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Rat Control Grimsby

Rats are more than a nuisance; they pose significant health risks and can damage your property. At Pestforce Grimsby, we understand the urgency of rat infestations. Our expert team, led by Ray Smith, uses the latest techniques and humane methods to eradicate rats from your premises, ensuring they don’t return.

Mice Control Grimsby

Mice can quickly take over a property, causing damage and spreading diseases. Our comprehensive mice control services involve identifying entry points, eliminating current infestations, and taking preventative measures to keep mice at bay. Trust in Ray Smith and his team to protect your home or business from these pervasive pests.

Grey Squirrel Control Grimsby

Grey squirrels, while seemingly harmless, can cause extensive damage to your property and local wildlife. Our grey squirrel control strategies are designed to safely and effectively remove these animals from your premises, ensuring they don’t return to cause further damage.

Flea Control Grimsby

Fleas are not just a problem for pets; they can infest entire homes, biting humans and spreading diseases. Our flea control services include thorough inspections and treatments, targeting all life stages of fleas to ensure complete eradication from your home.

Bedbug Control Grimsby

Bedbugs can turn your comfortable space into a nightmare. These elusive pests are experts at hiding and can be difficult to eliminate. Ray Smith's team employs advanced detection and removal techniques to rid your property of bedbugs and restore your peace of mind.

Ant Control Grimsby

Ant invasions can occur in the blink of an eye, especially during warmer months. Our ant control services are designed to target the entire colony, ensuring that these pests are removed quickly and efficiently from your property.

Wasp Control Grimsby

Wasps can be aggressive and pose significant risks, especially to those with allergies. Our wasp control services include safe removal of nests and measures to prevent future infestations, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without fear.

Pigeon Control Grimsby

Pigeons can cause damage to buildings and spread diseases. Our humane pigeon control solutions focus on deterrents and exclusion techniques, ensuring that pigeons are kept away from your property without harm.

At Pestforce Grimsby, we pride ourselves on providing safe, effective, and humane pest control solutions.

Whether you're facing an immediate pest issue or seeking preventative solutions, we're here to help.

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Recent Pest Control Jobs in Grimsby

Customer in shock over seeing mice in bathroom! DN35 - 8th March 2024

Pestforce Grimsby was called to a property in Cleethorpes customer has had an issue with mice for a while, plus had placed mice snap traps in which had caught a few mice. But they still keep coming! With survey around the property noticed lots of entry points of how the Mice In, Discuss the treatment plan plus approving plan to carry out some work for the customer to prevent further issues with mice. Job currently on going. 

Pigeon problems in an old mill near Freshney Place, DN31 - 14th August 2023

Pestforce Grimsby were called out a few weeks ago to a pigeon issue at an old mill in Grimsby. Unfortunately, there is lots of pigeon faeces. We carried out work in the mill and cleaned and tidied the pigeon mess. We have also placed some bird proofing product in areas where the pigeons were perching to stop the problem once and for all. 

Noises in the toilet walls in Grimsby, DN31 - 4th August 2023

Pestforce Grimsby were called out to an address after the customer reported hearing noise from the toilet and especially in the cavity wall. Following a drain inspection we noticed there was rat droppings. Also there was a leak at the back of the toilet. We discussed with the customer the treatment plan going forward. The customer was happy for this work to be carried out and the job is ongoing.

Private landlord in horror, after cleaning out, tenants mess, bombarded with fleas! Grimsby, DN32 - 17th July 2023 

Pestforce Grimsby was called to a property, not far from Blundell Park, home of Grimsby town, football club! After landlord discovering, after cleaning out the property, there was an infestation of Fleas! The landlord was in a panic because he would like to get the place rented out soon as possible! Spoke with the landlord at great length regarding the treatment plan to tackle the problem, this was accepted by the landlord and the job is still ongoing.

Letting agent in contacts due to flea infestation! Grimsby, DN31 - 14th July 2023 

Pestforce Grimsby was called out by a letting agent in Cleethorpes, who had reports of a flea infestation in one of the properties they manage. The property has been vacant for a few weeks ,contractors have been going in to carry out work but have been bitten quite bad. Discussed the treatment plan with the letting agent. This was accepted by the landlord work is still going on. 

