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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham.

My name is Ash Bintcliffe and I am your local, highly trained and qualified pest controller in Chippenham.

Nobody wants to have pests in the home of any kind. Not only can they be a nuisance, in some instances they can cause damage and even illness in your household.

There are many kinds of pests you might come across in your average home, but all of them can be dealt with swiftly and easily by using our effective pest control services in Chippenham.

If you are concerned about pests in the home, or even in a commercial setting, we are more than happy to help. With many years of experience behind us, and a dedicated and friendly service, there is no wonder why we are the preferred pest control force across Chippenham.

Rest Assured:

  • Based in Chippenham - available for same day visits subject to availability
  • Fully Trained and Experienced 
  • DBS Checked and carries ID
  • BPCA and CEPA Member
  • Humane Attitude.
  • Fully Insured to the value of £5 million
  • FREE Callouts available for some enquiries 
  • *a fee applies to wasp surveys, however if treatment carried out, call out fee deducted from treatment cost. Please call for more details.

Opening Times:

We are available for phone consultation and new bookings: Monday - Friday between 7:30AM - 17:30PM.

Over the weekends, please text, email or leave a voicemail any new queries. 

So if you are worried about pests, give your local Chippenham pest controller a call today on 01249 698 029.

Pest Control Services in Chippenham

Whenever you are in need of a reliable pest control service in Chippenham, you can always call our approachable team who are adept at dealing with a wide range of pest control issues.

Some of the more common pests we tend to tackle include:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Bees - and nest rehoming
  • Wasps - and nest removal
  • Squirrels
  • Birds - including pigeon proofing
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed Bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • + many more

Residential pest control - whether in the home itself, or the garden.

Commercial pest control - if you run a restaurant or takeaway, you can count on us to help keep your premises clear. Likewise, any business which operates from an office can rely on our commercial pest control to keep the premises free of rodents and other pests.Plus, we are able to deal with any pest that you might have in the home or workplace.

Please don’t hesitate to call the best pest control services in Chippenham on 01249 698 029 today.

Chippenham Rat Control

Nobody wants to see a rat in their home or commercial premises. But if you feel you have a need for a Chippenham rat control team, you need look no further than Pestforce.

Our team has all of the relevant knowledge of rats to help with your rodent problem, so even in the very worst cases you can count on us to help you through the situation. Having rats in the home is always a concern, not least because they are known to be carriers of a range of viruses and diseases. At this time more than ever, it is therefore important to remove the rats from the premises at the earliest opportunity.

Don’t fret. Just call our Chippenham rat control team on 01249 698 029, and let us deal with the problem.

Chippenham Mice Control

Although you might not be quite as concerned to see mice in your home compared to rats, the fact is they are still a potentially huge problem to have. Our Chippenham mice control experts are called out to deal with and humanely remove mice from a range of premises every day, and you can count on us to deal with your own mice problem.

If you start to notice droppings around the home, chewed wires, or you are hearing scratching in the night, you might have mice. Though at first they might seem innocuous - or even cute - if you don’t deal with them quickly you could end up being overrun by them. And just like rats, mice can also carry diseases into your home.

Don’t take that risk. Don’t let mice take over your home. Call our Chippenham mice control team on 01249 698 029 today to book in a free survey and quote. You’ll be glad you acted when you did.

Chippenham Wasp Nest Removal 

Finding good wasp control and wasp nest removal in Chippenham can be tough, but with Pestforce you need not worry. Few people relish seeing wasps in or around the home. In the best case scenario, you will only see one or two and they might then disperse, leaving the home for good. But we all know what happens in the worst case: nesting.

If you fear you might have a wasp nest in your home, or in an outbuilding or shed, you should aim to deal with the problem as soon as possible, before the nest becomes too much bigger. That being said, we are able to deal with and safely remove wasp nests of any size, so you should always feel free and able to call us for help.

Removing wasps and their nests is not the kind of act you should undertake by yourself, as it can be very dangerous and you might end up getting stung. If you are allergic, this could even be seriously threatening to your health. Don’t take any risks. Call our expert Chippenham wasp control and wasp nest removal team on 01249 698 029 for safe and effective removal today.

Chippenham Bee Control 

Bees are a beautiful and necessary part of the natural world, but that doesn’t mean you want them in your home or office. With our expert Chippenham bee control service, you can expect a humane and safe means of dealing with a bee infestation, including ethical removal and rehoming of their nests.

Just as with wasps, you would be putting yourself in considerable danger if you attempted to rehome the bees by yourself. Though bees are generally friendly by nature, they will certainly turn on you if you start attacking them, or if they feel that you are somehow threatening them.

To avoid that stressful and perilous situation, simply give our Chippenham bee control team a call on 01249 698 029 today. We will come and carry out an inspection for free, and could have ethically rehomed the bee’s nest the same day.

Chippenham Squirrel Control

Squirrels tend to be a love-them-or-hate-them creature. But whatever you personally feel towards the furry rodents, they are not something that you want to be sharing a home with. Thankfully with good Chippenham squirrel control, you don’t have to. You are much more likely to find squirrels in your garden than in the home itself, but even this can be a nuisance if you have not exactly invited them. One or two might not bother you, but if your garden becomes a hotspot for squirrels, you will certainly want to try and deal with them as soon as possible, ideally before they start nesting in your shed or one of your garden trees.

