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Proudly providing pest control solutions for clients local to Southampton, Winchester, Romsey, Eastleigh, Bishops Waltham & surrounding areas.

My name is Jason Honan, I am a fully trained, qualified and experienced pest control technician.  We provide and implement a variety of pest control practices to ensure that your pest problem, be it a rat in the kitchen, wasp nest in the attic or mouse in the living room, has been effectively resolved.

We drive ourselves to provide customers with peace of mind before visiting their properties, so if you have any further questions about Pestforce Pest Control Southampton or the pest control services we provide, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 02381 040142.

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Residential Pest Control in Southampton

Pestforce Pest control Southampton have a wealth of experience dealing with a wide variety of pest control problems that Southampton locals are faced with on a daily basis; wasps, rats and mice , bed bugs to name a few, Pestforce Southampton has been able to provide an affordable, reliable and unrivalled service to many customers.

We love helping our customers anyway we can, which means we will provide our pest control solutions at times, methods and prices that meet your requirements. Whether you have a child and would like an urgent solution, or if you have pets and don’t want pest treatment to affect them, you can always rely on Pestforce Southampton to provide the solution that best suits you.

Pestforce Southampton understand that you are busy and pest control is not something you would typically worry about, but in the event which you are in need of a pest control service for your home, be sure to call Pestforce Pest Control Southampton today on 02381 040142!

Commercial Pest Control in Southampton

Yes! Pestforce Pest Control Southampton, as a local business, take great pleasure in providing great pest control services to other local businesses in Southampton, after all pests should be the least of your worries when trying to manage a business Pestforce Pest Control Southampton are proud to say we have a vast array of experience dealing with commercial clients in multiple sectors, including;

  • Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants and Take-Away’s
  • Hotels, Retail Centres and Leisure Facilities
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities and Other Educational Facilities
  • Lettings and Student Accommodation
  • Much, much more

You can be rest assured that whatever industry your business is in, whatever your pest control requirement, wherever you are in the SO postcode area, help is only a phone call away with Pestforce Pest Control Southampton. Call me today on 02381 040142 for a free commercial site survey!

Rodent Control Southampton

As we move into winter, nights draw in and the weather becomes colder, and we as homeowners aren’t the only ones who seek shelter in warmer environments. Rodents such as mice, rats and even squirrels will resort to invading our homes and commercial properties to seek food, warmth and further resources, which is why you may be hearing those scratching noises in the walls or ceiling, chewed wires in the cupboard or chewed boxes in the kitchens. Pestforce Pest Control Southampton are experienced in providing home and business owners with trailed and tested rodent control methods which we have used to rid Southampton’s locals of pest rodents in a professional, reliable and considerate manner at times and prices which suit. For more information about the types of rodent control Pestforce Southampton can offer, please read below or call 02381 040142 and speak with Pestforce pest control Southampton today.

Rat Control Southampton

As one of the most common domestic and commercial pests in Southampton throughout the colder half of the year, rats sneak into homes and businesses to seek food shelter from the cold outside. Unfortunately, rats decide to claim our homes and commercial spaces as theirs to survive and breed. It is of utmost importance that you as a home or business owner calls an experienced, local pest control technician as soon as possible as a rat can breed up to 2,000 young a year is left unattended, which can further lead to an infestation. Avoid rats running rampant in your property, call Pestforce Pest Control Southampton on 02381 040142 and enquire about our rat removal services.

Mice Control Southampton

Noticed chewed wires or small droppings within your household or commercial property? You may find you have mice within your property. Similarly to rats, mice can breed at an alarming rate, breeding up to 2,000 young a year and can quickly infest household if left untreated or ineffectively treated by an unskilled technician, instead be sure to call your local mice control professional in Pestforce Southampton today on 02381 040142

Mole Control Southampton

As small and seemingly incapable of bringing any problems as they are, moles in fact can cause damage domestic and commercial gardens as well as any structures by tunnelling beneath their foundations by leaving ridged tunnels across the landscape. Populations of moles have increased within the Southampton area in recent years which is why it is so important to notify a trained technician as soon as possible to avoid a wide network of mole tunnels beneath your garden! Don’t let your domestic or commercial garden fall be mauled by moles, call Pestforce Pest Control Southampton today on 02381 040142for reliable mole removal services.

Insect Control Southampton

Wasp Control Southampton

Heavily populated during the warmer summer months, wasps are one of the most common pests to encounter, and one of the most feared. Wasps are the bane of the barbeque, causing homeowners and business owners to scatter at their appearance of the pest. If you as a home or business note large quantities of wasps within your home or office, or believe you may have a wasp nest that needs removing, simply call Pestforce Southampton today! Throughout last summer, many of Southampton’s locals spoke with myself to solve their wasp problems, be it extermination the insects themselves or removing the nest in which the live and breed. It is however of utmost importance that you do not tackle the problems yourself as wasp stings can cause injury or death in some instances! Don’t delay call Pestforce Southampton today on 02381 040142 to meet your wasp control requirements.

Bee Control Southampton

As we move into winter, the population of bees we see in our homes and garden will significantly reduce due to colder weather conditions, however if you do notice a swarm of bees or a bees nest in your home or office, be sure to consult Pestforce Southampton. It is of utmost importance that Bee’s are not killed as they are crucial to the environment, and as a trained, eco-conscious pest control technician, we strive to have Bee’s rehomed or relocated to a Beekeeper where they populations can be maintained whenever possible.

