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Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Slough.

My name is Chris Baker and I am your local expert pest controller in Slough.

We are more than happy to offer friendly pest control advice over the phone or please call to book in a visit so that we can survey your property and find out how to ressolve your pest issue. 

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Rodent Control Experts in Slough

Welcome to Pestforce Pest Control Sherborne.

When you call me, you'll get….

  • A quick response
  • Expert Advice
  • A free no obligation quotation
  • A professional Service  

When I work for you, you can relax because you're totally protected. Wherever the problem is, you will be in safe hands as I provide a high pest control service. I am experienced at clearing and preventing pest problems in domestic homes, gardens, lawns, sports pitches, golf courses, hotels, pubs, farms, commercial and agricultural premises.

I am passionate about our industry and will always go that extra mile to provide you with the results that you want and a level of service that you’d recommend. Much of my work comes from referrals and word of mouth recommendations, which greatly appreciate from our customers who include homeowners, tenants, local councils, estate agents, letting agents and landlords.

All Pests controlled or removed in Sherborne

Mice, Rats, Fleas Birds, Bedbugs, Moles, Wasps, Bees, Ants, Moths, Squirrels, Beetles, Flies, Woodworm, Seagulls, Cockroaches, Rabbits, and more.

How It Works

When you contact Pestforce Sherborne I will agree a convenient time to call and survey the problem, explain what I find, discuss the treatment options available, address any concerns you might have, and come up with a plan of action for which I will provide you with a free and no obligation quote. There are no call-out charges or up-front payments whatsoever.

What I Do

With me you will get a professional, polite and punctual service.

Our Integrated Pest Management approach removes the pest whilst protecting your home, children, pets, non-targeted species, protected species and the local wildlife.  (We will relocate bee swarms and colonies to local bee keepers rather than destroy them, wherever possible.)

How can we be so sure we'll tackle your problems effectively?

I am highly trained to RHP level 2 qualification and am a proud member of BPCA (British pest control association).

I also have access to a wide range of different pest control solutions and a specialised laboratory to help us diagnose those really rare pests that occasionally pop up and give us on the spot advice if we need it.

So let's get moving - the sooner you pick up the phone and call us, the sooner you can take control of your pest problems, and the sooner they will be just an unpleasant memory.

No one wants to be visited by rats or mice, rats in particular can be most unpleasent, they cause unhygienic fouling with treir droppings and urine. Rats damage the structure of buildings with their digging and gnawing on wiring and plastic plumbing. Mice do not generally do as much damage as rats but they do gnaw wiring and can be just as unhygienic as they can carry the same germs as rats.  If you are having problems with rats or mice please call me for advice or professional help.

The main pest problems we deal with are rodent based. Rats, mice and squirrels all take advantage of our homes to get out of the cold. Unfortunately rodents do not make good house guests as they gnaw on wiring and plastic pipes with squirrels destroying insulation.

Contact Us:

So whether it's your house, your garden, your farm, your football pitch, your golf course, your bowls lawn, your cricket pitch  or even your own private runway that's being affected, by now you'll realise your Pest problems are in safe hands with us.

If you're worried about your pets, don't be. Pest and pets might be spelt with the same letters, but we understand the way you feel about them is very different. We always make sure that whatever we do to tackle your pest problem is pet friendly.

Recent Jobs

New building pest survey in Slough, SL1 - February 2023

Pestforce Pest Control Slough were called to a builder’s merchant which had just been taken over and rats had been seen in the warehouse.  A survey was conducted, and a x3 riddance eradication program undertaken.  The client then requested a monthly monitoring contract to keep them pest free.

Rat treatment for underground carpark in Slough, SL1 - December 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Slough attended a commercial property who were having issues with rats in their basement/car park area. A riddance program was carried out to quickly rid them of the rat problem. Advice on proofing given and recommendations of new metal bins.

Loft rats in Slough, SL1 - November 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Slough attended a property who were having issues with rats in the loft. A riddance program was carried out to quickly rid them of the rat problem and a rat flap fitted.

Noises in the loft in Slough, SL1 - November 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Slough attended a property who were having issues with noises in the loft. On surveying droppings were found under the kick boards in the kitchen as well as loft. A three-visit riddance program was carried out to quickly rid them of the rat problem.

Rat issues in property in Slough, SL1 - October 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Slough attended a property who were having issues with food being eaten in the kitchen at night. Not a gremlin but a rat issue. On surveying droppings were found under the kick boards & a large hole near a pipe. A riddance program was carried out to quickly rid them of the rat problem and a biocide clean carried out.

Mice control in place at nursery in Slough, SL1 – October 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Slough attended a nursery who were having issues with mice in the kitchen. A riddance program was carried out to quickly rid them of the mice problem and a biocide clean carried out.

Commercial rodent control for shop in Slough, SL1 - 5th March 2022

Pestforce Pest Control Slough attended a Newsagents who had seen rodent droppings and had chewing of boxes. A x3 treatment eradication program took place and successfully got rid of the rats.