Depending on the type of squirrel, our Chippenham squirrel control service will differ. That’s because red squirrels are a protected species. However, no matter what kind of squirrel you have to get rid of, we always deal with the problem humanely and without harming the animal. What you get with us is a safe and ethical rehoming, so don’t fear.

Call us on 01249 698 029 today if you are in need of professional and experienced squirrel control services in Chippenham.

Chippenham Bird Control & Pigeon Proofing

Many people overlook birds when they think of pests, but these are actually some of the most common pests anywhere in the UK. Of course, as with any kinds of pests, birds are a vital part of British nature’s infrastructure, but you don’t need to be hosting them in your premises. If you are, you will need to look for some trusted and reliable Chippenham bird control and pigeon proofing services as soon as possible.

Because birds can nest in some difficult places, you are not going to be able to get rid of them by yourself. Plus, you might even find that they attack you if you are not careful. There is no need to take this risk. Call us today. Likewise, if you want to prevent pigeons roosting in your home in the future, you can use our safe and ethical pigeon proofing services to deter such a problem.

Before the problem grows into something a little more troublesome, call our Chippenham bird control and pigeon proofing team today on 01249 698 029.

Chippenham Bed Bug Control

Although they are often seen as something from a bygone era, bed bugs are still alive and well, and there is still any chance you could find them in your own bed. The main issue with bed bugs is that they are practically invisible - the first sign you are likely to see is a bite on your skin. Not nice! However, with our Chippenham bed bug control by your side, you need not stress.

If you start to notice bumps and bites on your body, or you are feeling itchy while lying in bed, it could well be bed bugs. The only way to find out for sure is to call in a reliable bed bug control team like Pestforce.

We will be more than happy to carry out a free survey, and to deal with the bed bugs and ensure they do not return. Call our Chippenham bed bug control team on 01249 698 029 to find out more.

Chippenham Cockroach Control

If you have ever seen a cockroach in your home, you will know full well just how creepy they are. Nobody wants to share a living space with cockroaches, especially as they are very rarely going to come alone. More often than not, by the time you need to call Chippenham cockroach control, your home already has a few.

While that is not exactly the nicest thought, it’s not a problem you have to deal with alone. Pestforce has all the qualified means possible to remove cockroaches from your home, while also deterring them from returning in the future.

If you are worried you might have a cockroach problem in your home, don’t hesitate to call our Chippenham cockroach control team on 01249 698 029 for a quick and effective removal solution.

Chippenham Flea Control

If you have pets such as cats or dogs, you are more likely to have fleas in the home. But it’s not just homes with pets that can have fleas - any home can. If you think your home might have fleas, you should aim to call your local Pestforce Chippenham flea control team as soon as possible.

In all likelihood, the first inkling you will have of having fleas in your home is an itchiness, and perhaps even bites and bumps on your skin. Fleas are visible, albeit tiny, so you might also be able to see them on your bed linen and furniture if you look very closely, or on the fur of your pet.

The moment you notice fleas in your home, don’t delay in calling our professional and dedicated Chippenham flea control team on 01249 698 029. You will be glad you did, before the problem gets much worse.

Other Chippenham Pest Services

So far, we have shown you some of the most common pests that we tend to deal with. All of those are well within our wheelhouse, and you can always be sure to count on us to manage any of those animals.

We can also help you with:

  • Ants
  • Moles
  • Hornets
  • Spiders
  • Moths
  • Silverfish
  • Cluster Flies
  • Rabbits
  • Woodworm
  • + more.
If you are in any doubt as to the pest in your home or place of work, don’t hesitate to call your local Chippenham Pestforce pest control team today on 01249 698 029. We are dedicated to the cause of safely and responsibly removing and rehoming pests, and we can’t wait to discuss your needs with you.

Latest Chippenham Pest Control Work

Wasp nest treated in cavity wall in loft in Chippenham - 14th July 2022

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham after hearing scratching noises from a wall cavity in their master bedroom. Initially the customer believed it to be mice. We attended the home and carried out a survey of the area internally and externally. The constant talking noise against the plasterboard was in fact a very active wasps nest inside the cavity wall. This was evidenced via many wasps entering the area, externally, via a small gap in the felt of the roof. We were able to safely treat the wasps nest with specialist equipment and ensure an appropriate treatment was carried out for the environment. Advice was given to keep away from the nest once treated. Successful treatment was carried out and the customer was very happy to no longer have the continual tapping noise in their bedroom. 

Ant nightmare in Chippenham - 20th June 2022

A customer recently contacted Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham after finding hundreds of garden ants in their living room coming up from beneath the exposed floorboards. We attended and established that a colony of ants nesting in the front garden was accessing the property via a small weep hole in the wall. From here they were able to access the void beneath the living room floor. We were able to put a treatment in place that day and within a few hours the problem was solved for the customer. 

Click to see more recent jobs.

Rescuing dream home after rodent infestation in Chippenham - 30th May 2022

A customer who had bought their dream project home contacted us after renovation work has begun and some rodent droppings were evident. We visited the property and identified an infestation of rats, making there way into the customers hole via the sewer. A three visit highly efficient rodenticide treatment was agreed upon. After 2 weeks the infestation was clear. The customer was then able to arrange repair work on the drainage pipes and resume the renovation of her home. 

