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How can you be sure we will tackle your pest problems effectively?

Because our team have access to a wide range of different pest control solutions and a specialised laboratory to help us diagnose those really rare pests that occasionally pop up and give us on the spot advice if we need it.

We have had the pleasure of helping thousands of customers across; Bromley, Croydon, Kent and South East London with their Pest Control problems .

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So whether you have rats, mice, wasps, fleas, bedbugs, beetles, ants, flies, moths or it's your house, your garden, your office, your school... by now you'll realise your pest problems are in safe hands with us.

Do not be worried about your pets. Pest and pets might be spelt with the same letters, but we understand the way you feel about them is very different. We always make sure that whatever we do to tackle your pest problem is pet friendly.

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Recent Pest Control Jobs in Bromley

Effective Cloth Moth spray treatment for infestation in family home in Orpington, BR5 near Bromley  - May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Bromley received a call from a gentleman in Orpington who spotted tiny holes in the carpet and bedding. After a survey, we identified the cause of the problem: a slivery grey brown with dark spots case bearing cloth moths. The pesky moths’ infestation could become really costly if left unchecked. With our experience we explained the moth breeding season will have started in March and the females can lay up to 300 eggs. Our moth treatment on this occassion included a thorough hoover, an application of industry approved insecticide spray to all wall floor junctions in the rooms and a ULV treatment. We advised the customer to continue to check for tiny moth holes in clothing, especially woollens, and the carpet.

Biscuit beetle infestation in Bromley - March 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Bromley recieved a call from a managing agent enquirying whether we can carry out a free survey, after one of their residents reported seeing bugs all over their kitchen in Bromley. We attended the next day and surveyed the one bed flat. The resident was quite distressed as she was a single mother and the insects were making her skin crawl. After our survey it was obvious to our experienced technician that the insect species was in fact biscuit beetle and they were consuming the dry food products. We offered all the neccessary pest advice such as placing the dry foods in containers within the kitchen cupboards and to put any contaminated food products into the waste bin to prevent further ingress. 

Mice ingress in property in Bromley - February 2021

We attended a property after a distressed call from a family who had started to see mice activity in their home. On inspection it was clear to see where the entry point was as the air bricks had been damaged and gnaw marks were evident. Treatment was carried out over a 2 week period and post treatment we installed micro mesh air bricks.

Bromley Rat Control for Communal Bin Area in Bromley, BR1 - November 2020

You don’t usually expect to see rats out in broad daylight, so it’s understandable our client had a nasty shock when a rat flung out from between bins and scurried off to the undergrowth. She called Pestforce Pest Control Bromley to get rid of the rats. Our local technician Steve Turner inspected the area and spotted bins overflowing with rubbish in the refuse area she shares with other flats and a churchyard that the flats back onto. This was a perfect home for rats: an easy meal from the bin area and shrubs to hide in when running back and forth to their burrows in the green spaces.  A reliable three-part treatment was installed with Steve returning to the property regularly to check everything was going to plan.  Today was Steve’s last visit and the area is rodent free. To prevent the rats returning, he advised the residents to take extra care in disposing household waste and not to store refuse in plastic bags or sacks inside the refuse area for rats to tear open.

Cockroach infestation in Bromley - June 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Bromley attended a house on the 10th June that was heavily infested with German Cockroaches throughout the property. After the detailed inspection I decided to apply gel attractant baits and cockroach detectors throughout the property. I have arranged to re visit inspect and treat on the 24th June.

Another squirrel infestation in Bromley - May 2020

On this hot sunny Friday helping Mrs Bassett out in Pratts Bottom with her squirrel infestation. Baited the loft area out last week (after checking for bats) and returned this afternoon to find a substantial take of bait. No live squirrels seen in the loft and Mrs Bassett has heard no more noises. I will be back next week to wrap this job up for her.

Squirrels in the loft in Bromley - February 2020

Pestforce Pest Control Bromley visited a family home in Bromley after fears of squirrels in their loft. The lady had heard scratching and banging in the morning and suspected it were squirrels as their home backs into a park. We attended the same day and placed two fenn traps with peanut butter in the loft near a suspected entry point. The lady mentioned previously her dog would scare the squirrels out of their garden but now after their dog sadly passing the squirrels were roaming the garden. We are due to reattend to inspect the traps and carry out some proofing works in the near future.

Carpet beetle and wolly bear infestation in Bromley - 1st December 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Bromley recieved a call from lady who was worried she may have a carpet beetle infestation. I booked in a visit straight away and on arrival inspected the propety and confirmed the lady's suspicions that she did indeed after a carpet beetle infestaions. Wolly bears were also apparent (the beetle's larvae) and had begun cauing damage to the carpets. I conducted a mulitple visit insecticide treatment to ensure to completely eradicate the infestation. The customer was happy with the treatment and is now looking to replace her carpet with a synthetic material to prevent further infestations. 

Wood mouse infestation in Bromley - 4th November 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Bromley were called out to a domestic household to treat a mouse infestation. The resident had spotted mice in the kitchen on several occassions and on arrival the technician noticed a strong smell in the kitchen area and found evidence in the form of droppings. Bait was placed on the first visit and on the second visit the technician uncovered it was in fact it was specifically a wood mouse infestation as these are the only species of mice in the UK which bring rubbish into the bait boxes. The treatment put down was effective however to prevent further issues the technician proofed an airbrick which was believed to be the primary entry point to the property. A very happy customer! 

Brown Banded Cockroaches in Bromley - October 2019

Another cockroach job for a family household in Bromley. On inspection, a group of nymphs and adult Brown Banded Cockroaches were found in the kictchen cupboards. On speaking with the tenant it is believed that the cockroaches had been spreading between the flats. Treatment is ongoing with the placement of insect detectors and goalith gel to kill of the infestation. The tenant had been spraying to try and treat himself however this is not the most effective method. Always call the professionals. 

German Cockroaches in Bromley - October 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Bromley were called out for a insect infestation in a domestic household. On the initial visit, the technician carried out a thorough inspection on the kitchen area and found evidence of German cockroaches in the cupboards. On the 2nd visit, the technician uncovered a 2nd infestation of saw-tooth grain beetles. Two relatively rare species and to find them in this country it was very likley that they had arrived in food packaging. To treat we have ultilised Goalith gel and insectant dectectors. 

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