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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Swindon.

Serving Swindon, Wootton Bassett, Faringdon, Highworth, Wroughton, Chiseldon & all surroundng areas. 

Your local pest control technicians have both excellent localised knowledge and specialist, technical expertise.

You can be sure to rely on Pestforce pest controllers to treat and prevent pest infestations in your home or business. 

Whether you are a large commercial facility in need of a comprehensive pest control solution or if you have seen a rodent in the kitchen at home, Pestforce will have you covered.

No two pest problems are the same and we specialise in providing an effective, tailored pest control treatment solution that is suited to you and your environment.

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  • Fully Qualified & Experienced 
  • RSPH Level 2 in Pest Management
  • BPCA Members
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  • Fully Insured (sum of £5 million)
  • Hold a valid fire arms license

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Available for phone consultation / bookings: Monday - Friday between 7:30AM - 17:30PM.

Over the weekends: please text / email / leave a voicemail with new queries. 

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Swindon Rat Control

Rats are often the first pests that come to mind when you think of unwelcome intruders. If you've ever had to deal with a rat infestation, you know the importance of swift and effective rat control services in Swindon.

One of the unmistakable signs of a rat issue is the presence of large droppings. These droppings can be quite startling at first, but it's crucial not to ignore them. You might also spot a rat in your property, confirming the problem.

Swindon Mice Control

While mice may not evoke the same level of aversion as rats, having them as uninvited guests in your space is far from ideal. At Pestforce Pest Control Swindon, our dedicated team specializes in effectively keeping mice away from your premises.

Similar to rats, you may come across mouse droppings on your floors, or you might even hear them scurrying around, especially at night. When these signs manifest, it's time to call in the experts. Left unattended, a mouse infestation can quickly escalate and lead to extensive property damage.

Swindon Wasp Nest Removal

While it's common to spot wasps in your garden during the summer months, their presence around your home or property may require professional intervention, especially if you suspect they've built a nest nearby.

Attempting to remove a wasp nest yourself can be dangerous.

Swindon Bee Control

Bees, although essential to the ecosystem, can become problematic when they invade your living space. Trustworthy and reliable Swindon bee control, nest removal, and rehoming services can be challenging to find, but Pestforce Pest Control Swindon has you covered.

While bees are typically docile, they may sting if they feel threatened. Avoid approaching their nests and never attempt to relocate them yourself.

Rest assured that our Swindon pest control services prioritize ethical and humane bee removal, ensuring they are unlikely to return to your premises.

Swindon Squirrel Control

Squirrels, often considered adorable by many, can become a nuisance when they invade your home or business premises. Without the help of a reliable Swindon squirrel control team, you risk potential property damage or a garden overrun by these furry rodents.

At Pestforce Pest Control Swindon, we offer various treatment options depending on the type of squirrel you have, with the red squirrel being a protected species. Regardless of the type, we prioritize humane pest control methods.

Swindon Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Birds in your home or business premises can be quite bothersome, especially when they become agitated. Professional Swindon bird control teams specialize in managing these situations. Whether they're roosting in your shed, outhouse, or attic, if birds are causing you trouble, it's time to get in touch with us.

We also provide professional pigeon proofing to ensure these birds don't return to nest. This preventive measure is both safe and humane, keeping your property bird-free without causing harm or distress.

Swindon Bed Bug Control

Dealing with bed bugs can be incredibly frustrating, as these pests are often too small to see with the naked eye. Pestforce Pest Control Swindon's bed bug control teams are experts at identifying and eliminating these tiny intruders.

If you wake up with itchy rashes or bumps on your skin, or your bed feels uncomfortable due to itching, it's crucial to act swiftly.

Swindon Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are among the most unsettling pests to encounter in any building. If you spot one, it's a clear sign that it's time to address the issue promptly. Allowing a cockroach infestation to persist can lead to health concerns and discomfort for you and your family.

Swindon Flea Control

While fleas are often associated with homes that have pets, they can infest any environment, including commercial premises. Pestforce Pest Control Swindon's flea control professionals often find severe infestations by the time they arrive, as fleas are challenging to detect.

If you've started itching or noticed bumps and rashes on your skin, it's essential to address a potential flea infestation promptly. The sooner, the better.

Recent Jobs in Swindon

Mole control in Swindon garden- October 2023

Pestforce pest control Swindon was contacted by a customer after seeing a some unsightly mounds of soil pop up in their back garden. Keen to prevent too much additional damage to their pristine lawn, Pestforce pest control Swindon swiftly attended and confirmed an infestation of moles had set up camp within the garden. A 3-visit treatment was agreed upon, using highly efficient trapping techniques. After 2 weeks the pesky moles had been caught and the customer could get back to tending to their lawn. 

