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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Bath.

My name is Ash Bintcliffe and I'm a local experienced pest controller serving Bath and the surrounding areas nearby. 

Pest problems are far more common than you think and I have helped hundreds of clients within Bath get their properties back to being pest-free. 

We have a range of proven and effective pest control solutions that will not only erradicate your pest problem but prevent pests from ever coming back. 

Please don't take my word for it, we have almost 100 glowing customer reviews from satisfied clients. Please take some time to read our customer reviews.

Rest Assured:

  • Local Pest Controller - available for same day visits (subject to availability)
  • Fully Trained and Experienced Technicians
  • Humane Attitude - Fully aware of protected animal species
  • BPCA & CEPA Members
  • DBS Checked and ID carried
  • Fully Insured to the value of £5 million
  • FREE Callouts available for some enquiries 
  • *a fee applies to wasp surveys, however if treatment carried out, call out fee deducted from treatment cost. Please call for more details.

Opening Times:

We are available for phone consultation and new bookings: Monday - Friday between 7:30AM - 17:30PM.

Over the weekends, please text, email or leave a voicemail any new queries. 

Whatever your pest problem, call me today on 01225 285 098 for friendly advice over the phone or to book in a inspection visit.

Pest Control Services in Bath

We undertake a wide range of pest control, including but not limited to:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Bees - and nest rehoming
  • Wasps - and nest removal
  • Squirrels
  • Birds - including pigeon proofing
  • Moles
  • Foxes
  • Bed Bugs
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • and more... 

Residential Pest Control in Bath

If you have pests in your home, garden, loft space, or your roofing, get in touch. After all, you don't want bugs and beasties taking up residence in your house with you. Reclaim your home from your pest problem with our expert help.

Commercial Pest Control in Bath

  • Restaurants and takeaways
  • Offices
  • Medical practices
  • Building sites
  • Retail stores
  • and more...
If you have a pest issue that needs fixing right away, call our Bath pest control team on 01225 285 098 today to book in 

Bath Rat Control

When you think of pests, probably the first type that comes to mind is the rat. If you have ever had rats in your home or your place of business, you will probably appreciate the importance of finding good rat control services in Bath.

One of the first signs you might have rats is when you see droppings. These droppings are generally surprisingly large, and you will probably be taken aback by them at first. That shock can be distinctly unpleasant, but it’s worth paying attention to it rather than ignoring it. Of course, you might also merely see a rat in your home, in which case you know you have them, or at least one of them.

If you see any signs of rats in the home or your place of work, call our Bath rat control team on 01225 285 098 at your earliest convenience.

Bath Mice Control

You might not have such bad feelings towards mice, but they are nonetheless not the kind of animal you really want to share your space with. Our Bath mice control team deal with mice every day, and are well adept at ensuring they stay away from your premises in the future.

As with rats, you might spot mice droppings on the floor, or you might even hear them scurrying around at night. If so, it’s time to call the experts in. Left to their own devices, mice may well soon overrun your home and nest in a number of parts of the home. That’s not something you want.

Call our Bath mice control team today on 01225 285 098 to find out more about how we can help.

Bath Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

You are no doubt very used to at least seeing wasps in your garden in the height of summer, and sometimes as late as September. But you know you need to call a Bath wasp control and wasp nest removal team if you start to see plenty of them around your garden and home - or especially if you fear they might have started nesting nearby.

Removing a wasp nest yourself could endanger you, so you should not attempt to do this. Instead, simply make sure you call our Bath wasp control services on 01225 285 098 at your earliest convenience. 

Bath Bee Control

While bees are a necessary part of the ecosystem, you still don’t want them in your home any more than wasps. Finding trustworthy and reliable Bath bee control and bee’s nest removal and rehoming can be challenging, but you really need look no further than Pestforce.

Although bees are generally friendly, like wasps they will certainly not think twice about attacking you if they feel threatened. That means you should probably avoid going too near their nest, and you should certainly not try to rehome it yourself.

If you are concerned about whether the bees will be dealt with ethically, you can be guaranteed of that with our pest control services in Bath. We always endeavour to safely and humanely rehome bees, albeit while ensuring that they are unlikely to return to your premises. If you would like the help of a caring pest control team, contact Bath bee control on 01225 285 098 today to book in.

Bath Squirrel Control

Many people actually find squirrels adorable, but no matter what you personally think of them, to have them running around your home or business premises is not going to be pleasant or desirable. Without the help of a decent and trusted Bath squirrel control team, you could end up with damaged foundations to the building, or at the very least a garden that is overrun by the furry rodents.

Bear in mind that we have different treatment options available depending on the type of squirrel you have in your home, with the red squirrel being a protected species and the grey not. But in any case, you can always expect us to be humane in our handling of all pests, squirrels included.

Give our Bath squirrel control team a call today on 01225 285 098 to discuss your squirrel problem and find out more about potential solutions.

Bath Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

Birds in the home or in business premises can be a real nuisance, not least because they often become agitated when you go near them. Good, professional Bath bird control teams know how to manage them however, so it is worth calling us to find out more if you have a bird problem. They might be roosting in your shed or outhouse, or even in your attic - wherever you have birds, if they are causing you a nuisance, you should absolutely make sure you call us as soon as possible.

We can even provide professional pigeon proofing, to ensure that no pigeon returns to your home ever again to try and nest. This is a safe and humane means of keeping birds away from your home without causing them any damage or distress, as it is a purely preventative measure.

Our Bath bird control and pigeon proofing team can help you today. Call them on 01225 285 098.

Bath Bed Bug Control

Arguably some of the more frustrating and nuisance pests are those which you can’t even see. Bath bed bug control teams are skilled at finding bed bugs, but you will probably struggle to see them with the naked eye, for they are so miniscule.

You will know that you might have bed bugs if you start to notice bumps or itchy rashes on your skin in the morning after sleeping. Likewise, your bed might be itchy to lie in at any time of day. This can be really unsettling and unpleasant, and you should have it dealt with as soon as possible.

