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Hi and welcome to Pestforce South End. Your local Pestforce technician in South End and the wider South Essex region. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to uncover a pest infestation in your house or business premises (maybe you’ve spotted a rat or have trouble with bedbugs?) I can clear your property of pests swiftly and effectively.

Quality Assurance

I understand that when discovering a pest problem in your home, you’ll want rid of it fast! However, it’s also good to carefully consider which technician you call to carry out the clean-up….

As you can imagine, pest control can be a complicated operation, and you need to be sure that the technician you contact is fully competent in carrying out treatments effectively but above all safely in your home. When calling me at Pestforce South End you get that guarantee. As part of a national and well-respected brand that caters to clients such as yourself on a day-to-day basis, I have a wealth of experience in dealing with rodents, birds and all manner of creepy crawlies that plague British homes. I’m also

-          DBS checked

-          Trained by the Royal Society for the Protection of Health (Level 2 standard)

And all my treatments are underwritten by a solid code of ethics which ensures the effective dispatch of pests while minimising the effect on any treatment on the wider environment.

By using a known and trusted brand you also get the guarantee of working through the following SAFE structure…

Service Excellence:

I will endeavour to provide you with an excellent service experience. However, if in some way you are unhappy with your treatment after it has been complete and you’ve followed all my instructions, then I promise to come and make things right, free of charge.


At Pestforce South End, I’m available 24 hours a day, seven days week and because my business is locally based, I can respond rapidly to your emergency call outs. What’s more, if you’re outside of South End but are still in need of high quality pest control, Pestforce’s reach of over 60 technicians across the country will ensure you’re fully covered!

Forensic Approach:

Pests often return when sloppy technicians fail to target the pest problem at its source. However, when calling me at Pestforce South End, you can rest assured that I will deploy a forensic approach to the treatment of pests…no nook or cranny will be overlooked or carpet rug unturned until your house is fully salvaged!


Whether you have children, small pets or are concerned for your garden wildlife, you can rest assured that I will bring together a pest control plan that is mindful of your individual situation and minimises the hazards posed to wider wildlife.

For further information, don’t hesitate in calling me on 0330 1222 960

Rat control in South End

Haunted by sounds of nibbling and gnawing? Dark smudges on your skirting boards that can’t be explained? Bite marks in cereal boxes and even holes in the back of our fridge? These are all tell-tale signs of Rattus Novegicus…otherwise known as the RAT. The shady story of these household pests need no introduction, having plagued peoples’ homes for centuries….and their threat to you and your family shouldn’t be underplayed! Carrying a multitude of diseases potentially fatal to humans and incontinent by nature, rats will urinate indiscriminately across your household worktops, leaving you exposed to nasty infections or worse. So on first suspecting that your property’s harbouring an unwanted visitor of the rodent variety, pick up the phone and call me, Gary O'Connor at Pestforce South End.

Insect Control in South End

Some residents in South End may be led to believe that the removal of insects constitutes a simple DIY job…However with many insects misidentified by the untrained eye, the application of a standard insecticide bought of the supermarket shelves won’t usually do much good…and rather lead to increased resistance in the bugs that will be breeding and conquering your home at an alarming rate. So for peace of mind that your insect problems will be dispatched effectively, call me today at Pestforce South End. I conduct a thorough investigation of your specific insect issue, identifying the pest in question or sending off samples to our lab should there be any doubt. I’ll then apply a lasting solution and follow up treatments where necessary till your pests are GONE for good. So if you’ve got a stubborn insect infestation, call me today on 0208 088 2451

Bird Control in South End

Fed up with gulls gathering on your roof or suspect pigeons nesting in your attic? Despite not being the most well-known of household pests, birds can nonetheless do significant damage to your property – damaging roofs and leaving coatings of guava that’s not just a pain to remove but can also be hazardous for you and your family when accidently inhaled! So if birds have begun to bother you in your home, make sure it’s only a flying visit! Call me at Pestforce South End to properly proof your roof space and ledges with bird spike and netting. Where birds are harbouring in your properly, I will guarantee to dispatch of the vermin through methods in line with the latest environmental protection legislation. For more information on how I can help, call me today, Dean Mannion your local South End bird controller, today on 0330 1222 960

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