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Welcome to Pestforce Oxford Pest Control


I am Rob Eckton and I am your local pest controller operating in and around the areas of Oxford, Didcot, Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester, Thame, Wallingford and Wantage.  Basically if you have an ‘OX’ postcode then I’m your man!

Occasionally, imbalances in nature and human activity create the perfect conditions for the population of insects, rodents or birds to flourish; unfortunately, this can mean that they become a nuisance. When this happens, you need an effective pest control solution.


When you call me you’ll be getting an honest and reliable service and here’s why;


  • Experienced – not only do I have a lifetime of experience in pest control, but I have grown up within an ‘outdoor’ family, coming from a long line of forestry commission workers, gamekeepers and shooting. I am passionate about the outdoors – working and playing in it, but protecting it (and wildlife) as well. This is a family run business with my wife and children, who are trainee mole catchers! I know Oxfordshire well and have been providing an effective pest control service around the area for many years.
  • I have the Enhanced Certificate from the Disclosure & Barring Service (formerly recognised as CRB Check).


  • Qualified – I hold the industry standard Level 2 certificate in ‘Pest Control & Management’ awarded by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). This qualification has a pass rate that is set high and the three modules need completing within 12 months. This is no lightweight course, covering pest infestations and identity, as well as the safe use and transportation of chemicals. I also hold a variety of other pest control certificates including gassing techniques, health and safety training as well as holding a current ‘Firearms & Shotgun’ licence. My work is fully insured with Public and Product Liability Insurance (with firearms cover) up to £5 million.


  • Deer Management Qualification - Deer Stalking Certificate 1
  • Certified – BPCA (British Pest Control Association) accreditation & a member of BASC (British Association for Shooting & Conservation).


  • A complete ‘one stop’ service – my pest control service is available for all types of pests and infestation both in and around the home and business. Control management of pests falls into sequence;
  • Identifying the pest
  • Removing the pest using the safe and effective methods
  • Controlling pests by looking to future proof your home or business premises


  • Survey – I always carry out an inspection before I carry out any work. Surveying your property is an effective start to indentifying the pest, for example finding wasp nests, as there sometimes is more than one... if deemed necessary looking in your drains and sewers to assess access from rats and mice maybe part of a treatment. Some pests are nocturnal, and you may know you have an unwelcome guest in your property but you may not know what it is. Rather than waiting for a sighting, I have a full range of high specification surveillance equipment, such as night vision cameras which proves highly effective with foxes and other night time vermin. I also have a range of cameras to inspect inaccessible areas like roof eves, drains, sewers, etc.


  • Excellent service, each and every time – I always respond quickly to calls and will attend your home or business premises as soon as possible. Competitive pricing is only part of my pest control business; a quick and efficient response to your pest control call is the foundation to my business with care, respect and dedication given every time.


Property Damage from Pests

This is a very real problem that is on the increase.  It can range from gnawing of cables, pipes, woodwork and concrete through to consequential damage such as leaking roofs and pipes.

  • Damaged Electrical Cables? I offer a full survey service.  I can arrange for a fully qualified (Part P) electrician to carry out any repairs in accordance with building regulations.  The electrician that I use is also experienced in damage by pests and knows what to look for.


  • Can’t see where the pest is coming from? I have a full range of high specification surveillance equipment, including night vision cameras. I also have a range of cameras to inspect inaccessible areas like drains & sewers.  The Holy Grail to any problems to your home or premises caused by pests is the location of entry/exit points (although this cannot be guaranteed) with my knowledge and experience of these situations I can give accurate advice and provide a design for a resolution.  I offer the complete works as part of proofing and control methods. For example: The most common entry point is alongside the sewer pipes and then into the cavity or floor.  I can effectively block this access using BOTH my building and pest control knowledge and experience. Traditional builders that have no experience in pest control generally makes the problem worse by simply pouring concrete to fill a hole.  This is not a correct solution. I can offer fencing and netting to proof areas from birds, squirrels, rabbits, foxes and more.


I offer COMPLETE PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS including the repair of damage the pest species may have made.


No matter what your pest problem, I have the solution, the equipment and the methods to rid you of unwanted pest problems!


Previous, happy customers

I complete one-off pest control ‘jobs’ as well as servicing annual contracts with a variety of commercial firms including construction companies such  as ‘Wimpy Homes’ and other large companies such as ‘Oxford Park & Ride car parks’. I have also completed work on a variety of sporting facilities such as ‘Hinksey Heights Golf Course Oxford’, ‘Risinghurst Parish Council Sports Ground’ and ‘Southmoor Parish Council recreation ground and Cemetery’ just to name a few!