To ensure that happens, speak to our Bath bed bug control experts on 01225 285 098.

Bath Cockroach Control

Probably the creepiest of all the creepy-crawlies, the cockroach is an unwelcome sight in any building. Our Bath cockroach control professionals are well-versed in dealing with them, but in all likelihood you will not enjoy seeing one. When you do see one, it means it’s time to do something about them - fast.

If you allow a cockroach infestation to continue, it can cause some serious problems in your home. Not least of these problems would be an increased likelihood of disease in you and your family members, and the possibility of sharing a bed with one of these critters. Yuk!

There’s nothing else for it - call our dedicated Bath cockroach control team on 01225 285 098 today and get your free quote for having those cockroaches fully managed.

Bath Flea Control

Although it is typically homes with pets that get fleas, actually they can crop up anywhere - and in many commercial premises too. Our Bath flea control professionals normally find that a home or place of business is riddled with them by the time they get there to sort it out, and that’s because they are so hard to see.

However, unlike bed bugs they are not invisible. If you look closely, you can probably see them on your pet’s fur or on the furniture dotted around the home. You might even spot the trademark jump that fleas have. If you have started itching, or you have started to notice bumps or rashes on your skin, you should definitely think about calling in the pest control services in Bath.

The earlier the better. If you are worried about a flea infestation in your home, call our Bath flea control team today on 01225 285 098 as soon as possible. You will be glad you did.

Other Bath Pest Services

While all of these are some of our most common pests that we deal with, we will really work to humanely get rid of any pest you might have in your home or place of business.

These could include:

  • Ants
  • Moles
  • Hornets
  • Spiders
  • Moths
  • Silverfish
  • Cluster Flies
  • Rabbits
  • Woodworm
  • And many more. If you are in doubt about whether we can help with a certain pest, don’t be afraid to ask.
Whatever you might be sharing your home or commercial premises with, rest assured that we can help you to deal with them ethically, responsibly and quickly. We are truly passionate about pest control, and will always be more than happy to help. Just call Pestforce pest control Bath a call today on 01225 285 098 to find out more, and to book in your free survey and quote. We look forward to assisting you.

Recent Bath Pest Control Treatments

Large wasp nest in garage in Bath - 14th July 2022

Pestforce Bath was contacted by a customer after being confronted by a large number of angry wasps when he went to get his bike out of his garage. Pestforce pest control Bath attended the property and using appropriate PPE and insecticide were able to treat the wasps nest and remove it all within half an hour. The nest was safely disposed of, and the customer was able to access their garage again safely. 

Wasp control for home in Bath - 7th July 2022

A customer recently contacted Pestforce Bath after hearing a scratching noise in the wall of their Dorma Window. Pestforce Bath attended and established that there was an active wasps nest in the wall cavity, however access was being made from behind the Dorma at the roof line. Unable to access the nest from the sky light attempts were made to get to it from the loft however this also proved fruitless. Finally, a small hole was made in the plasterboard with the customers permission and like hitting oil a torrent of wasps made their way out. The hole was quickly plugged before insecticide could be applied via a flexible applicator. A short time later as activity began to lessen a small amount of Poly Filler was applied and the problem was solved. 

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Silverfish control after identifying an infestation in a bathroom in Bath - 27th June 2022

A customer recently contacted Pestforce Bath after finding a mystery insect in their bathroom. Unable to identify it they contacted us for help. Pestforce Bath carried out a survey and identified a Silver Fish infestation affecting just the downstairs bathroom. Pestforce Bath were able to put a treatment in place using professional insecticide that day in such a way as to ensure the safety of the young children in the household but deal with the problem in a quick and efficient manner. Within two visits three weeks apart the infestation was cleared and the customer very happy. 

Bath Weevil Pest Control - 11th June 2022

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Bath after finding what they described as beetles with elephant trunks crawling around their kitchen. Concerned, they wanted advice and her local pest controllers at Pestforce Bath were more than happy to attend and survey for them. It was established that what the customer was finding in their kitchen is an insect known as a common garden Weevil. Fortunately, these insects are harmless and present very little to no risk to people. Pestforce Pest Control Bath were able to help the customer understand the situation and explained that the Weevils will most likely make their own way back outside when the weather warms up. This negated the use of insecticide and saves the customer money. Sure enough within a few days the problem had solved itself! 

Bath Cockroach Control in Kitchen - 6th June 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were contacted after a customer found a cockroach in their kitchen. Pestforce Bath attended and were able to establish a small infestation had begun in the kitchen which fortunately hadn't spread to other areas of the property. Our Bath pest control team were able to put a treatment in place the same day and within a few weeks the infestation has been cleared. 

Responsible, Ethical and Legal Bird Control in Bath - 1st June 2022

Our local pest controllers in Bath were contacted when a customer heard birds tweeting in their loft over the weekend. Pestforce Pest Control Bath attended and discovered a small birds nest in the loft space containing several young. Understanding the laws around nesting birds and putting a priority on proportionate and reasonable management of wildlife, Pestforce Pest Control Bath explained to the customer that the nest should be left alone and given space to allow the birds to raise their young and leave the nest. A nature camera has been put in place to allow for remote monitoring of the nest and as soon as it becomes vacant the customer has asked for Pestforce Pest Control Bath to attend and block the point of entry. 

Property now moth free thanks to Pestforce Bath - 30th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were contacted by a local landlord after their tenants had reported the carpet in their flat had bare patches. We arranged and carried out a full survey of the property and identified a heavy infestation of carpet moth which had caused damage to the wool carpet. A quote with different treatment options was compiled for the landlord. A two visit insecticide treatment was agreed upon. We carried out the two visit treatment 4 weeks apart. The flat is now moth free and the landlord and tenant were very pleased with the outcome. 

