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Pest Control West Sussex

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Pest Control West Sussex

Pestforce West Sussex

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Pestforce West Sussex is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 customer reviews.

Pestforce West Sussex Pest Control

When you have a pest control problem, you need a quick, effective solution. Rats and other vermin, for example, can cause extensive damage very quickly as they scavenge for food and shred material for nest building.

We know all too well the damage and inconvenience rats and other uncontrolled pests can cause in both a commercial land and premises, as well as in and around the home.

Think you have a pest problem? Don’t delay!

If you think you have a pest control problem – whether or not it seems small or ‘not too bad’ – you need to contact us! We will survey the problem and then advise you on the best course of action. In our experience, catching the problem early, followed by prevention are the most cost effective ways to deal with pests. Leaving to for too long may mean that the treatment and eradication will take more time and treatment, meaning you’ll pay more.

We deal with all types of pest control problems such as

  • Wasp nest and bee removal
  • The catching and removal of moles
  • All bird control and proofing techniques, especially pigeons
  • Rodent control and catching, including rats and mice
  • Control and removal of other nuisance pest such as foxes, rabbits and squirrels
  • Insect infestations such as spiders, moths, ants, flies, beetles, bugs, woodworm, insects, cockroaches and many others!
  • Bed Bugs, Fleas & all Pests

Fully qualified

Our technicians are Level 2 qualified with several years experience;

Our technicians hold a Level 2 Certificate in Pest Control and Management, awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health. This award takes a year to complete and covers the control and eradication of a whole numbers of pests, including rodents and insect infestations. It also covers the safe transportation and use of pesticides; all the methods and chemicals we use to treat your pest problem are safe to use in and around the home, and present no danger to children, pets or other wildlife.

All our work is insured, with Public Liability Insurance up to £10 million

Our, happy customers...

We work with domestic and commercial organisations including churches, charities, schools, nursing homes, industrial units, farms, stables and livery yards, cafes, storage facilities, sports field and recreation centres, food service outlets, letting agencies, hotels, B&B’s etc. 

So if you have a pest control problem, then call us today.


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Good morning Head Office!


I am so pleased that I found the advertisements in the local free press and later, on the internet for Pestforce.

I really am telling everyone about the company – and while everyone will listen to me – who will own up to a pest problem at his or her property? The possible costs of eradication and the embarrassment of having to own up to the reality will have many people looking the “other way!”

However, I shall continue to tell my friends and colleagues about the reassurance, efficiency, patience and empathy exhibited by the technicians who have now needed to visit my property on several occasions. I will also explain about the Pestforce costing structures that are explained during the first contact, and also the reporting mechanisms that take place as a result of each visit which further acts as a reassurance to the householder. (When outcomes are not known, it can be a very scary situation.)

And best of all? I have been empowered and educated upon a subject that doesn’t gain enough publicity, so that I can now move on from being the victim of an unfortunate invasion, into a successful manager of a now (hopefully) resolved episode.

Thank you so much


Susan Stephens RH17

01730 299014

Customer Reviews

Pestforce West Sussex is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 customer reviews.

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