Other businesses in the area have included residential and nursing homes, local retain units, and food retailers such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, fast food outlets etc.

I also provide effective pest control solutions in and around domestic settings, including student accommodation, B&B’s and hotels. I work with local letting and estate agents, as well as private landlords. I’ve also worked in educational settings such as schools, colleges and nurseries as well as agricultural based businesses such as livery stables, kennels and hog units at local biohazard facilities. I’ve also completed work for local authorities, industrial units and factories etc.

In fact, not matter what your pest problem and no matter where it is, I have the skills, knowledge and solutions to deal with the pest control problem – discreetly, confidentially and effectively.


Direct Immediate Response 24 Hours

  07982 240 313


Oxford Office: 01865 821157

Abingdon Office: 01235 239 630

Banbury Office: 01295 207 684

Witney Office: 01993 608 497


Email: or request a callback



About three weeks ago on a Sunday morning I discovered a lot of wasps flying in and out of a hole in the soffit board of our eves. They must have been there for some time it turns out but we had just not noticed them before.

I investigated further inside the house, in a storage space under the eaves, and saw a rather large wasps nest in the far corner of the relatively small space. To my untrained eye it looked like a big nest. I was certainly large enough to worry us and my wife immediately rang a couple of pest control companies.

The initial contact with two of them was not exactly confidence building, they were friendly enough but either vague or made contradictory statements. It was a Sunday so we were not sure if we could get someone to come out.

Then my wife spoke to Rob. He appeared very clear in his understanding of our situation and sounded both knowledgeable and confident. He also agreed to come out to deal with the nest that afternoon.

When he visited he was friendly but business like. He looked at the nest and agreed it was very large and needed to be dealt with there and then. He talked us through the situation explained the wasp life cycle the problems with queen wasps at this time of year etc. During these discussions we were impressed by his knowledge and experience. He was not however over confident, he explained the problems with dealing with a nest this big, the possible outcomes and how he might deal with them. His confident manner reassured us and we were happy that he would be able to sort out the problem.

He set about dealing with the nest which took him over and hour because of the equipment he needed and the constricted space in the under eave space.

Before he left we discussed how long to leave the nest before we were sure the problem had been resolved. He would then revisit and physically remove the nest.

On his return visit he started to remove the nest but it became apparent that there was still a degree of activity inside the nest. This needed to be dealt with and because of this the process took about an hour and a half. The whole time Rob was in his protective clothing, including a full face mask, again working in a restricted space. No an easy or pleasant task. The nest was eventually completely removed.

We may still have an issue with queen wasps that had left the nest before Rob dealt with it but he has advised us how to proceed with that. I am confident that I would be able to ask his advice if needed.

To summarise, Rob is a very knowledgeable, experienced and friendly person. He is helpful and accommodating. He is able to clearly explain to the layman the processes and chemicals involved and how he will use them. He worked hard at an unsociable time to help us out.  I would not hesitate to use Rob’s services again or to recommend him to friends or family if necessary.

Graeme Creighton          Steventon.        October 2016


Rob, I could not get you on your web- site so I am using this

Rob Eckton is great. He is very responsive both in answering the phone then coming to me. I have used Rob to catch moles for years and he delivers. He makes it clear when he cannot put traps down and guides you to wait. Then he delivers.
I had a problem with very young moles disturbing the grass. He told me to wait, then put in the traps and today 3 moles.
He is nice to talk to and he tells me about the moles.
I always hope for no more moles in the garden but I know he will deliver.


Martyn Dick


Rob, I could not get you on your web- site so I am using this

Rob Eckton is great. He is very responsive both in answering the phone then coming to me. I have used Rob to catch moles for years and he delivers. He makes it clear when he cannot put traps down and guides you to wait. Then he delivers.
I had a problem with very young moles disturbing the grass. He told me to wait, then put in the traps and today 3 moles.
He is nice to talk to and he tells me about the moles.
I always hope for no more moles in the garden but I know he will deliver.


Martyn Dick


Rob, I could not get you on your web- site so I am using this

Rob Eckton is great. He is very responsive both in answering the phone then coming to me. I have used Rob to catch moles for years and he delivers. He makes it clear when he cannot put traps down and guides you to wait. Then he delivers.
I had a problem with very young moles disturbing the grass. He told me to wait, then put in the traps and today 3 moles.
He is nice to talk to and he tells me about the moles.
I always hope for no more moles in the garden but I know he will deliver.