Flea infestation on dog bed in Bath - 24th May 2022

Pestforce Bath we're contacted after a customer received several bites to their legs from an unknown insect. Initially the customer believed they were being bitten in their home however a full inspection of the property was unable to find any evidence of any biting insect. After some discussion it was discovered that the customer had spent several hours in their car on the day of receiving the bites whilst attending a car boot sale. At the boot sale they had bought a dogs bed which they had put in the garage with the intention of washing prior to letting their dog use it. The bed was inspected and discovered to be hiding a heavy infestation of fleas. Unfortunately, this infestation had shed in the car on the way home and after surveying the car it became clear that it too was now infested. The customer chose to throw the dogs bed away immediately and Pestforce Bath was able to carry out a treatment on the interior of the car to clear the infestation.We also left the customer with flea traps to allow them to monitor the inside of their home to be doubly sure no fleas had made it into the house. 

Advice on living with bats in Bath - 21st May 2022

Pestforce Bath were contacted by a customer after a customer found what they believed to be mouse droppings on the external surface of their window sill. They had been unable to find any evidence within the house but had heard noises in the very small roof cavity which was inaccessible. Pestforce Bath were able to attend with 24 hours and carry out an initial survey. It was discovered that the droppings were actually that of bats which are a protected species. The bats had managed to find a small hole in the external wall that was allowing them access to the roof cavity. Pestforce Bath was able to give the customer plenty of advice on how to live with bats and was able to also sign post them to various bat related organisations to further help them with managing the situation moving forward. 

Honey bees in Bath - 18th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were contacted by a customer after seeing what they believed to be wasps entering a small hole in the brick work of their home, which lead into the loft space. We  arranged a visit at the customers convenience. After we had inspected the area, it became apparent it was in fact honeybee’s that had set up home in the customer's loft. Due to the important role these bees play in nature, and them not causing any immediate risk to the customer or their children. We advised the customer to contact a local beekeeper. This advice was followed, and a safe removal of the hive was made

Wasp Nest removed after allergy concerns in Bath - 14th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were contacted by a customer after hearing a buzzing noise from within a vent in their bedroom. We attended and provided a free survey to establish their pest issue. A wasp nest within the cavity wall was identified. After discussion with the customer an insecticidal treatment was agreed upon to kill off the wasps from the nest as it posed a health risk to the customer as they had an allergy to wasps. The initial treatment was carried out a several days later a further treatment was carried out by our team to safely remove the nest. 

Insect treatment for carpet beetle problem in Bath - 9th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were recently called out after a customer found several beetles in their bedroom carpet. We attended and established that an infestation of varied carpet beetle had established itself in the natural fibre carpet only laid in the master bedroom. It was further found that the infestation had likely been introduced into the room by the addition of a chest of drawers lined both internally and externally with a carpet like material. The level of infestation within this furniture suggested this was the bed of the infestation. We were able to build a treatment plan that not only treated the bedroom but also the chest of drawers preventing it from being consigned to the tip. Two visits were carried out using highly efficient insecticide and the infestation was cleared in that time. 

Noises in the loft called for a local pest control inspection, Bath - 6th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were contacted by a customer after hearing activity from their loft space. The customer believed this to be rats. We attended the property and inspected the area and asked the customer questions about times of day they were hearing the noises. The noises were being heard during the day which suggests it may be squirrels. The inspection identified some squirrels had set up home in the customers loft via some damage under a roof tile. On our advice, a highly efficient trapping treatment was put in place. After two weeks a mating pair of squirrels had been dispatched and safely removed. The customer could then repair the damage to the roof and prevent the squirrels coming back in the future. 

Proactive and effective rodent control to prevent further damage in Bath - 4th May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Bath was contacted recently after a customer discovered rat droppings under the sink cupboard. We attended and carried out a free inspection which identified a rat infestation limited to the underneath of a newly built extended kitchen. We were able to put a treatment in place which included baiting the sewer. On the second visit it was discovered that heavy consumption had occurred in the sewer which suggested sewerage ingression directly into the property. We were also able to establish that the extension had been built over a redundant inspection cover which had not been properly capped off during the building work. This has lead to the rats being able to access the floor space directly from the sewer. Fortunately because the customer had acted quickly the level of damage and health and hygiene risk remained low. The infestation was cleared by our team and a drainage company was able to cap off the inspection cover to prevent any more rodent ingression. 

Pet-safe pest control in Bath, Wiltshire - 2nd May 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were contacted by a customer after noticing his pet dog Toby paying lots of attention to the kitchen kick boards and floorboards in the bathroom. We  attended and carried out a full survey of the property. An infestation of rats was identified below the floorboards and accessing a cavity wall to make their way up to the kitchen and had been helping themselves to the dog's biscuits. We started a treatment using highly efficient rodenticide, considering the pet dog, to clear the infestation. After 2 weeks the infestation was cleared, the customers pet dog Toby had all his biscuits back again and advise was given on proofing measures that had been identified as potential ingress points for the rodents. 

Free pest control survey for home in Bath - 29th April 2022

A customer recently contacted Pestforce Bath after seeing a squirrel pop it's head out of their soffit board. Pestforce Bath carried out a free survey and established that a squirrel had made the customers loft its new home for the spring. A treatment was put in place using highly efficient traps to prevent any suffering to squirrel during treatment. A week on and the customers loft is now squirrel free and the soffit board repaired. 

Residual Insecticide treatment for moths in Bath - 28th April 2022

A customer contacted recently after seeing an increased number of small white moth in their living room whilst relaxing in the evening. Worried that they may have an infestation of moth they contacted Pestforce Bath who were happy to carry out a free survey. It was established that a portion of the carpet behind the sofa had become infested with carpet moth. This infestation had gone unnoticed for several years leaving a large bare patch in the carpet and an ever-increasing number of moth. Pestforce Bath were able to carry out a two visit treatment over five weeks using a residual insecticide. During the treatment visits the customer was able to stay within the property and their pet dog was left to sunbathe in the garden for a few hours. Needless to say, the infestation was cleared after the second visit and now the customers carpet is moth free! 

