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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Thirsk.

We are your local and experienced pest control company.

I am available 7 days a week to answer your call, whether you are commercial or domestic premises.

I have dealt with pest control problem at schools, residential homes, factories, hotels, golf courses and restaurants across the Thirsk area.

When you call us we can provide; Annual contracts available at competitive rates.

You are totally protected – all our work is guaranteed and insured!

Pests Covered at Pestforce Thirsk

Unchecked these pests can soon overrun your property causing visible and unseen damage call Pestforce before it gets out of control and becomes costly.

Some birds can be a nuisance when they roost in large numbers, such as pigeons, seagulls, sparrows etc. and can create untold mess and damage to buildings. Again, cleaning and repair costs can run into the thousands so it is worthwhile investing in bird spikes, netting or other forms of proofing. When applied correctly, they are 100% effective. They are also humane, simply stopping birds landing and roosting on your building.

Different species present different problems and I’ll be happy to advise you. We undertake control, of all pests including rats & mice, squirrels, moles, wasps, bees, ants, moths, flies, cluster flies, beetles, insects, woodworm, birds, pigeons, seagulls, rabbits and wildlife management. I also provide professional flea and bedbug treatments with professional grade   insecticides

No matter what your pest control problem – whether it’s an infestation of insects, problems with mice or rats or birds or rabbits, then give me a call!

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Please find below a list of the areas that Pestforce Thirsk covers.

If you do not find your area listed, please call on 01845 605 010 as I still may be able to help, or may know a more local pest controller.

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Ainderby Quernhow, Asenby, Bagby, Baldersby, Boltby, Borrowby, Carlton Husthwaite, Carlton Miniott, Catton, Cold Kirby, Cowesby, Crakehill, Dalton, Dishforth, Felixkirk, Howe, Hutton Sessay, Kepwick, Kirby Knowle, Kirby Wiske, Knayton, Little Thirkleby, Maunby, Nether Silton, Newsham, North Kilvington, North Yorks, North Yorkshire, Over Silton, Pickhill, Rainton, Sandhutton, Scawton, Sessay, Sinderby, Skipton-on-Swale, South Kilvington, Sowerby, Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe, Thirkleby, Thirlby, Thirsk, Thornton-le-Street, Topcliffe, Upsall, Yorks, Yorkshire

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