Highly effective rodenticide treatment plan for mice problem in Chippenham - 18th May 2022

A landlord contacted Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham after the tenants of their property reported sightings of mice and droppings in the living room. Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham arranged to survey the issue, free of charge. During the survey we identified an infestation of mice bedded under the floorboards, accessing the property via a damaged air brick. The mice had been accessing the downstairs areas and helping themselves to some sweet treats that had been left out. On the advice of our team a highly efficient rodenticide treatment was put in place. After 2 weeks the infestation was clear and repair was done to the air brick. The tenants and landlord were very pleased with the outcome of the treatment. 

Effective mole control for lawns in Chippenham - 14th May 2022

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham after noticing little hills of earth popping up around their garden. We attended the customers house and confirmed that a mole had taken up residence and caused damage to their lawn. On the advice of Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham a three visit treatment using  highly efficient trapping methods was implemented. Within two weeks the troublesome mole had been caught. The customer was very pleased and was able to start getting their lawn back to its best. 

Bird rescued from chimney stack in Chippenham - 9th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were contacted recently by a customer who was hearing noises from their boarded-up fireplace. Concerned it was some form of rodent infestation We were asked to attend. It was then established that a bird become trapped within the chimney stack. This bird had eventually struggled its way to the bottom of the stack and into the fireplace. We were able to manipulate the wooden boarding capture the bird and release it back into its natural habitat. It was further found that nesting was taking place in the chimney pot however due to legislation no removal of the nest could be carried out at the time. In the autumn we will reattend to remove the nesting material and crown the chimney to prevent nesting in the following season. 

Heat treatment for clothes mothes in Chippenham - 6th May 2022

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham after recently purchasing their forever home and noticing bare patches on the carpets and damage to the natural fibre curtains. We attended the property and carried out a free survey of the property. An infestation of case bearing clothes moth was identified. The customer was given different options for treatment and opted for a heat treatment which entails heating the entire property to a specific heat that kills the insect at all stages of the life cycle, followed by a residual insecticide spray. The treatment was carried out over the course of one day and the customer was very happy with the service provided by our team.

FREE Pest Control Survey to identify moth problem in home in Chippenham - 4th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were recently contacted by a customer who had noticed an increasing number of small, white moth in their dressing room. Concerned for there possessions they contacted us and a free survey was carried out a day or so later. We established that some stored woollen blankets in a wardrobe had infact become infested with clothes moth and this had spread to other areas of the room but luckily not the rest of the house. We were able to put a treatment plan in place to include two insecticidal sprays with a lasting residual effect. Over the next six weeks the two visits were carried out and monitoring put in place. Needless to say the problem was solved for the customer and the infestation cleared. 

New pest managment contract for client in Chippenham - 1st May 2022

A commercial customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Chippenahm after finding droppings in the cellar of their company property. We attended the property and carried out a full internal and external survey. An infestation of rats was identified coming from the sewer. On the advice of our team, a treatment using highly efficient rodenticide was put in place. All relevant health and safety and COSHH paperwork was provided. After 2 weeks the infestation was clear, and a pest management contract was set up to control rodent activity in the area. Thus, adhering to all health and safety guidelines. 

Call Pestforce Chippenham when you find rat droppings - 20th April 2022

A commercial customer contacted Pestforce Chippenham after finding what appeared to be rat droppings on the upper floor of their commercial unit. We attended the unit and conducted a survey of the the entire unit, paying particular attention to the food production area. We discovered that an infestation was making ingress via cavity walls of an adjoining unit. On the advice of our team a treatment using highly efficient rodenticide was put in place to clear the rats from both units. After three weeks the infestation was cleared, and a pest management contract was put in place to manage any potential future pest problems. 

Pet friendly pest control solutions in Chippenham - 17th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were contacted by a customer after their dog began to pay particular attention to a hole in the wooden side of their decking. We carried out a survey and established a colony of rats had burrowed beneath the decking and made it their home. Unfortunately in the process of doing this they had caused significant damage to the wooden deck and a sprinkler pipe that ran beneath the decking. We then set up a treatment whilst taking into account the family's pet dog and local wildlife. After a period of three weeks the infestation was cleared and repairs could be made to the deck and sprinkler pipe. 

Drain fly control for kitchen in Chippenham - 12th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were contacted by a customer who was finding hundreds of little flies in their kitchen. We attended and carried out a survey which established the flies were drain fly. After some investigation it became clear that the customer had some work done in the kitchen which involved no wing some drainage pipes around. In the process of this some sludge from the pipe work servicing the sink had been spilt into cavity below the floor. Here the organic material had caught the attention of drain flies which had begun their reproductive cycle using the sludge as a food source. This led to the adult flies manifesting in the kitchen. The sludge was removed as best as possible, and a treatment put in place to deal with the remaining flies

Natural pest control treatments in Chippenham - 2nd March 2022

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham after they saw a squirrel in their loft when having a clear out. We attended and identified that a squirrel had managed to gain access to the space via the soffit. A trapping treatment was put into place and within 7 days the infestation was cleared without the use of any toxic rodenticides and at the customer's request the squirrels were left in the garden for the local fox to ensure that the natural food chain was not negatively affected by the removal or wastage of that potential food source during the winter months.