Martyn Dick


 Hi Rob

Just to say thank you very much for sorting out the rat problem in our garden. I was especially grateful that you were able to start tackling the problem on the same day that I rang up! I also appreciated your punctuality, practical advice and no-nonsense approach. Great service.


December 2015


'Pestforce were the only pest controller to solve my problem of bees in an inaccessible chimney - a prompt, practical and effective service'

Lizzie Thornton-Allan



Dear Rob


Thank you very much for your very prompt visit to my home on the 19.7.2015 you said you would be there by 9am and you were smack on to that time.  I was very impressed by the way you carried out your work. Also the way you explained how infestations work, how you were going to treat it, plus what you were going to use during the process.

Nothing seemed too much trouble so I thank you again.

Kind regards

Mervyn Bates



Hi Rob

Thank you for the prompt and efficient service in attending to the wasp infestation at my home on Wednesday.  Looking at the roof today there was no visible presence so it looks like a job well done.  I would certainly recommend you to others as your level of service was first class.

David Walker



I have no hesitation of recommending the services of Pestforce and of Rob Eckton in particular.

An early consultation was arranged and kept on time.

The nature of the rodent problem was discussed and an estimate given.

Two sessions later and our problem was solved.

What i particularly appreciated was that after a careful examination of the evidence I was given a detailed plan of attack and an estimate of the total cost.

I was impressed by how he knew exactly where to look for entrance points.

The placing of poison was some concern to us as we have several pets. We need not have been worried as Rob knew exactly where to place it where our pets could not get to.

I would certainly call in Rob Eckton if I had further problems.

Dr Walter Pick 5.6.2015


Good morning Rob

You visited our home last Friday in Long Hanborough and dealt with the bee problem.

I am so sorry I was not home at the time but I had a job interview.  I was dissappointed not to have met you as you had been so kind and helpful during our telephone conversations.

My husband was delighted with the service you offered and how swiftly you dealt with the problem.

To update you, we have been checking all weekend and there is no bee activity at the site of the nest and it looks as though all is well.

Thank you so very much for your amazing service.

We have already recomended you to our neighbour who appears to have a similar issue, and we will recommend you to all our friends and neighbours when ever the opportunity arises and we will obviously call you again if we have any other pest issues.

Thank you again

Elaine Rayfield 16.6.2015


'Rob has been excellent!

We could not have asked for more on the two times we have used him (rats and bees).  He is honest, trustworthy, diligent and very competent.

He goes out of his way to help you when there is a problem and goes above and beyond what one would expect. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob to anyone.'

Oliver Isaacs 16.5.2015


Dear Rob

Thank you for getting rid of my rats!  I appreciate your promptness, and the fact that you arrived when you said you would.

I hope the problem has gone away, but when the rats return i will have no hesitation in employing your services.

Thanks again

Dawn McInulty


Dear Rob

Thanks so much for the quick, efficient and reasonably priced removal of the wasp nest in my kitchen roof.  If I had known how quick and easy you would make it I would have called you weeks earlier and not wasted time and money on spray cans that didn't work!  Next time I have a pest problem I won't hesitate to get you round to sort it out for me.

All the best

Esther (September 2014)


I phoned Rob on a Monday morning and the appointment was arranged there and then over the phone.  I met him at thehouse and was very pleased with the way the job of removing the bees nest was carried out with minimal fuss and no mess.

I had previously phoned another local company who said the job would take 2 visits to eradicate the nest and plug the entry holes and another visit on top to remove it, and charge me 3 times for the privilege, so was extrememly grateful to Rob carrying it out in one visit, and at a very reasonable cost.

His knowledge of eradicating pests of all shapes & sizes was second to none.

I would certainly use Rob again without hesitation if the need arose.

Many thanks Rob, keep up the good work !!....

Nick Pace - 25.6.2014



Excellent, friendly service.  I emailed Rob with a suspected bee's nest problem in the attic and he phoned back within about 10 minutes, and arranged to come round at the weekend.  He showed me clearly (and safely) the multiple nests he found and moved all the clutter in the attic tidily and carefully to get at the nests and removed them.

Highly recommended.

Ben - 2nd June 2014


‘A really good job – I contacted Pestforce over the weekend. The problem was solved by Monday evening. Friendly advice, a clear explanation and all at a very reasonable price. Excellent service.’ Thanks, Dave Ponting - 29.5.2014


Rob Last Sunday we had a large swarm of honey bees settle on our roof. We called Rob who had done work for us before. I would like to say that the service we were provided by Rob was first class in the speed of his attendance and the work carried out ( despite being stung in the eyelid). Further advice was provided for when he left regarding follow up work to be carried out. I would recommend Rob to provide a reliable and professional service. Regards John May 2015


Dear Rob


Thank you for your diligence and perseverance causing long term eradication of the colony of rats in my garden.  I learned so much about their habits (I wish my biology teacher in the 1940's was as informative)

The birds are back in great numbers bringing me more pleasure than the rats.