Pestforce Rodent Survey and Treatment Plan in Bath, Wiltshire - 25th April 2022

Pestforce Bath were contacted by a customer after hearing scratching noises coming from their loft Pestforce Bath attended the customers home and identified a rat infestation within the lot space. A full survey of the inside and outside of the home was carried out. Taking into account the families pet dog a rodenticide was put in place. It was suspected that the rats were gaining access via the sewer, which was confirmed by consumption from this area. After two weeks the infestation was cleared. Pestforce Bath gave advise on getting a drain survey conducted and preventative measures put in place to stop rats from entering their property in the future. 

Drain fly treatment in Bath - 22nd April 2022

Pestforce Bath we're contacted recently by a customer who noticed little black flies in their kitchen and despite non-professional attempts to solve the problem the issue remained. Pestforce Bath attended and established it was infact a drain fly infestation and the source was likely to be leakage from the dishwasher after the waste pipe connection had deteriorated and allowed a build-up of material beneath the floor. Pestforce Bath we're able to remove the build-up of material from the drain leaving the insects with no further food source. Alongside an insecticide application the infestation was cleared completely leaving the customer to use their kitchen without the irritation of hundreds of flies getting into their spaghetti bolognaise. 

Treatment after pet cat brought home fleas in Bath - 21st April 2022

A customer recently contacted Pestforce Bath after finding several bites on their legs. Pestforce Bath carried out a free survey and established the property was suffering with an infestation of fleas. Once this was identified the customer also discovered r that their pet cat was also Suffering. Pestforce Bath was able to build a treatment that provided the customer with the most efficient remedy whilst considering cost. Pestforce Bath was able to guide the customer through the pre-treatment preparation and utilise insecticide appropriate for the domestic setting to ensure the customers family and pets were safe throughout. After two visits the flea infestation was cleared and a trip to the vets for the cat the problem was solved. 

Bath rat erradication programme for commericial unit - 20th April 2022

A commercial customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Bath after finding what appeared to be rat droppings on the upper floor of their commercial unit. We attended the unit and conducted a survey of the the entire unit, paying particular attention to the food production area. We discovered that an infestation was making ingress via cavity walls of an adjoining unit. On the advice of of our team a treatment using highly efficient rodenticide was put in place to clear the rats from both units. After three weeks the infestation was cleared, and a pest management contract was put in place to manage any potential future pest problems. 

Dog-safe rodent control in Bath - 17th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Bath was recently contacted by a customer who found several mounds of earth at the base of their decking in the rear garden and suspected rodent activity. We attended and carried out a free survey which identified an infestation of rats that had set up camp beneath the decking. The customer was concerned about the use of rodenticide alongside the presence of their pet dog, Monty that frequently uses the garden. We was able to reassure the customer and ensure the safety of their pet dog by utilising professional equipment that significantly reduced the chances of the dog encountering any rodenticide. After three visits the infestation of rats was cleared and all toxic measures were removed from the garden leaving Monty to roam his garden safely rat free.

Rat burrows near chicken coup in Bath - 11th April 2022

Pestforce Bath were contacted by a customer after their dog had been paying particular attention to some holes leading into the chicken coup. Pestforce Bath attended the customers home and identified several burrows of an established rat colony, manifested below a wooden planter leading into the chicken coup. Taking into account the families pet dog, chicken and local wildlife, a treatment was set up by Pestforce Bath. After two weeks the infestation was cleared. Pestforce Bath gave advise on best practises to follow to help prevent attracting rodents into their garden in the future. 

Rat control eating bird seed in garden in Bath - 8th April 2022

A customer recently contacted Pestforce Bath after seeing a rat devouring bird seed from their bird table. Concerned this may be a sign of a larger problem they asked Pestforce Bath to carry out an inspection. It was found that a colony of rats had made their home under the shed at the bottom of the garden and had unfortunately caused significant damage to various items within. Pestforce Bath put a treatment in place using rodenticide whilst considering the family's pet dog and the local wildlife. After two weeks the infestation had been cleared and with some simple advice the customers could go on feeding the birds but in a way that doesn't encourage rodent activity. 

Moth treatment in Bath - 5th April 2022

Customer recently contacted us regarding a moth infestation they suspected they had in new property they had purchased. Pestforce Bath attended and carried out an inspection during which they identified an infestation of carpet moth which unfortunately had spread across much of the property unchecked. The customer was keen to treat the entire property before they moved their own possessions in and wanted the most efficient treatment option available to them. Fortunately, Pestforce Bath are now able to offer extensive Heat Treatments to customers to deal with a variety of pest species. Within a week Pestforce Bath was able to put a heat treatment in place which only requires a single visit over a full day. The whole property was brought up to the required temperature and then held for a period appropriate for the target species. In this case an insecticidal spray was also conducted to increase treatment efficiency further however non-toxic options are available. Within 24 hours the customer was in receipt of a full report which included photos of the treatment being undertaken and the temperature data logged during treatment. The property is now pest free and the customer can move their possessions in safe in the knowledge the problem has been dealt with. 

Rodents living in bin store near luxury flats in Bath - 17th March 2022

A commercial customer contacted Pestforce Bath after finding heavy rodent soiling within a shared bin room of a block of luxury flats. We attended and discovered a damaged sewerage pipe which was allowing access into the space through a wall cavity directly from the sewer. On the advice of our team the customer had a treatment started to remove and rats within the space and at the same time repairs were made to the soil pipe. After a two-week rodenticide programme using high performance rodenticide the space was cleared of rodents. A bio-clean was carried out in the space to removed all rodent waste and make the space safe for residents to access and use the space for its intended purpose. 

ULV treatment to clear flies in Bath - 10th March 2022

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Bath recently after finding huge amounts of flies in the upper story bedrooms. We carried out a survey and established that a cluster fly infestation had been present within the loft space above. Recent work carried out on the properties roof had disturbed them and forced them out of hibernation early and led to them manifesting in the bedrooms below. We were able to put an ultra-Low Volume mist treatment in place which is where the affected rooms and loft space are filled with an insecticidal mist that aggravates the insects from their harbourage and into the main body of insecticide. This clears the infestation in a matter of hours and alleviates the problem. 

