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Have pests invaded your business premises?

The impact of a pest control problem on a commercial business will vary from business to business. Pests are described as any creature causing damage, disease, or distress and can impact your reputation along with customer, employee and public well-being.

Our services are delivered to you by our teams based locally across the UK. Our franchise business model is designed to support local pest control technicians deliver exceptional customer experiences to local businesses like you.

You will receive that personal touch and direct communication with the person responsible to keep you pest free but also with the knowledge that there is a support team with decades of experience and knowledge. Should you choose to use Pestforce you will be in safe hands as we work with local commercial businesses as well as national brands to protect them from pest issues.

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Contracted Pest Control Services

Contracted pest control services are a Planned and Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Service contract to help protect your business from the ingress of pests. Following an initial site survey a Service Contract is where a professional pest control company will take responsibility for protecting your premises, stock and people from the issues caused by pests.

Typically, a contract will involve regular visits to your premises to ensure that any pest issues are dealt with before they have a serious impact on your reputation, cause health problems on site or start causing damage to stock or the fabric of the building. For commercial customers, contracts normally cover common pests such as rats, mice and garden ants. However, a contract can be for any number of pests.

How many visits will be needed for a pest control contract?

The number of visits required will vary from customer to customer and is largely influenced by two factors;

  1. The location of your premises and the likelihood of a pest getting in.
  2. The cost to you (potential damage) should you have an infestation of certain pests.

For a typical and effective contract the minimum number of visits is 8 visits per year and then increases dependent on the two risk factors above.

What is the difference between a PPM Service Contract v Inspection Contract?

With a PPM Service Contract, we are responsible for the pest control on your premises as specified in the contract. Should you have any issues with the pests covered in the contract then we will be responsible for resolving the issue. Should you have any issues with inspectors – EHO or CQC for example – then your PPM Service Contract will show that you are taking appropriate measures to protect your business and other affected pest related issues.

With an Inspection Contract we will simply carry out a pest control survey on an agreed schedule and at the time of the inspection we will be able to confirm if you have any visible activity on site. Should you require any proactive prevention or eradication then this will be chargeable in addition to the inspection contract.

What is the cost of a typical PPM Service contract?

There are so many variables when it comes to the cost or price. We are unable to quote over the phone but as a guide the minimum price of a contract will be c. £300.00 (for a very small premises for 8 visits).

The price will be based on the complexity of the pest control service, the amount of time we will require, the equipment we will need, and the number of visits we will required to ensure you don’t suffer any loss or reputation damage.

Why is it a minimum of 8 visits for PPM Service Contracts?

If we are responsible for the pest control on your premises and you are serious about protecting your premises, people, customers and stock then we must perform regular visits. Leaving a site for more than 6 weeks is the optimum period to identify the start of a serious problem.

A contract that involves less than 8 visits is deemed an Inspection Contract which means that we will visit your premises for the agreed number of visits and inspect for any activity.

Reactive / One Off Pest Control

Our reactive (one off) services will remove a current issue from in or around your premises. We can help you with a range of pests from rodents to insects and birds. With reactive works we will identify the problem and offer a solution to prevent or eradicate the problem.

Depending on the pest and the size of the infestation our service could involve multiple visits and treatments. Prior to all treatments we will advise on the expected results and any further works that will be required. The price of all services and treatments will be agreed prior to work commencing. On completion of the service, we will remove all our products and equipment. If we have any recommendations, we will communicate these both verbally and in our paperwork.

The next step to rid your business of your pest problem is to call Pestforce.

Our process from you picking up the phone:

  1. No hard selling and no obligation to use our services – guaranteed.
  2. We will need to understand your problem - when you call Pestforce we will be keen to understand more about your problem to be sure we believe we can help. It may be that we wouldn't be the best service provider to your issue.
  3. We will ask you some questions – this will help us get a better feel for the problem and if we think we can help.
  4. You can ask us questions – clearly you may have some questions for us and so ask away and we will do our best to answer as best we can.
  5. Quotation – once we have understood your problem we will give you a guide on the price. This will be subject to an initial inspection so we don't charge too much or too little to resolve your pest problem.
  6. Affordable pest treatments – we will always recommend the best solution to resolve your problem and not just the cheapest solution. If possible, we will provide options which we can discuss and agree.
  7. Pricing – prices will be agreed in advance of start the work or incurring costs. No surprises.
  8. Decision – once the price is established you decide if you wish to proceed with the work.
  9. Payment – our preferred payment method is credit or debit card and we collect payment in full after the treatment, or the first treatment if multiple visits are required. Credit terms can be agreed prior to commencement of works.