Thanks to a nice 'bloke' and good ambassador for PESTFORCE.

Janet Trinder - 1.11.2013


Rob provided one of the best services I have ever had to use.  I had an infestation of cluster flies ( which I had never heard of) and in one telephone call he reassured me with his depth of knowledge of the problem . The treatment he carried out a couple of days after my initial call was done meticulously -and with a sense of humour! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone with a pest problem. Thanks Rob!

Jan - 30.10.2013


I called Rob after another national firm failed to respond to a number of calls. I searched for a local pest controller and his details came up. He responded to my message within five minutes (unlike my experience with the national company) and seemed to quickly understand my problem. Rob arranged to come around within 48 hours to diagnose what he thought the problem was and was also happy to provisionally book in the following day to treat the problem. When he arrived, he immediately put me at ease and I felt we were in good hands. He was thorough in investigating the extent of our pest problem (carpet beetles and moths) and explained what he would do the following day and what we would need to do to prepare for this. Despite feeling slightly overawed by the whole thing, Rob was reassuring and very knowledgeable and I felt confident he would do a good job. The fact he responded quickly and dealt with the problem so quickly was a real bonus. Being local, I also feel that if we have any problems following the treatment, there will be no issue in contacting Rob for advice. I can totally recommend his services and would do so to any friend, neighbour or indeed anyone with a pest problem. Thank you Rob!

Katie - 26.10.2013


I would highly recommend Rob, he is very professional, but  also very friendly and easy to get on with.  The service was first class, being extremely prompt, effective and very fairly priced.  Rob is very knowledgeable and gave me loads of advice which I have put into practice and so far I have not had any further problems.  Thanks Rob.                                                       Regards                                                                     Lyn - 30.8.2012


Dear Rob,

I have been absolutely delighted, and am extremely grateful, for your swift and efficient service. When my cat brought in a rodent and I slowly realised that it was a rat and it had taken up residence in my kitchen, I was needless to say, worried particularly as I have two very little children. As I looked at websites for various companies to help evacuate the rat as quickly as possible, I tried many of the names I had heard before and focussed on the 24hr service but discovered them to be nothing more than call centres during "out of hours' service. When I contacted you, you said you could come within hours and you used a particularly effective means of catching the rat swiftly and also allaying many of my fears. I cannot thank you enough and I would wholeheartedly recommend you and use you again, should my three legged cat choose to bring in another live catch as opposed to the neighbours' barbecued sausages! 
Many thanks again,
On 17 Jul 2013, at 21:54


“Many thanks Rob for your speedy and efficient service both in arranging our appointment and dealing with the wasps nest which was troubling us, we are most grateful and will certainly call upon you should we need your help again in the future”.

Kind regards
Rupert and Karen Fogden  -21.7.2013


Hi Rob
First of all Thank you for your prompt reply when I called and left a message. Secondly for the swift removal of the bees. All of the bees nesting in the eaves of our house have now disappeared and we can open our back door without the swarm above our heads! I will definitely call you again should I find another bee or wasps nest.

Kind Regards
Mrs Neal - 23.6.203


I have used the services of Pestforce (Rob Eckton) on a number of occasions and I have always been impressed with Rob’s outstanding
customer service and excellent pest control knowledge. He responded promptly to my calls and carried out the necessary work in a very
efficient and professional manner. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone looking for professional pest control for their home or

June 2013




i know i was lucky you happened to be not far away from me when i called tonight but to arrive within 10 mins late evening is SERVICE!
within another 10 minutes you identified the problem of a mole and eradicated the problem without my lawn being ruined and i would recommend you to anyone and everyone.
thank you so much true professional .

June 2013







I employed the services of Rob Eckton when we had a squirrel problem in our loft. They had caused quite a bit of damage. Rob responded to our problem quickly and efficiently, when other companies were seemingly unable to help me. Using a combination of techniques, Rob has successfully rid me of my unwanted house guests! I would definitely recommend him to others, and would not hesitate to contact him again in future should the need arise.

