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Welcome to Pestforce Southampton for all your pest control needs in Southampton, Winchester, Romsey, Eastleigh, Bishops Waltham & surrounding areas.

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Hello and welcome to Pestforce Southampton. My name’s Jason Honan and I’m your local pest control technician- providing Pest Control Services for Southampton, Winchester and all SO postcodes. Thank you for visiting my page! I am a trained, expert pest control specialist situated within Southampton, offering pest control advice and solutions to the local people of Southampton and Winchester. In addition to being highly trained and backed by the national Pestforce brand under which I trade, I am immediately available to speak with you regarding any Pest Control requirements you may have- so if you require expert, professional and affordable Pest Control solutions in Southampton, please don't hesitate to call 0330 122 6008... why choose Pestforce Southampton?

When you call me, you'll get....

  • Immediate Response - All calls are picked up by myself, no middle man or time-consuming call centres!

  • Affordable prices and Professional Service - I understand that you require a immediate and efficient at prices that won't break the bank, which is exactly the service I provide!

  • Family & Pet Friendly Solutions - It is of utmost importance that any pest control solution does not impact your loved ones, you needn't fear when I am on the job as all services that are carried out will never harm your family or pets.


When I work for you, you can relax because you're totally protected. Everything that I do for you is Insured and Guaranteed.

But please don't just take my word for it. .....

I've had the pleasure of helping many customers in Southampton, Romsey, Eastleigh & Bishops Waltham in Hampshire with their Pest Control problems and you'll find a selection of their stories.


My Credentials

When you call me at Pestforce Southampton, you can rest assured you’re contracting the service of a qualified pest control technician. So as standard, you can expect me to…

... have an enhanced DBS check

…be Public Liability Insured to the tune of £5million

…carry an ID badge at all times

…provide method statements, risk assessments and proper documentation fitting for your pest control solution

…Drive a Pestforce liveried van and wear a branded uniform for easy recognition


Rodent Control Services

Unexplained rustling from the attic? Maybe you’re finding bite-marks in your cereal boxes, chewed wires or even black smudges on your skirting boards? If this sounds like you, then you may very well have rats! While rats have become synonymous with dirty or unhygienic properties, rest assured that these rodents are incredibly resourceful and will be attracted to live in any home where they have warmth and a ready supply of water! I’ve visited enough properties to realise a rat and rodent infestation can happen to anyone at any time. Indeed, while rodents are more likely to sneak into human habitats during the winter months, instances of rat and mice sightings are becoming increasingly frequent in the spring and summer. So whatever time of your property becomes plagued by rodents, I can provide an expert rat, mice and squirrel control service, that targets infestation at their source, delivering a full and lasting solution.  

When you have a mouse or rat…or indeed a squirrel in your property, call me at Pestforce Southampton on 07801 949 382 to sort your query. I provide expert rodent control solutions 

Insect Control Services

Whatever manner of creepy crawly you’ve found harbouring in your property, rest assured I’m only a quick phone call away to help you rid you of your insect infestation. Armed with the latest treatments to combat bed bugs, silverfish, ants, wasp, bees, beetles, cockroaches and many more species, I will begin any treatment by first coming to your property and assessing the type and current condition of the infestation. After establishing its source, I will then look to deploy a measured and effective treatment, which may be in real time or staggered over several visits if required. Any pre-treatment preparation and aftercare & proofing intiiatives will be fully explained to you, and documentation will be require. 

Wasp Extermination:

As people swarm to the gardens, balconies and outdoor spaces of Southampton over the summer months for some well-earned relaxation, pests (and in particular, wasps) can work to ratchet up your nerves! If this sounds like you, don’t sit back and let wasps ruin your summer!

Instead, give me a call today at Pestforce Southampton. I provide an expert wasp and wasp nest removal service; highly qualified to remove your wasp problem in a professional manner, and am equipped with the right knowledge, treatments and accreditations to ensure that your insect problem is resolves safely and efficiently. For more information and to book an appointment today, call me at Pestforce Southampton today.  

Bee Removal

I’m often asked by my customers about the best method of humanely removing bees from their property. While not a protected species, bees are absolutely essential to our global eco-system and as a responsible pest controller, I will always do my best to remove bees and rehouse them. Unfortunately, sometimes mortar bee infestations in your property’s wall cavities makes this task impossible – however you can rest assured that when calling me at Pestforce Southampton, you are contracting the services of a real pest control professional who will deploy best practice procedures to resolve your bee problem. For more information about my bee removal service and to book a treatment, don’t delay in calling me at Pestforce Southampton. 

Bird Control Services

I provide a multitude of bird control and proofing services across the Southampton area. From nest removals and seagull control to the implementation of bird nets and spikes on building ledges, I provide qualified bird control services that’s in line with best pest practice and industry regulations. 

How can we be so sure we'll tackle your problems effectively?

Because our highly trained operators have access to a wide range of different pest control solutions and a specialised laboratory to help us diagnose those really rare pests that occasionally pop up and give us on the spot advice if we need it.