Squirrels in loft at Swindon home - August 2023

Pestforce pest control Swindon was contacted by a customer after seeing a squirrel pop in and out of their loft, via a gnawed piece of soffit. Having previously repaired another piece of roof that the squirrels were using to ingress into the loft, it was time to get the problem dealt with professionally. Pestforce pest control Swindon identified several areas of evidence, consistent with squirrels, in the loft. Mainly droppings and gnawed wooden beams. A three visit trapping treatment was agreed upon. After 2 weeks all of the squirrels were cleared from the loft and the customer was very happy to have their home to themselves again. 

Squirrel control at a Swindon home - August 2023

Pestforce pest control Swindon was contacted by a customer after hearing noises in their loft and noticing sole damage to the roof of their house. Pestforce pest control Swindon attended and surveyed the loft, roof and surrounding vicinity. An infestation of squirrels has set up home in the loft and living rent free!! A 3 visit treatment, using highly efficient trapping methods was agreed upon. After 2 weeks the squirrels had been cleared and proofing to the roof was recommended to lower the risk of a re-infestation. The customer was very happy with the service provided. 

Wasp nest treated at Swindon pre-school - August 2023

Pestforce pest control Swindon was contacted by a local pre-school school after seeing a large number of wasps coming in and out of a small hole above the door frame of the entrance to the pre-school. Pestforce pest control Swindon attended and identified an active wasp's nest. All relevant safety precautions for staff and children were given. The nest was treated and within an hour the wasp activity had ceased. 

Wasp nest treated and removed at Swindon primary school - July 2023

Pestforce pest control Swindon was contacted by a local primary school after seeing a large number of wasps coming in and out of the recycling store. Pestforce pest control Swindon attended and identified an active wasp's nest attached to the wooden structure of the storage unit. All relevant safety precautions followed, and PPE worn. The nest was treated, and once all activity has ceased, the nest was removed. 

Wasp nest treated in Swindon - July 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Swindon was contacted by a local primary school after seeing many wasps in the playground of the school. We attended and quickly identified an active wasp's nest being accessed via a small hole in the brick work of one of the classrooms. An early morning appointment was carried out, to ensure no children were at risk of the wasps. The nest was treated and within an hour wasp activity had ceased. Advice on accessing the area was given. 

Extra safe mice control methods for local school in Swindon - June 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Swindon was contacted by a local primary school after suspecting they had some unwanted visitors in one of the classrooms. We attended the school and carried out a comprehensive survey of the entire school. It was confirmed that a family of mice had test up home below the stage in a classroom and were feeding off seeds that had been used to stuff beanbag balls. Recommendations weee given on items to dispose of, in the interest of the children and staff's safety. A 3-visit rodenticide treatment was carried out, considering all safety precautions. After 2 weeks the mice were all gone and proofing to the area that the mice were entering was carried out. 

3 visit rat control for property in Swindon - June 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Swindon was contacted by a local property management company after the tenants of one of their properties heard scurrying noises below the floorboards. We h attended and confirmed an infestation of rats accessing the property. A 3-visit rodenticide treatment was carried out which cleared the infestation. During investigations it was discovered the sewers were damaged which was allowing ingress to the rats. Repair work was carried out by a drainage company which has solved the problem. The property management company was very pleased with the service provided. 

Ant control for local school, Swindon - May 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Swindon was contacted by a local school after seeing a large number of ants in the school kitchen. We ttended and confirmed an infestation of carpenter ants accessing the kitchen. Although ants present a low risk to human health and hygiene, they can be unsightly and not something you’d want in your lunch. As these were carpenter ants it was deemed there is some rotten wood below ground level and the ants were accessing the kitchen for some of the school's delicious food. A 2-visit insecticide treatment was carried out and within a week the ants were gone. 

Wasp nest removal for care home, Swindon - May 2023

A local care home contacted Pestforce Pest Control Swindon after a member of staff noticed the beginnings of a wasp's nest in the garden shed. Due to the need for staff to regularly access the shed, and the risks associated with wasp stings. We attended to survey the issue. The nest was confirmed as an active wasp's nest, treated and removed safely. The staff were very relieved they could not access the area without fear of being stung. 

Ant control in Swindon - 2022

A customer contacted Pestforce Swindon after finding an army of ants in their kitchen! Pestforce Swindon we're able to attend the same day and established that a nest of garden ants had managed to find their way in via a redundant waste pipe in the wall of the kitchen. From here they were able to pop out from behind the kickboards and into the kitchen. As we were able to find the nest in a garden bed on the external face of the kitchen wall an effective treatment could be acted upon that day and within several hours the issue had been resolved. 

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