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Pestforce Pest Control London

Living with an uncontrolled pest problem is no laughing matter.

Whether insect, bird or rodent can spread disease as well as making you feel uncomfortable in your own home.

If you think you have a pest problem then call us.

With the wealth of shared experience within our team of pest control technicians, you can be assured that your problem will be dealt professionally and promptly.

Expert, friendly and qualified

Dealing with any pest infestation needs experience as well as access to the right chemicals and methods. But, you also need to be confident that the person using them is using them correctly. With me and my team, you’ve no need to worry;

  • Qualified & Certified in ‘Pest Control and Management’ – a certificate awarded by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). We are also members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).
  • ALL the methods and pesticides we use are safe for use in and around domestic & business premises and will not harm children or pets.
  • We have also completed specialist courses on various ‘common’ pest control problems as well as additional specialist techniques
  • ALL our work is insured with Public Liability Insurance

All pests removed and controlled – Moles, bedbugs, fleas, wasp nests, ants, moths, beetles, flies, woodworm, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, birds, seagulls, cockroaches, rats, mice and more.

Insects – bedbugs and cockroaches are becoming an increasing problem in the UK for a variety of reasons. Both these insects, for example, are becoming increasingly resistant to the insecticides that you can buy over the counter. Hence, I strongly advise, if you think you have bedbugs or cockroaches, to call us. Think you have...?

Cockroaches – they produce a smell that is musty and will also taint food as they scuttle about the kitchen or other surfaces in your home. They spread unpleasant illnesses and can be spotted at night time, scuttling to the edges of the room as you switch the light on. They can quickly become an uncontrolled infestation and can soon affect neighbouring properties. If water is in short supply, they will lay dry, dusty dark coloured droppings but if water is present, they will leave tell-tale brown smear marks on surfaces. They will also eat almost anything – from plastic packaging, due to waste food.

Bedbugs – these lentil shaped insects can be brought home from holiday – and are not as a direct result of poor hygiene or cleanliness! The mature adults can be spotted but the young are more difficult, as they are lighter in colour. However, they do shed their skin as they mature so if you see unexplained brown flakes on your mattress this may be the cause. As with cockroaches, bedbugs have developed a resistance to many insecticides. We treat and eradicate bedbugs through the use of chemicals and careful cleaning and treatment of other crevices within the whole room, including the bed frame.

Rodents are also a common problem in many parts of the country, but the older style of housing in the capital can help rodents move from one building to another, quickly, easily and unseen. Rats can multiply several times in a year, producing several live young each time. These young need constant feeding and our homes, outbuildings, gardens etc. present many opportunities to acquire food. When conditions change, such as prolonged spells of wet or very cold weather, rats and mice seek out warm, weather proof harbourages and so our homes (cellars, garages, lofts etc.) become the ideal place. Rats or mice – just like insects, rats and mice love the warmth of our homes, along with the abundant supply of food and nesting materials. You can usually hear rodents, scuttling about and, as their numbers grow, you will probably see them – although it may be a fleeting glance! Look for shredded material – they use just about anything for nesting and food from old cushions, wood, paper, cardboard... in fact, most things we now recycle! Again, numbers can multiply quickly and you will need a quick, effective and, in some cases, prolonged treatment to rid your home or outbuilding of rats or mice.

We are proud of the pest control service we offer. When you call us to deal with your pest problem, you will not be disappointed!

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