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Single tenant wakes up, horrified to have bedbugs in her bedroom! Grimsby, DN32 - 12th July 2023

Pestforce Grimsby was called out to a flat in Grimsby as a single tenant, was horrified to find bedbugs in her bedroom. With investigation, could clearly see bedbugs underneath her bed with taking the mattress up to adult bedbugs, also on the posts of the bed, you could see eggs were laid. Discussed a treatment plan with the tenant also place monitoring traps around the property to see if there is a further spread of the infestation. Job currently on going. 

Customer rang due to being freaked out, seeing fleas in her home in Grimsby, DN32 - 22nd June 2023 

Pestforce Grimsby was called out on Friday afternoon due to a customer phoned discovering flea. All her animals had fleas and flea eggs on them and the customer straightaway went to vets. I attended that afternoon placed Monitoring traps down. Her partner, had lots of flea bites. You can clearly see there was fleas in the property. I conducted a treatment for the customer. This job is currently on going.

Ants taking over garden in Grimsby, DN37 - 9th June 2023

Pestforce Grimsby was called out to a property in Grimsby as a customer having issues with ants in the garden. Looking at the lawns lots of anthills seen. Garden black ants can be seen. Applied ant gel treatment in plastic stands in the ant nests. Job is still on going.

Coming to the Rescue of a Customer Battling Bedbugs in Grimsby, DN36 - 10th May 2023

Pestforce Grimsby received a distress call from a customer who has been dealing with bedbugs for several weeks. She suspects that she may have inadvertently brought them home from her workplace. Despite her and her father's valiant efforts to tackle the problem themselves, their attempts using products purchased from online platforms like eBay or Amazon proved ineffective. Following a thorough inspection, it became evident that the property was indeed infested. I collaborated with the customer to develop a tailored treatment plan to effectively combat the bedbug infestation. Rest assured, we are dedicated to resolving the issue, and our efforts are currently underway.

Mice have taken over the customer’s loft – Grimsby, DN36 - 21st April 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby were called out to in the new Waltham area where Mice seem to have taken over at Customer 's loft for recent weeks. Now been hearing scratching. Noise is going on in the loft. The customer himself went in the loft to discover Mice droppings. With a survey inspection of the property could clearly see indications of how the Mice for entering the loft, via the cavity walls. Job is currently on going.

Seeing mice in her kitchen in Grimsby, DN31 - 14th April 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby was called out to a property customer was frightened to see a mouse in the kitchen. When I arrive to notice that was traps on the kitchen floor, which were humane. We have an inspection around the found a few entry points, with inspection and in the garage found mouse droppings located in entry points from the garage. Have a Maurice are getting into the loft area The customer has experience scratching in the loft. This job is currently on going.

Rats from drains gnawing through wall in home in Grimsby, DN37 - 8th April 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby was called out to a job on Monday night regarding a rodent issue in his kitchen. I arrived at the property and the customer had been up all night. Following an inspection, we have noticed there was a hole coming from his cavity wall. We then inspected the drains where you could see some rodent activity had taken place with signs of cavity wall insulation at the drain itself! With this in mind, we also inspected the loft where we have found a rat dropping. This job is currently ongoing.

Horror seeing beetles in son’s bedroom in Grimsby, DN37 - 31st March 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby was recently called out to a premises after a client had found carpet beetles in her son’s bedroom. On attedance we found the beetles and noticed the majority of the activity was on their wool carpets upstairs. We have now outlined a treatment plan to tackle the problem. This job is currently on going.

Infestation of fleas at home in Grimsby, DN35 - 22nd March 2023 

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby was recently called out to a property in Cleethorpes. The customer had started having issues with fleas which had been brought into the home from their pet cat. The customer has tried herself to tackle the problem but her shop-brought products could not clear the infestation. We carried out a thorough inspection and could clearly see there was fleas. Monitoring traps have been deployed and a treatment plan to tackle the problem has been agreed. 

Bed bugs! Customer frightened, was seen them in her child's bed!! Grimsby, DN32 - 7th March 2023

Pestforce Grimsby record out recently to a job where I Customer had your phone to say had discovered bedbugs and her daughters bedroom, especially in the mattress. The Customer mentioned, I was recommended by her friend, who also had bed bugs last year. We're inspection and a good survey. The right thing to do the whole property for a treatment in which the customer agreed. This job is ongoing.

