please call us today on 01522 387 380.

Lincoln Squirrel Control

If you’re having problems with grey squirrels in Lincoln and need our squirrel Lincoln pest control services, then continue reading to learn more about how we can help.

Red squirrels are the native UK species and are a protected species. While we can offer some squirrel control advice to help keep the red squirrels away from your home and garden, you must remember that they’re a protected species so we are limited to what we can do.

Grey squirrels are probably the most common type found in the UK. They are not native to the UK (they were introduced to the UK in the Victorian era from North America) – and since their arrival, the red squirrel population has dwindled.

On the other hand, the grey squirrel is not a protected species and, therefore, the squirrel control options we have available for this pest are much more extensive.

If you have unwanted squirrel guests visiting your home or garden and want to use our Lincoln squirrel control services, please call us on 01522 387 380 and we can discuss further details and arrange a date to come out for a free inspection.

Lincoln Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Birds, and more commonly pigeons, are a frequent sighting across Lincoln. However, if they’re causing you problems by having made a nest in your home or on your roof, then our Lincoln bird control services will likely be of interest to you.

Birds and pigeons are adaptive creatures. They’re nimble and wise and will nest in some very hard-to-reach places, including loft spaces, gutters, and under solar panels. They may make a big mess for you to clean up if they make their way inside your property.

Keep in mind that some birds are protected. Our pest control company takes this seriously and we will assess the species of birds to ensure proper treatment and/or advice is given.

We encourage you to call our Lincoln bird control team on 01522 387 380 if you notice an issue before the problem grows into a more challenging situation. We can help and will provide a free inspection and give you the chance to decide what approach or solution you wish to take.

Lincoln Bed Bug Control

Having a bed bug problem is likely one you won’t be able to take care of yourself. There’s often very little you can do on your own. Therefore, you will most likely need professional assistance, such as our Lincoln pest control services for bed bugs.

They’re often hard to see and can be easily missed since they’re so small. However, if they bite you then you’re likely to notice you have a problem. If you continue to see bites and marks on your body and after sleeping then you probably have bed bugs that need to be addressed.

Another sign you have bed bugs is if you notice little specks of blood on your bedsheets.

If you believe bed bugs have found their way into your home, then call us today on 01522 387 380 to learn more about our Lincoln bed bug control services.

Lincoln Cockroach Control

You may see a cockroach and instantly get the chills. The sight of one of them in or around your home may make you jump and cringe. We understand the panic and worry that may occur if and when you encounter one or several.

Don’t worry though. Lincoln cockroach control assistance is available with Pestforce Lincoln. We’re qualified and trained to deal with all types of cockroaches, from the German cockroach to the Oriental cockroach or American cockroach.

If you’ve spotted a cockroach scurrying around near or in your house, don’t waste time being concerned with what to do, call us for Lincoln cockroach control now on 01522 387 380.

Lincoln Flea Control

Fleas can be a very common problem for homes across Lincoln, especially if you have pets in your home. Even if you don’t own pets, you may still be prone to fleas in your home. The good news is that help is available with our Lincoln pest control and flea services.

Catching and identifying them yourself can be challenging. If you suspect you have fleas in your home, then consider calling our Lincoln flea control experts who will do a free inspection at your home. Our team can also advise you on the best action for getting rid of your flea problem for good.

Call Ray for our Lincoln flea control on 01522 387 380 today and we will arrange a free inspection at your house or business to identify and control the problem.

Other Lincoln Pest Services

The pests listed above are a few of the most popular Lincoln pests we treat.

Other common pests we receive a lot of calls about and can address include:

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies
Whatever the pest, listed on this page or not, please give Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln a call on 01522 387 380 to discuss your circumstances. We are very passionate about pest control and treat every call with great enthusiasm and a sense of urgency. Our professional Lincoln pest control services are widely regarded as the best available in the area and we look forward to discussing your pest problems and helping you become pest-free!

Recent Jobs

Rat caught on CCTV in hardware store in Lincoln, LN2, 12th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln received a call from the manager of a hardware store in Lincoln, the staff had reported sightings of a rodent in the store. Our rodent team arrived within 45 minutes of the phone call, however on arrival the store was full of customers, in order to keep discretion, our team made the decision to visit later on the same day, when the shop was closed. On our return the team was able to conduct a survey including the use of the store CCTV, which was paramount in our investigation. We were able to identify the point of entry and design a treatment with this is mind. At present this is an ongoing rodent treatment plan although we have great confidence in tracking down the culprit rat very soon. We have another visit scheduled in.

