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I am Graham King your local pest control technician.

I offer you a prompt and professional service no matter how large or small your pest problem is, using Integarted Pest Management techniques to effictive resolve the problem quickly. 

I will always talk through all options available with you, whilst ensuring the safety of your home, children, pets, non target species and local wildlife. 

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Gloucestershire Pest Control Services

Below are just a few of the many pest I can help you with:

Rats or Mice Pest Control:

Throughout the year Rats and Mice will be looking for somewhere warm to live, eat and breed. As it has been immensely wet this year they are already causing problems at domestic and industrial properties. When rodents get into your property they can also bring more unwelcome guests like fleas, mites and lice. They can cause vast amount of damage due to their constant need to gnaw to keep their teeth short, but also will cause damage when searching for food and water. They also carry out numerous diseases which can be passed onto humans. Rodents breed all year round, so don’t ignore them as 2 will soon become a lot more. There are several different methods that can be used to help solve your individual problem Trapping, Baiting and Proofing.

Bird Pest Control:

Pigeons, Seagulls, Sparrows and Starlings, are just some of the birds that can be a problem throughout the year, roosting and nesting around your home or work place. Not only can they be a nuisance by fouling, noise and attacking people but can also cause damage to property. Although some problems are very visible, there can also be problems with bird mites, fleas, ticks, beetles, maggots and flies. Pestforce Gloucestershire can solve your bird problems using the traditional methods of proofing using Anti Bird Spikes, Post and Wiring or putting up Anti Bird Nets or with non visible proofing such as Bird Free Gel and Avishock. From the smallest of properties to the largest factory we can help.

Grey Squirrel Pest Control:

Grey Squirrels can regularly be seen living in country side, parks and gardens, but they will live in shed, garages, attic and warehouses. Whenever they move into a domestic or industrial property they can and will cause major damage by chewing electrical cables, wood, insulation, vents, aluminium and plastic. They need to constantly chew to keep their insicors short. They will nest in attics using the insulation for nesting in during the winter; and then will use the same nest to bring up there young in during the spring. Squirrels problems can be solved using traps and proofing.

Mole Pest Control:

Moles and Mole Hills are common throughout Gloucestershire. The Moles work can be seen in the smallest of gardens to the largest of agricultural fields. Although the Mole Hill is unsightly it can cause damage to mowing machinery and be collected up when crops are harvested for feed for horse and farm animals. The Moles tunnels cause the ground to become uneven, which becomes a seed bed for weeds. Plants and seedling will wilt and die when a tunnel is directly under the plant. The longer a mole is left the more damage it will cause.

Wasp & Hornet Pest Control:

Although not a major problem at this time of year Queen Wasp and Hornets can be found hybinating in attic, as the weather warms up the more wasps and hornnets will be see.. Call Pestforce Gloucestershire to get the problem removed quickly and efficiently with the promise that if we have to come back to the said nest we will carry out the next treatment for FREE.

Bee Pest Control:

Bumble Bees and Honey Bees are now becoming active again after winter, as the weather gets warmer there is a chance of seeing or getting a Honey Bee swarm.  Honey and Bumble Bees do not consider where they relocate to so can be seen nesting in walls, chimneys and anywhere they have deem suitable to form a nest. At Pestforce Pest Control Gloucestershire I will always try my utmost best to relocate these problems Bees; as a Bee Keeper myself any swarm or bee colony collected is relocated to by me or to a Bee Keeper from the Calne, Wiltshire. Last year 10 Honey Bee swarms where collected, 15 Bumble Bee colonies have been removed from attics and compost heaps and relocated.

Where can we help?

We have the knowledge and experience in clearing and preventing pest problems in domestic housing, flats, student lets, sheltered housing, gardens, farms, sport pitches, golf courses, bowls lawn, pubs, hotels, commercial and industrial properties, to be truthful wherever you can have a pest problem we can help you.

We able to assist tenants with pets who are moving out and need to assure their landlord that the property is clear of fleas, and have many times fitted in between cleaning and removals companies in such situations. We can also provide a one off clearance or a dedicated service agreement suited to landlords.

We offer comprehensive yearly cover for commercial and residential properties, with payment being spread over 4 instalments. A Service record will be made up showing all aspects of the cover.

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