Best regards
Annabel Horseman  - June 2013


Hi Rob,
Thanks so much for your visit. I feel much reassured that they aren't nesting in the garden, but know that if they do become a problem, you are only a phone call away. Meanwhile we will do a bit of work on the garden and see if that discourages them but will block no holes up as you advised!
After spotting rats in our garden, we contacted Rob. I am so glad we did because he was very helpful and informative on the phone and was able to visit the next day as we wanted. After a thorough examination of the garden, he was able to reassure me that there were no rats nesting though he found signs that they had probably visited. We discussed putting bait down but I decided not to go ahead for the moment and he didn't pressure me at all about this. I feel very reassured as he has told me what to look out for so I will know if things become a problem. I will not hesitate to contact him again if necessary, as he has real knowledge of nature and his job, is calm and friendly and his advice was so helpful and honest.
Mrs.Thomas  13.05.13
Many thanks and all best wishes



We have employed the services of Rob Eckton since January 2012, for the control of moles on our estate.
Initially the moles were very problematic, and with such large lawns he had to use a considerable number of traps.
At first I was sceptical that he would get them under control, as we had previously tried and failed ourselves, but after laying the traps he caught 12 on his first attempt, and since then we have only needed to call Rob out periodically as and when a new mole hill appears.
He offers a first class service. We have absolutely no reservations in recommending him for pest control.
Dee Johnson-Dallimore


Really happy with the service provided. We had quite a bad pest problem and Rob was able to sort it quickly, efficiently and very professionally! Rob's knowledge of the pest problem was extensive and he was able to provide us with lots of information, putting our mind at ease on how to stop the problem coming back.

We would definitely recommend him and the thorough (and discreet) job that he does. Thank you very much!!

Customer - 19.4.2013

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your quick response to my rodent problem in my loft. The problem had been going on for several months, before I contacted you. But after your visit the next morning, I found a small amount of bait had been taken that day. There has not been any sign or sound of them since, that was 3 weeks ago now. Once again thankyou for your speedy professional service.

Regards Roy Everill.  1.3.2013



Dear Rob
Having searched the web for pest control in my area, I was impressed with the comments made by Rob's customers so I made contact. He was quick in responding to my enquiry and was able to give me a compeditive quote. He arrived for the set up punctually and was most efficient. I found him to be a very helpful and pleasant man who clearly knew his business. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for professional pest control for their home or business.
Michael Richards 1.3.2013


- I was very happy with the service provided by Rob.He came very quickly and explained clearly the service he would provide.

We had had rats in the loft for some time, and we had put bait down to no effect. As Rob explained even that is an art - right amount, right strength - after a few days the noises stopped and now we can sleep at night.
We would certainly call him again if ever the problem reoccurs.


hi rob
thanks for your pest control service my mice have gone and i would definately use you again. U was very quick to respond to my call and came out on the exact day i called u . thanks for everything i will definately recommend u to anyone else .

5star service

sara good


"I was impressed not only with the speed of Pestforce's response (Rob Eckton) but also with the level of professionalism. Not only did he deal with the rodent problem swiftly, safely and competently but also Rob was always punctual and courteous, something that today is not as common as it should be. I have no hesitation in recommending him"

February 2013


Pestforce have always provided us with an efficient and prompt services. We have used Pestforce for bees, mice and fly problems and on each occasion Rob Eckton has explained clearly the treatment and products he has used to exterminate insects, vermin and also the flies. The after service follow up is second to none and I would recommend Rob Eckton without hesitation.

Kind regards




My wife and I returned home from work one evening to find our house littered with dying bees. It later became apparent that there had been a swarm in the area and some of the bees had taken resident in our chimney.

We called Rob at Pestforce, who was only too happy to help. He answered all of our questions on the phone and offered us some suggestions to help encourage the bees to move on (which worked very well). For peace of mind, we asked Rob to come out and treat our chimney – he spent two hours with us, again taking time to answer any questions we had and explain what actions he was taking to discourage any returning bees.

We had spoken to a number of people who were listed as dealing with bee swarms, though most of them were only prepared to offer suggestions after coming out and viewing the bees - and with the bees being in a chimney, they were very reluctant to do anything.

Rob at Pestforce offered us help and advice to resolve our situation quickly, with minimal disturbance. I will certainly be recommending his services to others. Thanks Rob!

Mr Wilson - October 2012


This is to thank Rob Eckton for such a prompt and courteous service when dealing with both wasps and rats at our home. No more wasps buzzing around and the growing colony of rats in our dry stone wall has disappeared at last. And I was very impressed by the way Rob could answer all my questions straight away. Excellent all round. Thank you.
Judith Pullman

October 2012


‘Rob arrived at Vicarage Court on time as arranged and was very informative on what needed to be done.

He spent time with the tenants explaining to them and ensuring their safety was paramount.