Preventing damage from rodents in a commerical space in Bath - 3rd March 2022

A customer who manages a car show room in Bath contacted us after finding electrical damage to one of the vehicles stored in their dry storage facility. Pestforce Bath attended and identified an infestation of rats using the car as a form of harbourage. Due to the value of the vehicle and the significant risk of damage being caused a treatment plan utilising high performance rodenticide was put forward to the customer. Once all health and safety precautions were taken the treatment was put into place. Within 14 days the infestation had been cleared and damage to the vehicle assessed. On advice from Pestforce Bath the customer carried out significant proofing work and installed electric matting to prevent any further rodent access to the building or the individual vehicles. 

Squirrel control for loft in Bath - 26th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were contacted after a client had spotted a squirrel disappear into a hole in one of their soffit boards. After a little look in the loft they discovered that a couple of squirrels had setup home in the insulating material. We carried out a survey and confirmed squirrel activity. A treatment plan was devised utilising a pneumatic trap capable of resetting its self. After three visits the infestation was cleared and the soffit reapaired to prevent any future infestation. 

Rodent control contract for commercial premises in Bath - 4th February 2022

Customer contacted Pestforce Bath to enquire about services we offer to protect business from rodent activity. The business was located on an industrial estate and was used to store high value stock for independent trades people. Pestforce Bath carried out a survey and identified a rat colony living just yards from the premises in an embankment. Evidence was also found that suggests they had attempted to gain access by chewing through the bottom of a side access door rarely used. The customer recognised the risk to their business and Pestforce Bath put a rodent prevention plan in place within 24 hours. The property is visited monthly, and the owner can rest assured his business and his customer's stored property is safe from rodent damage. 

Dog flea treatment for home in Bath - 24th Janauary 2022

A customer recently called us after having repeatedly been bitten on the legs by an unknown insect. Initially the customer suspected bedbugs and contacted Pestforce Bath for a free survey. We attended and carried out a full survey to establish what was causing the bites and how to best deal with it. After a thorough survey it was established the bedbugs were not the issue and there was in fact a well-established flea infestation within the laundry room where the dog slept. A treatment was carried out to clear the infestation as the dog was simultaneously seen to by the vet. A two visit treatment process was used due to the size of the infestation and within weeks the customer had seen a noticeable improvement with the infestation being completely eradicated within four weeks.

Non-toxic rat control control for manor house in Bath - 19th January 2022

Pestforce Bath were contacted by a customer after finding a rat trapped in an old Bath tub within their old manner house. We attended and safely removed the rodent before carrying out a full survey of the building. It was found that an infestation had taken hold while the property was empty and significant damage had been caused to various parts of the house. A rodent treatment was carried out using non-toxic measures and after a four week programme the house was left free of rodents and work to restore it could begin. 

Rats entering loft through damaged air brick - 12th January 2022

New year more rats- customer contacted Pestforce Bath after finding a half-eaten doughnut on their kitchen floor one morning. Pestforce Bath attended and carried out a full survey identifying an infestation of rats. The bed of the infestation was found to be in the loft and access being gained via a damaged air brick. Due to the confidence of the rats and their increasing activity in the kitchen it was decided toxic measures were appropriate to bring an end to the infestation quickly. The treatment was carried out from the loft using Rodenticide and the infestation was cleared. A bioclean was carried out in the kitchen at the customer's request and the house was left pest free and clean of any rodent associated germs. 

Carpet moth treatments - 7th January 2022

Pestforce Bath were contacted by a customer who had recently moved into a new house. They had noticed bare patches on the carpet where a bed had once been as well as dead moths. Pestforce Bath carried out a survey and an infestation of carpet moth was identified. Pestforce Bath were able to carry out a spray treatment the same day as the customers new bed was due to arrive the day after. Problem solved. 

Mice Control in Bath Needed After Mice Damage Christmas Tree! - 24th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Bath contacted when a customer found damage to the Christmas tree when they removed it from storage in the loft. Unfortunately several of the decorations had been chewed through as well as parts of the tree. Pestforce both attended and carried out free inspection which included the tree and ball balls As well as the loft. It was found that a mouse infestation was present and that a rodenticide treatment would be appropriate to clear it. Due to its size a total of four visits were required to clear the infestation however Pestforce bath includes a fourth free visit to ensure that large infestations can be cleared at no extra cost to the customer. Needless to say our customer treated themselves to a brand-new Christmas tree and decorations.

Bath Rat Control for Infestation In Car - 17th December 2021

A customer contacted Pestforce bath after finding a chocolate bar in the car had been eaten and the wrapper left on the floor! They thought this was suspect because they live alone and nobody else had access to the car or the chocolate bar. On inspection of the vehicle evidence was found to suggest But (rats) had managed to gain access to the underside of the vehicle and cause significant damage getting in to the main cockpit of the car. The infestation was located to borrow complex close to where the vehicle is parked overnight. Pestforce bath carried out a treatment to clear the infestation from the car parking area and on completion our customer was able to leave the snacks in the car with no fear of them being pinched.

Squirrels chewing cables in loft in Bath - 7th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Bath was contacted by a customer after they found a hole in their bathroom ceiling one morning. We attended and after a free survey it was established that a squirrel infestation had taken hold in the loft. Unfortunately the damage found within the loft was considerable with electrical wires chewed insulation torn up and of course the hole in the bathroom ceiling. Due to the level of damage it was decided that a trapping treatment shouldn't you and Pestforce both put in place to pneumatic squirrel dispatch traps which are highly efficient at clearing such infestations. Within two weeks or (squirrels) had been removed from the space and the relevant tradesmen could be contacted in order to repair the damage found.