Safe mouse baiting in Chippenham - 23rd February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were contacted after a couple had found mouse droppings in their spice draw. We attended and carried out a survey which identified a mouse infestation under the floor of the kitchen. A treatment plan was decided utilising rodenticide but taking into account the household has young children and two dogs. Baiting points were established in areas that could not be accessed without tools and the three visit treatment commenced. By the second cisit activity had greatly reduced and by the time of the third visit the infestation had been cleared. 

Mouse control for shed in Chippenham to protect garden furniture - 5th February 2022

Pestforce Chippenham were contacted recently after a customer found that their garden furniture being stored in their shed for the winter had been gnawed through. We carried out a survey and identified a mouse infestation had made its home within the enclosed base of a patio double seat. A non-toxic treatment was carried out safely, taking into account the local wildlife and preventing anything but  the target species being able to access the treatment space. Two weeks later the shed and contents was rodent free. 

Mouse living in sofa in Chippenham - 24th January 2022

Pestforce Chippenham was contacted by a customer after they kept finding shredded padding from their sofa on the floor beneath the foot rest. Pestforce Bath attended and carried out a free survey and it was established that there was in fact a mouse living within the sofa. Unfortunately due to the damage it was causing it couldn't remain resident within the sofa for long. A non-toxic treatment was carried out utilising dispatch traps and within a week the infestation was cleared on the sofa could be repaired.

Mole traps for garden in Chippenham - 20th January 2022

Pestforce Chippenham were contacted after a customer discovered a mole ruining their lawn. We attended and carried out an inspection which confirmed what the customer suspected. A trapping programme was put in place to remove the pest using highly efficient dispatch traps. Within a week the infestation had been cleared and the lawn could be repaired. 

Rat control for sheltered accomodation in Chippenham - 12th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were asked to attend a sheltered housing complex after residents had noticed a bad smell on the top floor of the complex. We surveyed the loft spaces above and identified a large infestation of rats which had been using the space for a prolonged period of time. Due to the quantity of droppings and soiled insulation a bad smell had begun to bleed from the space. Initially measures were put in place to remove the infestation and once completed a full decontamination of the space was completed. This combined action resulted in the smell dispersing, the premises being rodent free and the residents could again enjoy their time using the amenities of the complex. 

Mice eating dogs dinner in Chippenham - 6th January 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were contacted after a customer discovered a mouse eating their dogs dinner! We carried out a survey and found a mouse infestation which was limited to the customers laundry room. Due to limited options to safely deploy rodenticide and the presence of several dogs in the household, non-toxic measures were put in place and after some persistence and appropriate storage of the dogs food the infestation was cleared and the Monty the dog no longer had to share his food with little dinner guests. 

Chippenham Squirrel Control in Loft Space - 24th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were contacted after a customer witnessed a squirrel entering their loft space via a damaged tile. Pestforce both carried out free inspection identifying an infestation of squirrels within the space. Luckily this infestation was fairly fresh and damage to the loft space was limited. Due to the infesting species being grey squirrels a dispatching method was deemed to be the most appropriate way of clearing the infestation. This was carried out over A period of three visits and the loft was soon passed free.

Wasp Nest Removal in Chippenham - 14th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham was contacted by concerned customer who was in the process of selling the house. During a pre sale survey it was highlighted that there were several wasp nest in the loft and it was unknown whether or not they will live. With the sale of the house depending on an inspection of the loft space Pestforce Chippenham attended and carried out a free inspection identifying the nest has been dormant. They were removed and safely disposed of, as well as this a full written report was sent to the customer confirming the status of the nests and their removal from the space. The customer was then able to send this on to the solicitor which prevented any delays in the selling process.

Mouse control survey in Chippenham - 4th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were contacted by a customer after a mouse was seen running across the living room carpet. We attended are carried out free survey and established that there was a minor mouse infestation within the property. The customer was opposed to the use of toxic rodenticides within a domestic environment and opted instead for a non-toxic dispatch trap treatment. We are happy to oblige with this and put in place a dozen mechanical dispatch traps each contained within a Target specific trap box. These boxes also prevented the customers pet dog from gaining access to the traps. Two more visits ensued and within four weeks the infestation was cleared without the requirement for any toxic bait.

Moles digging up garden in Chippenham - 25th November 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham was contacted after a customer found mole hills in the loan of the garden. We attended and carried out a free survey and unsurprisingly establish that there was a mole living in the back garden. Unfortunately this mall was very active and who created a significant amount of damage to the lawn and soil below. On the request of the customer we put in place a three visit trapping treatment utilising highly efficient dispatch traps placed within the boroughs of them all. Within three weeks I'm always removed from the treatment space and thereafter no further damage was seen.

Nearby mole control in Chippenham - 10th November 2021

A customer contacted us after finding mole hills in their back garden. Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham attended and surveyed the area discovering a mole infestation which had gone undetected in a very large garden bed along the flank of the property. Traps were placed and within a week the problem had been solved and the mole removed.

Local mole catcher in Chippenham - 25th October 2021

Customer contacted us after find mounds of earth on their lawn and no explanation as to why. We attended and a survey established moles! Due to the lawn being immaculately kept it was decided that the most effective way to solve the issues without causing more damage was to use a specialist trap that sits within the burrow beneath the mole hill meaning no further digging is required to place the trap. A treatment followed and within a week the mole had been caught and the problem solved. 