He very efficiently carried out the work and provided excellent documentation prior to and after the work had been completed.

We would highly recommend his services again here at Vicarage Court

Many thanks Rob.

Scheme Manager

Vicarage Court

Anchor Retirement Housing


Housing Association

"Rob from Pestforce Oxfordshire Ltd was extremely helpful and helped us out at short notice and out of hours when another national company had let us down. Rob proved very knowledgeable and came out between and 8:30 and 9:30 in the evening, to undertake the necessary treatment, the evening of the afternoon we contacted him. Rob did a very thorough job and was very helpful, as he also spoke to our new tenants to give them information and answer their questions"

Lorraine Richings

September 2012


Dear Rob
I wanted to write to say a massive thank you for sorting out our really bad mole problem.
Over the past three years we have used four companies who were all recommended to us and not one of these managed to tackle our mole problem or even make an impact. They all gave reasons that the previous company used the wrong type of equipment, that it was too dry or too wet or we had the wrong type of soil !! In the meantime the moles continued to increase in numbers unabated until we had more mole hills than lawn and walking on our grass area was like walking on a sponge. It looked a complete mess. Then you came and I said I have listened to all this before and you said let me try. Ten days later following the treatment we removed the old mole hills and I am so so delighted to tell you that we have not had a single recurrence.
You responded straight away when I first rang you and were very professional and knowledgeable, but most importantly you achieved the result when everybody else had failed !!! Well done. You deserve every success for running a service that is quick to respond, punctual, and professional and does exactly what is says on the tin !!! A pleasure to deal with.
I cannot thank you enough as the grass is growing back and my beloved garden is at long last starting to display signs of more green grass than brown ridges resembling the cotswold hill range.
Kind regards
Lynn Matthews
Chipping Norton
5 September 2012


Hi Rob, Just wanted to let you know I was thrilled when I came home after you treated my house for fleas. I previously used a pest control company that the council had provided for me, Which i was very dissatisfied with, The man who came to my house was rude, Didn't spray all the areas that I believed we're infested, Used a spray that could have been potentially harmful to my baby daughter and left the house looking worse than it was before he did the treatment, I also received no follow up from the company and wasn't surprised to be re-infested only a few months after. After looking at different companies and also speaking to a few, Rob was the only one who explained thoroughly about my problem and fees etc just through a phone call. I booked Rob promptly with no problem & he arrived at my house early, Rob checked every room in my house & also cupboards (which I hadn't actually emptied, but this wasn't a problem at all for Rob), He explained thoroughly about what he was going to do and told me about the product he was going to use for the flea problem, He explained this would be the best one to use for the safety of my daughter and exactly how it would treat the fleas. I didn't need to ask any questions as everything was explained by Rob. When I returned home after the treatment my house looked clean, smelt great and Rob had put things back for me which was a real help being a single mummy. I would recommend Rob to anyone who has a pest problem and will use his services again if needed. He is reliable, genuine and thorough and has a friendly, positive attitude also. Thanks so much Rob!
Alice Cross
August 2012.


A note to highly recommend the work of Rob Eckton. Rob came to deal with a moth problem in the carpeted areas of our house. He was generous in his time on the phone to discuss the problem, quick to come and survey the situation - and astute in his advice. We have two small children, and he was extremely thoughtful and understanding in his explanations of what treatment he would use. On the day on which he sprayed our carpets, he combined efficiency with an easy-going sense of humour and attention to detail. He went above and beyond the time scheduled in dealing with the problem (checking on our neighbour's house, at his request, for moths, at the same time!). Outstanding service. Many many thanks

Sophie Schuman, Oxford
July 2012


We first met Rob Eckton shortly after we moved into our country home and discovered a serious rodent infestation. He calmly and competently took care of the problem, and set us up to minimize future problems. A bit later, we found our garden had a serious mole problem. Again, he took care of it quickly and well. Since then we've had problems with wasps, flies, and ladybugs. In each case, Rob dealt with it with professionalism, reassurance, and speed. We highly recommend Rob Eckton of Pestforce Oxford -- he gets five stars from us!

Dona Matthews - customer

Hi Rob,

"I called on Rob from Pestforce to help sort out a problem I had with bees in the livingroom chimney after I'd decided I could no longer put up with them cohabiting with me. He was very polite and helpful on the phone, and cheerfully arrived at the house at the at the appointed time. After discussing with me the possible ways of eliminating the problem and the costs involved, he quickly and effectively dealt with it. He is a great guy, friendly, very knowledgeable and also enjoys his job!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob to anyone who has pesty problems requiring attention.