Rats eating out of fruit bowl in kitchen in Bath, 4th December 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Bath was contacted after a customer found that their fruit bowl had been upset overnight. We attended and carried out a free survey and established that a rat infestation had embedded within the kitchen of the property. A three visit rodenticide treatment was put in place and within three weeks the rat infestation have been cleared. The customer has given advice regarding maintaining good levels of hygiene during the treatment to keep them safe from any germs carried or transferred by the (rats) onto kitchen surfaces.

Same day wasp nest treatment in Bath - 29th November 2021

Customer contacted us due to an active wasps nest being found very late in the season. Their house was due to be sold and the issue was picked up during the survey. Time critical to the house sale Pestforce Bath attended on the same day out of hours to treat the nest and within 24 hours the issue was solved. 

Squirrel chewed pipes in loft in Bath - 27th November 2021

Customer called us after finding a leak in their loft and on inspection they felt the plastic pipe may have been chewed through. Pestforce Bath attended and carried out a survey identifying squirrel activity in the space which had avoided detection due to being in a tight void above the dorma window. A pneumatic trap was deployed into the space avoiding the use of toxic rodenticide and within  a week the problem was solved. 

Rats eating from bird feeders in Bath - 24th November 2021

Customer contacted us after seeing rats eating their bird feed in the back garden. Pestforce Bath attended and carried out a free survey. It was identified that their garden was being used as a run for the rats to gather food from the bird tables. A treatment was considered but instead advice was given regarding the foliage in the garden and the way in which the birds were being feed. Once the harbourage was removed and the birds feed in a more appropriate manner the problem was solved without the use of rodenticide. 

Mice infestation in kitchen in Bath - 22nd November 2021

Customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Bath after finding droppings in a kitchen cupboard and damage to food packaging. We quickly identified a mouse infestation that was limited to the kitchen with access was being made via a damaged air brick. A treat Was conducted to ensure no mice remained within the property and the airbrick was repaired to prevent future infestation occurring. 

Rats burrowing under shed and eating bird seed in Bath - 18th November 2021

Customer made contact with us after finding why they described as ‘a football sized hole’ in their garden behind a shed. Pestforce Pest Control Bath carried out an inspection of the whole garden and found an established infestation of rats bedded beneath the shed which was routinely accessing the bird feeders as a food source. Pestforce Bath carried out a rodenticide treatment whilst taking into consideration the risk to other wildlife. Utilising target specific bait boxes and other measure Pestforce Bath was able to conduct the treatment whilst mitigating the risk to other wildlife and the garden was left. Rodent free but still rich in other wildlife. 

Swarm of flies in loft in Bath - 15th November 2021

A customer contacted us after getting some thing from their loft and being enveloped in what they described as a cloud of flies. Pest force Bath attended and found a cluster fly infestation within the large loft space which the customer had inadvertently disturbed. An ultra low Volume misting treatment was carried out and the flies were eradicated from the loft space. After some vacuuming the space was back to normal.

Insects crawling along window sill in Bath - 11th November 2021

A customer contacted us due to finding beetles along a window sill in the main upstairs bedroom of their home. On inspection an old birds nest was located in the loft which was the source of several bird related insect infestations which were coming through into the rooms below. Pestforce \Pest Control Bath was able to treat the infestation and carry out bird proofing to prevent the issue arising again.

Dormant wasp nest removal in Bath - 8th November 2021

Customer contacted us regarding a huge dormant wasps nest in their loft. Initially free advice was give to the customer as to how to safely remove a dormant nest however after an attempt to do it themselves it was decided the task was a little overwhelming. Pestforce Bath attended the next day and removed it for them while the customer enjoyed a cup of tea and biscuits with their feet up. No jobs too small for Pestforce Bath. 

Rats chewing pipes and electrical wiring in loft in Bath - 3rd November 2021

Customer contacted us after finding a hole in their ceiling above their bathroom. After hearing some noises the following evening coming from the loft they called Pestforce Bath to investigate. Our free initial survey established a rat infestation within the loft space that had clearly been ongoing for over six months. There was substantial damage to electrical wiring and the plastic over flow pipes from the water tank. After contacting an electrician it was decided that the wiring had to be fixed urgently however the level of rodent droppings and urine spots made it hazardous to enter the space. Working with the electrician the power was switched off to make it safe for Pestforce Bath to carry out a partial bio-clean into the areas of the loft the electrician needed to get access too. Once completed the electrics were made safe which allowed the homeowner to keep their lights on whilst a rat treatment was carried out over two weeks to clear the infestation. 

Loft transformation in Bath - 31st October 2021

Customer recently contacted us regarding a foul smells no staining that had developed on their ceiling of the upper floor of their house. On inspection of the loft a latrine point was found which is behaviour associated with rats. Dropping identified that this was the culprit species. A treatment was carried out to initially clear the infestation and once completed the customer requested a bio-Cidal clean of the loft space, removal and replacement  of the insulation and a ULV disinfection misting of the space. Once completed all the contamination had been removed, the customer invested further in having the space boarded. Now it houses a colossal train set to be enjoyed with their grandchildren rather than the rats! 

Non-toxic squirrel control for garden in Bath - 24th October 2021

A customer made contact after seeing a squirrel climb into a hole it had made in the eaves of a a very elaborate children’s wendy house. Due to the abundance of wildlife a toxic remedy wasn’t an option so a trapping regime was progressed. Using highly efficient pneumatic traps in a void of the roof seven squirrels were removed from the space and the hole repaired. The tea parties could resume in no time to at all. 

Rats under the floorboards in Bath - 20th October 2021

A customer contacted us after hearing noises beneath their toilet on the upper floor of their house. During the free survey a floor board was lifted and evidence of rats was found around the base of the soil stack. A treatment was carried out to clear the issue and a drain survey was commissioned on completion. It was discovered that during extension work a redundant soil pipe hadn’t been capped correctly and rats were making their way into the house directly from the sewer. A cap was correctly fitted and now the house is rodent free. 