Stopping fleas in Chippenham - 3rd October 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were contacted by a customer after being bitten by an unknown insect on their ankles. After a period of monitoring facilitated by us it was determined a flea infestation had begun to take hold in the cloakroom where the dogs slept. A treatment was carried out and the infestation was cleared  effectively and quickly before it could become any worse. 

Rats under floor in Chippenham - 28th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were contacted by a customer after they heard scratching noises from under their floor. We carried out a survey and established a rat infestation had taken hold in the properties undercroft via the soil pipe system. A treatment was carried out using Selontra, a high performance rodenticide and control was gained in just seven days. Within two weeks the infestation had been successfully cleared. 

Rats in loft in Chippenham, SN13 – 20th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham was called out after a survey was conducted prior to a client selling their home which revealed a heavy contamination to the lost space from a rat infestation. We carried out a survey and did indeed find heavy soiling from rat droppings and urine. The whole loft space was cleared of insulation, droppings and other contaminants. A deep clean and deodorisation was then carried out followed by fresh insulation being laid leaving the space clean and fresh allowing the customer to get on with selling their home. 

Silverfish treatment in Chippenham, SN12 – 15th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were contacted by a new client after they starting finding silverfish in their bathroom. We attended and found evidence of a minor silverfish infestation bedded beneath the customers bath. A residual spray treatment was carried out along with a baiting regime and the infestation was cleared on a single visit. 

Chippenham rapid wasp nest treatment - SN15, Chippenham, 10th September 2021

A customer contacted Pestforce Chippenham because they’d found a large number of wasps in their loft. An inspection was carried out and a wasps nest was identified tucked behind the wooden supports of the roof. A treatment was carried out in a safe manner from the internal part of the loft and the nest was destroyed. 

Bird removal in Chippenham - SN15, Chippenham, 1st September 2021

A customer contacted us with regards to pigeons trapped in a large loft space. An inspection was carried out and despite the birds being trapped within a space that made capture very difficult it was decided the humane route should be first attempted before dispatch was considered. After several hours of hard work all the birds were safely removed from the space and left about their business. 

Effective mole control in Chippenham - SN14, Chippenham, 24th August 2021

A customer contacted us after finding what they thought was mole damage to their lawn. However on inspection it was actually found to be several very large garden ants nests. Treatment was carried out and the customers garden is again looking pristine. 

Chippenham Squirrel Control After Squirrels Gnaw Through Ceiling - SN15, Chippenham, 17th August 2021

A young family called Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham as they heard noises coming through the walls and ceiling. Our Chippenham squirrel team completed a survey and discovered the full extent of the damage caused by the squirrels. There was lots of damage to the wiring and insulation in the loft, and they had even started to gnaw through the ceiling! We discussed treatment options with the customer and within three visits, the squirrel problem had been solved!

Chippenham Rat Control in Laundry Room - SN14, Chippenham, 11th August 2021

After a customer discovered a terrible smell coming from the laundry room, she called Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham. We completed a pest control inspection and discovered rats were gaining access to the laundry room though a damaged air brick under the decking. Our local Chippenham rat control team proofed the property and treated the rat issue much to the delight of the customer.

Chippenham Rat Control Near Compost Bins - SN15, Chippenham, 3rd August 2021

A customer called upon Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham to help treat a rat infestation near his compost bins. During the course of the treatment, the customer decided he no longer wanted the bins, so we were able to complete the treatment, proof the property against further rodent activity, and remove the bins and treat the area.

Chippenham Squirrel Control Accessing Loft via Bathroom Extractor Fan - SN15, Chippenham, 29th July 2021

A Chippenham customer discovered squirrels in their loft after the bathroom extractor fan started to make funny noises even when turned off. A survey of the loft was carried out and it appeared the fan outlet was being used to access the loft space by a family of squirrels. The customers who are environmentally minded understood a trap and release programme wasn’t appropriate for grey squirrels as they are an invasive species so a trapping method was used to avoid the use of toxic poisons. Highly efficient pneumatic traps were placed in the loft which automatically reset them selves after firing and the infestation was cleared within a week.

Chippenham Rat Control in Garden - SN14, Chippenham, 19th July 2021

Using the highly effective rodenticide Selontra, Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham tackled a rat control issue in a customers garden. The problem had become so bad that their cars were getting damaged, including the upholstery, by the rodents. Thankfully, within seven days we had tackled the rat problem once and for all!

Chippenham Cluster Fly Control In Loft - SN14, Chippenham, 7th July 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham attended to a recent site where building work had disturbed a large cluster fly infestation in a large loft space. This forced the flies to occupy the bedroom below. After three short hours of treatment, the cluster fly infestation had come under control and the building works resumed.

Chippenham Rat Control For Holiday Let Flat - SN14, Chippenham, 24th June 2021

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham recently regarding their holiday let flat in Chippenham city centre after the cleaners had complained of hearing scuttling under the floor when getting the flat ready for the return of guests. A survey was completed and identified a rat infestation under the floor. The entry point was located to the vaults at the front of the property where the pointing had deteriorated around the utilities inwards allowing entry for the rodents from the basement garden. A treatment was carried out and the infestation was cleared before the doors could be opened to guests after lockdown.

Chippenham Mice Control for Garage Infestation - SN17, Chippenham, 10th June 2021

Our Chippenham mice control experts attended to a significant mouse infestation inside an external garage. It was a larger than normal infestation but nothing that our Chippenham mice control experts couldn't handle!

