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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Folkestone.

We know that pests are a pain. They can ruin your day, ruin your business and if you’re not careful, even ruin your skin!

We believe that the best thing to do for your pest infestation is to get rid of it with ethical methods.

As a highly trained pest controller, I’m able to help you to get your infestation under control.

We use only the best methods to ensure that your home and business are pest free, and we’re confident we can get your home or business back on track in no time.

We are accredited by the CEPA - the highest accreditation in pest control you can trust. We’re also accredited members of the British Pest Control Association, which should give you the confidence you need to know you are dealing with a reputable company.

Rest Assured

  • I am fully DBS checked
  • All of my work is guaranteed
  • I am fully insured
  • I am highly trained, with further training completed regularly
  • All surveys and quotes are provided for free
  • I have been fully DBS checked

With more than 10,000 reviews, Pestforce are offering the best possible service to rid you of your pest infestation.

If you are dealing with a Folkestone pest control problem, all you have to do is call me, Tom Field on 01303 476 010 and let me help. I can survey the problem for you, quote you for the job and ensure that you have your pest control issue fixed in a timely manner.

Folkestone Rat Control

Rats in the walls of the home or business are not an ideal house guest. While rats in pet shops are cute, there’s nothing cute about seeing one in the corner of your eye as you are doing dishes, or hearing them scratching in the walls.

With the help of our Folkestone pest control services, you can get rid of your rat control problem efficiently.

Call me on 01303 476 010 today if you’ve noticed a scratching in the walls!

Folkestone Mice Control

Mice do not belong in the walls of your home or in the eaves of your roof. They belong outside in the fields and the grass and with Folkestone pest control, you can bet you’ll get a service that relocates the mice in a way that’s humane and quick.

Call 01303 476 010 and speak to Tom Field today and you can have a mouse-free house again.

Folkestone Squirrel Control

Did you know that grey squirrels are not the native squirrel to the UK? It’s the red squirrel that was here first, but the grey squirrels overtook them and have contributed to their dying out. While the grey squirrels are a pest to the red squirrel, they can also be a pest to you and your home.

With the help of Tom Field, you can get your grey squirrel problem relocated in no time at all. We’ll work with you to ensure that your home is grey squirrel free and you get your roof space back. Talking to Folkestone pest control is the best thing that you can do today to get some help.

Call 01303 476 010 now and we can arrange a free survey of the pest problem you’re experiencing.

Folkestone Bird Control and Pigeon Proofing

In the winter months, birds like to hunker down and nest to see the colder seasons through. With the help of Folkestone pest control, your roof doesn't have to be the space in which they nest this year.

A call to Tom Field is the best course of action if you want to get rid of the pigeon issues in your home or business.

There are some birds that are on the register for protection, so if you’re unsure whether you can have them safely moved, please call our experts today on 01303 476 010.

Folkestone Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nests are a pain to have in the garden, but it’s even worse when they are in the walls of your home or the attic. Wasps build nests and most of the time, they do it in areas that don't interfere with human beings.

Sometimes, though, they get into the walls of the house through a hole in the brickwork of the house. Instead of worrying about the threat of a wasp sting, call Tom Field and let me get rid of your wasp problem. They can be quite terrifying in large numbers, but you don't have to panic when you have Folkestone pest control on your side.

All you have to do is call 01303 476 010 and we’ll assess the nest and make a plan to get rid of your wasp neighbours.

Folkestone Bee Relocation

One of the most important flying insects in the world is the bumblebee. They serve a great purpose, and they’re fantastic for the environment. We use the gentlest techniques to ensure that any bees that may have congregated in the home are relocated safely and carefully. Pests can be moved from window and door nests, and they can be moved without harm.

They’re an important part of the environment, so why not call Folkestone pest control on 01303 476 010 today and have your bee’s nest removed?

Folkestone Bed Bug Control

The one thing that everyone deserves is a comfortable night of sleep. When you have resident bed bugs in your bed, however, you are going to find that your nights of comfort aren't as comfortable as they could be. You don't need to throw your mattress in the fire if you notice bedbugs, but you do need to consider Folkestone pest control today.

We can ensure that you are no longer being bugged by these critters, and we’ll save you from a world of itchy pain from the bites you’re experiencing.