Mice torment petrified tenant in Lincoln, LN6. 28th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln were called by a landlord of a property in Lincoln. The landlord had been contacted by a petrified tenant who had discovered rodents in her home. The tenant was also concerned that her child would come into contact with them. We attended the property and completed a full survey. During the survey we identified numerous rodent entry points and also discovered mouse droppings in the garage. We discussed our recommendation of a 3-vistit rodent treatment program with the anxious tenant and this was initiated immediately. Furthermore, we spoke to the landlord and recommended some rodent proofing throughout the property, this was agreed, and we can put this into place on the next visit. This treatment plan is still ongoing, although I am confident, we can get this infestation under control and help a petrified tenant feel more comfortable in her home.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Bed bugs invade property in a village close to Lincoln, LN6, 28th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln received a call from a distraught couple residing in a village just outside of Lincoln. The couple were being disturbed throughout the night being bitten by bed bugs. Bed bugs are a common household pest in the UK, they feed on human blood. Signs of bed bugs include, bites, spots of blood on bedding and small brown spots on bedding or furniture (bed bug poo). We arrived at the property and investigated the scale of the bed bug infestation. We tailored a treatment plan and discussed the options with the couple. The treatment plan has now been started, although we still need to complete the treatment plan within the timeframe discussed, we are confident we can make nights much more comfortable in this home, with the use of our proven methods.

Mice cause chaos in a garage in Lincoln. LN6, 16th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln received a call from a client who expressed concerns regarding mice in the garage. Upon our arrival we carried out a survey and discovered a great deal of rodent droppings inside boxes and amongst other items in the garage.  Our team then discussed our recommended treatment plan options and future preventative measures with client. Following our recommendations, a 3-visit rodent treatment plan commenced and was successful. The survey concluded that the mice were using the gap under the garage door to gain entry to the garage, so in order to prevent further infestations a metal strip was put in place to seal the point of entry. The garage door is now totally mouse proof.

Mice and Moths in Lincoln, LN2 - 5th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln were called to a property which had been empty for a couple of years however the owner was returning soon after living abroad. A gentleman had been looking after the property and had noticed there was a mouse infestation and a carpet moth infestation in the property. We have been called in and hopefully will have both problems under control before the owner returned. 

Squirrels getting into loft in a home in Lincoln, LN2 - 23rd March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln was called by a father of a daughter who was having problems with having squirrels in her loft. His daughter was getting very distressed as she was getting up in the middle of night. We attended and carried out a loft inspection and found signs of squirrel activity as well as gaps under the roof tiles which could be used as pbvious entry points. We have now placed traps in the loft and await for the problem to be controlled before we seal the roof gaps.  

Cluster flies in Lincoln, LN2 - 23rd March 2022

Pestforce Lincoln received a call from a customer who stated while in the loft he noticed a lot of cluster flies. Pestforce Lincoln was on hand to do a fumigation treatment with a ULV machine to spray his loft to rid of the flies.

Cloth moth treatment in Lincoln, LN6, 18th March 2022

Pestforce Lincoln were called out to a home with an elderly couple who confirmed they had been bitten over night but mostly when they sit on the sofa in the lounge. With inspection I couldn't see any signs of any fleas in the property or any other insects. Following an inspection in the bedrooms we found eight cloth moth cases and lava crawling up the wall. We have discussed a treatment plan with the customer and we hope to have something started by next week.

Mice problem to be solved in Lincoln, LN1 - 11th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln was called to a house where a daughter confirmed that her mother has been getting lots of mice into the property. With a survey completed at the property noticed plenty of entry points from the garage plus coming from the back of the house into the property as mice have been seen upstairs or so and inspection of the loft has seen evidence of mice activity droppings seen a treatment plan is now in place this job is ongoing.

Rat problems for landlady in Lincoln,  LN5 - 1st March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln was called to a address not far away from the home of Lincoln city football club by a Bulgarian family who had seen signs of rats in their bathroom andgarden outside. The landlady received the called from her tenants and acted on it quickly. We attended the same day and discussed a treatment plan with her and she told me to go ahead. Also during the conversation she told me about another property with another rat problem. I have since started a program treatment at the other address for the landlady. We are close to having both properties rat-free. 

Pigeon control in Lincoln, LN6 - 26th February 2022

Pestforce Lincoln was asked to a property in which the customer had a pigeon problem around the back with pigeons Perching on his guttering and leaving a mess! I went round notice bird proofing work was needed. The plan then was to fix spikes on the guttering in which the pigeons wouldn't be able to perch also wouldn't block the guttering also. The job has been completed the customer is happy with the work.