So let's get moving. The sooner you pick the phone and call us, the sooner your pest problems will be just an unpleasant memory.

Pestforce Southampton are available for all residential, commercial, and agricultural jobs in Hampshire covering towns and cities such as;

Ampfield, Banister Park, Bassett, Bevois Valley, Bishops Waltham, Bitterne, Bitterne Park, Botley, Cadnam, Chandler's Ford, Chapel, Chartwell Green, Chilworth, Corhampton, Droxford, Durley, Eastleigh, Eastern Docks, Exton, Freemantle, Hamble-le-Rice, Hedge End, Highfield, Lockerley, Locks Heath, Lyndhurst, Marchwood, Meonstoke, Millbrook, Mottisfont, Newtown, Nicholstown, North Baddesley, Nursling, Ocean Village, Portswood, Redbridge, Romsey, Rownhams, Shedfield, Shirley, Sholing, Soberton, Southampton, Southampton Airport, St Denys, St. Mary's, Swanmore, Swaythling, Thornhill, Totton, Townhill Park, Upham, Warnford, Warsash, Wellow, West End, Wickham, Winchester.

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Recent Jobs


1. Wasps Extermination in Swaythling, Southampton

Last week I was called out to a building site in Swaythling, Southampton, where the construction team had identified what they thought was a wasp nest located on the site. Given the high likelihood that the use of building equipment at the site would disturb the nest and put all the labourers at risk, work around the area was adjourned as they sought me to remove the nest. On arriving at the site and doing a thorough inspection of the area, I actually found not one but THREE wasp nests harbouring around the construction yard. I swiftly treated the nests and removed them from the vicinity.

2. Mouse Spotting in an Unusual Place

I was called out to a customer’s home a short while ago. The customer had reported a sighting of a mouse in a rather unusual place…in the upstairs bedroom no less! Mice usually harbour in the ground floor or cellar spaces, so having seen a mouse in the cavities of the first floor was a real rarity! I was nonetheless able to treat the infestation and am continuing to monitor up with follow-up visits.

3. Wasp Control in a Southampton Flat

While a mouse infestation on a first floor presented an interesting job, the greatest pest control challenge came later that day when I was called to an 8th floor flat which was housing a wasp nest! Adorning my trademark Pestforce wasp suit and using effective wasp control extermination techniques accredited to industry standards, I was able to treat the wasp nest in no time at all. If you suspect that you might have a wasp nest harbouring in your property, don’t hesitate in calling me Jason Honan, your local expert in insect control, at Pestforce Southampton today. 

4. Monster Wasp Nests in Southampton

As the summer season truly comes upon us, the amount of wasp jobs I’ve found that I‘ve been called out to has started to rise. But it’s not the amount of wasp jobs but also the sheer size of the infestations that’s really wowing me this year! I recently attended a particular nasty infestation in Southampton, for instance, where the wasp nest had rapidly grown to the size of a beach ball! While I was able to treat the nest with a highly effective insecticide, I thought best to tackle the beast later on at night, where the wasps would be docile and less likely to swarm attack! 

5. Hidden Wasp Nests in Southampton's Hedges

Many of us can’t wait for the summer months to start gardening, however, those green fingers can easily get stung!! One of my customer’s learnt this the hard way, having cut a hedge which was hiding a particularly angry nest of wasps. Needless to say, the poor man was stung…many times! To avoid a painful copycat scenario, please do take caution when going about your garden pursuits. Always wearing shoes and protective gear and if you get even the inkling that a wasp, bee or hornet nest may be hidden in the undergrowth of your home or garden, don’t hesitate in giving me a call! 

6. Rats Return to Southampton

I was called back to a home in Southampton which had been graced by a repeat visit from an unwelcome guest!! Having recently been treated for rats, the rodents had returned, chewing a new way through into the property and avoiding the proofing defences I’d previously put down. It is not uncommon for rodents to be sighted again at the property if the attraction of what’s inside (food, warmth for instance) is greater than the risk the rodent calculates of returning. Fortunately, I was able to retreat the property and add further proofing, since which the rats have disappeared. 

7. Moth Infestation

A house was being pestered by an infestation of moths from a mystery source…However, once I had hoovered and scoured the downstairs carpets, I quickly found the root of the problem. They had unwittingly brought contaminated wood in from outside to burn in the fire. The wood was harbouring moth larvae, who were secreted cosily under the stock pile on the nice wool carpet!

8. Hornets in Winchester

Hornets had got into the roof space of a cottage on a farm in Winchester. Luckily, due to my excellent training, I knew to survey the loft prior to delivering the hornet treatment and got more than I bargained for. This is because I found bat droppings. I am now in consultation with the British Bat conservation trust to decide best course of action.

9. Call back to job in Winchester

24 hours previous to this visit, I had treated the same wasp nest for a customer in Winchester. However, given its awkward location in the property, the nest now required a second treatment.  I utilised a different strategy to treat and charged not a penny extra for my service, as my work for wasps is guaranteed! I’m happy to say the customers were delighted with the speed and trustworthiness of the team at Pestforce Southampton. 


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