Call Tom Field on 01303 476 010 today

Folkestone Cockroach Control

You’ve heard the rumours that cockroaches can survive the end of the world, right? It’s a common concept out there in the world. However, we disagree. Cockroaches cannot withstand the pressure of Folkestone pest control with Tom Field.

If you are dealing with cockroaches - whether at home or at work - calling me today is the best thing that you could do.

Whether you have the standard cockroach or something a little more exotic, call Folkestone pest control on 01303 476 010 for a bespoke service!

Folkestone Flea Control

Fleas are commonly found on furry friends you keep by your side. The problem is that they don't stay on your pet! Fleas like to make their own home in your carpet, your upholstery and your bed.

They multiply crazily, and they’re not easy to get rid of at all. Fleas may not be easy to get rid of but with the help of our Folkestone pest control, you’ll be rid of them in no time.

Make sure that if you do have a pet and you notice fleas in the home, you get your pet treated ASAP.

Other Folkestone Pest Services

As well as the most common pests that we’ve discussed already, some of the other pests that we are well qualified to deal with include the following:

  • Moles
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets
  • Cluster Flies
At Pestforce Folkestone Pest Control, we’re not afraid to step up to the challenge. You have invaders in your home or business and they shouldn't be there. Letus work with you to get your pests out of the house and back where they should be. A call to Tom Field is the best thing that you can do for your invasion in the home or at work. We treat all of our customers with enthusiasm and we’re not afraid to meet a job head on.

Recent Jobs

Mice take over in a property in Dover, CT15, 28th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Folkestone were called to a property in Dover where mice had been spotted in the kitchen. Our team arrived and conducted a full survey of the property and discovered further activity of rodents in the loft space. We recommended and discussed with the client a 3-visit rodent treatment program. This was completed and the results are positive. The clients now have a mouse free house!

Pigeons cause havoc with noise and mess in Folkestone, CT18, 18th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Folkstone attended a property in Folkstone where pigeons were getting under the solar panels at the rear of the property. Pigeons not only cause damage to solar panels and roof tiles but can be responsible for noise disturbance to. Pigeon guano (poo) build up is corrosive and could cause further damage to other building materials. Our team conducted a survey and discussed the available options with the client. We started with a thorough bird guano clean up treatment, to rid the area of any corrosive guano (poo). Further to the clean-up, we installed 40 meters of solar panel bird proofing, to prevent the ingress of birds in the future.

Rats burrow in a garden in Dover, CT16, 8th April 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Folkestone were called out to a property in Dover where rodents had been seen in the garden. Our rodent team completed a full inspection and identified several rat burrows throughout the grounds of the property.  We discussed the best way forward with the client and commenced a burrow baiting program. The program proved to be triumphant.

Scurrying in loft in Folkstone, CT19 - 28th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Folkestone attended a terraced property where the occupant had heard scurrying noises emanating from the loft. After an initial investigation it revealed that rats had infiltrated the area. A 3 visit eradication treatment was put into place and the problem has now been resolved.

Mice in the kitchen in Folkstone, CT19 - 15th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Folkestone was called to a property where the owners had seen mice in there kitchen, the owners where due to go away on holiday in a few weeks time so ideally wanted the problem solved quickly. An investigation identified mice activity under the kitchen units and in a block built shed that backs onto the kitchen where rodent access points were clearly visible. A 3 visit eradication treatment was put into place which swiftly dealt with the problem and all access points were proofed on the final visit.

Wasp nest removal in Folkestone, CT15 - 5th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Folkestone was called to a property where the occupants had identified a large wasp nest in the loft space and wanted it removed. Access was gained to the loft and the wasp nest was identified and was found to be the size of a large beech ball attached to the rafters. We treated the wasp nest and removed the entire nest in one visit.

Discovery of rodents in loft space when carrying out a solar panel bird proofing survey in Folkstone, CT19 - 18th February 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Folkestone was called to the property in Folkstone to carry out a survey for a quotation to bird proof solar panels on the front and rear of the property. Whilst Iwe were there the customer asked if we could check the loft space as she had heard noises up there. On inspection we found evidence of rat droppings throughout the loft space. On confirming with the customer my findings she immediately ask us to carry out a 3 visit riddance treatment programme.

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