Mole catcher in Lincoln, LN3 - 17th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln was called to residential property where a professional mortgage broker resides confirmed his back garden has got a big mole infestation also he is the landlord to number two next door and his tenant is also complaint of molehills. I have since placed humane mole traps to catch the mole this is also ongoing job

Mice control for loft space in Lincoln, LN2 - 10th February 2022

Pestforce Lincoln call out to a property where a young family had started to become quite distressed after hearing loud noises in their loft area. This call was taken on the same day and we went round and noticed in the loft area there was evidence to prove that there was mice activity. Confirmed with the customers of a treatment plan and some proofing work in the next coming visits to get the problem eradicated soon as possible. Job is ongoing.

Cat flea treatment in Lincoln, LN4 - 4th February 2022

Pestforce Lincoln called urgent to a property where a client has discovered she has many fleas in her property from from my cat. Been very distressed and upset she rang from my services where we have discussed a treatment plan in which she has got agreed with this is ongoing.

Lincoln Mole Catcher - 26th January 2022

Pestforce Lincoln called to a gentleman who was Distressed due to lots of molehills on his lawn he has tried him self to set humane traps but has unable to catch the mole Pestforce Lincolnshire was called to assist the gentleman and try to eradicate the problem this job is currently ongoing.

Rodent control for pub in Lincoln - 20th January 2022

Pestforce Lincoln was called to a public house in the heart of Lincoln, after the landlords discovered rat activity within the premises. A same day call out was able to find the entry point have place a treatment plan with a view for some proofing work to be done after treatment is completed. 

Mole control for yard in Lincoln - 14th January 2022

Pestforce Lincoln called to a distressed customer who had discovered 15 mole hills in her garden. Upset at the state of her garden she asked for assistance in getting this matter resolved. Have discussed the plan of action regarding the molehills the customer is happy for me to continue this is an ongoing job.

Rats erradicated from loft in Lincoln, LN1 - 7th January 2022

Pestforce Lincoln was called to residential house where there was an issue with a rodent getting into the loft. Customers have tried using other methods of trying to catch this rodent but have failed in doing so. There were sightings of rat droppings in the loft and managed to find entry points going into the loft and a three treatment plan is in place to get on top of this rodent problem. 

Mole hills in garden in Lincoln, LN6 - 1st November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln have recently started a new mole control job in Lincoln. We were called by a gentleman who works as a paradmedic and he had recently started seeing mole hills pop up in his back garden. Since our call, we have visited the property and devised a trapping programme to erradicate the moles. We have placed traps at strategic locations and informed the client that the mole problem should be ressolved in the next few weeks.   

Wasp nest removed from student flat in Lincoln, LN2 - 22nd October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln were called to a student house in Lincoln after the students starting getting wasps inside their home. We quickly attened and found a large wasp nest in the loft space. We treated the nest there and then and have booked in a 2nd visit for us to return and collect the dead nest. 

Cluster fly treatment in Lincoln, LN3 - 16th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln were called out after a return customer phoned to tell us that flies were raining into his office room at his home in Lincoln. We uncovered the flies were in fact entering his office from the loft space. We book the customer in for a fumigation of his loft space to erradicate the fly infestation. We have now complete the fumigation treatment and passed on all the neccessary fly advice to the client. 

Same day callout for wasp nest problem in Lincoln, LN4 - 8th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln recently treated a wasp nest at a residential detatched property in Lincoln for an eldery couple. The wasps were causing problems near their conservatory as the wasp nest was under the fascia at the rear of their property. We carried out a same day treatment and now the wasps are no more. Another very happy customer in Lincoln delighted to be pest free. 

Wasp nest treated under garden decking in Lincoln - 18th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln was called to a village outside of Lincoln where a client had an issue with a wasp nest underneath her decking in the garden. We managed to take the decking up and located the wasps nest and managed to treat it and remove it. The customer is really delighted of my efforts and was very happy that the wasp problem was gone.

Hornet nest treatment in Lincoln - 9th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln were called out to help a distressed lady who had an issue with hornets. The hornet nest was situated in the fascia above the front door making it a nightmare to get in and out of the property without being stung. We treated the nest and now no more hornets. From surveying the property we also found the early sings of a wasp nest under the decking in the back garden. We treated this nest also to prevent further insect problems. 

Wasp nest removal in Lincoln - 3rd September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln were called out to a treat a wasp nest in Lincoln. A distressed caller wanted the problem sorted ASAP as the number of wasps had significantly increased since he first saw the nest. We atteneded as an emergency visit and carried out a same day treatment. We treated the nest external with our effective dust treatment and now the wasps are no more. Always call the professionals for wasp nest treatments. 

Rat control in Lincoln - 27th August 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Lincoln were called out to a terraced home in Lincoln. The client was terrified of rats and had started seeing them in their garden and swinging of their bird feeders. We safely installed rat traps within external bait stations. We have agreed to carry out 3 visits total and are confident to get on top of this rat infestation. 2 more visits to go and the rats should be no more. 

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