Chippenham Rat Control For Massive Rat Infestation - SN14, Chippenham, 30th May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham are proud to announce that a long running rat control issue in Chippenham has finally been brought to an end thanks to Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham. Due to the size of the infestation, several additional visits and treatments were required alongside extensive proofing - but Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham isn't one to back away from a challenge!

Chippenham Carpet Beetle Treatment While Customer Has A Picnic - SN16, Chippenham, 19th May 2021

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham regarding issues they were having with beetle at their mothers assisted living accommodation. Our Chippenham insect control experts attended and surveyed the flat identifying the infestation as carpet beetle and that it was bedded in a void above a Dorma window where we also found a dormant birds nest. The nest was removed and the flat was treated with an insecticide treatment solving the problem all whilst the customers elderly mother was taken out for a picnic.

Chippenham Rat Control for Burrow Under Shed - SN14, Chippenham, 7th May 2021

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham after finding a burrow in their garden. A survey established a small infestation of rats bedded under the shed. The customer was at first worried about their dog and the risks of having rodenticides in the garden. Taking that into account we used specialised target specific bait boxes that require the rats to climb up into the box where the rodenticides are held securely within. A three visit treatment was carried out and now the garden is free of the rats and no pets were put at risk in the process.

Chippenham Rat Control Remedies DIY Rodent Control Gone Wrong - SN14, Chippenham, 30th April 2021

Recently, a customer called Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham for our pest control services after having a horrendous smell coming from their loft. They had attempted their own rat extermination. Although they’d managed to kill several rats, due to the high toxicity of the bait they’d unknowingly used the rats had died within the loft and begun to rot and decompose. The dead rats were located and removed but with the smell as strong as it was, an odourcide spray was conducted to remove the smell and a professional rat treatment was carried out to ensure they were pest free.

Chippenham Rat Control for Burrow Beneath Shed - SN15, Chippenham, 22nd April 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham received a call after a customer found a hole in the base of their shed when getting the mower out for the first cut of the year. A pest control survey was carried out and an extensive rat burrow network was found beneath. A rat control treatment was carried out taking into account the customers pets and children and they are now rat free and their lawn looks great!

Chippenham Carpet Moth Treatment and Removal - SN15, Chippenham, 14th April 2021

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham regarding a carpet moth issue after coming home from working abroad and finding his house full of moth! The infestation was found in a lower floor office however it had spread to many other parts of the house. A full residual treatment was carried out as well as an ULV insecticide to knock down the hundreds of moth still within the house. The customer is pleased to report no further issues, thanks to Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham!

Chippenham Mice Treatment in Triple Garage - SN14, Chippenham, 6th April2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham recently attended to a customer with a large mouse infestation in a triple garage that had been left as a storage area for the past three years. The infestation was very heavy and much of the property was contaminated with droppings and urine staining. Our Chippenham mice control treatment was started to bring the infestation under control before a biocide treatment of all the property and the space was conducted to allow safe removal and disposal of contents.

Chippenham Rat Control for Garden Infestation - SN14, Chippenham, 29th March 2021

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham due to a rat infestation in the rear garden. The rat infestation had become so bad that their luxury cars had begun to be damaged by the rats chewing plastic components under the bonnet and upholstery in the cabins! Our Chippenham rat control treatment was started using a new highly effective rodenticide called Selontra and activity has all but ceased in seven days!

Chippenham Biocide Treatment for Pest Biohazards - SN14, Chippenham, 24th March 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham was asked to carry out a biocidal treatment of an entire property which had been vacant for nearly a decade. The property in Chippenham is due to be refurbished, however before this can happen the developers requested it be treated against all rodent related biohazards after evidence was found of a historic infestation left unchecked.

Chippenham Rodent Control for Old Farm House - SN15, Chippenham, 18th March 2021

After a lengthy treatment to deal with rats and squirrels in an old farm house, a grand total of five squirrels and 12 rats were removed from three loft spaces by our Chippenham pest control team. The customer has now taken up a domestic pest management programme to prevent a repeated infestation from happening again.

Chippenham Pest Control for Carpet Moth Infestation - SN15, Chippenham, 12th March 2021

Our Chippenham pest controllers recently attended to local customers who had a clear out of their unwanted possessions during lockdown and discovered a carpet moth infestation in a carpet under the bed. A full treatment was carried out by our Chippenham pest controllers and the problem has been solved very quickly.

Chippenham Rat Control for Restaurant - SN14, Chippenham, 5th March 2021

Our Chippenham pest controllers were recently called to a restaurant which after months of being closed, owners have come back to a substantial rat infestation coming from the basement! A treatment was commenced immediately as their intention was to open in order to service their customer with a delivery service, however the infestation needed to be dealt with first. After a week, rodent activity had dramatically reduced enough to allow safe and hygienic food production, much to the proprietors delight.

Chippenham Rat Control for Rats in the Kitchen - SN14, Chippenham, 1st March 2021

Recently Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were contacted by a customer who found rats in their kitchen. The customer had come down one morning to find their fruit bowl and potatoes had been raided. Our local Chippenham rat control survey identified rats entering through a gap in the soil pipe housing under the kitchen surfaces. Needless to say the fruit and veg were chucked and everything cleaned down. The treatment had eradicated the issues and holes has been blocked.