July 2012


Dear Rob

Bee removal.........

'I was very impressed by the speedy and efficient way this has been dealt with Excelllent Service.  I will not hesitate to use you again and recommend you to others'.

Thanking you

Mrs L Greenwood

June 2012



A quick note to thank you for the effective and efficient way you dealt with our rat problem. The arrival of rodents in the vicinity of our home was a very unwelcome intrusion and our lack of knowledge made it a real worry. You arrived quickly with the correct equipment to rid us of the unwanted visitors and your follow-up calls gave us the reassurance that the nuisance had gone away.


Terry Bond
June 2012


I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service you provided. From the first phone call I felt reassured that the bees that had invaded my living room would not cause too much of a problem! You explained every step as you went along, what you needed to do and most impotantly were very reasonably priced!

i would definately recommend your company and use you again in the future.

Many Thanks

Emma Timms
June 2012


"We had bees in our roof so contacted Pestforce. Rob replied promptly
and explained clearly what our options were, and the likely cost. After
visiting our house and seeing the probklem for himself, Rob advised on
the appropriate treatment. Very quickly the bees were dealt with and we
have had no more problems since. A very good service indeed, and highly


Simon Beirne

June 2012


“We have had a visitation of bed bugs and I asked Rob to help. Rob is extremely knowledgeable about this problem, and about many other household pest problems. He is rigorous, thorough and persistent in the way that he carries out the solutions to the problem, and is committed to providing the greatest possible impact on these annoying pests. He is creative in terms of the methods he uses and, for example, drilled small holes in our wall (and made good) in order to reach where they appeared to be in numbers. Rob is also very personable and trustworthy, and also realistic about the scope and scale of the treatments he proposes. I would recommend Rob as being effective and professional in the unhappy event of needing help with this problem.” Tim Powell, Littlemore, Oxford


May 2012


Hi Rob
On arrival at my house I found Rob to be thorough and courteous with a clear understanding of the difficulty I was having. He took a good look around the outside of the property and explained every possible scenario.
Considering I have had two previous visits from the council who claimed there was no problem I was both very satisfied and assured that at last not only was my problem acknowledged but it was sorted out.
I would have no hesitation in calling Rob again should the occasion arise.
April 2012



I used the pestforce service recently, as we had had a long-running problem with rats, and had used several other companies with no success. Pestforce were excellent, and their aftercare was by far the best we had experienced - finally our rat problem is solved. I thoroughly recommend them.

Rebecca Allison
March 2012


I contacted pest-control through their website and only anticipated a call the following day. Within an hour Rob had contacted me and arranged to come to investigate our infestation of rats. We have three dogs and our concern was with them getting bitten or worse eating any rat poison we had put out. Rob arrived aat the time agreed and immediately set about investigating our problem. We are more than satisfied with his work and the little things, some of which were unexpected, but made a difference were:
  • he was always prompt
  • he took off his shoes on entering our house
  • he took time to explain what he was doing
  • He undertook a thorough search of our garden and that of our neighbour
  • he did not complain or make sarcastic remarks when we could not remove a drain cover
  • three weeks after his final visit we have not seen the tell-tale signs that the rats are around
  • he takes pride in his work and is a nice guy
Score 10 out of 10
John Handley
March 2012


Hi Rob many thanks for sorting out our mice problem. We were very pleased with your price and efficient service. Your advice and friendly approach was much appreciated and we would definitely use you again. I can now sleep at night with out the rodents interrupting me. Job well done! Many thanks again Hilary and Tony James



I was very pleased with the service we received to clear moles from the garden – clear information; a reasonable price and a good result. I would definitely use Pestforce again – though I hope I won’t have to!


Anne Richardson


Feb 2012


Just to say thank you very much for installing this in our loft with the cluster fly box.

It is working a treat!

I look forward to seeing you in May to replace the “zapper light bulb”

I must say I am very impressed with your customer service. Well done.

