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Ray's Recent Jobs in North Lincolnshire

Bedbug Infestation in Son's Bedroom - Pestforce Scunthorpe DN17 -  7th May 2024

Pestforce Scunthorpe was called out by a repeat customer due to a recurring bedbug problem in his son's bedroom. The customer reported that his son had been waking up in the middle of the night with multiple bites, having seen at least two bedbugs. After a thorough discussion regarding the treatment plan, the customer accepted the proposed solution. The job is currently ongoing as we work to eradicate the infestation and prevent future occurrences.

Nocturnal Noises in the Loft - Pestforce Scunthorpe DN15 - 2nd May 2024

Pestforce Scunthorpe received a call from a single parent who was being disturbed at night by noises coming from her loft. Upon conducting a survey, we found evidence of mice droppings, indicating a rodent problem. Additionally, we identified several entry points around the property, which were reported to the customer's landlord. The landlord has agreed to address these exterior issues. Meanwhile, treatment in the loft has commenced. This job is currently ongoing as we continue our efforts to eliminate the mice and secure the property.

Mice Infestation in Kitchen in Scunthorpe, DN16 - 4th January 2024

Pestforce Scunthorpe received a report from a letting agent about mice in a kitchen of a property in the heart of Scunthorpe town centre. Our survey revealed clear signs of mice activity, including gnawing on kitchen kickboards and droppings. After identifying and sealing entry points, we effectively halted further issues with mice in this property.

Rat problem in customers loft after hearing noises in Scunthorpe - 9th June 2023

Pestforce Scunthorpe had received a call from a customer who said was hearing noises in the loft, with inspection of the loft found lots of rat droppings plus pipe insulation covers had been gnawed. The smell was very bad also. Checked the drain could see activity but placed tracking dust to monitor. Job is ongoing.

Carer discovers with horror bedbugs in client’s bed in Scunthorpe, DN17 - 12th May 2023

Pestforce Scunthorpe received a call from my house in Association based in East riding of Yorkshire of one of their properties in Scunthorpe as a carer was absolutely mortified to see bedbugs on her client’s bed. This was reported straight away to the head office. Pestforce Scunthorpe came out the same day. I was able to see how bad the infestation was a treatment plan was to put which house in Association is happy with. Job currently on going.

Customer shocked to see a mouse near her bathroom in Scunthorpe, DN15 - 3rd May 2023

Pestforce Scunthorpe received a call from a customer who saw a mouse in her bathroom. With an investigation of the loft could clearly see there was a mouse droppings. Also outside in the garage drop into also discovered the customer has asked what options to what to get this rectified. A treatment plan and proofing work was discussed, also a recommendation to fit a galvanised metal strip on the bottom of the garage in which the customers agree to. Job currently on going.

Tenant been kept awake all night in Scunthorpe, DN15 - 14th April 2023

Pestforce Scunthorpe was called out to a property which is run by a house Association in Scunthorpe where the tenant has been, kept up most of the night with noises and scratch, and in the loft area, he had reported this to the house in Association. I was asked to contact pest control. With an inspection of the loft area could see there has been Mice activity. A treatment has been placed to monitor. This job is currently on going.

Return of the Garden ants in Scunthorpe, DN15 - 24th March 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe was called out by a customer who cares for her next-door neighbour who has had a influx of black garden ants in her kitchen. The client herself had applied ant powder to try and clear the problem unfortunately it was uneffective. We have since attended and began a professional ant control treatment. 

Tenants in shock horror as rat has gnawed behind downstairs toilet! Scunthorpe, DN17 - 17th February 2023

Pestforce Scunthorpe was called out by a letting agent due to tenants complaining of Noring and noises after calling out a plumber due to a water leak downstairs toilet which was caused by a rat from Noring on a pipe! The plumber fixed the issue straight away, as this was reported to the letting agent further issues started again. Inspection of the property took place; problem has been found of why the tenants are getting rats.

Customer horrified to find numerous molehills in his garden in Scunthorpe, DN15 - 7th January 2023

Customer has been in contact with due to the numerous molehills, which I've been discovered in his Garden. Customer is very displeased with them out of molehills he's got and has asked for advice and for ourselves to get him to solve the problem for him. This job is currently on going.

Customer suspicious of squirrels may be in her loft in Scunthorpe, DN16 - 14th October 2022

Pestforce Scunthorpe was called out to an address in the outskirts of Scunthorpe Customer has suspicions of squirrel activity in her loft. As there is lots of presents squirrels in her garden. We're investigation we have found lots of Noring in the loft area and squirrel tracks in the insulation. An action plan is ongoing.

Cockroaches seen in public house leaving landlord horrified, DN15 - 1st September 2022

Pestforce Scunthorpe were called out by a public house due to an issue with cockroach is seen inside the bar and kitchen area. The landlord was horrified to see different types of sizes of cockroaches. With doing an inspection I have noticed that they were German cockroaches and was able to talk to Customer about putting up a treatment plan together. His job is currently on going.

Bedbug treatment in Scunthorpe, DN15 – 10th June 2022 

Pestforce Scunthorpe were called To a property of a landlords where there was a family who have been complaining they have been getting bitten when they're asleep and the children. With inspection in the property discovered bedbugs. Spoke with the landlords confirmed a treatment plan and price which they accepted this is an ongoing job.