Mice activity seen in car showroom! Grimsby, DN31 - 14th February 2023

Pestforce Grimsby had a callout on the same day to a car showroom in which staff have confirmed mice activity in the kitchen, staff room and workshop. With further investigation notice a few entry points around the building. One member of staff reported mice droppings found in desk cupboard where food was kept accidentally, to find all was gone! With speaking to the manager treatment plan had been discussed.

Rats burrowing underneath garden fence - 2nd February 2023

Pestforce Grimsby was called out to a property where the customers had seen rats burrowing underneath the fence line between himself and neighbours. We discussed with the customer about putting a wire mesh underneath the fence to stop the rats digging in future. Customer was happy for this work to be done. 

Fleas in front room – Grimsby, DN34 - 20th January 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby was called out due to a customer horrified and discovering in the front room cat fleas!!! The customer owns two cats had started a treatment plan to tackle the fleas herself with buying sprays from sites on the internet, but unfortunately haven't worked. A full survey was carried out treatment plan was discussed with the customer which was agreed. This job is ongoing.

Customer came home to find mice droppings in a property in Grimsby, DN34 -  6th January 2023

Pestforce Grimsby were called out to an address where the customer came home to finding mouse droppings in a property. With further inspection noticed in the kitchen area droppings also droppings have been found in the old pantry! With speaking with the customer, a plan of action has been put in place for treatment, and also some proofing work. This job is currently on going. 

Rat trying to gain access to back of toilet in Grimsby, DN31 - 27th October 2022

Pestforce Grimsby was called out by a letting agent due to a burst water pipe which was discovered by plumbers at the property, but found that's a rats have come through the drain the back of the toilet, had eaten through pipe. Arrived to look at the situation this has been taken into Hand job is currently on going.

Customer had been away to find things been eating in her kitchen! Grimsby, DN32 -  14th October 

Pestforce Grimsby was called out today regarding the Customer I've just come back from being away and found things in her kitchen I've been eaten, her boyfriend went in the loft and found mice droppings and was very concerned it was mice. The investigation there is evidence to prove it is Maurice and the property treatment plan is ongoing.

Grimsby mice proofing work due to mice, DN36, 31st August 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby called to the address due to the customer having issues with a mice infestation. The customer and her parents have tried to tackle the issue themselves by setting Snaptraps  around the house. Due to the problem getting worse and worse they decided to call  pest control company. With doing a survey it was in the best interest to do some proofing work around the house by fitting wire mesh around the air bricks around the house. 

Mouse droppings in loft in Grimsby, DN32 - 4th July 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby received a call from the landlady who confirmed that her new tenants while looking in the loft discovered mice droppings. We are doing an inspection of the loft could see there's lots of mice droppings about. We also noticed a lot of entry points from the outside which was how the mice were getting in. We discussed with the landlady and a treatment plan put in place. Soon to be mouse free.

Advice for Starlings in Grimsby, DN35 - 30th June 2022 

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby were called to a property in Cleethorpes In where the customer has the issues with birds flying underneath the roof tile around the back of the property which has caused distress to the customers partner and children with a noise coming from the loft area. Identified the birds what are starlings we had waited for the starlings to go regarding nests in involved soon it was clear that the nesting had ended proofing work began in blocking the entry point underneath the roof tile.

Pigeon problem at church in Grimsby, DN32 - 20th June 2022 

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby were called to a church in the heart of Grimsby main shopping precinct. The church was experiencing pigeons flying in through a window where the wire mesh had been cut loose. With all its inspection notice where the problem occurred and managed to resolve the situation by getting the windows shut and making sure the pigeons left the church. Staff members are very happy especially the canteen area where they could reopen the canteen to the public which is heavily relying on its a source of income for the church.

Lettings agents having trouble with mice in Grimsby, DN35 - 10th June 2022 

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby called out by a repeat customer for a letting agency who had issues with one of their properties for for mice. With an inspection unchecked entry points noticed that some proofing work needed to be done to resolve the issue at the property where tenants have seen mice getting into round the kitchen. We carried out the proofing work by putting wire mesh on the air bricks and concreting some gaps and holes around the property.

