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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Farnborough and Fleet.

We are expert, qualified and experienced pest control technicians and offer a competitively priced service to customers in and around Farnborough & Fleet areas.

Pest control is a specialist sector. To successfully deal with pests, a technician may need to use a range of methods and equipment.

You may have children and pets and you will obviously need to confident that any chemicals used will not harm them. Many customers, particularly if we are dealing with pests outside, want to know that the treatments and chemicals used do not harm wildlife.

We make sure that all our treatments and methods used are humane to all pests; we do not believe in causing unnecessary suffering to any pest.

Pestforce Pest Control Farnborough are you go to guys when you are in need of a local pest controller in Farnborough. Give us a call on 01252 596 078 and speak with a member of our team.

Pest Control Services in Farnborough

How do you know we are expert pest control technicians?

In order to be a successful pest control technician, there are several factors that need to be in place:

Knowledge – we are qualified to a high standard

  • Level 2 ‘Pest Control & Management’ awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health
  • Specialist courses in wasp nest removal, gassing, rodent control, use of pesticides and insect identification
  • Access to technical equipment at a local laboratory to identify less-common insects etc.

Experience in pest control

  • We have been providing a comprehensive, one-stop pest control and management service for over 10 years. There is no pest with which we cannot or will not deal.

We tackle every imaginable pest across Farnborough, not limited to:

  • Mice
  • Foxes
  • Moths
  • Grey squirrels
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed bugs
  • Birds and pigeons
  • Rats
  • Silverfish
  • Ant
  • Bees and their nests
  • Wasps and their nests
  • And much, much more
If you suspect or have found evidence of pests in Farnborough, either at your home or business, do not hesitate to give Pestforce Pest Control Farnborough a call on 01252 596 078 to see how we can help.

Farnborough Rat Control

Many people find the common rat an abhorrent animal, finding the idea of sharing their home or garage with it an unpleasant idea.

Rats can present health risks too. They carry a bacterium in the kidney which is secreted in their urine. Should this bacterium finds its way into the human body – for example, through coming into contact with rats urine in soil or some other means – a serious illness can take hold. Weil’s Disease as it is known, can be fatal.

Rats do not like sharing their nests with us humans either. They create their nests in areas that are not only free from human interference, but also dry, with plenty of nearby nesting material and an abundant supply of food.

Getting rid of rats can be difficult to those people who are inexperienced. Traps need to be laid as well as poison. As licensed pest controllers, we are able to use high-grade, professional poison that acts very quickly. We may need to make several visits and treatments to make sure that you are free from your rat nuisance.

Business customers, such as farms and food outlets, find that rats can be a permanent problem. It is impossible to rid everywhere of rats, as they breed so quickly and is in such big numbers that their population can only be managed rather than wiped out. We can provide our rat pest control services on a contractual basis, making sure with regular visits and constant monitoring that rat numbers are kept to a minimum.

If you need our local Farnborough rat control services then get in touch with us today on 01252 596 078.

Specialist Farnborough and Fleet Pest Control

We take care of everyone in Farnborough & Fleet areas! We work with all domestic customers whether it is in the property or in the garden, shed , garaged or any other outbuilding. Business customers include:

  • Educational settings such as schools, colleges, children’s nurseries, universities etc.
  • Sporting facilities and complexes, from football grounds, rugby clubs, cricket pitches, bowling greens and golf courses
  • We work with a large number of accommodation providers letting agents, estate agents, private landlords, housing associations, secure units, care homes, nursing homes, B&Bs, hotels and more. We also undertake pest control assignments for local authorities too.
  • Food outlets require a discreet pest control service. We have worked with local cafes, restaurants, pubs, shops, supermarkets, fast food outlets, delicatessens etc.
  • Agricultural settings, such as farms, grain stores, feed rooms, stables, kennels and catteries are also customers who can benefit from on-going monitoring of pest control issues.
  • Industrial units - warehouses, factories and other industrial units such as vehicle compounds, storage facilities.
  • Office blocks, caravan parks, mobile home parks, stately homes and the surrounding grounds, building sites, garden centres and various recreational park areas have also needed our pest control services.
Pestforce Farnborough & Fleet Pest Control are available for all residential, commercial, and agricultural jobs in Hampshire covering towns and cities such as Ash Vale, Church Crookhamamp;, Cove, Crookham Village, Farnborough Green, Farnborough, Fleet, Fox Lane, Frimley, West Heath and all surrounding areas. If you need our local pest controllers, give us a call on 01252 596 078. We’d be more than happy to help.

Recent Jobs

Rats and Mice at property in Farnborough - 15/03/2021

Pestforce Farnborough were called to action by a large landscaping firm in the local area. One of the sites they were working on had an infestation of rats in the garden and shed area and a mice issue in some old containers they had been used for storage. Our techncian forumlated the most appropriate course of action to resslove both pest issues. After a 3 visit riddance treatment and some rodent trapping, our technician successfully eradicated both infestations. On top of this treatment some well needed rodent proofing was carried out which will stop future ingress. The client was very impressive with our fast and effective solutions and has now approved for us to carry out some contractual work in the near future. 

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