Bed Bug Control Southampton

If you have noticed small bites on your body and tiny specks of blood on your mattress, you may have Bed Bugs. The frequency of Bed Bug control requirements have boomed recently and are most commonly (and unsurprisingly) found in domestic and commercial bedrooms, more specifically the mattresses but can also move into other areas such as small cracks in walls and bed headboards. Having Bed Bugs by no means you or your property are unhygienic or ‘dirty’, Bed Bugs prefer warm environments and the carbon dioxide in our breathes which is what attracts them to mattresses, which causes the requirement for bed bug control and bed bug removal services. If you believe you have bed bugs in your property, be it a domestic bedroom or commercial bedroom, call Pestforce Pest Control Southampton on 02381 040142 today and enquire about our bed bug control services.

Flea Control Southampton

Fleas are a less common pest control problem which residents in Southampton face, but can cause further issues if left untreated for both you and your pets. Typically, fleas affect domestic cats more than humans and dogs, but since fleas feed on blood homeowners can also be affected. Typical measures to resolves pest flea problems are with special veterinary medications, but in larger cases where the populations of fleas exceeded those that live on pets, some further flea control precautions may be required. Fortunately, help is close at hand with Pestforce pest control Southampton, I have experience with dealing with large causes of flea problems and I am confident I’ll be able to help youSpeak with me today on 02381 040142 .

Bird Control Southampton

Pest birds, such as pigeons and seagulls, can be unsightly in most areas of Southampton and across the coast, especially if large gatherings of pest birds converge within large tourist attractions as they can cause damage to buildings and properties due to an excess of built nests and droppings. However, what makes them more unsightly is if pest birds enter your property and claim your loft or ceilings as their homes and nests. Pigeon can cause many problems within properties as they can also bring in further insect pests to the property, damage structures and risks the property owner with infections if left alone and untreated.  Don’t put your property and health at risk, call Pestforce Southampton today on 02381 040142 and discuss our pest bird control service.

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Recent Jobs

Mice job in Hythe, SO40 - 15th January 2020

Mice getting into the loft of a mid terraced 2bed house. This issue has been a problem for a number of years. Having spoken to the neighbours to offer a free external survey we found the main point of entry on an end terrace wall. The electrical box was hidden behind overgrowth and the door slightly open. Lots of droppings and the cable going into the building via a large gap in the brickwork confirm ingress route.

Squirrels in Southampton! - 4th May 2019

A customer in Southampton called Pestforce Pest Control to catch some squirells. The first visit was booked for 9am, we installed traps in the loft and left. Within 2 hours I received a phone call from the client saying we had caught both squirrels already! We went back late afternoon to remove traps and block the access point. Job Done!

Field mice in Southampton, SO19 - 30th March 2019

Pestforce Pest Control Southampton received a call for Field Mice this week. They had been entering a property and needed to be removed. Due to the suroundings the use of Rodenticide, was not an option. Instead a three visits trapping solution was carried out and it turned out to three Yellow Necked Field Mice! Following this the points of entry were positively identified and fully proofed. All in all a text book job converted correctly.

Wasps Extermination in Swaythling, Southampton

Last week I was called out to a building site in Swaythling, Southampton, where the construction team had identified what they thought was a wasp nest located on the site. Given the high likelihood that the use of building equipment at the site would disturb the nest and put all the labourers at risk, work around the area was adjourned as they sought me to remove the nest. On arriving at the site and doing a thorough inspection of the area, I actually found not one but THREE wasp nests harbouring around the construction yard. I swiftly treated the nests and removed them from the vicinity.

Mouse Spotting in an Unusual Place

I was called out to a customer’s home a short while ago. The customer had reported a sighting of a mouse in a rather unusual place…in the upstairs bedroom no less! Mice usually harbour in the ground floor or cellar spaces, so having seen a mouse in the cavities of the first floor was a real rarity! I was nonetheless able to treat the infestation and am continuing to monitor up with follow-up visits.

Wasp Control in a Southampton Flat

While a mouse infestation on a first floor presented an interesting job, the greatest pest control challenge came later that day when I was called to an 8th floor flat which was housing a wasp nest! Adorning my trademark Pestforce wasp suit and using effective wasp control extermination techniques accredited to industry standards, I was able to treat the wasp nest in no time at all. If you suspect that you might have a wasp nest harbouring in your property, don’t hesitate in calling me Jason Honan, your local expert in insect control, at Pestforce Southampton today. 

Monster Wasp Nests in Southampton

As the summer season truly comes upon us, the amount of wasp jobs I’ve found that I‘ve been called out to has started to rise. But it’s not the amount of wasp jobs but also the sheer size of the infestations that’s really wowing me this year! I recently attended a particular nasty infestation in Southampton, for instance, where the wasp nest had rapidly grown to the size of a beach ball! While I was able to treat the nest with a highly effective insecticide, I thought best to tackle the beast later on at night, where the wasps would be docile and less likely to swarm attack! 

Hidden Wasp Nests in Southampton's Hedges

Many of us can’t wait for the summer months to start gardening, however, those green fingers can easily get stung!! One of my customer’s learnt this the hard way, having cut a hedge which was hiding a particularly angry nest of wasps. Needless to say, the poor man was stung…many times! To avoid a painful copycat scenario, please do take caution when going about your garden pursuits. Always wearing shoes and protective gear and if you get even the inkling that a wasp, bee or hornet nest may be hidden in the undergrowth of your home or garden, don’t hesitate in giving me a call! 

Rats Return to Southampton

I was called back to a home in Southampton which had been graced by a repeat visit from an unwelcome guest!! Having recently been treated for rats, the rodents had returned, chewing a new way through into the property and avoiding the proofing defences I’d previously put down. It is not uncommon for rodents to be sighted again at the property if the attraction of what’s inside (food, warmth for instance) is greater than the risk the rodent calculates of returning. Fortunately, I was able to retreat the property and add further proofing, since which the rats have disappeared. 

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