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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Hounslow.  

We have qualified and experienced pest controllers in the area, offering a comprehensive, all-in-one pest control service. 

Just some of the common pests we regularly deal with:

  • Bird & Pigeon control & proofing
  • Rat removal & control
  • Mice removal & control
  • Flea Treatments
  • Woodworm
  • Mole Control
  • Wasp nest removal
  • Bee removal
  • Bedbug Treatments
  • Squirrels, rabbits and foxes
  • Flies, moths, beetles, spiders, ants...
  • ... any pest you can think of!

Pests in the Winter

Like humans, most animals look for security, warmth and food in their surroundings with mice and rats being no different. The prolonged wet weather and flooding in some parts, have force rats and mice from their normal habitats.

They have found that our homes, business premises, sheds and garages provide perfect havens from the weather and there is not only a plentiful supply of nesting materials available but also food close by. Don’t share your home with pests! Call us here at Pestforce Hounslow!

Pests in the Summer

Summer, when the sun is shining, is the time to relax and enjoy your garden. But, you may have noticed a few more visitors in the garden than normal.

Ants are tiny insects that play an important part in our ecology. They normally make their nest underground and one nest in the garden does not pose too much of a problem or a risk. However, more than one can become a nuisance. They will attempt to protect their nests from human interference making an impressive show of attacking anyone who goes near it, by brandishing their jaws in the air, attempting to bite should they come in to contact with you. They are, however, too weak to pierce our skin. Other species of ant can sting but it is not this that causes the problem. Ants create and build impressive networks of tunnels underground but, if these colonies become too big with the ant population numbering many hundreds of thousands, the structure can begin to cause problems for the root systems of plants. This is how some customers come to realise they have a problem – well established plants appear to be dying and they may well be as a result of their root system being disturbed by the ant colony. Killing the ants is not enough. Once the ants have been successfully eradicated, the nest needs breaking up otherwise another any colony will move in.  As pest controllers, we can safely use professional-grade insecticide making sure no ants remain and that the nest is of no use to another colony.

Domestic and Commerical Services

We have also worked for a variety of commercial enterprises – schools, colleges, children’s nurseries, universities, community centres, football clubs, rugby clubs, cricket clubs, bowling greens, letting agents, estate agents, nursing home, care homes, B&Bs, hotels, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, farms, stables, kennels, catteries, warehouses, factories, haulage companies, offices, caravan parks, mobile home parks, stately homes and the surrounding grounds, building sites, garden centres, recreational park areas and many others!

Don’t let the pest problem take hold. If you think you have a problems, call in the pest control experts.

Before we start any job, we survey the area and offer you honest, impartial advice on the next step forward.

Recent Jobs

Mouse control for home in Hounslow - January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Hounslow had a text the other day in the morning from a local landlord in the central Hounslow area who had seen mice in their house. We provided some reassurance and booked the customer in for a vermin survey visit of their property for that morning. We discovered clear evidence of mouse activity with new droppings found in the attic area.  To remove the infestation we formulated a specific treatment plan integrating rodent non-toxic baits and mouse traps. We have since completed our treatment and the infestation has been effectively eradicated.  The customer was very happy for the fast response.

Pigeon work in Richmond – January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control South West London carried out some bird proofing work for a client in Richmond following an issue with feral pigeons nesting on a balcony of a 2nd floor flat. The works included removal of contaminated flooring/decking, full enviro clean and pressure washing. To exclude the birds accessing the balcony we have utilized a no flame net using a tension cable system – specifically designed for pigeon nets. We have guaranteed this work for 24 months.

Neighbourhood Pests

A recent customer called from the Hounslow area, concerned by the unusual noises he was hearing from the property’s upstairs cavities late at night. He rightfully suspected that he had a rat problem, which had lodged themselves in the void between the kitchen ceiling and upstairs floo As the local pest control technician for Hounslow, I was able to get to the property erly the very next morning. However, on first attending, I was unable to see any point of entry that rats may have taken outside the customer’s extended property. Nevertheless, on closer inspection of the neighbours house, I found smear marks characteristic of rats to be found all across the airbrick cover. The neighbours also had recycling bins in the garden and exposed vegetables which were automatically providing an easy food source for the unwanted guests. Attracted to the vegetables, the rats had then burrowed into the wall cavity and nested inside the insulation of the two properties. Remember pest problems are often not in isolation and that it may taken a concerted effort from you and your neighbours to fully get rid of a pest control problem.

Cockroaches in Feltham 

I was called to a block of flats in Feltham to investigate for cockroaches. On attending the property, I found that there was a large amount of cockroaches in the kitchen, bathroom and airing cupboards. There are many varieties of cockroach, however this particular property was infested with the most common species found in the UK, the German cockroach, which can be identified by the two black lines that go down the length of their bodies. I used cockroach gel and insect sticky pads to rid the family of their cockroach nightmare in no time at all. The lady of the house told me that the day I applied the gel the cockroaches were still moving around in the kitchen area but by the morning, most had succumbed to the treatment. Please be aware that is not always the case, if an ineffective insecticide is applied or used by an unqualified technician. For a lasting solution to a cockroach control problem, always contact a professional. 

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