Chippenham Squirrel Control for Farmhouse - SN15, Chippenham, 17th February 2021

We were recently contacted by a customer who described hearing a ‘disco’ in the lofts. After our local Chippenham pest controllers carried out an inspection, squirrels were found to be the culprit and traps were laid. Over the course of the treatment five squirrels were taken from three loft spaces.

Chippenham Bird Control, Guano Clean and Bird Proofing - SN14, Chippenham, 8th February 2021

Or Chippenham pest experts recently completed a bird guano clean up and then fitting of a bird netting system. The customer had noticed pigeons nesting in the basement vault back in the summer but not realised the repercussions. By December when she called Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham, it was several inches deep in places. It had damaged the property she had stored there and there were even several dead birds in the mess. The smell was astounding. Over a two day period we treated and cleared the space of all the mess and property that was beyond saving. Once done, a netting system was installed to prevent further issues into the future.

Chippenham Rat Control After Bad Smell Leads To Rat Infestation - SN16, Malmesbury, 5th February 2021

Our Chippenham rat control team were called to a rat infestation at a house in Malmesbury after the customer noticed a bad smell in the laundry room. A survey found they were accessing the home from under the decking in the back garden and in through a damaged air brick. Our rat control treatment proved effective and rat proofing has prevented future infestation.

Chippenham Carpet Moth Control - SN13, Corsham, 2nd February 2021

Today our Chippenham pest control team attended to an infestation of carpet moths at a house in Corsham. The customer noticed a bald patch of carpet when clearing out books from under a bed and called for our carpet moth control service. We're pleased to say the issue has been treated and resolved without any issues.

Chippenham Squirrel Control in Loft Space After Extensive Damage - SN14, Chippenham, 29th January 2021

Recently our Chippenham squirrel control team were called out to a squirrel infestation in a loft space of a house in Chippenham. The squirrels had caused significant damage to the wiring, insulation and even chewed through plaster board ceiling into the airing cupboard! We cleared the infestation, however due to significant damage to electrical wiring the entire loft has had to cleared and inspected by an electrician. If ever you suspect pest activity, give our local Chippenham pest controllers a call so we can assess before it becomes a large scale infestation.

Chippenham Rat Control for Long Terrace - SN15, Chippenham, 25th January 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were recently contacted by a customer concerning a rat issue within their loft. Our team of local Chippenham pest controllers carried out an inspection and it became apparent that their loft space was a rat run between properties in a long terrace. Work commenced immediately, however the infestation proved to be very large in scale and even after proofing was carried out by a general builder on the customers instructions, the rat activity continued. Today, after several weeks, it has been bought under control by moving up the scale of toxicity and is nearing completion. The customer was charged for the initial treatment and subsequent visits were greatly reduced or free to ensure the property was made rodent free. Our Chippenham pest controllers take great pride in helping the local community and achieving real and tangible results for our customers!

Chippenham Commercial Pest Control Plan for Large Rental Flat - SN14, Chippenham, 20th January 2021

Today our Chippenham pest control team attended to a commercial client, who has taken on our pest management services within a large rental flat. Initially, a successful rat treatment exposed extensive proofing required. However much of this would require expensive and long running works that would require the property to vacated for some time to carry out the building work. Instead, our Chippenham pest management plan is not only hoped to prevent future infestation, but to protect the tenants and control the costs of the situation.

Chippenham Carpet Bettle Control - SN14, Chippenham, 13th January 2021

Our Chippenham pest control experts recently attended to a carpet beetle infestation in a five story town house. The customer spends a lot of time at second home in Europe and came home to find patches in the carpet. Obviously this is a tell tale sign that something is wrong. Our Chippenham pest controllers carried out a survey and established carpet beetles as the culprit. The customer opted to have the entire house treated as they are due to be returning abroad for several months and don’t want to come back to an even worse situation. While carpet beetles are not the most popular pest we treat, we are well equipped to provide carpet beetle pest treatments in Chippenham and surrounding areas, so if you think you have a problem, please get in touch.

Commercial Rat Control in Chippenham - SN14, Chippenham, 4th January 2021

We started the new year with a commercial client who found nesting rats within a stock storage unit. Unfortunately nearly £1,500 worth of stock and marketing material was written off due to rodent damage. A rat control treatment was undertaken followed by a pest management programme to protect their business into the future.

Chippenham Rat Control for Loft Infestation with a Desire for Cranberry Tea Bags! - SN14, Chippenham, 28th December 2020

Similar to the last recent job published, today our Chippenham rat control team supported a customer who got in contact after finding food was mysteriously being moved around the kitchen over night. After our Chippenham pest controllers inspected the whole house, a rat infestation was found, nesting in areas in the loft and amusingly cranberry tea bags taken from the kitchen were found eaten in the loft! They were certainly enjoying the festive season but unfortunately, it's time they moved on. Our Chippenham rat control team implemented a comprehensive rodent control plan which we're confident will stop the infestation once and for all!

The Case of the Disappearing Fruit - SN15, Chippenham, 24th December 2020

Our local Chippenham pest controllers were called today by a customer who kept noticing that the fruit from his fruit bowl was disappearing each night. Some had little bite marks in, and there was some noticeable mess in the area. We inspected the property and saw signs of a rat infestation and quickly commenced a rat control treatment. The customer was very happy that the mystery had now been solved and it wasn't an early visit from Santa's elves!