Neil Mitchenall - 11/12/2011


Anna contiuned:

Speaking to you sold pestforce to me - you thought creatively round the problem and that, together with rat know-how was an essential combination. I was dubious about calling a national company (don't know why) but you guys at pestforce are real terminators. I will recommend you whenever I get the chance. Thanks again, anna

Nov 2011



Just to say thanks to Rob, who, after speaking to me a couple of times on the phone about a really nasty rat infestation in our cavity walls and flat roof, passed me on to his colleague, John Sage at Pestforce in Swindon. Without Rob pointing us in the right direction, we could have spent thousands blindly searching for a solution and may never have had peace of mind. I strongly recommend these Pestforce guys! 
Anna - Oxford Oct 2011


Our year-long infestation of rats in our cavity wall and flat roof is finally over thanks to Rob at Pestforce. Head-scratching 'experts' before him were unable to do anything - and the rat activity, the smell, and the tension was building by the day. We were loathe to trust anybost - and just didn't know what to do. We came across the pestforce site on the Internet. One phone call and we felt confident we had hit on someone who knew what they were doing. Rob visited, and after half an hour had come up with a considered plan of attack not only to get rid of the pesky rats, but to keep them out. A month later, and we are rat-free, sanitised, rat-proofed, and very grateful indeed for the peace of mind that he has restored to us. Rob is reliable and highly professional, and really knows his rats. He is also a really nice guy. We cannot recommend him highly enough.


'Rob was reliable and friendly and clearly knows what he is talking about.  We would be happy to use him again and recommend him to other'.

Laura Roach

Great Milton

July 2011



We have an ongoing rodent problem that would ordinarily be a reason to move house. Pestforce have not only solved the original severe problem, they have managed to keep at bay the perpetual threat. They have devised a system that allows us to monitor our problem and take proactive action. We have been rodent free within our Pestforce defined perimeter for over a year now - and we simply wouldn't use anyone else based on their, responsiveness, professionalism, skill, friendliness and of course cost. Very satisfied customer from Garford. May 2011.

Customer - Garford - May 2011

Dear Rob

''We are thrilled with your work to rid us of rats in our home.
The peace of mind was priceless.  I would recommend Rob's pest control in an instant.  Do not bother with the local council, they did not do sufficient to help us and was a waste of money.  It is definitely worth paying Rob and his company to do the job!
Thanks Rob!''

The Horwills - Rowstock


Best wishes
Emma  2/6/2011



I would like to say a big thank you for your assistance today in sorting the bee problem in our loft. You were quick to respond and very friendly.

Thank you

Paul Robertson


Hi Rob

Just wanted to drop you a note for the swift work you have done in eliminating the wasps form the environs of our house.

This seems to be an annual event in the terms of a clean up! I can't praise enough the speed at which you are able to react, the knowledge and skills you bring to bear and the effectiveness of your treatments.

Thanks again - I would throughly recommend your service for all things in the Pest Control world.

Kind regards

Phil Collins

April 2011


Phil Collins - customer

 Hi Rob, 

We recently had a problem with some noises in the loft of the house we are renting. We contacted the landlord who put us in touch with rob's pest control business. We were contacted very quickly to arrange a date for him to come out and take a look. Very good communication and arrived early which was helpful. He reassured me that it wasn't an elephant (like it sounded) but just mice. He then explained clearly what the plan of action was and proceeded to place poison down to help. We then arranged another callout for a few weeks later to come back and check what was happening. Again good contact was made. On the final visit he checked everything thoroughly and explained everything to me. I felt very reassured and now we have no more strange noise's. Very helpful, good communication and sorted out the problem. will definitely recommend in future. Thanks.
Cara - Witney
March 2011


Hi Rob

Thanks for being our Rat exterminator (2011). Thorough, professional and knowledgeable service.

Succeeded where other companies had failed. Also good to meet your Labra doodle!

3 x Houses We can now sleep in peace.


Helen from Chinnor

At midnight one evening an owl fell down our chimney, one phone call to Rob at that time of night and within an hour the owl was rescued and I was calm! If you require someone who is trustworthy, reliable, efficient and very good at what they do, Rob is your man. I would recommend him in a heartbeat!

Nita Mahalingham 10/12/2010

One dark winters night, three Ladies (who's collective ages, if they were wines, would fetch impressive prices) phoned 3 companies to come to their aid over a RAT! All declined to come till the morning. We finally came upon Rob from Pest-Force. He arrived- job done! We checked to see if he had his shining armour on under his clothes, as it was bitterly cold, but couldn't see any. Thank you so much. Oh, and it was a third cheaper than all three other quotes! Highly, highly recommendable.
5 stars

Pauline Talbot

Hi Rob

Thank you for a superb wasp service, true to your word by 7 there was very little activity - just an occasional latecomer. Really pleased, thanks again, I am sure I will be contacting you again!

kind regards


July 2010


"Pestforce came to sort out a serious bee problem in one of our chimney stacks.  They were friendly, professional, safety conscious, thorough and creative in their approach to the challenge.   Three other companies had previously visited and refused to do the job as it was too difficult.  I would thoroughly recommend Pestforce if you want your pest problem sorted promptly and properly."
May 2010

Helen Cavendish

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