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Pest Control Farnham & Aldershot - Surrey

If you've got moles, rats, mice, wasps, fleas, bees, ants, rabbits, woodworm or birds causing you problems... we can help you.

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Pestforce Aldershot & Farnham Pest Control

Welcome to Pestforce Aldershot & Farnham. We offer to residents and businesses in Aldershot & Farnham, and surrounding areas a one-stop pest control service.

When you have a pest control problem, you need a fast, efficient response. As a successful team, we live and work locally and so there is opportunity for us to be on your doorstep on the same day!

However, tackling pest infestations takes more than just turning up and setting traps; you need to be confident that the pest control technician is knowledgeable about the pest and the solutions needed, skilled in a variety pest control methods and safe in their working practice – with use, you will be getting all this and more.

  • Knowledgeable - We are both qualified to the pest control industry standard as laid out in the Level 2 ‘Pest Control & Management’, awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH). This comprehensive qualification must be successfully completed within 12 months and covers the identification and eradication or control of vertebrates and invertebrates. There is also a module that covers the safe use, storage and transportation of chemicals. All the methods we use are child and pet safe. We also practice humane methods of pest control, believing no animal or pest should suffer.

  • Skilled-  We have also completed several additional courses that see us skilled in dealing with specific pests in specific locations, such as;

Bird proofing techniquesbirds such as pigeons, seagulls etc. can flock and roost in large numbers of buildings. This present significant problems both in term of the health hazard associated with brid droppings, as well as the erosive damage they cause to buildings. Many businesses (and homeowners) are now seeing the long term benefits of bird proofing as opposed to constant, hefty repair bills. We can use a range of methods – such as netting and spiking – that humanely prevent birds from landing on buildings.

Other courses include gassing techniques (a highly specialised pest control method), and additional courses of effective rodent control, insect identification and pesticides.

With a technical background too, any pest such as the thousands of species of insect that exist, we are able to efficiently identify lesser-known pests through the use of laboratories. Using such a facility for accurate identification is essential in deciding the correct treatment and methods we need to use.

  • Safe - Being qualified, with up-to-date knowledge of the correct use of pesticides is essential. In addition, all our work is insured, with Public Liability Insurance to a value of £5 million.

Pest control at its best!

With so many insects and animals in the locality is it difficult to name all the pests that we have and can deal with. In fact, a rare pest infestation is no barrier to effective treatment but you need to call the right pest control team.

We can and have dealt with moles, rats, mice, squirrels, birds, rabbits, foxes, fleas, silverfish, beetles, bedbugs, flies, woodworm, ants, moths, cockroaches, spiders and many other bugs and insects!

We are specialists in:

  • Wasp nest removal & bee removal

  • Mole control & catcher

  • Rat removal & control

  • Mice control & removal

  • Bird & pigeon proofing & control

  • Squirrel, rabbit & fox control

  • Flea & bedbug treatments that work!

  • Fly control

  • Woodworm Treatments

Wasps are a pest that when they decide to build their nests near or in your home or business instantly evokes feelings of fear and vulnerability. Some people can react badly to wasp stings from a localised reaction on the skin (a very uncomfortable and itchy lump) through to people who have a fatal reaction. This is known as anaphylactic shock and no one know they may react this way until it happens.

The good news is...

Wasps have a finite life cycle that lasts from spring to autumn. The mated wasp queen is the only wasp to survive the harsh winter. When she awakes from her winter sleep, she finds a quiet, warm place to build her nest setting about stripping wood, cardboards and other soft materials to build her nest. She will then populate it with eggs and these eggs eventually hatch into the ‘working wasps’ that you see entering and leaving the nest.

The bad news is...

  • You may not want to share your home or garden with a wasp nest for the summer months

  • The wasp population in the nest can reach staggering proportions – up to 5,000 wasps in some cases

  • Wasps become aggressive if they think their queen or nest is under threat

  • Unlike the bee who can only sing once, wasps can sting you several times

The best way to deal with a wasp nest is...

Firstly, and most importantly, do NOT try to deal with it yourself or you could face a swarm of angry wasps (they have been known to pursue their victim for several metres).

Secondly, you need to call in the wasp nest removal experts. We have dealt with many wasp nests over the years of we have been pest control technicians and have the skills, knowledge and ability to safely deal with it.

Who can we help?

We complete pest control assignments in and outside all domestic properties. Businesses customers are wide and varied, with some needing a bespoke pest control packages:

  • Educational and local authority establishments such as school, colleges, children’s nurseries, community centres, day centres etc.

  • ALL sporting facilities and complexes

  • Accommodation providers such as letting agents, estate agents, private landlords, housing associations, secure units, care homes, nursing homes, B&Bs, hotels etc.

  • Food outlets – these types of businesses need particularly discreet yet effective pest control service. We have worked with local cafes, restaurants, pubs, shops, supermarkets, fast food outlets and many others

  • Agricultural settings – including farms, stables, kennels and catteries

  • Industrial units from warehouses to factories and other industrial units. We have also completed various pest control assignments within office blocks and complexes.

  • Other customers include caravan parks, mobile home parks, stately homes and the surrounding grounds, building sites, garden centres and various recreational park areas.

Remember – call in the experts for fast same-day response to your pest control problem, no matter what the pest. We can help you!

Pestforce Aldershot and Farnham are available for all residential, commercial, and agricultural jobs covering towns and cities such as Aldershot, Ash, Ash Vale, Badshot Lea, Farnham, Hale, Heath End, Lower Bourne, North Town, Runfold, The Bourne, Wrecclesham and surrounding areas.

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