Chippenham Squirrel Control for Damaged Ceiling and Insulation - SN15, Lyneham, Chippenham, 16th December 2020

Today Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were called by a customer who reported squirrels entering his loft in Lyneham. He was in need of our Chippenham squirrel control services as the squirrels had caused extensive damage to the ceiling and insulation. He became aware of the issue when a hole appeared in the bathroom ceiling which prompted him to call Pestforce Chippenham. Initially the customer wanted a humane trapping treatment, however after the survey and the full extent of the damage became apparent it was clear it had to be dealt with as quickly as possible. We put together a comprehensive squirrel control treatment that is a sure fire way to combat the squirrel infestation. Early signs look very promising indeed. The customer was happy that our local Chippenham pest controllers could support him so quickly.

Additional Mice Control Treatments for Significant Chippenham Mice Infestation - SN15, Chippenham, 11th December 2020

We concluded a long running Chippenham mice control treatment today. It took several extra visits due to size of infestation and extensive mice proofing was required. Thankfully today, we were able to control the mice infestation and bring it to a close with no further mice activity.

Chippenham Mice Control for Garage - SN13, Corsham, 8th December 2020

Today our Chippenham mice control experts attended to a customer in neighbouring Corsham. The customer found rodent droppings in the garage and even came face to face with a mouse running down her drain pipe! Not a welcome sight for anyone, so they called Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham to save the day and we immediately started our three course Chippenham mice control treatment and are confident we'll have them mice free in no time.

Chippenham Flea Control After Moving Into New House - SN15, Chippenham, 4th December 2020

Today our Chippenham flea controllers attended to a customer who had recently moved into a new house and unfortunately discovered they had a flea infestation! In an attempt to deal with the issue themselves, they removed carpets from the affected room but inadvertently increased the spread of the insect across the main parts of the house. This is a common reaction when discovering fleas in your house, but as this customer soon found out, flea control should be left to the professionals. Our Chippenham pest control team treated the whole house with a residual insecticide and are very confident that this treatment will eliminate the flea issue plaguing this customer. If you suspect you have a flea problem, don't try any DIY techniques, give our Chippenham flea control team a call and we can help treat these annoying pests once and for all.

Squirrel Proofing in Chippenham - SN14, Chippenham, 1st December 2020

Today our Chippenham squirrel control team were called by a customer who had a problem with squirrels in the loft space. Due to the age of the building the soffit board was exposed, damaged and an easy way in for the squirrels. So our Chippenham pest controllers treated the whole length of the soffit, reinforcing it with anti rodent wire and all present holes were filled and reinforced before being covered with anti rodent wire. This gave immediate results for the customer who was delighted with our local Chippenham pest control service.

Chippenham Rat Control Treatment in Loft After Terrible Smell - SN14, Chippenham, 27th November 2020

This morning our Chippenham rat control experts attended to a customer in Chippenham who had become aware of a potential rat infestation in his loft. A rat had died next to the extractor fan outlet pipe in the loft above, and as I'm sure you can imagine there was a terrible smell in the air. The smell lead us to find an rat infestation in the loft. The deceased rat was collected and disposed of, and thus started our three treatment Chippenham rat control treatment which we're confident will entirely eliminate the rat problem this customer is facing.

Chippenham Squirrels Chew Through Soffit Boards in Loft - SN15, Chippenham, 24th November 2020

Today, Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham were called to a property where squirrels had chewed through a low soffit board and had nested in a very small loft space at a property in Chippenham. The hatch was so small, and the roof space was so short, our Chippenham squirrel control team couldn't get more than their head and chest in. It takes more than small tight spaces to deter our Chippenham pest controllers, and we dealt with the squirrel problem and proofed the soffit too, to prevent further access. The customer was very pleased that our Chippenham squirrel control team were able to put a stop to their squirrel problems.

Chippenham Mice Control Treatment in Loft - SN15, Bradenstoke, Chippenham, 19th November 2020

This morning our Chippenham mice control team attended to a customer who lived in an end terraced house who suspected he had a mice infestation in his loft. Our Chippenham pest control team applied tracking dust on our previous initial visit which helped identify the runs and ingress points being used by the rodents, which ensured we could apply our mice control treatments in the most effective areas.

Chippenham Underground Wasp Nest Removal - SN13, Corsham, 13th November 2020

Today our Chippenham pest control team ventured just outside of Chippenham into Corsham to help a customer there with a wasp problem. They had a particularly large underground wasp nest which was located in a raised flower bed. The customer had tried to leave the wasps alone for the whole duration of the summer, however after five people were stung in a single day, they had enough and decided to call in the professionals at Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham. We treated and removed the wasp nest without any further issue, much to the delight of the customers.

Chippenham Cluster Fly Treatment in Student HMO - SN14, Chippenham, 10th November 2020

This afternoon our Chippenham fly control experts were called to an 8 bedroom student HMO (house of multiple occupancy) in Chippenham. The tenants were concerned with the large volume of flies around the property and called on Pestforce Pest Control Chippenham to help tackle the cluster fly problem. We treated several areas of the property wit ULV (ultra low volume) insecticide. The areas we treated were two separate loft spaces, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a laundry room. As standard, all covid precautions were taken, which was a good idea as two days later two of the occupants tested positive for covid! Our Chippenham pest control team have subsequently been tested and shown as negative.

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