Flies invade room of home in Bath - 14th October 2021

A customer contacted us regarding hundreds of flies they had found in a spare bedroom. Horrified at the quantity of them they called us to carry out a survey and find the cause of the issue. On attendance it was identified as a cluster fly infestation bedded within the small loft above the bedroom. A ULV misting treatment was undertaken and after a three hours rest period for the insecticide to take affect and a quick vacuum the room was back to normal. 

Bird Spiking in Bath - 4th October 2021

A residential customer contacted Pestforce Bath after hearing noises in his loft space. After a survey was carried out it was determined that the noise was actually birds on the roof of his house within a gully area. Pestforce Bath we’re able to install proofing that prevented the birds accessing the gully and the customer no longer had noises above his head.

Bird Netting Fix in Bath - 30th September 2021

A commercial customer contacted Pestforce Bath after finding damage to a preexisting bird netting system caused by work carried out during the summer. This damage had lead to a build up of bird guano and also the presence of deceased birds. Pestforce Bath was able to carry out a full biocidal clean of the space making it safe from pathogens and other risks to human health. The bird netting was also repaired to prevent the issue occurring again. 

Squirrel trapping in Bath - 25th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were contacted by a customer regarding squirrels damaging private woodland and the trees within. Pestforce Bath use the most modern and effective traps when dealing with squirrels to ensure a quick dispatch. The traps are mounted to a tree out of reach of curious hands and are target specific to squirrels. They will fire 19 times before needing service and allow for the dispatched squirrel to remain in the food chain at a time when the cold weather is setting in. Three of these traps were mounted and within a week Control had been gained with only two visits. 

Rats in the walls of property in Bath, BA13 – 20th September 2021

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Bath because of noises being heard in the wall behind their laundry room. Pestforce Bath attended and carried out a survey which identified a hole in the wall which had developed over time where the pointing had deteriorated. This was allowing rats to enter the space and access the wall void where they’d created a nest. A nontoxic treatment was carried out on the request of the customer and after several weeks the infestation was cleared and the hole blocked to prevent future access. 

Large wasp nest in wall cavity in Bath, BA11 – 15th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were contacted by a customer with an urgent request for service after part of their plasterboard wall has fallen away in their bedroom exposing a wasps nest that had been growing in the wall cavity just above their dorma window. Pestforce Bath attended within two hours and treated the nest in a manner safest for a living space. The wall was temporarily covered to allow the home owner time to arrange a more permanent fix to the plaster board. 

Bad odour from rat infestation in Bath, BA3 – 10th September 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were contacted by a customer after reports of a urine smell had developed in the upper floor of their home. A survey was carried out which included the loft. In this space an infestation of rats was identified which had gone unnoticed for some time. The infestation was cleared with a four visit treatment and the loft was then deodorised using an ultra low volume mist. Leaving the customer with a breathe of fresh air. 

Extreme flea problem for home in Bath - 7th September 2021

A customer contacted us regarding a flea infestation which had exploded over the last few weeks during warm humid weather as the owners were away. The infestation had spread across the house and the carpet almost came up to meet us during the inspection. The whole house was treated over two visit with a residual  surface spray, crack and crevice spray and finally a misting treatment of every space. Thankfully after a good clean when the treatment was completed the owners could move back in. 

Squirrel control in family garden in Bath - 30th August 2021

Squirrels had taken over the top floor of a grand two story play house in a customers back garden. The damage caused was horrendous and after attempts to proof them out failed it was decided intervention was needed. Two pneumatic traps which automatically reset after each activation were set up within the space and within a week the problem was solved play house fixed and back to being used as a palace for tea parties. 

Restaurant Rat Control in Bath - 23rd August 2021

We were called after rats had infestated the vault basement of a popular restaraunt when renovation works on the toilet facilities we’re carried out. Due to the restrictions lifting and the restaurant opening within weeks a treatment was put in place using high performance pulse bait and within 14 days the issue was under control and proofing works completed preventing any reoccurrences. 

Discreet Bath Rodent Control - BA2, Bath, 17th August 2021

The family of an elderly property owner discovered a rat infestation in her garage and asked Pestforce Pest Control Bath to provide a discreet rat control treatment to avoid causing distress to the elderly mother. We're pleased that we were able to oblige and tackled the infestation without causing any further stress.

Bath Squirrel Proofing in Loft - BA4, Bath, 10th August 2021

Pestforce Bath deployed our squirrel team to assist a customer who was having problems with squirrels in their loft space. It was an old building, and the soffit board was exposed and damaged, which provided the perfect entry point for the squirrels. Our proofing measures included reinforcing the soffit with anti rodent wire and filling all the holes.

Bath Cluster Fly Control for Garden Infestation - BA5, Bath, 5th August 2021

A Bath customer discovered squirrels in there loft after the bathroom extractor fan started to make funny noises even when turned off. A survey of the loft was carried out and it appeared the fan outlet was being used to access the loft space by a family of squirrels. The customers who is environmentally minded understood a trap and release programme wasn’t appropriate for grey squirrels as they are an invasive species so a trapping method was used to avoid the use of toxic poisons. Highly efficient pneumatic traps were placed in the loft which automatically reset them selves after firing and the infestation was cleared within a week.

Bath Bedbug Control After Weekend Break - BA3, Bath, 20th July 2021

Bath customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Bath after discovering bedbugs. It was thought they were bought home from a weekend away after the insects were not only discovered on the bedsheets but also in the suit cases they used for the trip. A treatment was carried out over two visits 14 days apart followed by a monitoring programme where all the monitoring equipment was provided. The infestation was cleared and now they can sleep peacefully.

Bath Rat Control After Dead Rat Leads to Infestation - BA1, Bath, 7th July 2021

Bath customer contacted us after discovering a dead rat in their garden. A survey found an infestation emanating from under the shed and compost bin. A treatment was carried out which included the removal of the compost heap and now they are rat free and simply keep a bag of compost in the shed.