Rat control in Slough, SL1 - 22nd February 2022

Pestforce Slough were contacted by a customer after finding a burrow under their decking and droppings in their kitchen. We attended  and carried out a full survey of the property and garden. It was found that there was a rat infestation under the decking and holes were found in the kitchen wall. A rodent treatment was carried out and after a six week programme the house & garden was rat free.

Dead mouse removal in Slough, SL3 - 3rd February 2022

Pestforce slough were contacted by a customer after finding a dead mouse and droppings in their lounge. Pestforce Slough rodent control attended and completed a survey. They removed the dead mouse and carried out an eradication program. The family had young children so it was imperative it was sorted quickly. Another satisfied customer.

Rats feeding off bird food in Slough, SL1 - 19/01/2022

A lot of calls I receive to homes in SL1 are due to rats being attracted into gardens through customers feeding birds. That is what was happening here. Unfortunately, the rats had also found their way inside the house. After a three visit riddance treatment the rat issue was completely eradicated and clients were advised to have a rat proof bird feeder to limit spillage.

Getting rid of ?rats in Slough, SL1 - 16/01/2022

Pestforce Pest Control Slough were called to a job who had a problem with rats in their loft. They had tried to treat the rats but the problem had got worse. Pestforce Slough attended the property and carried out a riddance program to get rid of the rats. They were then able to fill the holes to prevent future problems.

Rats in flowerbeds of garden in Slough, SL1 - 16/11/2021

Pestforce Pest Control Slough were called to help a new customer who had started to see a rats in her flowerbeds and noises under her mobile office. Our inspection confirmed evidence of rat runs in the garden and under the garden fence. Bait boxes were placed throughout garden and burrow bait under office. Following x3 treatment eradication program the customer is back to living rodent free.

Rats in loft in home in Slough, SL1 - 10/10/21

Pestforce Pest Control Slough were called to a house in Slough after the residents could hear noises coming from their loft. On inspection, we identified the problem as rats and could see they had started to gnaw some of the electrics. An immediate x3 eradication treatment began, to get on top of the infestation quickly and now we can finally say that the property is now rodent free. .

Wasp control in Slough, SL1 - 23/09/21

Pestforce Slough were called to a job in SL1 on Friday who had a wasp nest by their bathroom window. Wasps kept flying into the bathroom & children’s bedrooms. Pestforce Slough attended same day to treat the wasp nest.

Rat control for luxury apartments in Slough SL0 - 15/09/21

Pestforce Rat Control Slough we’re called to a block of luxury apartments in SL0 who were having problems with rats in the bin area. Pestforce slough carried out a x3 riddance eradication program in SL0,  cleared the area and have got rid of the rats. Another happy customer.

Wasp nest removal in Slough, SL1 - 06/09/21

Pestforce Pest Control Slough have successful removed another wasp nest in Slough. Another effective same day wasp treatment to a family home in Slough. The family had noticed the wasp nest the day before and decided to call their local professional pest controller. The customer has been in contact again to confirm the wasps have all gone. 

Mice erradication in Slough, SL1 - 27/08/21

Pestforce Slough attended a commercial property in SL1 which had a problem with mice in the kitchen/canteen area. Pestforce Slough Rodent Control carried out a three treatment eradication program ensuring the property was mouse free.

Cockroaches in Slough, SL3 - 28/07/21 

Pestforce insect control Slough, attended four flats in slough SL3 plagued by cockroaches. After a full cockroach inspection, Pestforce slough carried out an eradication program in the flats in SL3 and was able to rid them of cockroaches.

Wasps in Slough, SL1 - 17/07/21

Our slough wasp control team went to a property in Slough who had a large wasp nest in their loft. The team at Pestforce Slough were able to eradicate the wasp nest quickly and effectively.

Wasp nest in Slough, SL1 - 06/07/21

Our Slough Pest control team attended a private house in SL1 who had a wasp nests above their front door.  The client called Pestforce Slough and the team treated it the same day as the clients daughter had an allergy to wasp stings. The customer was very happy to get it treated so quickly.

Mice control in Slough - 21/06/21

Pestforce Pest Control Slough attended a semi-detached property in Slough with a serious mice infestation. We were able to attend the same day as the client called us and got to work placing treatment down to eradicate the mice population primarily residing in the garage area. The treatment we carried out eradicated the entire population within 3 visits and the family are now so pleased to have their home free of their furry pests.

Rat Control in Slough, SL1, 7th June 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Slough went to an elderly ladies's home after she had started seeing rats in her flowerbeds. During our visit we foundevidence of rat runs in the garden and under her fence. We have commenced a baiting treatment course to help solve issue. One further follow up due but the customer feels alot safer and happy now the rats are away from her garden. 

Squirrels in Slough, SL0, 3rd June 2021

Pestforce Slough attended a property at SL0 who had been hearing noises in the loft, he had taken a look this morning and seen a squirrel looking straight at him. Pestforce Slough attended the same day to prevent any more squirrel damage.

Ants in Slough, SL1, 2nd June 2021

Pestforce Slough insect control were called out today to a house in SL1 that had ants in the kitchen and climbing the walls.  The team at Pestforce Slough were able to treat the ants and put in the latest professional product that lasts for up to 3 months which will keep them ant free.

