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Rabbit Control & Trapping

In years gone by, the rabbit was an excellent food source, however as our appetites for rabbits dwindles, fewer being controlled in this way and natural predators do not keep the numbers to an acceptable level. Rabbits can cause major damage to gardens and crops – hence the need for rabbit control and rabbit trapping.

Rabbits breed rapidly, having up to 5 litters of 6 - 8 babies per time. Population explosions are inevitable if not controlled. Their constant burrowing can strip young plants and crops and undermine roads, banks and gardens causing many problems.

Common rabbit pest control methods are shooting (both by day and night), ferreting, trapping using spring, cage and drop traps, snaring (by approved snares) and fumigating with Aluminium Phosphide (by our authorised operatives).

As a rule, rabbit infestations will require a detailed assessment before a course of action can be taken - this may require several combined methods in an overall strategy.

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