Rodents gain entrance to canteen portacabin on building site in Grimsby, DN34 - 12th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby were called to attend a building site in Grimsby, where the site staff had discovered signs of mouse activity within the canteen portacabin. Our rodent team conducted an inspection on arrival and were quickly able to identify points of entrance for the mice. We have initiated a rodent treatment plan, which is ongoing. We have another visit scheduled for one weeks’ time.

Mice run riot at a business premises in Grimsby, DN31, 29th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby received a call from a repeat customer who owns a business in the town centre of Grimsby. The business owner had been alerted by staff members of the presence of rodents within the premises. Our team were able to attend the same day. We completed a full inspection inside and out of the building. During the inspection a rodent ran past me and ventured into an outbuilding. Our team is certain that the mouse infestation is migrating from upstairs, above the business premises. We discussed a rodent treatment plan with the business owner, he agreed for us to proceed. We have initiated this and look forward to successful results. We also spoke with the staff onsite and gave them lots of information and many suggestions going forward, to aid the treatment program and help to prevent further infestations in the future.

Emergency mice control in Grimsby, DN32 - 6th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby received a phone call from a distressed customer who has got issues with mice coming in and out of their property. We've carried out the inspection and noticed entry points around the house and droppings in the loft. We have commenced a 3 visit riddance treatment and hope to have the home mice free in a couple of weeks.

Mice getting into home in Grimsby, DN37 - 22nd March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby attended a property in Grimsby after a mice problem outbreak. The resident was highly concerned about the number of mice getting into the propetry. We have since found some entry points and these will ungero proofing work once we have completed a treatment plan and erradicate the mice population from source. 

Mice control and proofing for property extension in Grimsby, DN34 - 19th March 2022

Pestforce Grimsby were called out to a property in which mice droppings were found in the loft of a new extension. The customer has had work being done by a plumber who discovered cables that had been knawed. Following our pest survey we found lots of entry points with the air bricks having no covers. We spoke with the customer and put in place a treatment plan and agreed to carry out proofing work fitting wire mesh covers. 

Rodent smell in the walls in Grimsby, DN37 - 12th March 2022

Pestforce Grimsby were called by a customer who had a rodent issue in his cavity wall of his conservatory. Due to the issue, we had to drill holes to get to the problem of the smell in the property!! We managed to drill holes and find the smell and was able to fumigate. Lucky that the customer is having a new conservatory built so the damage with the house wasn't bad. Outside we have concreted underneath some roof tiles in which we believe the rodents used as ingress points. 

Mice in garage in Grimsby, DN31 - 4th March 2022

Pestforce Grimsby were called out to help a lady having mice issues in her garage. We attended the same day and could see lots of rodent entry points in the garage door and holes in the brickwork. The customer had been trying to control the problem herself with snap traps but more mice kept coming in. We discussed with the customer about doing some proofing work and also a bait treatment plan. This has been agreed and we are close to fully erradicating the problem and protecting the property from further ingress, 

Mice control for flats in Grimsby, DN31 - 25th February 2022

Pestforce Grimsby has been asked to start work on a property with Multiple flats in which a mouse problem has occurred. Residents have seen Mice running around  in the flats. Pestforce Grimsby 's task is to get the mice issue sorted plus proofing outside also needs to be done. This job is currently ongoing.

Damage from rats in Grimsby, DN36 - 16th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby received a phone call early in the morning from a distressed mother who is living at his sons house discovered in the early hours of the morning and noise downstairs to be alarmed to find a rat running around. The rat had caused damage to the door of the kitchen with Noring. When I arrived at the property was shown the damage caused by the rat. Plus to discover that the toilet was removed out of the toilet room in the house which left wide opening of the drain which I believe the rat came out from a norned its way through the toilet door running around. The property then attempted to get underneath the kitchen door. A treatment plan is now in place with the customer and this is a current ongoing job.

Mice running in loft in DN36 - 8th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby has called to semi detached property in a village not far from Grimsby. The customer had phoned to say his family had been distressed hearing loud noises in the loft. We carried out a full survey around the property notice entry points for mice and found evidence of mice dropppings. A treatment plan has been put in place and we are confident the house will soon be mice free.