Bath Carpet Beetle Control in Assisted Living Accommodation - BA1, Bath, 23rd June 2021

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Bath regarding issues they were having with beetle at their mothers assisted living accommodation. Our local Bath pest control team attended and surveyed the flat identifying the infestation as carpet beetle and that it was bedded in a void above a Dorma window where we found a dormant birds nest. The nest was removed and the flat was treated with an insecticide treatment solving the problem all whilst the customers elderly mother was taken out for a picnic.

Bath Cluster Fly Control for Garden Infestation - BA5, Bath, 13th June 2021

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Bath after finding a huge number of flies in their garden. The problem was so bad with so many flies, they couldn’t spend time outside without being troubled by them. Our Bath fly control team attended and identified a cluster fly infestation in the loft. A ULV treatment was carried out in the loft taking no more than thirty minutes and the problem was solved so the garden could be enjoyed.

Bath Squirrel Control Made Easy - BA3, Bath, 28th May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Bath was recently contacted by a customer after a long running issue with squirrels on their land. Our local Bath pest controllers attended promptly to investigate and during the survey, we saw so many squirrels we lost count. Fortunately Pestforce Pest Control Bath had just taken delivery of some new pneumatic traps that are capable of resetting themselves. This meant that the number of squirrels could be cut down without repeated visits and the customer didn’t have to monitor the traps and call when one had fired. This meant the customer could just sit back and enjoy their garden whilst the treatment ran.

Bath Squirrel Control for Squirrels Inside A Games Console - BA1, Bath, 19th May 2021

Here's an interesting recent job. A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Bath after finding a nest of squirrels within a games console box in their loft! Our Bath squirrel control team deployed two compressed gas traps into the space and the infestation was cleared quickly before anymore damage was caused to other property stored in the loft space.

Bath Flea Control for Home With No Pets - BA6, Bath, 10th May 2021

A customer made contact with Pestforce Pest Control Bath after finding they were being bitten whilst at home. Having no pets they were baffled as to what was going on but suspected it could be fleas. Our Bath flea control team conducted a home inspection survey which confirmed the presence of fleas and a flea control treatment was started. Mystery solved and pests eliminated!

Bath Mice Control After Noises Heard in Walls and Floors - BA1, Bath, 29th April 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were called by a customer regarding noises in there walls and floors. A pest control survey revealed an infestation of mice. Ingress was located to a redundant pipe from the back garden and into the kitchen behind the sink. Our Bath mice control treatment was carried out and proofing completed and now they are mice free!

Bath Cluster Flies Control for Loft Infestation - BA3, Bath, 23rd April 2021

A customer contacted Pestforce Pest Control Bath after finding cluster flies in their loft. A pest control inspection revealed a heavy infestation in a very large loft. A cluster fly treatment was carried out and thousands of flies were brought out of their harbourage. During treatment they started dropping and Henry the Hoover finished them off once dispatched.

Bath Mice Control in Loft - BA6, Bath, 15th April 2021

A customer had contacted Pestforce Pest Control Bath after hearing noises in their loft. They were especially concerned as they had electronic equipment in place to service solar panels and wind turbines they had invested in. A pest control survey concluded a mouse infestation and that the valuable electrical equipment was undamaged (thankfully). Our Bath mice control treatment commenced and the infestation was cleared. The customer was given advice regarding monitoring the space for the future to minimise risk of repeat mice infestation.

Bath Cluster Fly Control After Renovations Disturb Fly Infestation - BA3, Bath, 7th April 2021

Our Bath pest control team were recently contacted to deploy a cluster fly treatment in a large loft space after building work had disturbed the infestation and filled the bedroom below with flies trying to get out! Our Bath fly control experts commenced the treatment and within three hours the problem had been solved.

Bath Pest Control and Biocidal Treatment for Historic Infestation - BA2, Bath, 30th March 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were asked to carry out a biocidal treatment of an entire property which had been vacant for nearly a decade. The property is due to be refurbished, however before this can happen the developers requested it be treated against all rodent related biohazards after evidence was found of a historic infestation left unchecked.

Bath Pest Control for Loft, Treating Birds and Mice - BA3, Bath, 25th March 2021

A customer in Bath contacted our local Bath pest control team concerning a bird issue after hearing activity in their loft to such an extent, it was preventing them from sleeping. On attendance we were able to establish that they did in fact have an infestation of mice and proofing work was not required to prevent entry of birds towards the end of the year. The infestation of mice has been dealt with and now they can sleep soundly.

Bath Rodent Control For Squirrels and Mice in Loft - BA2, Bath, 17th March 2021

A property letting agent contacted Pestforce Pest Control Bath after receiving a call from their tenant stating noises had been heard from the loft. Our local Bath rodent controller attended and found a squirrel infestation alongside a mouse infestation. Both rodent treatments were undertaken and a biocidal clean of the loft has left the landlord with peace of mind that their tenants are safe from rodent related biohazards.

Bath Pest Control After Rats Infest Loft Space - BA2, Bath, 11th March 2021

A customer called Pestforce Pest Control Bath to a student let property where tenants had witnessed a rat running across the kitchen floor! A rat control survey identified an infestation bedded in the loft above a newly built extension. It was also found that the rats had been pinching fruit to nibble on which was found tucked away behind a kickboard. We promptly addressed the issue with our Bath rat control treatments.

Bath Cluster Fly Control - BA4, Bath, 5th March 2021

Our Bath pest control experts were recently contacted by a customer with a substantial cluster fly infestation. The customer had been plagued by flies for over two weeks in her living room after building work disturbed the flies. Eventually fed up of getting the hoover out every morning and afternoon, she called for our Bath cluster fly control service. A ULV treatment was applied and the flies are no more, much to the customers delight!

Bath Rat Control After Rat Burrows Through Carpet - BA2, Bath, 1st March 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Bath were contacted recently by a customer who literally had a rat come up through their carpet! The damage was found one morning and fortunately the rat hadn’t got far enough through to gain access into the main body of the house. After our Bath pest controllers concluded a substantial survey, a burrow was located in the garden where the rats had been able to access the utility inlet point and from there get into the voids under the house. We commenced our Bath rat control treatments and the problem was dealt with promptly.

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