Residential Pest Control

Our Residential Pest Control

Have pests invaded your home?

Pests, by definition, are something that cause disease, damage and distress therefore, if you have any concerns or worry then the sooner you take action the better.

When you call Pestforce, you will have access to a fantastic team of local and independent pest control experts that are here to help you. We can provide you with the expertise and experience to remove the concern, worry and anxiety you may feel, as well as removing the pests themselves.

When choosing Pestforce you can be sure of…

  • A high quality, personal and locally delivered service
  • At an agreed price with no surprises
  • Proven through thousands of customer reviews

Shop brought pest control do not always do the job…

There has been a lot of changes in the last few years to limit the use of pest control products by the public (non-professional use). This is due to many instances of poisoning of non-target species and damaging the environment. You can still purchase pest control products and equipment from many DIY / hardware stores on the high street.

From our experience, and as you might understand, these products are less effective than professional use products and equipment. It is possible that these products will deal with the issue you have, however, every week we get calls from customers who, after already spending money (sometimes hundreds of £'s), still require our services.

Local councils are trying their best…

Most councils still offer a pest control service. Some councils have their own pest control service technicians while others outsource the service.

From experience, the council will normally charge less than a professional contractor however, in our experience, it is likely that they have limited resources which can result in…

  • Long wait times for appointments
  • Short-term treatment that do not get to the source of the issue

The council may be able to solve your problem but we get called to so many customers as the service provided by the council did not solve the issue or it returned soon after the council finished their pest control treatment.

The next step to rid your home of your pest problem is to call Pestforce.

Our process from you picking up the phone:

  1. No hard selling and no obligation to use our services – guaranteed.
  2. We will need to understand your problem - when you call Pestforce we will be keen to understand more about your problem to be sure we believe we can help. It may be that we wouldn't be the best service provider to your issue.
  3. We will ask you some questions – this will help us get a better feel for the problem and if we think we can help.
  4. You can ask us questions – clearly you may have some questions for us and so ask away and we will do our best to answer as best we can.
  5. Quotation – once we have understood your problem we will give you a guide on the price. This will be subject to an initial inspection so we don't charge too much or too little to resolve your pest problem.
  6. Affordable treatments – we will always recommend the best solution to resolve your problem and not just the cheapest solution. If possible, we will provide options which we can discuss and agree.
  7. Pricing – prices will be agreed in advance of start the work or incurring costs. No surprises.
  8. Decision – once the price is established you decide if you wish to proceed with the work.
  9. Payment – our preferred payment method is credit or debit card and we collect payment in full after the treatment, or the first treatment if multiple visits are required.