Spider mite in Slough, SL2, 20th May 2021

Pestforce Slough insect control were called this week to a customer in Slough SL2, who had a red spider mite infestation coming through their bathroom ceiling in Pestforce Slough insect control surveyed the area and were able to effectively treat the red spider mite in the attic and bathroom to eradicate the red spider mite problem.

Slough Mice Control for Nursery school in Slough, SL1, 14th May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Slough were called to a childcare centre after a small amount of mouse droppings had been found in an external store room. We have quickly and safely ressolved the mouse issue after 3 visits. The staff had great peace of mind after our final visit and were grateful our speedy service. 

Wasp nest removal in Slough, SL1, 5th May 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Slough were called by a young family customer who had found a golf ball sized wasp nest in their loft space of their home in Slough. We sprayed the nests in the loft to kill the queen inside and help prevent future wasps nests in the summer. Another happy customer. 

Mice Control in Gerrards Cross, SL9, 19th April 2021

Pestforce Slough were called to a large property in Gerrards Cross who has mice throughout the lower floors. A full eradication program and proofing resulted in them being mice free.

Slough Rat Control, SL1, 8th April 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Slough attended a property who had noises in the loft.  On inspection rats were confirmed  Pestforce Slough carried out a x3 treatment riddance program and then proofed the loft space.

Scratcing noises in attic in Slough, SL9 - 31st March 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Slough were contacted by a concerned couple after they started hearing scratchings sounds in their loft above their bedroom at night. We attended their detatched property near the centre of Slough and set about diagnosing the pest problem. It became clear after an extensive pest survey of their loft area that the property had a minor mice infestation. A 3 visit treatment has been carried out to date and the entire mice infestation is close to being erradicated, leaving the customer's property safe and pest free. 

Slough Rat Control, SL1, 26th March 2021

Pestforce Pest Control Slough have an ongoing rodent job for a family in a semi detached house in Slough. The initial call from the customer mentioned seeing rats in the garden and inside the house. On our first visit we found rat droppings and obvious signs of activity in the kitchen. Our treatment so far has consisted of multiple bait boxes placed around the garden and secured baits placed in the kitchen and in the loft with tracking dust.  To date, our treatment has been very successful and despite further visits due, the customers are very happy with our work. 

Slough Cluster Fly Control, SL1, 23rd March 2021

Our Slough pest control experts were recently contacted by a customer with a substantial cluster fly infestation. The customer had been plagued by flies for over 3 weeks in her bedroom. She called for our Slough cluster fly control service. A ULV treatment was applied and the flies are no more, much to the customers delight!

Mice at nursery school in Slough, 19th March 2021

Pestforce Pest Control were called by concerned child care assistants at a local nursery school in Slough after seeing a mouse in one of their storage cupboards. We attended as soon as we could to investigate the pest problem. On inspection we found a minor mice infestation in a small room within the nursery. The problem appeared to have contained itself in one small so a standard treatment programme was put in place to eradicate the mice problem. With one further visit due the nusery have been very thankful of our fast and friendly service and know to call pest professionals when in need again. 

Mice problem in garage in Slough, SL1 - 15/03/2021

Pestforce Pest Control Slough had a call from a customer who lived in the centre of Slough. The customer explained over the phone that he and his family had caught on their security cameras mice running around in their garage. We were able to make same day attendance to see if our team could help. On inspection, we uncovered several mice droppings at the back of their garage on some shelving units. Our team cleared away and disposed of the droppings and began laying some traps and tracking dust. On their 2nd visit, the UV light torch revealed where the mice were entering the property. Hopefully after the next visit, the infestation should be fully eradicated and the team can carry out any appropriate rodent proofing. So far, the customer is very satisfied with the works and has saved out number in case of other pest related queries. Great work Pestforce team. 

Rat Infestation in Gerrards Cross, SL9 - 11/03/2021

Pestforce Pest Control Slough received a call from a customer in Gerrards Cross who had several rats running in their garden. We carried out a full pest control survey and discovered the customer had an infestation of rats under their summer house. We put in place an erradication program and after 3 weeks we had resolved the rat problem. Always good to see a happy customer who is finally pest-free. 

Pigeon in Slough, SL1  - 25/02/2021

Pestforce Pest Control Slough were called out to a block of flats by a distressed lady.  She had heard a sratching noises behind a wall in her home. Our team were available to offer a rapid response and carried out a same day pest survey. After a thorough investigation and removing a chimney plate, the source of the noise was found...a trapped bird. The team managed to rescue the trapped pigeon and release back into the wild. One very relieved customer who said ‘after 3 very scary nights & days, I can now go back in the living room, thanks so much for all your help’. Alll in a days work as a pest controller. 

Bed Bugs in Slough, SL1 - 25/02/2021

Pestforce Pest Control Slough attended a council owned multiple occupancy building with a bed bug infestation. After an extensive insect survey, a serious begbug infestation was found. The decision was taken to carry out a spray treatment. The resident's belongings had been tidied away and the room was treated. We had great results and the bedbugs had been succesfully eradicated. We left a very happy set of customers who were keen to share their experience online and leave a customer review. 

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