Mouse control for letting agent in Grimsby, DN32 - 3rd February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby recalled from a letting agency in the town in which a representative while doing an inspection of the property is discovered mouse activity. further to inspection found signs of mouse activity plus entry points into the house have spoken with the Letting agency regarding a treatment plan and proofing which will take place later date this job is also ongoing.

Grimsby Bed Bug Infestation Tackled by Pestforce, DN32 - 30th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby was called to a property today due to infestation of bedbugs the client was very traumatised when she notice crawling insects on her bed head and around the mattress which has caused her to call pest control. When speaking to the client and outlined the action plan to eradicate the problem the client was then happy to proceed with this treatment which will take two visits.

Mice in bedroom in Grimsby, DN32 - 24th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby was called out to a terrace property in which a elderly lady lives and her son discovered Mice upstairs in a couple of rooms one being his mothers bedroom. Pestforce concluded a survey discovered where the mice of being coming into the property and is currently concluding a treatment plan and proofing work to be done.

Rat chewed hole in bathroom in Grimsby - 14th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby was called late on Friday afternoon to a customer who discovered a hole underneath his bath. This had been left by a rodent who had gnawed through. The customer was very distressed due to having a new extension built in finding new holes everywhere. A treatment plan is is currently in place and this is ongoing.

Bad odour in business centre in Grimsby, DN31 - 4th January 2022

Pestforce Grimsby was called out to a business centre which is based in the heart of Grimsby to which a company had noticed a rodent smell in one of the empty rooms of the building . When investigation of the room discovered a rodent are trying to get into the event which was built into the wall from the other side noticed there was a bite marks from a rodent trying to gain entry into the building. Also there was a lot skips and bins which have overflowed not been emptied and may caused the rodent problem in the first place three visit treatment plan is underway to get on top of the situation. 

Same day wasp nest removal in Grimsby, DN37 - 1st November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby recieved an urgent call for a wasp nest that required treatment at a home in Grimsby. We attended the emergency pest control visit and arrived at the property within 30 minutes. The wasp nest was at the rear of the property in the fascia. The wasps were disturbing both the homeowners and their neighbours. We carried out our effective spray treatment and the wasps are all gone. 

Bedbug treatment for bungalow in Grimsby - 22nd October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby recently completed a bedbug spray treatment for an 80 year old RAF veteran who had a heavy bedbug infestation in his home in Grimsby. During our initial survey visit there was clear evidence of bedbugs across multiple rooms in the property. We have since treated and fumigated the bungalow and left insect monitors to allow us to carry a follow up visit in a couple of weeks. We also advised that the client did not hoover the proeprty for at least 2 weeks to ensure the treatment can take full effect. 

Wasp swarm at property in Grimsby, DN34 - 16th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby were called out to treat a wasp nest at the top of fascia at a home in Grimsby. We were available to a nest day callout. We attended the next morning as the swarm of wasps was getting bigger. We had to treat from the flat roof as the nest was 2 stories up. The nest was eventually treated and now the client has informed us that no more wasps have been sighted. An effective wasp nest solution. 

Flea control for home in Grimsby - 8th October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby recently completed another flea treatment in Grimsby. We were called by a family that had a serious flea infestation throughout their 3 bed home. It seemed apparent that the fleas had been brought in by their pet dog. The dog had been treated for fleas so we took our opportunity to carry out a 2 part insecticidal spray treatment and followed up with a fumigation treatment. This has been effective and the fleas are no more. 

Flea treatment for apartment in Grimsby - 17th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby was called to do a flea treatment at an apartment in central Grimsby. The flea issue has arisen due to a cat that lives at the property. I acted on a 24-hour notice and managed to get the job done leaving the customer very happy with my efforts.

Wasp nest removal in Grimsby - 27th August 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Grimsby were called out by a holiday maker at a caravan park. The lady had started seeing wasps coming out of the roof of her caravan. After a recommendation from a neighbour, she called us and we attended within the hour. We treated the nest with our effective insecticidal spray and now no more wasps. Keeping you pest free. Call Ray your local professional pest control expert. 

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