Squirrels torment lady in Scunthorpe, DN17, 14th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe were called to attend a property close to the town centre in Scunthorpe. A lady living as a single occupant had seen squirrels leaving the loft space, she was concerned that there would be damage to pipes, electrics or even structure. Our team arrived the same day and completed an inspection. There were no squirrels present at the time, and little damage was done. We discussed our recommendations with the lady and immediately we were able to carry out some proofing works under the roof tiles. This will help to prevent any further squirrels entering her loft space. The lady was completely satisfied that she will no longer need to worry about seeing or hearing the squirrels again.

Bed bugs cause distress in Scunthorpe, DN15, 29th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe received a call, late on Friday evening, from a very distressed client in Scunthorpe. The client had discovered bedbugs in his bedroom, his wife was very upset. They requested for the matter to be resolved urgently. Understanding the customers distress we made our way to assist them immediately. On arrival we conducted a full survey. The survey identified a major bed bug infestation. We discussed the available options and proceeded with treatment immediately. We informed the clients of the health and safety procedures surrounding the treatment and advised them to leave the home for 3 hours. The second treatment will be completed in 14 days. Our treatment methods are highly successful, and we are confident this infestation will be resolved very soon and the clients can sleep feeling much happier.

Rats on building site in Scunthorpe - 7th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe were called out to an estate where a building company was renovating some homes. There seemed to be a rat infestation between two of the houses as the rats have gnawed through the plastic air brick covers. The builders were alarmed by the fact  that had found rat droppings in the mesh room where they take their breaks. After completing our rodent surveywe have put into place our rodent treatment plan and installed bait stations around the four properties affected. 

Bedbug fumigation in Scunthorpe, DN15 - 25th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe were contacted by a customer who had been staying with her mother for the past few weeks due to a heavy bedbug infestatio in her flat. We were able to carry out a bedbug survey of the flat and have sinced carried out two courses of treatment. Following both insecticidal sprays and fumigation we are the happy the bedbugs are now gone. 

Mice entering home near Scunthorpe, DN17 - 7th February 2022

Pestforce Scunthorpe was called to a detached property in a village just outside Scunthorpe after the home had started having issues with mice coming into the property. We were able to locate rodent entry points. A treatment plan has been put in place. 

Mice control expert for Scunthorpe pub, DN16 - 5th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe was called to a public house which has discovered a mouse infestation they have tried themselves to solve the problem. With a treatment plan and proofing work to be done. The landlords were happy for myself to continue this work for them which is on going.

Fumigation for spider problem in Scunthorpe, DN21 - 20th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe was called out to do a fumigation treatment in a customer semi dec house for spiders. The customer had concerns when putting back his Christmas decorations in the loft to discover spider webs and spiders in which the Customer didn’t like. Pestforce fulfilled the customers request and did a treatment of the loft with a Fumigation machine. 

Flies in home in Scunthorpe, DN17 - 4th January 2022 

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe were called to a property in which the customer had complained that she seen Cluster flies coming out of the loft when her husband was putting back the Christmas decorations she was very concerned with the flies and immediately required my services in which I was able to do a fumigation treatment. Customer is happy with my services as she had phone me the following day was able to find time to fit the appointment in my schedule for the day.

Bedbug treatment for bedrooms, Scunthorpe, DN16 - 1st November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe carried out a same day inspection for a reported bedbug infestation at a property in Scunthorpe. There was obvious signs of bedbugs in both the master bedroom and children's bedrooms. We booked the client in for a bedbug treatment that week. On arrival of our treatment day, we treated the head boards and mattresses with our effective spray treatment. The following week of the treatment we recieved a call from the client to say that the bedbugs had gone. 

Scunthorpe same day wasp nest treatment - 8th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe have been treating several wasp nests the past few weeks. Yesterday we were called out to treat a wasp nest under roof tiles at a property in the centre of Scunthorpe. The wasps were coming out of fascia. We carried out treatment from height via their bathroom window which was effective. As a gift our client gave us a bottle of wine which we were very grateful of. 

Wasp nest in loft in Scunthorpe - 18th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe was called to an elderly woman’s bungalow due a wasp problem. From our inspection we the noticed a large wasp nest in the loft. We were able to treat the wasp nest on that visit. The customer were delighted the wasps were gone as their partner is very frightened of wasps.

Wasp control for estate agents in Scunthorpe - 9th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe were called to a treat a wasp nest on behalf of an estate agent. The tenant had become quite distressed so we attend an emergency pest control visit. The evening prior the wasps had managed to swarm inside the tenant's living area so it become quite a concern. We attended the same afternoon, treated the nest and left the property wasp free. The estate agent was over the moon with our level of customer service and we have now become they contractor for all pest control works. 

Rat control contract for gift store in Scunthorpe - 3rd September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Scunthorpe were called to a commercial property after staff had started reported seeing rats in the backroom. We attended the same day and assessed the situation. It was clear rodents were evident in the stockroom and adjoining staffroom. We agreed with the store manager to begin a rodenticide treatment and also removed a dead rat from site. We have agreed to carry out monthly inspection visits going foward. We are more happy to offer pest control contracts to any premise. 

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